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Review #1, by bittersweetflamesA Piece of Heaven: A Piece of Heaven

17th May 2015:
Hiya, Molly. :) Here for our review swap. Sorry it took a bit of time … I got a bit overwhelmed by RL this weekend. BUT I'M HERE! :D And I must admit, I really enjoyed this story. ;)

I do actually like ScorBus.. mostly because it has Albus in it.. and I do love Albus. I think the way that Scorpius and Albus feel for each other is really very beautiful. :D I really could feel the love they felt for each other and, of course, for their daughter Cecelia.

I, myself, am not a parent but I've reached that age where I think about parenthood and my older brothers are becoming parents so I definitely felt more towards the side of parenting than the side of teenager annoyed at her parents. Although I'm near enough that I understand and can sympathize with both.

The setup you have is very interesting. Living in a country that is still in the dark ages, -grumbles- I think that it's beautiful when people are able to live as they choose and be happy and content in it… :) I envy Scorpius, Albus, Lucy and Dorinda that ability.

There is a part when Albus was thinking about how jealous he was when his siblings started having children and the thought the he would never have them. And I think that's sad (and to a certain extent, I could relate) because everyone, no matter how they feel or live, should be able to have children (if that's what they want, of course. ;))

As a final thought, Cecelia is actually very very lucky. Like, seriously, how wonderful is it that she has 2 sets of parents and 8 sets of grandparents?! (not to mention all the rest of her extended family, ofc). While it would actually be logical to assume that children would tease her (children in school can be cruel, I know this personally although I try not to generalize) I don't think that it'll be a big difficulty for her because she'd be smothered by love at home so she'll be well-adjusted.

Really enjoyed it hunny… Thanks for the swap. :D


Author's Response: Hi Carla! Thanks for swapping with me, and thanks for a great review! :)

I'm glad you liked my story, and that you feel like you can relate to it! Yes, I too belive that Cecelia is a very lucky child. She has lots of people around her who loves her. Her familiy situation is different from most children, but she's far from alone. (But, as you pointed out, this is very different depending on which part of the world you are in.)

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Review #2, by bittersweetflamesRose Tinted Glass: Paper World

15th May 2015:
First off, I'm here for the Claw BvB. :D Second, I believe this is the first time I've read any of your stories but I chose this because I cannot resist a fluffy, romance-y ScoRose and you said ARTIST and I was all.. BOOM! YES. MUST READ. :)

In your author's note you talk about how this Scorpius was how oyu imagined he would be when he is raised by Astoria! :) I fully agree with that. I think Astoria would be a wonderful parent... Pureblood, certainly but without the craze mania that accompanied too many of her peer's family. ;) It's what makes the possibility of ScoRose so possible in my head.

Anyway, your descriptions of artistry and painting are so beautiful. That this was from Rose's point of view was even more effective because she is NOT the artist and, as a matter of fact, she is merely the muse, the inspiration, the one who sees the artist at work. And I think that art, at its most basic and visceral, affects everyone around it.

And, yes, the whispering, the quiet, the stillness... There are people who say art has no practical use in this world but yet this is clearly not the case! Without art, how, as Rose says can beauty in this world be more clearly seen? People like Scorpius are needed because he shows us things we don't see (or seem to want to see, more like).

So, you're right. Every girl (or person, really) should date an artist at least once in their life. It is an experience worth having. :D


Author's Response: Hi Carla!

I'm so glad you liked this little story! Astoria absolutely fascinates me and that all really started when I was writing fluffy sappy Scorose stories for myself. In my head, Scorpius will only ever be this adorably fluffy nerd and it's because his mother is an adorable fluffy nerd.

I'm really glad you like my descriptions of art and painting here. I absolutely adore art and I love the relationship between artist and muse. It's so simple and beautiful, so I had to make it a Scorose of course. For me, art is about the relationship between viewer and artist. So that's kind of what this story represents. Rose doesn't know a whole lot about art, but she recognizes beauty.

For me Scorpius's branch of art is a simple one. He paints things how he sees them and he just happens to be one of those people who sees the beauty in everything. Rose maybe isn't so much like that, which is why to me, they're the perfect match. He shows her the beauty she can't see, even in herself.

Anyway, thansk so much for reading this story and for your kind words!!


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Review #3, by bittersweetflamesUnravel. : Blaise.

14th May 2015:
Hiya, Erin! :) Finally here for our swap. Guh, it took so long. Sorry for that. my internet just went bye-bye. ANYWAY, you know how I feel about this story and it makes me sad there are very little reviews because, seriously, everyone needs to read this short story collection..

Anyway, I figured I'd do Blaise next because I did Millicent first so it makes sense to just keep doing it backwards. :)

So, I've always been interested in Blaise. We barely hear about him (and Theo too, actually. haha). This was just intense and heartbreaking. The way you characterized Blaise in this was believable and mind-blowing.

As ever, your prose is beautiful and the way you describe how Blaise falls for Theo, it's just so believable because Blaise is disillusioned; he knows EXACTLY what loving him would do to him but he feels what he feels anyway. It's exactly how I imagine really strong emotions would be. So, impressive work on getting that across!

And, finally, at the end when Blaise speaks how he would be treated if people (his mother, Voldemort, etc.) found out how he really felt… Well, you really managed to get the intolerance across. Blaise is the IDEAL pureblood but the fact that he loves a man means that he loves a man is a disgrace? I think it's sad.. THEN AGAIN, it IS Voldemort so it's really no surprise.

Well done, as ever.:D Thanks for the swap. :)


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Review #4, by bittersweetflamesBlind: Blind

14th May 2015:
Holy mother of Merlin but wasn't that heartbreaking? :O Carla here, hunny, for the Claw BvB. :D

And, OMG, I said I was going to take a break of a few days with the reading and reviewing (I HAVE TO WRITE!) but I could not help it. I love me a good Teddy/Rose but, ugh, this was just too painful to behold.

I've always been fascinated with the dynamics of the relationship Teddy has with his 'family'. I always wondered how all the other cousins would treat him and I always thought that, as surely as Victoire had, it's not hard to imagine that any others would love him.

So... Rose.

Don't get me wrong. I love ScoRose and I love Tedoire but there is just something so beautiful about Teddy/Rose that you managed to capture here in such a heart-breaking way.

That bit you mentioned about Scorpius. Aww, well, poor guy. It's hard loving someone who loves someone else. So, I suppose they're one very complicated love (triangle? square? some random shape I can't even think of?). Oh, well, in any case, this was beautifully written and I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE WORD even though it was the most painful thing ever as well.

I think that it's just SO sad that she would not tell Teddy how she feels. Although, to be honest, I think that a Teddy/Rose relationship is fraught with pitfalls. How HARD would it be to be in a relationship with a man that was once with your own cousin? Impossible, I would think. Imagine the family reunions!

