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Review #1, by bittersweetflamesThe Lark and the Nightingale: Someone to blame

1st September 2015:
Okay, here for number 6! :D Bahahahaha.XD I really am on a roll tonight. :frolic:

So, let's talk about this chapter. There is a lot of great in this chapter.. I love the tension in Remus and the self-loathing as well.. He need not blame himself but being SUCH a great and kind person it's really obvious why he would, poor thing.

Then you add in the bit about Sirius and I can just see/feel Remus SNAP. Like all this anger and hurt that in him just released and he blamed Sirius (wrongly, poor boy).

But, really, I can feel a lot of feelings in this chapter... When you think about it, it's not even an entire day but so MANY things happened and I really feel truly sorry for all of them.

I wish we can find Chiara soon!!! :D


P.S. So sorry my review is super short.XD I really did love this chapter though. Btw, that bit about Peter was just perfect. I am curious to see how you will develop his character further and what he will do. :)

Author's Response: Ahahah! I'm so glad you are!!! :)

I'm so glad you liked this chapter, because it's one of my favourites!!!

Poor Remus, he just can't help but blame himself. And I agree with you, he really shouldn't...

And poor Sirius... Remus just needs to pull his anger out, and Sirius is so obviously "guilty" of having tried to help him with Chiara...

Yes, so many things happened in such a short space of time, and it is sad... :'(

Can't tell you about Chiara... Sorry, hon...

Thank you so much for this amazing review (which wasn't too short in any way), and I really hope to see you around here again!!! :)


PS. I'm glad you liked that Peter bit. I will focus a lot on his character later on (I'm kind of fascinated by him, he's very interesting to explore).

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Review #2, by bittersweetflamesThe Lark and the Nightingale: The Capulets's curse

1st September 2015:
NUMBER FIVE. -evil laugh-
I've barely any time left now but I'm going to try and get this out... -braces self for speed typing-

DUDE. WHAT?! WHAT?! Why did you start it this way?! WHY on EARTH did Chiara faint? No, seriously, WHY?! I am now intrigued. Things from the prologue are starting to make some sort of sense now BUT BUT BUT I have a million questions that have taken the place of that. :O

And, okay, the NIGHTINGALES. OMG, the craziness. I swear to GOD there must be wrong with Juliet's mother to do such a thing to her descendants... I mean, seriously, these things have consequences!! Did she not stop to think about that.. -shakes head sadly-

Anyway, I do hope there is something in that diary that can help get back Chiara because poor girl. WHERE the hell is she?

OK. YOU MADE IT SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING. I need to read more now. -growls-


Author's Response: Ahahah! I know what you mean! My reviewing time is usually on the underground while going to work, so quickness is necessary or I'd risk to miss my stop (it has happened...)

Erm... I'm sorry?
This was what the story was about all along so... no, not particularly sorry...
Yes, this is where the prologue starts to get a primary role. I'm glad I have you intrigued!

Juliet's mother wasn't thinking straight, that much I can confirm. She had lost her daughter because of a werewolf (she would blame Romeo in her head), and she had mixed feelings towards Lucia, and she was blind by her rage and hatred. This is how I see things, at least.

To know where Chiara is and if there is something that can help her in the diary, you'll have to read on. I can't answer at the moment, sorry...

I'm glad this was interesting! Moving on your next review!

Much love,

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Review #3, by bittersweetflamesThe Lark and the Nightingale: Help from Padfoot

1st September 2015:
And... Numberr 4 of our swap! Carla is on a roll today. :D HAHAHAHA

The way you started it, with Remus and the day after his furry little problem, was really well done... There is this bond between the four of them you have clearly written and made obvious in just those few lines. hahaha. They do clearly love one another.

I also think that it is a mark of how well they know one another that they would know when one of them was lying, as Remus clearly had been. hehehe

In this chapter, I think you really made Sirius shine... He's just this fiercely loyal boy and while he does tend to be brash and loony at times, he would do anything to make his friends happy... And that's one of his most wonderful characteristics.

