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Review #1, by hpf_85For What It's Worth: Sub-Chapter

2nd May 2006:
awww!!!! so sad!!!! almost had me in tears!!!

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Review #2, by hpf_85The Dog Star: Sub-chapter

2nd May 2006:
its like all of your stories...amazing

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Review #3, by hpf_85Sleeping In: Sub-Chapter

1st May 2006:
oh my god! loved the whole miny series so much!!! i wish you would write more!!!

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Review #4, by hpf_85Against All Odds: Sub-Chapter

1st May 2006:

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Review #5, by hpf_85The Insufferable Zipper: Sub-Chapter

1st May 2006:
awww sp funny and cute

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Review #6, by hpf_85Implications: Sub-Chapter

1st May 2006:
awww i absolustly love your stories!!!!!!! this one made me laugh soooo hard!!!! you are such a good WRITTER
oh and i just have to say thanks for giving us readers the chance to read these amazing stories

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Review #7, by hpf_85A Lack of Space: Sub-Chapter

1st May 2006:
so cute...really quite amazing

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Review #8, by hpf_85A Trip to the Future: One Hell of a Date

24th April 2006:
hello! thank you for finishing my banner! (just a little bit of magic) my email adress is lepord2000@hotmail.com
thanks once again!!!

Author's Response: I've send the banner yesterday. If you can't find it, tell me and I'll send it again.

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Review #9, by hpf_85A Trip to the Future: Match Maker and Unexpected Guest

19th April 2006:
ooh thank you so much for being able to make me a banner!!! it means so much!! umm about how it would look...hummm feel free to make it how you wnat what, you thought of when you read the story i really don't mind!! once again thanks so much!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Okay then, I'll email you the banner once I finish it.

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Review #10, by hpf_85A Trip to the Future: The Discovery in the Forest

16th April 2006:
i was waiting till the end to reveiw becasue i couldn't stop READING!!! absolutly loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish you would write more!!!! i loved the way you porttraded Harry adn everyone else awsome job!!!!
(P.S, i'm the author of 'just a little bit of magic i was wondering if you can still make me a banner!!! it would mean so much !!!!!)

Author's Response: Thanks! Always love to hear a compliment :-) Oh about the banner, I'd love to make you one. Just tell me how you want it to look like.

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Review #11, by hpf_85Beautiful Lie: First and Last Chapter

24th February 2006:
wow, that was amazing i have never read slash but that was just such a good story!!! great work!

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Review #12, by hpf_85Dancing on Goodbye: Sub-Chapter

10th February 2006:
oh so cute, i almost cried so heart renching i love the ending great job!

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Review #13, by hpf_85I Love Watching Them: I Love Watching Them

22nd January 2006:
awww so cute!!!!!!!!!! i loved it

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Review #14, by hpf_85The Little Lion: The Little Lion

19th January 2006:
so cute i loved it!!!

Author's Response: thanks!!

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Review #15, by hpf_85My name is Sirius Black: I'll be there.....

8th January 2006:
i thought it was cute, i really likd it....is the letter from hedwig from his parents??

Author's Response: Thankx hpf_85, glad you liked it, Hmmmmmm, from is parents...... *rubs hands together* i'll never tell MUHAHAHAHAHAHA............ ok maybe i will but you'll just have to wait and see, By the way thankx for reviewing~~~~~~~Keira-Lee

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Review #16, by hpf_85And I See Your True Colors...: And I See Your True Colors...

7th January 2006:
it was very cute, i liked it alot!!!

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Review #17, by hpf_85just a little bit of magic: Now

5th January 2006:
it was good

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