But I could definitely sympathise with Rose. I can feel her pain and I wish... I wish she could find someone who can help her get over Teddy.

Beutifully-written, darling! :D Glad I got the opportunity to read it. ;)


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Review #5, by bittersweetflamesUnravel. : Millicent.

12th May 2015:
I still have to review Pansy and Blaise and I really loved those as well but I'm starting with this because, really, this.. UGH, Erin, this chapter/one-shot/installment/what have you gave me CHILLS.

When you sent me the sneak peek I told you that I had to read that first chapter 3 times. How could I not? It was just so captivating! :O Your prose is just so excellent.. I had to stop and think at certain points because what you'd written was so brilliant. I can go on and on about your tremendously brilliant writing skills but I shall go on with gushing about the story itself.

Millicent, as you wrote her, is a singularly interesting individual. FIRST, when you mentioned 'friends' I thought. Oh, GOOD, she's not alone; she has people who are her friends. BUT THEN... I figured out that they weren't people. That instead, these friends were inside her.. And that was just creepy... I felt goosepimples all over.

She also strikes me as a very unique individual - she's not like all the Slytherins; in fact, at that point when you spoke about how the hat took a looong time deciding where to put her, I thought.. HEY, MAYBE THE HAT IS TALKING TO HER FRIENDS. -shivers- Ok, the hat even as merely a sentient object could have been scared (or freaked! freaked is a possibility). As the hat can see into a person's mind, it seems possible he got scared of the sort of person Millicent is. This spoke volumes.

Finally, you ended this so strongly. That moment in time during their sixth year and when Dumbledore died, her reaction was so unnerving. She didn't strike me as a sixteen year old then -- you actually wrote her so well that I was so interested to see what happened to THIS Millicent after the Second War.:)

GAH, ERIN. WRITE MORE. Thanks for sharing. :)


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Review #6, by bittersweetflamesBeat It: Beat It

11th May 2015:

Here for our swap! :)

Ok, ok… I love Quidditch-centric stories! They just scare me (to write) but I love them (to read). hehe

Anyway, I love how you set up this chapter. You gave us a lot of information without overwhelming us with too many names or facts. And you also set up the rest of the novel in a way that makes the reader not only want to know what happens next but also what's going to happen between Jason and Rozanne! :)

The interaction between Jason and Roxanne was so funny. It puts to mind, "the lady doth protest too much, methinks." She basically thinks that he's gorgeous but she goes out of her way to make it seem like she doesn't. I get the whole fact about the team rivalries. I THINK it's a blooming great idea! BAHAHAHA. -chuckles evilly-

Lastly, Violet seems like SUCH a cool person. :) Then again, she plays seeker and I always think that there's something about seekers.. They have this sort of aura and Violet definitely has it. :D

Can't wait to read more, hunny. Thanks for the swap! :)


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Review #7, by bittersweetflames1981: Winter

11th May 2015:
Hi, Chiara! :D Here for our swap. :)

Ok, so I'm not a big fan of Marauders Era but this story really sparked my interest so I decided to read and review this story. Before I go on to talking about the story itself, I wanted to just also say that I hadn't realized that this was in second person and it really served your story well. It was certainly chilling at parts, which was helped because I really felt as they felt.


I'd like to talk about Peter. While he is, undoubtedly and unsurprisingly, my least favorite Marauder his was my favorite part in this chapter. You started this story very very strong. The way you've seemingly rationalized WHY Peter betrayed his friends was a conundrum for me. I understand fear, I understand loneliness. But I do not understand cowardice. And what he did certainly strikes me as completely cowardly. When he killed that man, it felt like a complete turn towards the very end, the very end of his humanity. I felt sorry for the boy even as I felt utterly disgusted by the man. When he spoke of his loneliness, I could almost (ALMOST!) blame the rest of the Marauders for the way that their seeming friend ended up.


The difference between James' part and Peter's is STARK. Even with the sadness and fear that surrounds them during the war, there is a pervading contentment and calmness in the couples' life. Even feeling stifled as they are in hiding, there is happiness there in each other's (and Harry's) company. Also, I want to note that there is something so adorable when James did his nightly ritual with Harry. He seems like such a nice dad. I just feel more sorry for Harry that he was robbed of the opportunity to have his parents in his life.


Oh, Sirius. When will you learn that alcohol never really solves any problems? Tsk. But, ok, ok, I understand. War affects people in different ways. I think it's simply heartbreaking… First because you can feel the hopelessness in him and you certainly can't blame him from feeling that way. The way the war was going the first time around, Voldemort was really reigning supreme and no one had a clue how to defeat him (at least I assume so) And then you add Regulus. Oh, Regulus. How sad it is for Sirius to be so pained regarding his brother's death but feeling as though he should not show it.

Anywho, this was a very interesting take on one year in the Marauder's life. I am sure that Remus' part would be just as interesting. :) But gorgeous work! Thanks for the swap. :)


Author's Response: Hey Carla!
Oh, I'm very happy you decided to give this a try, even if Marauder era is not what you usually read!
And thank you so much for the compliments about second person! This was my very first try at it, and it made me so nervous...

Ok, let's talk about Peter. Unsurprisingly, he is my least favourite Marauder, too... But for some reason I'm not sure about I've become kind of affectionate to him. Yes, he is a coward. There's no denying it. And I will never forgive him for his betrayal. But I still think he isn't completely bad either. And I really think that if they'd showed a little bit more consideration of him, things could've gone drastically different... And here I am again, trying to defend the damned rat... What's wrong with me, I wonder?

Oh, I know... Harry growing up prived of the love of such wonderful parents is just heartbreaking... That's how I would see James, anyway! Unsufferent for being forced inside, but still trying to see the bright side in his family! I'm happy I managed to make you feel that!

It seemed just like Sirius to try to drown his troubles in drink. Life is really hard in those times, and obviously he feels so desperate and helpless.
And Regulus... I really think Sirius loved his brother deeply, as much as he denied it. And he would surely feel pained and guilty about his death.

Remus will open the next chapter, if you're interested in reading on (I have to warn you that this will get always more depressing...)
I'm really happy you liked this! Thanks to you! :)

With love,

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Review #8, by bittersweetflamesMeals With Muggles : Burgers And Chips

11th May 2015:
HI, KAITLIN! :D Here for our swap. :D

And, wait. FOOD!! -mouth waters- You and I have had a few conversations about food so I hope you know that I love the topic and cooking and just, mhmmm, flavors and textures and smells and everything. It's so perfect. :) Ok, so probably the FOOD isn't the MOST important part of this fic but it certainly was very very interesting to me! :D :D

Ok, so, Marietta Edgecombe and Dudley Dursley. I've not heard anything quite as rare or unique BUT OMG, Dudlietta HAS to be a thing.