I really really enjoy his interaction with Lily... I'd never really thought about it but with all the times that Lily had been annoyed by James, it's clear that Sirius would be there as well... But I never explored how the dynamic was between them. I know that Sirius eventually became godfather to their son but I like little snippets of their interactions during

While I understand your use of the RoR in this as necessary.. I'm not too sure that Lily would have a knowledge of it...I don't know.. The Marauders I can see, yes... but with Lily I'm just not sure but moving on...

I AM SO HAPPY that you essentially put Chiara and Remus in a locked room together.xD HAHAHA. SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN NOW.

Can't wait for the next chapter. How you can end it in a cliffhanger makes me all 0.o but I'm just so happy that the next chapters are already there. :D


Author's Response: Ahahah! So happy you are feeling so inspired!!! :D

Yes, they do! It is part of the reason why I love the Marauders so much! It's such a relief to know that I could show their bond so well!

Eheheh! Remus can't hope to fool them in any way! They just know him too well!

I totally agree with you about Sirius! His unwavering loyalty is what makes him so special! He really would do anything to see his friends happy!

Writing Lily and Sirius together was so much fun!!! I really believe their interaction would go like that! :P

Once again, I completely agree with you. The Room of Requirements should be one of the best kept secrets of Hogwarts, and it seems that everyone know about it... We could always pretend that at a certain unprecised point of their accademic carrier the Marauders had brought the girls there for a party or something, and that's how both Lily and Chiara know about it? Is it convincing enough? No? Oh, well... I hope it isn't a too big hole...

Ihihih! That was the plan!

Well, I'm afraid you already know the reason for the cliffhanger... Sorry about that, btw...

Thanks again!

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Review #4, by bittersweetflamesThe Lark and the Nightingale: Wherefore art thou, Remus?

1st September 2015:

Back for more, Chiara. 3rd from our swap!!:) Ok, so... While I really am enjoying this story... I was just a little surprised with the time jump.. I realise that you probably have a LOT MORE plot to get through but the suddent shift of Chiara's feelings for Matt towards Remus feels a little abrupt. I know it's probably true that there were feelings hiding underneath that so-called platonic love she had been feeling all along but, still, it seems a little rushed?? No worries, I never liked Matt anyway. hahaha (Poor Matt.)

So, okay, I love your use of R&J lines in your story to add more dramatic effect. :) It's really effective (and made me fall in love with Shakespeare once more. hehehe)

Let's move on to our leads... Chiara and Remus.. WOW. I am really confused by Remus. He was all crazy in love with her (and hating Matt) just last chapter but now the girl he wants basically likes him back and he's suddenly shy? Ok, I understand about the furry little problem but I'd have hoped he would have more backbone/determination/conviction to grab for what he wants.

Anyway, can't wait to see how the next chapter goes! :)


Author's Response: Hey! Welcome back!

A bit rushed, you say? I totally agree... I didn't feel like getting too much into her feels-shifting, because I really didn't need to focus on that. But maybe I can go back and work on it a bit more. I'll surely think about it!

Oh... Why doesn't anyone like Matt? He really isn't that bad, poor bloke! So far we've only seen him through Remus' jealous eyes or Chiara's adorant ones, but he truly is just a quiet boy who lives in his own little world and minds his own business...

I'm glad you liked the use of Romeo and Juliet's lines within the dialogues. I know that in the little theatre experiences I had, we used to quote lines which seemed fitting while talking among ourselves. And, aww..., Shakespeare's lines are just beautiful, aren't they?

Oh, well, Remus... He is as thick as that. He is convinced that he doesn't deserve to love and be loved, that he really shouldn't date anyone (especially a girl he's seriously infatuated with...) So it was ok to dream of her and getting jealous as long as she is unattainable, but once he finds he stand a chance, all he can do is run away. And just so you know, I really want to punch him on the top of his head for being such an idiot!

Thank you so much again for the stunning review and see you again on the next!

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Review #5, by bittersweetflamesThe Lark and the Nightingale: The Muggle Studies project

1st September 2015:
Here for chapter 2, Chiara! Sorry these reviews are taking so long.xD I swear, I got buried in work. It's crazy. Anyway, while I have some downtime at work I am doing this. :D

So, I really enjoyed the way you introduced Chiara and Remus' relationship as best friends. It was done in a manner that was really pleasantly surprising! :) I found it especially endearing that Remus knows how to speak Italian.. Yes, you mention he has family who is of Italian heritage but I'm just thinking that he did it because he loves his best friend. I also really feel sorry for his deep, hidden feelings for his best friend, who is pining for another guy... Since I have the utmost faith in you... I know you'll get them together. I am counting on you,

Now to the play!!! WO, AUDITIONS!! That was INTENSE, Chiara. I've definitely witnessed a few auditions myself (WITNESSED! Never really auditioned myself, lols) ANYWAY, I love that you put JAMES and LILY together.Woo! And then, of course, Chiara and Remus.xD Poor Chiara. She'll thank her professor at a later time. hahahaha

SO, YES, OK. I am glad they get to star as Romeo and Juliet together. :D So perfect. :D (and that Lily and James are the alternates is just wonderful as well. hihi)


P.S. Sirius as Mercutio is the PERFECT choice. :D WELL DONE

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry about it at all!
I was just so thrilled when I signed up and found not 1, but 4 new shining reviews!!! :) Thank you so much!!!

Ahahah! I wanted him to speak Italian too, at least a tiny bit, because I wanted the language to be something they could link over! And I think that you might be right... In my imaginary, Remus' mother is Italian, like Chiara's mother. But unlike Anna Nightingale, Silvia Lupin doesn't use her mother language much, so it would be perfectly fitting that Remus tries to speak Italian because of Chiara mostly! :)

Yes, I know, poor Remus... Things will change, as you already know... :P

Oh, great! I'm glad you enjoyed the auditions!!! I haven't exactly auditioned either, but I have taken part in a few amatorial theatral shows (I love acting!!!)

Ahahah! James and Lily were so much fun to write! And Chiara and Remus... Yes, she definitely will!

Good! I'm happy you agree with me on the casting! :P

See you again on the next chapter!

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Review #6, by bittersweetflamesSparked: Sparked

30th August 2015:
omg, how awesome was this? :D
Really awesome! :)

I loved your characterization of Charlie... he was really believable and interesting. The fact that you wrote about his being reluctant to actually study Magical Creatures is so lovely... It's nice to know that fate had found a way to show him what his true calling was. :)

Professor Kettleburn sounds like a really cool guys..Not that I don't think that Hagrid isn't a cool guy but I can just see how 'Care Of' would be one of those subjects that's a real pleasure to take. :)

I love the little bit about Tonks too. ;) Even though she was a Puff.. I find it really nice to think that she and Charlie are best friends. :D Charlie is my favorite Weasley brother so I love stories about him! (I am still severely disappointed by the lack of Charlie in the movies.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this and it seems to fit the challenge really well! :) Good luck and lovely work, darling. :D

-- Carla

Author's Response: Gah, thank you so much!

I'm glad you liked my characterizations - I was a little wary of them so it's always reassuring to know that other people enjoy them! I love the idea of Charlie and Tonks being friends - that's one of my most prominent headcanons about the books.

Charlie is my favourite Weasley as well and I completely agree about his absence from the movies! Thank you once again for the super kind review!

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Review #7, by bittersweetflamesThe Lark and the Nightingale: Chiara Nightingale

27th August 2015:
Hi, Chiara!! I'm finally here for our very late swap. XD Sorry for that. :O Anyway, let's talk about this chapter... It's very strong!! I really love the part where you took Romeo and Juliet and made it real life and made the protagonists a wizard and witch! :) That's a really interesting take.. :) So I enjoyed reading in Italian.. I don't speak it but it added a flavor to the entire chapter that really made the scene work..
Okay, so I love the way you introduced the fact that Romeo was a werewolf... (to be honest, I didn't read the summary so I went into this not really know what it was all about. hahahaha) But, yes, I am really intrigued by what was done to Lucy/Lucia. :)
Now onto Chiara... She seems like a really interesting OC so far... I am an idiot because I didn't really know this was a Marauders era fic before I read it so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that Chiara was Lily's friend.. hehe
But, anyway, Alice is adorable and I want to squish her.. It just really makes me sad to note that she and Frank are just so happy here and, well, I don't like thinking of what will happen to them moving forward.
So, yes, great first chapter! Can't wait to read more. :D

Author's Response: Hey, Carla!!!
No worries about the lateness, I'm just happy to see you here!!!