Serendipity. That's the word that really came to mind as I read this story. I thought it was so interesting how these two met. How is it that two people, both with a tenuous connection to Harry Potter could meet and that these two people would be one of the few people (barring Death Eaters and Voldemort, of course) who doesn't like Harry Potter (or the Trio, really)

I love your use of Marietta. I imagine that if I had been her, I would have found it hard to go back to Hogwarts as well (and not just because of the pustules in my face). While it was certainly realistic, I find it so sad that people would actually be so mean and petty that they would not help a teenager who did as she did only for her parents.

But, OK, you seriously need to write a SEQUEL. We must know what happens to Dudlietta AND what's going to happen with the two of them. IF they got a magical child will they let that child go to Hogwarts? Will this child form relationships with the next-gen kids we know and love? All these are questions that I find myself earnestly asking. :)

Well done with the fluffiness, dove. :D Thanks for the swap.:)


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Review #9, by bittersweetflamesbad blood: two; a dispute of quidditch

11th May 2015:
WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?! Anyway, here for our swap (part deux, ofc!). OK.. BACK to the review. :)

Your first two paragraphs was the most heart-breaking, heart-stopping of all. When you had an eleven year-old Lily wih her Aunt Hermione, there's something almost poetic about it. She was born of magic but does not have it and she is with her aunt who has it though she was not born of it. The circle of life! Mhm. Ok.

Then when we reached the part about the letters arriving. Oh dear. How utterly devastating is that? To see your cousin, the same age as you, getting a letter and knowing WITH COMPLETE CERTAINTY that you ARE NOT the same, it's akin to having everything in your life come crashing down. The poor girl. I felt for her certainly as deeply as her mother felt for her as well.

Then we fast forward six years, which is just so interesting! I am glad to see that there is a lot of change to her and her personality. I cannot imagine how HARD a journey it must have been for her to travel from utter devastation to an acceptance of an undeniable, yet heart wrenching, fact.

BTW, I agree with Lily. The whole fact about televisions and cameras IS ingenious. And it would DEFINITELY make things easier to watch shows and things. She learns and knows so much doesn't she? Like best of both worlds and all that. :) (and OMG, Lily is SO TALL. 5'11" DEAR ME. I LOVE that she's taller than Hugp. THAT'S HILARIOUS!! OK, moving on.)

And, OMG, Lily is RIGHT. The fact that there are no SQUIB (or, sorry, non-magically abled. Sometimes, political correctness drives me batty) is very wrong but she really strikes me as the perfect sort of person to fight for their rights -it's like their taboo, which is wrong because they certainly deserve a part in BOTH worlds or, really, in ANY world that they wish to belong to. And, also, I love that she can rationalize WHY she was the one who became a squib in her family rather than anyone else. There's something so smart about it. :)


You know what this entire chapter had me think? What would I feel if I were Lily. If I had been born a Squib, could I keep on living with Magic all around me? Could I act as comfortably there or in the Muggle world where I no doubt fit in but with the knowledge of things I cannot share with my peers? Throughout the chapter you managed to show this tug of war that Lily's life must be. But also, you showed how she has managed to be so beautifully unique through something that would have made most people feel defeated.

Well-written, you talented person. Thanks for the swap. :)



aw, I didn't think of it like that! I chose Hermione to take Lily shopping because she understands the Muggle world a lot more than Ginny (or even Harry, to an extent) does. Though she tries, Ginny falls short of a lot of the marks. It is kinda poetic now you mention it though ;) I'll just pretend it was intentional hehe.

lovely lily, oh how do I love her. she's so IN YOUR FACE and RAHRAHRAH about things she believes in. she's 60% activist 30% queer and 10% chic and she's the BESTEST.

my fave thing about her height is that she's referred to as "little lily" as first ayy also tall people need more representation in fic holla. I decided I wanted her to be tall even before I chose sophie turner as the fc. and THEN (because I was also being ultra lame and thought it would be HILARIOUS) I made hugo significantly smaller.

lily is really so smart. I think that's a lot of what I want to portray about her character. she's smart, but she's LIFE smart ya get me? she's not very book smart (mostly because she doesn't apply herself) but she just gets and understands so many things about the world, and ultimately that is more important. especially for the type of person that she is.


thank you for the loveliest loveliest review, you cutie ♥
I loved your pieces too!

- jess, xo

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Review #10, by bittersweetflamesbad blood: one; prologue

11th May 2015:
Hi, Jess darling. :D Here for our swap. Also, I've been so interested in this story for SUCH a long time. WORK, WHAT WORK? Must read. I'm so glad I have an excuse to do so. :)

First off, Jess! You write so BEAUTIFULLY. From the first paragraph describing Ginny was so perfect! There was something so perfect as you describe her and her pregnancy. I've never experienced pregnancy personally but that fact of it has always been so beautiful and, yes, poetic to me. You certainly wrote it in a way that did it great justice. Just SO beautiful, hun.

When you segued to the point where she's terrified, I was intrigued. WHY? Why would she be worried and terrified of her pregnancy or labour or her baby? While I imagine these are the sort of things that a carrying mother would feel, the tone of her worry struck a deeper chord, as though there was something else niggling at her… And with that you've got me intrigued.


Finally, we learn WHY she is so worried and terrified. SHE KNOWS. She knows that her child would be different and I can imagine it's not for SHAME but more because she knows how HARD her child's life would be. Had it been me I would not have been able to hold my tears.

I can also understand why she didn't tell the healer… Sometimes, voicing a worry, a concern can mean acknowledging that it exists. And while that is certainly wrong, sometimes we hope that by not voicing out our worries, they would just go away.

Of course, I am so very interested what will happen to this child in her life. breathtakingly beautiful chapter. :) Lovely to swap with you, dearie. :)


Author's Response: hello!


ahh I've never been pregnant either (thankfully, still a tad young for babies right now) so I'm glad you like it! I really tried to push over the discomfort of it all but also the beauty of new life, wrapped up all in one short little prologue.


of course yes omg ginny isn't outright ashamed so to speak, though she does harbour a few ingrained prejudices about squibs. like it's not so much she hates them or thinks they're beneath her, she's just been brought up to almost ignore them in a way? and then there she is about to have one of her own. I imagine it's terrifying, both for her and for knowing the difficulties lily will face in life.

adjfadgnh when my author intent is picked up on by readers I want to squeal and do a little happy dance because i'M SO GLAD IT WAS NOTICED. you're right, ginny withheld the info because she was completely, utterly terrified that if she said it out loud it would become a reality, one she had to work upon no less. and I mean of course she could've experienced no magical disturbance and lily could still have been a witch, so she was also holding on to that slight WHAT IF and the sliver of possibility.

thank you for the swap! ♥

- jess, xo

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Review #11, by bittersweetflamesRenewal: Renewal

11th May 2015:
Hi Vicki! :D I'm here from the Review Tag thread. :D This is my first time reading any of your stories and I'm sooo excited! :) So, I decided to read this story because the subject matter just struck me as so interesting and not something I've read a lot of before.