I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this first chapter! :)
It's great to know that you liked Romeo and Juliet! And the Italian too, because I was really unsure about it, but everyone seems to have appreciated that choice!
Romeo being a werewolf will have an important role in the plot, but I can't spoiler anything...

I'm very happy yyou're liking Chiara so far! Well, I have a problem... I love Marauders... Like Siriusly adore them!!! They are my favourites to read and write! :) And don't worry too much about skipping the summary... I do that too at times! ;)

A lot of people seemed to like Alice!!! :)
Oh, I know... She and Frank have such a horrible fate ahead of them... I totally share your feelings here!

I'm just so happy that I had you intrigued, and I seriously hope that I'll see you around here again and that you'll keep enjoying the story!!!

Thank you for the swap and the amazing review!!!
Many hugs and much love!

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Review #8, by bittersweetflamesConstant Vigilance: Nymphadora

26th August 2015:
Anja! :D Here for our swap. Sorry I am so so late.:( I really really enjoyed this one-shot. :) It's not very long but what WAS there was really wonderful and fabulous. :)
Your Nymphadora really has a great voice...She's believable and I can really imagine this was what she was like when she was a new Auror - that uncertainty; that fear. I love how you put in that little bit about Charlie (that WAS Charlie, right? I would feel so stupid if it wasn't Charlie. haha) You know me, I am a Charlie fan. :D So, okay, it also really comes across that Tonks is a strong witch but very very green. :) And that's really good 'cos I imagine that people, no matter how talented, flounder when they do something new when they're not used to doing it yet.
It made me really look and see my situation where I am new at something and while I am playing my strengths I need to do things that I don't particularly enjoy nor am I very good at. :) That's so real life, I loved it! :D
The bit of romance with Moody was unexpected and lovely! I really enjoyed it... I can really see this pairing and as this is the very first that I've read it was a really lovely introduction to this ship and I begin questioning why it is the first time I've read it because it actually really really works. :)
So, yes, I enjoyed this so much and lovely work as always! Thank you very much for the swap, darling. :) Will recommend, for sure. :)


Author's Response: Carla!

Thank you so, so much for this review! It means a lot to me that you liked this. Rose (toomanycurls) has a few stories with this pairing as well, that's where I found it... and I think it really does work.

I'm glad you liked how I wrote tonks to not be perfect right away. I think everything comes down to experience, and you can't be really good at something you're just learning.

Thank you so much!


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Review #9, by bittersweetflamesThe Pub: Stumble

11th August 2015:
Hi, Kaitlin! -frolics-

First off, I am so suuuper sorry it took me ages to get to this review! I'd meant to do it last night but I fell asleep. Meh, bad Carla.
Anyway, I decided to read this story because I was so interested in reading how you did this challenge. I think it's one of the hardest challenges I've seen in the forums lately!

So, ok, let's talk about Hannah! While Hannah hasn't really been a major character books I do think that she's an important one. :) I really love the way you characterise her. She's positive and brave and hardworking...Just as you would expect a Hufflepuff who has gone through the same war Harry has to turn out to be. (I am losing my grammar here but I'm hoping you get what I mean. haha)

Ok, so you mentioned you didn't really do humour very well but I think you hit the nail on the head in this chapter! I especially like the pygmy puff look with foam from the butterbeer... That was precious.. I mean, I could just imagine it and it was hilarious (which is really quite 0.o because I am at work and I should not be laughing to myself quite so hard. They'd think I was insane and I want to make a good impression; at least these first few months. haahahaha)

So, yes, the whole Pub thing with Hannah and Jenna really works well and I can't wait to know what happens next. :)

-- Carla

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Review #10, by bittersweetflamesMuddied Lines: She Begins

10th August 2015:
Your twinbaelampoobear here to review you!!!

Anyway, I am suuper proud of you for this story because I know the pains and annoyances that it's given you... :D I really love the way you've written Rose and how she's so different from how Rose is usually written. :D (and the fact that she's a brunette is genius!)