Firstly, I wanted to address your choice of Pomona as the main focus of your story. I think it is both ingenious and curious. I could not read the rest of this story fast enough.

You started out the story so very strong and in quite a heartbreaking manner. :O The way you described how war has affected everything, even something as seemingly innocuous and innocent as plants and greenhouses. The way you described the destruction was perfect -- it was like a perfect little microcosm of the destruction that the entire school suffered. All your descriptions were strong and I had no difficulties imaging how things looked. As I was reading, too, I could feel Sprouts sadness and despair at what happened. War is never easy, never for anyone.

Move on to the PLAN. I capitalize it in my head, yes. HAHAHA. IT IS A BRILLIANT IDEA. The idea of SHOWING the world that, after grief, there could be joy and celebration and, yes, there could be fun was beautiful. It's almost a way of showing Voldemort that even with all the death and destruction he wrought, he would NEVER ever win.

Finally, the line you placed regarding the twins.. About one dying and one surfing was PERFECT. It was so beautiful and sad and poetic at the same time and just perfectly summed up your story an, basically, how everyone must have felt after the war ended and they won but lost a lot at the same time. :)

Beautiful story! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to read it. :)


Author's Response: Hi Carla,

Thank you for dipping farther back into my author page and selecting a story that doesn't have lots of reads or reviews. That's so nice of you.

It is so easy to envision the scene--late summer, with the sunlight getting that more golden hue as the sun's arc across the sky begins to get lower, all the signs of destruction and new construction, the scars on the natural world that won't be completely covered by new growth for a couple of years yet, and the weariness of the people, bearing their losses and contemplating all the work still in front of them.

But you express it perfectly: Voldemort would never, ever win. By celebrating, they would be in effect dancing on his grave, and that would be worth all the effort to do it. I am brought to mind of the countries that suffered greatly in World War II, and a few years later were hosting the Olympic games (England in 1948 and Finland in 1952, if my memory serves).

Professor Sprout's metaphor of the twin babies, one of whom died and the other of whom survived, was inspired by the experience of one of my colleagues at work, whose wife had premature twins, only one of whom lived. I could scarcely imagine what emotions they were feeling.

The story is more mood and description than plot, a moment in time when people are almost too stunned to move but know that they must go forward nevertheless. A few people have said that I should write the sequel, when they DO have the party. Maybe someday.

Thank you so much for your kind words.


P.S. Professor Sprout is also featured in my stories Greenhouse Seven and Dark Enough To See The Stars.

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Review #12, by bittersweetflamesPride and Scorpius: Rose Gets Settled In.

11th May 2015:
Hiya, Andrew! :D I promise, before this month ends, I will catch up on reviewing all the published chapters of Pride and Scorpius. :) Anyway, at this moment, I am doing this for BvB. GO TEAM BRONZE!!! HAHAHA.xD Ok, moving on.

This chapter, I really truly loved… Why? Well, because it was so much fun to see how Rose is a person… She's only 11 years old but she's more self-contained than I am… This fact depresses me. GREATLY. Anyway, while we know that Rose isn't really going to forgive Scorpius so easily (I MEAN, where would the story be then?) I think the fact that she TRIES to be magnanimous is hilarious…xD (I'm a meanie. lol)

I think, though, that it's so sweet that she and Dawn have really hit it off well. When Dawn was talking about how much her life was changed, I thought it was lovely… Her life is certainly different now, isn't it? And I think that she and Rose are going to be going on the journey together, I think it'd be lovely to see moving forward.

Now can we talk about the Rose Readers? First off, THANK YOU for putting George in this chapter. While it was practically only a cameo, I forgive you because he was so perfectly characterised… I think, also, that it's fantastic how, at 11, Rose practically has a patent.XD I don't know why I find that funny but it is.. She doesn't even need to go to HOGWARTS! (Ok, I'm just being cooky).

I do hope that she gets a cut on the profits of that product. ;) Maybe you can show it in the future? I am thinking you can make it fit into the story and… OK, OK.



Author's Response: Really chewing through your responses today - should be installing a new washing machine ... *sigh* will get to it soon.

Curse you team Bronze - should do more for Blue. *deeper sigh*

Not much happens in this chapter does it, except for a bit of establishing of Rose's character away from certain 'distractions.'

She does try to be just and good, really she does, and when he is removed from her sight she can start to be objective. It's just when she can see him, there's just something about him that gets under her skin...

Yes, Rose and Dawnsfirstbloom do indeed go on a journey together. All their lives have changed, going to Hogwarts as they all have, but none more so than Dawnsfirstbloom. Especially that she didn't know or even suspect that she'd be going till only a month ago - Rose and most of the other purebloods and halfbloods have had all their lives to come to terms with the fact that they'll probably be going. Muggleborns also have a big shock, but Dawnsfirstbloom, unlike them, has known of the wizarding world and has never thought that she would be a part of it.

I'm glad you liked my George - I find that he's one of the characters that I feel the most trepidatious to write. He was such a big personality that I always want to do him justice. I loved writing the line where he says of his brother, "may he never rest in peace."

The Rose Readers do have a place in this story, more than just a throwaway - we will see them again. But their inclusion does show a few things about Rose. How she does work out the rules for things, like the Law, and finds her way around bits that she just doesn't think apply to her. Also I like what it revealed about her mum and dad too, and their different approach to things. She does have a patent, her and her mum, and I didn't really think very much more than that, but from what you and another reviewer pointed out to me, there are all those profits George has received from selling them. It does dovetail in nicely with something that I want Rose to do, so, much later (in yet another epilogue), she will receive her share of the profits.

Thank you, as of this response the story has had 1363 reads in total, and this chapter has had 191, thank you all.

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Review #13, by bittersweetflamesThe Sorting of Albus Severus: Chapter 2

9th May 2015:
I'm BACK!!! You cannot believe how EXCITED I was when I saw that you were the last post in BvB because I wanted to read chapter 2 of this and now I have an excuse to ignore other responsibilities and READ. And LEAVE YOU A REVIEW TOO, of course! :D

Ok, moving on. First off, DOMINIQUE. Dominique is just too cool. People tend not to use her too often, which I think is just a shame because she strikes me as a brilliant character. :)

The fact that you sorted her into Ravenclaw is also a brilliant choice in my estimation (AND WHAT? NO I'M NOT BIASED ABOUT THE FACT THAT IT'S RAVENCLAW. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?!) Ok, ah, yes... The fact that she would go out of her way to try and see how Albus is doing makes me feel like she is such an inherently good person. And she's RIGHT, more than anyone else, she would know best how Albus is feeling.

When we reached the part where Albus says that Ravenclaw is a good house and implies that Hufflepuff isn't surprised me as well! And then Dom does the most beautiful thing by showing Al in a way that he'd understand that Hufflepuff is a most worthy house.