I love how I know of the history behind this (ehem, inside info ehem.) Anyway, yes.. I love you and this story and even though there are times I want to kick Rose and punch Scorpius I will forever love Vera and Albus, who make me happy everytime I read them.

love you lots..
onto the next chapter!

--Carla aka Carlanoodlepootwinbaelampsweetiepiepumpkin

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Review #11, by bittersweetflamesKaleidoscope Love: Oh Comely

25th July 2015:
Joey! :D Can we talk about how beautiful this fic is?:) This is my first time reading Anthony/Ernie and I am all in awe... How did I not know they existed before? They are so perfect. ;)

Anyway, as you've probably guessed, I am here to review for the Logophile Challenge. I feel awful; it took so so so long.. But I am here anyway! :)

So, yes, let's talk about this fic. Your writing is, as always, perfect. I love the way you wrote Anthony's thoughts. There's something so innately relatable about him that I really enjoyed.

Let's talk about the word! You got kaleidoscope, which is a word that gives me such feelings inside... You can say, happy memories and the way you've tied it in to this fic is really nice. :) I love that it would talk about a full and abundant life between these two. ^_^

One thing I thought I should mention is that while this is a beautiful one-shot I am just greedy so think it would have been a beautiful short story all in all. But that's just me and my basic greediness for your beautiful writing. :)


P.S. Btw, you used the word 'logophile' in this! BONUS POINTS!! HAHAHA

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Review #12, by bittersweetflameslay me down: i. can I lay by your side?

25th July 2015:
Jess, you evil, cruel person... I love you, I really do but you broke my heart and that's just NOT FAIR.. -moans-
WHY? WHY? WHY? Why did you convince me of Seamus/Dean? (Because you really did. So well, in fact, that I started to ship them so hard in my brain) then I realised that, wait, they've been properly sunk in this fic.. SO. THERE I WAS, a puddle of feels on the floor and it's all because of you. So, yes, you are a cruel, evil person.

Obviously, you already know that, while uber late, I am here reviewing this for the Logophile challenge and so, up next, I would like to talk about lachrymose...
I love this word. Mostly, I love saying it; it's just feels delicious on my tongue, if you know what I mean. That and it reminds me of 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' by Lemony Snickets. Haha. But, I do digress.

So, yes, the word. :) I felt that you did it justice.. :D Mostly, towards the end, when Seamus is lying in the grass and watching the sky next to Luna (LUNA!! I'll get to her later!) So, yes, there he is so morose and you talk about his process of healing in the year since Dean's death and I really felt you brought home the meaning of the word for me. ;) I am so glad (but, you know, in a heartbroken sort of way) that you wrote this coming from my challenge. :)

Okay, Luna. I LOVE LUNA. She is just one of those characters who's so easy to get wrong but, dude, you really got her right. I loved how she's like silk... so cool and comfortable, wrapping around you without suffocating you. That's how she read to me in this fic and that's also how she read to me in the books. She was, probably, my favorite part in this one-shot if only because she didn't make me cry. -glares-

So, yeah, sorry for the uber long wait but thank you for writing this story for my challenge! I really loved it. :)


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Review #13, by bittersweetflamesAesthetic Alterations: Library Aesthetic

25th July 2015:
Hiya, Mallory!! I am the latest of the late but I am finally here with my review for this from my and Meena's challenge. :)

-squeal- I don't really read a lot of AU's because some of them just don't read true at all but holy hell this one was just perfect!

First, let's talk about that word. You got aesthetic, which is one of my favorites from that list (which were already all my favorites. haha) So, yes, I love the way you used it because the usage was just on point!

I really got the point you tried to get across between James and Lily and I enjoyed how you wrote about their interaction and how they get together. I was just the most adorable thing ever and I really think I was awww-ing the whole way through. haha. :)

Lily really fit as a librarian and her aesthetic as the quintessential librarian. :) James also really fit as the cop in training with his confidence and, of course, the messy hair.

So, yeah, I hope you know that I really really enjoyed this one; it wasn't a monster at all (in that, any shorter and I feel it wouldn't be have quite as strong an impact). I'm just so happy that my challenge produced something this beautiful. :)


Author's Response: Hi Carla!