You talked about Tonks and that made me sniff a little; then you add in Cedric and I remember how absolutely brilliant of Jo it was to make him the Champion! Hufflepuff definitely deserved that moment of glory, they're such a nice house.

Ah...Then, lastly , of course, when the cousins talk about how Harry would feel about Albus' sorting I think Dom's insight was just smart. And she's right, of course. Harry is just the sort of person, who would not be prejudiced regarding houses because he valued everyone for who they were and not for where they came from (Snape, anyone?)

Okies then, LOVELY story. I really enjoyed this. Albus in Hufflepuff really made a lot of sense and you wrote it so well! :)


Author's Response: Hi Carla! Thanks for finishing up the story.

I am also all about sorting people into Ravenclaw, so I'm glad you liked Dom's placement there. I actually have no clue what people usually do with her, but I thought she would be a cool person to work with.

How could he not love Hufflepuff and think they were cool after hearing about Tonks and Cedric? (And I'm glad you thought it was Ravenclaw-esque for Dominique to realize how to get through to Albus.)

Thanks so much! =)

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Review #14, by bittersweetflamesIt Used To Be Worse Here : It Used To Be Worse Here

8th May 2015:
Oh, the chills. Oh, the feels. Oh my GOD. -breathes in deeply-
Hiya, Meg. :) Here for our swap. And I have to say, I totally missed reading your stories -- I have apparently forgotten what a brilliant writer you are! Well, this story really served to remind me. ;)

You mentioned that this is your first attempt at writing second person and I have to admit that I am personally not a fan of it BUT you did it here so well. I can really feel what Albus was feeling, see what he was seeing... As Albus is my favorite next-gen character, it was definitely a bit striking to see such a different side to him in your fic.

As I read on I realised that this was for the sink your ship challenge, too! :O HOMG, Rosie, what have you done? Scorpius, what have you done? Here, I can completely feel as Al must be feeling. Although you did manage to shock me when he did what he did. I was all... OMG, did he really just do that? OMG OMG.

The way you juxtaposed how seemingly happy he is with the utter horror of the situation he found himself in and how horrible what he did was. Your prose in this was really brilliant and I actually read three times before I got to reviewing because it was that good!

At the end, there are those CHILLS again. That was one of the strongest ending lines I've read in a one-shot ever. Really enjoyed it, hun. (Though enjoyed may be the wrong word? haha) Anyway, great job! :D


Author's Response: Carla! Ahh!! This review! :D

Oh my goodness. You are far, far too kind to me! But thank you so much!! ♥

I love Albus, too, so this was difficult. Second person usually isn't my cup of tea either, but that's one of the main reasons I decided to do the challenge. Because it would be just that, challenging for me. :p I'm really glad that his feelings and everything were made clear for the reader and that this darker side was a bit of a shock. It was exactly what I was going for.

I know! I know! There really was tons of OMG in this. I'm sorry! *hides*

Aww Carla! *blush* Thank you!! ♥

I can't even with this review, seriously. I'm so, so happy that you (I guess it could be the right word?) enjoyed it! ;) And thank you so, so, so much for this amazing review! You're awesome, chicky! ♥ ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #15, by bittersweetflamesPride and Scorpius: The Sorting Hat’s Greatest Regret

7th May 2015:
Hiya, Andrew. :)
I thought, since you had to review all those stories for BvB I'd give you another review! :) And, well, I also said I would review Pride and Scorpius and because it's one of my most favorite (here I go again with the redundancy, hehe) stories ever!!
Ok, onto to actually talking ABOUT the story. haha

First off, Scorpius speaks French. Why am I not surprised? And he got another one up on Rose... -snickers- As much as I love Rose (and normally, I do), in this story there are certain aspects about her that HAVE to be changed. I think Scorpius is certainly the person to do that. (Ok, ok, I might be speaking with a tiny bit of beta forethought or just the fact that I've read more than you've published. Ehem. Moving on)

I love that Hagrid knows Dawn (I promise, I try to write out her full name but I'm so lazy. Besides, I like to think we're friends. -evil laughter-). I can just imagine how Dawn, so tiny and Hagrid, the half-giant would look together. HAHAHA... I think it's really sweet by the way. Dawn is my favorite characters ever and to hear her called 'Sprout' -- it's just HILARIOUS. Btw, Rose sulking? Is it just me or does Rose strike you as a tiny bit of a spoiled brat? Growing up as she did, I can't say that it's hard to imagine that she will be.

The martial arts bit was INSPIRED. I was seriously laughing so hard. I can just imagine this tiny redhead throwing someone over her shoulders (ok, she didn't. But it's the image!) and that's just super funny. Oh, Harry, what have you done to these children? Moving on...

So, sorting next. I CANNOT WAIT. Ok, so I've read it. BUT I CAN ACTUALLY TALK ABOUT IT IN A REVIEW. How wonderful is that? WONDERFUL. (ok, Carla, calm down. Stop shouting.)

Your Sorting Hat Song was really well-written btw. I cannot for the life of me think about writing one. So much effort and I have to, like, rhyme. I don't have the time. (or the energy. or the skill. Meh.) So, well done! -claps-

When Albus was being sorted I was SUUPER excited. I've said this elsewhere but I have imagined all sorts of scenarios of an Albus sorting and, well, yours was certainly unique and as you mentioned that Al was the heart of your story (YAY! Carla = happy). Anyway, it certainly makes sense to have a student who will be in ALL of the houses (lucky, guy, really. I'd love the opportunity to see all the common rooms - or any, really. -grumbles-) But what was I saying? Yes, it certainly makes sense that for interhouse unity, we get a student who so perfectly embodies all the houses.
And that you wrote it that Snape should have been such a student in his time? WOW. YES. I approve. In case you don't know this yet, he is one of my favorite characters from the Trio Era. You should have seen the tantrum that I threw when he died. It was not pretty. But I do digress... Moving on...

ROSE. OMG, ROSE. My side hurts from all the laughing I did with the fact that she got into Gryffindor without putting the hat on her head. OMG OMG OMG. I think this is a perfect way to sum up her personality. HAHAHA. I really love the way you insert little nuggets of funny into your story. It makes me want to read more and more (and I do. Be jealous, everybody. Ehem.)

Ok, I have to stop this now. This is certainly one of the longer reviews I've written.


P.S. If there are any grammatical or spelling errors in this review, I apologise... I did not get the chance to read it over.. :)

Author's Response: This was very kind and generous of you, though I do not know what lesson I learnt being rewarded for my mistakes. ;)

Scorpius speaks a bit of French because of his cousin, whom you shall not meet until an epilogue (how's that for future knowledge XP ), but it does allow him to get one up over Rose yet again - I do have to give her some real reasons to start to dislike him after all.