Don't even apologize for being late on reviewing--your review was a very nice surprise!!

Thank you! As you might know, AUs are my jam--modern Muggle Jily ones, at least. I'm so happy that you liked it!

Aesthetic is a word that always makes me laugh because of Tumblr. I had to do a play on all those aesthetic posts that you find on that website, it was just irresistible!

Aww, thanks! James and Lily always interact cutely in my AUs, I can't imagine why! But fluff is not one of my strongest things, so I'm glad that it came across here!

Lily is definitely a librarian type. Such aesthetic, very wow. I sometimes roll my eyes at her because of her need to have everything be "just so," but she's one of my favorites, honestly. James is totes adorbs in any universe, and so I wanted to have a totes adorbs James in this universe. He's such a cop, but with his friends' best interests at heart.

Any shorter, and I would've been leaving out parts of the story! Haha, I was a little nervous about the length, but I think it couldn't have worked any other way. Aww, that is too nice, and thank you so much for hosting such a great challenge!


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Review #14, by bittersweetflamesThe Lucky One: Madness

23rd July 2015:
Hiya, Kaitlin! I swear, I just blink and there are 5 new stories in your AP. It's a sight to behold!

So, I had to choose this story because I see no one has reviewed it yet AND because I just LOVE Luna.. And you really managed to paint a picture of her that's interesting and different from how she is normally written but this really works. Yes, she does sound different but it's within that realm of reality... Since you did such a good job of explaining why and how she came to be that way, I really believed it was Luna.. And it really made me sad...

Although there's been some evidence on Pottermore that Harry and the rest of them are hounded even after YEARS since the war ended, I try to imagine that it doesn't affect them much... But you showed the really harsh side to fame and in a way that really makes you sympathize with people that, normally, we admire and are jealous of.

The interaction with the girl at Madam Malkin's was really brilliantly written as well! The contrast with how the girl seems to really like and idolise Luna and her less than enthusiastic reaction is a good way of showing us how much she's been through that even such a small thing is irritating to her. In the same interaction, you manage to show how the paps/tabloids really do tend to twist words in order to make them more scandalous/sensational when you mentioned Neville and Luna's terrifying ordeal!

All in all, I really thing you did this TSwift song (which I love, btw) justice and I really enjoyed this one shot. :) I find myself really rooting for Luna and hoping she can find peace and solitude one day.. Mhmmm.. Hey, maybe this is why she went off around the world to become a naturalist/magizoologist? Could totally work. :)

Thanks for the swap, hunny! :)


Author's Response: Hey Carla!

I was worried that this Luna would be too hard for people to imagine, so I'm glad you can see how she got to that point.

I've seen many celebrities in real life be just chronically hounded by the media and I think that lack of privacy really could do a number on someone's head if they weren't prepared to deal with it.

Yeah. I think that's just it. A lot of fans in the real world have good intentions and aren't trying to harass anyone, but they forget that their idols are constantly surrounded by paps and people. Sometimes they just want to go dress shopping without being bothered.

I'm glad you think this fit with the song. And I love your theory on this being why Luna took off around the world.

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #15, by bittersweetflamesBeyond Repair: Don't Let Go

21st July 2015:
Hiya, Renee. :D

BACK FOR MORE. Bahahahaha. Okay, so moving forward in the journey of Petunia and Lily as children.. Which I really enjoyed, by the way. I love that you show a time when Petunia and Lily were friends; when nothing was between them but the love that they felt from being friends; from being sisters.
I love the tone and voice you use when writing children... It really comes across that they're children and, also, what approximate age they were. Like, Petunia still sounded childlike but she was definitely more mature than Lily. :)
Anyway, I really enjoyed the end...Lily just bounces back from nearly being in an accident but she acts, for all the world, like a carefree little girl.. Some part of me is really saddened by everything here because we know they're not going to keep this close relationship as they grow older and Lily is revealed to be a witch.:( And, yeah, I mean it's obvious they love each other... Just, maybe, Lily became too different and difficult to love. :( BUT!! That's a sadness for another day because, right now, this story was just sweet and adorable and I really loved it! :)


Author's Response: Aww, you kept reading :D :D :D Thank you!!
You are a review swap over achiever!