I love that Hagrid knows Dawnsfirstbloom too. As for you referring to her as Dawn, that's more than just fine - I said she responds to Dawn from her friends and you are surely one of those. As her biographer, so to speak, I must treat her with the respect her character deserves and only ever refer to her by her proper name. Who knows what will happen to her in the future, what sacrifices and hardships the story may demand - I cannot afford to become to friendly with her now can I. ;)

Rose is not spoilt as such, but she is used to having things work out the way she thinks they will. Being as smart as she is and not having an environment that changed terribly much, things have always worked out pretty much as she envisioned them too. The train journey has been one big shock to her system after another.

I'm glad you liked the martial arts bit - I did want her to have a reason to be and keep fit, and also I wanted that creeper to get what was coming to him - we will see more of him in the future, mark my words.

Thank you for the claps, it did take me a while to write the song, but I just had to attempt it.

The way Albus has been written elsewhere, has always seemed to me to give him traits that any of the houses would have him. It's also clear from the books, two things about the Sorting Hat; one, that it's very big on house unity; and two that it has clear instructions on what to do in case someone has traits for two houses and probably even three. It still has to sort them into only one house. It would be rare to have a student who could be put into all four and I think the Founders didn't think of it. I think, given a choice, that the Hat would want to sort people into more than one house, but it cannot.

As to Snape being the sort, even Dumbledore mentions it in the books - "sometimes I think we sort too soon." His overwhelming love for Lilly, the intelligence of the Half Blood Prince, his sheer cunning, and his bravery in standing up to Voldemort - could have, and should have put him into any and all of the houses.

Rose, Rose. I thought it was a good way to sum her up, but there is also more to it and it will be revealed in chapter ... too far off to give a number, but sometime after Christmas in her second year. I like how she initially sees it as her being hardly done by, but when James points it out that she is the first ever to be sorted without putting on the Hat, well then she sees it for the badge of honour it really is.

It is one of the longer reviews you've written, but I can't thank you enough - there is so much that happens in this chapter, so much that is crucial for the rest of the story. Whole plot arcs revolve around events here and I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you, as of this response the story has had 1363 reads in total, and this chapter has had 156, thank you all.

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Review #16, by bittersweetflamesThe Sorting of Albus Severus: Chapter 1

7th May 2015:
Hiya, sweetie. :) Here for the BvB.
Anyway, I simply HAD to read and review this story.. I am the BIGGEST Albus II fan and anything regarding him I just HAVE to read. :)
-breathes deeply -
Ok, I always thought about an Albus sorting. :) I had actually wrote, in my head, a story of his sorting for every single house. Like, what his reaction would be, what James would say (because you KNOW that James always has something to say) but your take on his Hufflepuff sorting is just perfect.

I think that Gryffindor is certainly the 'common' choice for sorting any of Harry and Ginny's kids but I don't think that a LOT of them would be. I actually think that the entire Next-gen should be spread out a lot over the houses. (but that's just me,haha)

Al's feeling of dejection over the fact that he got into Hufflepuff is so palpable I almost feel sorry for him. His lack of response to his new housemates,the one-word answers are all moody and would certainly not endear him to the badgers (although, they're a stunningly nice house. I'm sure they understand.)

I cannot wait to see what will happen next and how Al will warm up to his house. Knowing the Al I do know in my head, I think Hufflepuff is a perfect choice for him (although I say this about all the houses. I just really love Al so much)

Ok, thanks for sharing the story, hun. :) Lovely work.


Author's Response: Hi Carla!

I'm glad to get the opinion of a super Albus fan on this. It was my first attempt at Next Gen but when I got the idea for the Children's Challenge about somebody having a hard time with their sorting I couldn't resist using Albus for it. With the conversation he and Harry had in the epilogue, he seemed like the natural selection for this.

I'm glad you aren't opposed to the idea of the Next Gen kids being spread out a little, since we see one of his cousins is a non-Gryffindor in the next chapter as well. ;)

Thanks so much for taking the time to review! =)

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Review #17, by bittersweetflamesPride and Scorpius: Goblin Friends and Friends of Goblins

6th May 2015:
Hiya, Andrew! :) Here, again, for the BvB. I don't know how this happened but I came upon you on at the thread again. No problem, I love this story so rereading it and reviewing it is not a chore. :)

The first time I read this chapter (quite a while ago. When I read it in preparation for my beta duties, it was my 3rd time so this time would be my 4th. hehe). Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, the first time I read this, I really love the goblins and how their involvement served to introduce how the characters are.

When Rose was gearing up to defend Scorpius I thought, well, Rosie, you're not as bad as I thought you were. But when the Malfoy kids thanked him and were gushing about him and his family I could just about feel her annoyance -- she was determined to be the big person (even for someone she wasn't inclined to like) but it doesn't quite go according to plan (she's just a little uptight, isn't she?? :whistles: I don't know anything at all.)

When Albus seconded the nomination for Goblin Friend and was so nonchalant about the obvious high status he has make me love him as a character even more (and this is a BIG deal because he really IS my favorite). I think that Harry and Ginny are quite the perfect parents because Harry would be calm and collected but cool and Ginny would be strict but loving.. Lucky kids… :muses longingly:

And then Scorpius! I cannot really get a handle on Scorpius. He strikes me as this boy, who grew up rich and privileged but this upbringing separates him from most of his contemporaries… He holds himself and speaks like someone twice his age and to Rose (whose only fashion knowledge are printed shirts, jerseys and jeans) he must really be a strange sort of creature and what she doesn't understand, Rose just treats with extreme prejudice (tsk tsk. You disappoint me, Ms. Weasley). This is so unlike Albus. who just embraces the different things in the world with open arms.

OK, I love your story. I really do. You know this. Peace out. :)


Author's Response: Finally getting around to responding to all my reviewers, and here you are, my amazing new beta. The BvB is really a good goad into doing what you have always meant to isn't it.

Yes, I'm glad you got Rose's response - she is intrinsically a fair minded person. She would not just stand aside and see someone picked on in front of her - no matter who they were. But when it goes from her thinking she's being all good and noble to her not being needed at all - she gets a bit sullen and resentful. She is just a kid after all, and you're right, she is a bit uptight too.

I know you love Albus, and sometimes I think that all I'm doing with this story is to fuel your love for him even more. ;)
He is very nonchalant about his high status because he doesn't really know how high it is - he doesn't move much in goblin society, so hasn't really experienced it that much. Any time he has, it's been with his father and his dad has overshadowed him and protected him.

You are spot on with Scorpius and his up-bringing. He was separated from his contemporaries, but for more reasons than you allude to here - we will learn how his upbringing has shaped him in the chapters and years to come.

Rose has never seen anyone like him, let alone met them. Her upbringing has been sheltered too, in some crucial ways. Yes, poor Rose she will have to loose some of her prejudice, and probably won't enjoy the experience overmuch.

I'm glad you love it, thanks. As of this response the story has had 1363 reads and this chapter has 180, thank you all.

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Review #18, by bittersweetflamesPride and Scorpius: Dawnsfirstbloom

5th May 2015:
Hiya, Andrew! :) Here from the BvB and, well, because I promised that I would review this story.

I want to start off by saying that I'd read this chapter BEFORE I became your beta and from that very moment I was a huge fan of this story. You should see the cartwheels I turned when I realized that you needed a beta for this. WHY, you may ask? Well, 'cos I get to read everything FIRST. -evil laugh-

Ehem, onto the chapter. This chapter was really smart because you introduced the whole matter of goblins and their having magic so well that while I know you explained this more in your other story (that I still need to read, OMG!) it was explained so well here that, not only was I not confused, I also found the whole thing read so easily that I forgot that it was something that you came up with yourself.

Okay, I mentioned this… But I ABSOLUTELY love ALBUS! He is my most favorite (note redundancy here, this was written on purpose). He is nice and interesting and I love how he offers friendship to Scorpius. The fact that he can speak Gobbledigook is very interesting as with Scorpius.

Dawn is another one of my favorite characters (Note this by how many times I ask in chapters where she is. HAHA) and I cannot wait to see how much more you will develop the friendship between her and Rose -- Certainly, Rose needs to know more people beyond her own family.

Finally, the fact that she wants to learn Gobbledigook is so very Hermione! I certainly hoped she would know it because her mum would make her but that she doesn't is something that amuses me a lot.

As you know, I love this story… WRITE MORE! Woohps, scratch THAT. TYPE MORE, I mean.
Thanks for sharing.


Author's Response: I love the BvB, it does so force one to review that which you have been meaning to doesn't it?

I'm glad, I never knew when you actually started reading this story. From the excellent work you do for me, the payment of just getting to read the stories first seems beggarly indeed.

Some of that praise, is more deservedly directed at my previous and first beta, who unfortunately for us all, has had to disappear from this site, perhaps forever. She really helped me in the first few chapters - improving my descriptions especially and getting me to make more clear what was so clear in my own head.

Even though I knew the whole thing was explained in much more detail in the other story, I knew it had to be done justice to here lest I lose the reader.

I love Albus too, as you know from perusal of a fair amount of this story (all that has been typed, though I am in the middle of typing one) that Albus is the heart of the story. I really didn't think much about him before I started reading the stories on HPFF, but the ones I read with him as a major character brought me around to him. He is so versatile and there are many things that you can play around with, but I like to think of him as what Harry would have been like had he just been raised in a loving family.

If Harry had the titles given to him by the Goblins, then I believe that he would have taken it all seriously. As a consequence, there were always goblins around as Albus was growing up and he was taught Gobbledegook by his dad and them. I do believe though that he is the one of the Potter kids who remembers the most - James especially probably doesn't remember much except for the odd useful phrase.

Scorpius though is a different matter. I don't know if I will ever reveal this in the story, so I suppose I can do so here and now, but I think that his dad, sensing that goblins were to play a much larger part in future wizarding society, had him learn it just for that sake.

Rose does need to know more people than just those in her family, funny you should say that ...*shares a private joke with his beta*

Dawnsfirstbloom is a good character I hope and we will see more of her I assure you. As the author I have to call her by her full name, but she will always respond to Dawn, from her friends.

Thank you, it is so very her mum and a stubbornness all of her own too - she hates to be the only one in a group who doesn't know something. Her mum doesn't have nearly as much to do with goblins as Harry does. I haven't thought about it till now, but I don't think she ever learnt much of the language.

I have written more, I am writing more, but typing ... ugh! I hate it and I'm writing such an interesting bit of the story at the moment too ...

Thanks for the wonderful review, as of this response the story as a whole has 1287 reads and this chapter has 255 - thank you all.

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Review #19, by bittersweetflamesOh My Darling: 1

30th April 2015:
Hiya, Cassie! :) Here for our review swap. :D First off, sorry it took so long; I fell asleep…

Anyway, I had a really hard time choosing which of your stories to read because they all look interesting but I chose this because 1. I think Clementine is such a gorgeous name and 2. Albus is my most favorite next-gen character of all!

So, you set up this chapter so well. I think the voice is really fun and casual and things written so well! :) You got me seriously hooked into the story and wondering what would happen next.

Elizabeth sounds like SUCH a character; Clementines and hers friendship is really perfect imo. I mean, they are so perfectly complementary, it's lovely to read. :)

When you ended where you did, I was a little frustrated because I want to know what happens next. This is a GREAT THING -- you really set up your story so well. :) Thanks for the swap and for sharing the story. :)


Author's Response: Hello!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this! The narration style is a little different from what I usually write, so it's really nice to hear that you thought it was fun.
Lizzie is definitely a little crazy. She and Clementine are definitely opposites but it helps them mesh. They balance each other out.
I'm glad you're curious about what happens next! Thank you so much for the review swap!
Cassie :)

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Review #20, by bittersweetflamesTaming the Dragon Tamer: [four]

22nd April 2015:
Hi there. :) Here for our swap. :D First things first, I absolutely love Charlie Weasley and I think that you are the most beautiful person for writing a gorgeous fic that features him.

Ok, so I read through 4 chapters before I realized that I'd read everything. This makes me sad because I was really into the story already and, obviously, wanted to know what else would happen. :)

Ok, so, I'm going to talk about this chapter since you mention that you've worked at this chapter so long. I really think that everything here is beautifully-written.

I can feel Charlie's pain, war is never really easy for anybody and I can see how things with him aren't that well. The way you wrote the bits about David and the Battle of Hogwarts, that was just so hard to read because there are just so many feels and emotions there. :)

I can't wait to see how things are when we find out who's behind the knock on the door! (I'm hoping it's Chris) I mean, how would Charlie react? What would happen? Will Charlie get over his panic attacks (poor guy).

Anyway, thanks for the swap, hunny. :) Really love this fic and can't wait to see what happens next. :)


Author's Response: Hello my beautiful Beta!

First: I absolutely love that you love this story enough to feel sad when you can't read on.

I'm SO happy that the feelings actually came across as I intended them to. (Pst, I'm working on a kind of prequel as well - Charlie and David's relationship captured in only short glances at different moments)

I can't wait for the beta-ed chapter 5.

Thanks for the swap

I'll talk to you soon

Much Love

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Review #21, by bittersweetflamesBruises: Terror

21st April 2015:
Kaitlin! Here for our swap. So glad to finally read this story. I've really been meaning to see where my banner has gone. :) And thank you for giving my banner a lovely home.

I am happy and honored that you were inspired by the banner that you got for this.:D

Okay, onto the story. Can we talk about how you are such an amazing writer? Funnily enough, I'd just watch a documentary on brain surgery (which also tackled lobotomies) a few days back and that was horrific so reading this fic was a very big experience.

The way you wrote about her days in that hospital was very well done. I could really see what she must have seen; feel the panic and despair that was undoubtedly coursing through her. The thought of waking up in an unfamiliar place is so very terrifying and it really came across the way you wrote it.

I think it's beautiful the way you wrote about Caroline's sister at the end. Caroline didn't have it easy but there's is beauty in their relationship and the obvious love they have for each other. :)

Your ending was gorgeous because the hope was palpable. And that there are things, beautiful things, that are meant to exist and nothing anyone ever does or says could ever change it.

Thanks for the swap and for sharing this! Oh, and giving my banner a lovely home.


Author's Response: Hey Carla,

Thanks for stopping by to check this out! To be honest, I was kind of nervous about you reading this since you created the beautiful banner that inspired me to write it.

*blushes* Thank you. It means a lot that you think so.

Lobotomies are a horrific part of human history, but also a really interesting subject. What can get particularly terrifying is when you start hearing the reasons that lobotomies were performed on people. For example, women who were "too outspoken" were sometimes given them to alter their personalities.

I'm so glad the whole experience really came across in the writing. It was my hope that the reader would receive the information as Caroline did.

Sarah is the turning point for Caroline. I think she is the thing that she loves most above all else and that gives her a strength she might not have otherwise.

Thank you so much for the swap and for making such a lovely, inspiring banner!


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Review #22, by bittersweetflamesA Christmas in Azkaban: A Flickering Flame

21st April 2015:
Here for our swap! :)
First off, OMG, your story is just.. CHILLS. Just the chills!
Your writing is so atmospheric and I could just picture being there, I could practically feel as Sirius felt. It broke my heart.
Anyway, well done with this story. I won't say I enjoyed it because it wasn't meant to be enjoyed but I loved it -- it was just beautifully written. Thanks for the swap. :))


Author's Response: Thank you for the review, and I'm really happy that it affected you like that, it means I'm doing my job right. XD

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Review #23, by bittersweetflamesPride and Scorpius: Well met on the Hogwarts Express

21st April 2015:
Andrew! Technically, I am here for our swap but, really, I'd meant to review your story anyway. :) I am a HUGE fan of this story although I know you know this because I've told you and also because, well, I do.

Okay, I am going to try and be coherent. This first chapter was a really wonderful start into the whole Scorpius-Rose dynamic. You had them start as ickle Firsties, which I love and I love the way we see into Rose's head.

Albus is one of my favorite characters and the way you've written him is so very perfect because he's tolerant and lovely and friendly and, just, i think this is how Harry would have been if his parents had not died.

The way the two cousins act around Scorpius is certainly indicative of how their parents are -- Rose's father would be the most likely of the trio to enforce his prejudice into his daughter, Harry (who named his son after a professor he hated most of his Hogwarts years!) would be least likely to show prejudice. And I just presume Hermione lets Ron do what he wants.

Okay, perfect introductory chapter. Definitely made me want to read more.. :) (which I did, obviously)
I am just proud to be beta-ing this story. :)
And giddy because I get to read chapters BEFORE anybody else. :D -dances-


P.S. I wish I had more to say but I'll just end this review saying thank you for bringing together Austen and Rowling -- two women who really changed my life. :)

Author's Response: Here is my lovely beta, dropping by to give me a lovely glowing review - there is no need to remind me why I keep you around. ;)

I have said in these responses before that what can I bring to the genre that hasn't been done before and better by others, except for putting my own wrinkles upon the world of the next gen. As such I had to start them off as ickle first years to start the world-building. Also, whilst I was participating in one of the Ravenclaw debates, someone mentioned their distaste for the whole hate-turns-to-love style of romance. I love it because of how good P&P is, naturalich, but the specific criticism got me thinking - one thing you have to do to sell a hate-to-love story is to take it slow. If the hate switches off and suddenly they are in love then that is frankly unbelievable. So we shall be following the two through the years until the culmination of the romance happens in sixth year. For those who think I'm giving anything away, remember all that I've promised is that Rose will eventually fall in love with Scorpius - I never said that he would return the love, nor that it would all end up happily ever after. I leave that up to the hopes of my readership.

It is absolutely and categorically how I wanted Albus to be - he is what Harry would have been like if only he had been raised in a loving family. He will be the heart of this story.

Yes some of their reactions are based upon their up-bringing, but most comes from their intrinsic natures. Albus is kind and welcoming, but Rose is too prideful of what her family is. She hasn't had terribly much experience of the wiarding world seen from beyond the lens of her family - Scorpius just doesn't fit into any mold that she knows; and there's also something about him that just gets under her skin ...

Thank you, this is so lovely, I'm glad you were desirous of further immersion into the story. I have brought the two wonderful ladies together and I can only hope that I am doing the pair justice.

Thank you for your review, as of this response the story as a whole has 1240 reads and this chapter has 344 - thank you all.

PS. For anyone else out there reading this response, Carla was the first to see ahead to the 'not-a-proposal' scene - my equivalent of Darcy's offer of marriage being rejected by Lizzy - and she has pronounced it to be good (much to my relief and delight),

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Review #24, by bittersweetflamesBruises : Bruises

21st April 2015:
Here for our swap, darling. :) Anyway, I had really been meaning to read and review this story because, hello, you gave my banner a gorgeous home. I'm so glad you got inspiration from the banner.:D

And what inspiration. WAIT. JUST WAIT. This story. This story was just breathtaking. OMG, I am just in awe. You are such a brilliant writer and I read through all of that so fast, you have no idea. haha. :) I just thoroughly enjoyed the way you wrote Emmaline.

While you didn't gloss over the details of the war, the simplicity with which you talked about the pain of it was beautiful and heart-rending because it simply was. The bit where Em says that she's heartbroken? She says it almost casually and with a shrug but you know how deeply she feels it. That's war - your heart breaks and you wish it didn't but it does but you have to move on best as you can.

I can't imagine how horrible it was for her to find out about Sirius. With the way you wrote them as a couple, it was obvious how deeply they felt about each other. So I get her - the bruises really won't fade. I mean, how do you get over the betrayal? Or really, how do you BELIEVE that the betrayal is real? You really managed to create a sympathetic character in Emmaline and I wish I could just give her a hug and tell her that, NO, Sirius didn't betray anyone... You should still love him, you were right in trusting him. But, alas, I can't.

Gorgeous writing, Meg. Thanks for giving my banner a great home. :)


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Review #25, by bittersweetflamesWildest Dreams: fireworks

21st April 2015:
Heya there. :) Here for our swap. :D Ok, so, this was so funny. There was just a certain easiness to everything that while it wasn't short, it was actually very easy to read -- like a really nice YA novel. :D

I loved the characterisations of Arizona and Alex AND wow, I can't wait to see how James will develop. There were moments I wanted to stab Shay and Elle but, really, violence is never the answer. That's about it. :) Update soon! Thanks for sharing. ;)


Author's Response: omg, thank you!! I'm so happy you liked the characters, they're, like, my children and aha everyone at some point wanted to stab shay :0. Thank you again for your lovely review! (: x

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