I love writing children. It means a lot that you think it comes across well. I hadn't though of Lily becoming difficult to love. I think that's an excellent way of putting it! I will definitely kept that in mind for future chapters.

You are exactly right about this being a bittersweet story, because we know it doesn't last. :(

Thanks again for your super sweet reviews!
~ Renee

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Review #16, by bittersweetflamesBeyond Repair: Daddy's Little Flowers

21st July 2015:
Hiya, Renee. :D

Carla here for our swap and I am sorry it's very nearly a day late. :O Anyway, let's move on from the fact that I've been so late and allow me to comment on this chapter.
I've not really read a lot of fics that feature Petunia and, more specifically, Petunia before she hate Lily and you paint such a picture of that time here. I think you managed to really make Petunia's feelings, as the older sister, of being left out and unloved really come through. See, I'm the youngest but I have two older brothers and they were a little rough towards me at times because I was the baby of the family and they resented that. So, okay, you managed to make me see how that felt even though I could not directly relate to it.
So, yeah, I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next... :D


Author's Response: Hi Carla!
This is a strange little chapter, really, but I had a lot of fun writing it. I'm so glad you enjoyed it :D
I'm actually the baby in my family too - including all of my cousins - so I know what you mean about that! haha

Thanks so much for your review, dear!

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Review #17, by bittersweetflamesUpon the Edge: Upon the Edge

20th July 2015:
Hiya, Laura.:) Here for our swap!! Do you know how HAPPY I am that you have written something? :) I was all. OMG OMG OMG Laura when I saw that you posted for a swap since I am a HUGE fan of your writing and I was just happy to get an opportunity to read something of yours again! Anyway, this fic.. Normally I'd want to just say WOW here about twenty times but that's not really a profound way of writing a review, is it?
Yes, well, let's talk about them characters. I love that this was a friendship (or not even quite a friendship, really, when you think about it) between Sirius and Lily.

There's something that was brilliant and awkward about their interaction that I really enjoyed. Yes, it was obvious that they weren't friendly with one another and that's where the awkwardness would stem from but you also wrote it in a way that made it seem like, at that moment, nothing else could have happened for thinngs to have ended in a more satisfactory manner. That's the beauty of your writing! Yes, your master of the language and the descriptions of the surroundings and the atmosphere are masterful; really, I don't expect anything else from you. But what I meant was the scenario you crafted was just so perfect I would believe that it really DID happen!

I'm hoping that this would lead to them getting more friendly in the future but even if they don't, well, at least they'll have this moment and it's definitely something for them to value. :)

Again, thanks for the swap, honey lamb.


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Review #18, by bittersweetflames"Love you Teddy": "Love you too Lil"

20th July 2015:
OMG. I feel so emotional right now. This was so beautiful and full of feels and I loved it so very much.. :D I actually very nearly cried and I am not ashamed to admit it. After all, I am at home so it's okay... But even if I had been with people I didn't know, I would have still been willing to feel the emotions in this fic... There's just something so warm and amazing about Teddy... He's really the 'big brother' and I can just imagine the comfort and love he has down PAT (imagine, really, all the young people who probably went to Teddy for help and it's not such a big surprise. ahahaha). Anyway, I love the warm feelings of family pride and love that I got from this fic. It made me remember my own family and how I totally and completely trust them and how I would not survive if I lost any of them. You really managed to get that through which is why.. OMG FEELS. SO MANY FEELS. Thank you for sharing.

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hello Carla!

Oh MY goodness! I can't believe something that I'VE written has caused this much emotion in someone! I literally cannot believe it!

You've captured everything I wanted you (and all my other readers) to feel, everything I wanted you take away from this! I'm so so happy right now!

I know what you mean, my family are the most important people to me, I'm not sure what I'd do without any of them. I really don't.

No, thank you for leaving such a wonderful review! You've made my day!

Emz xxx

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Review #19, by bittersweetflamesSunflower: Sunflower

20th July 2015:
Yay Luna! I'm totally not biased as a Ravenclaw but she is one of my most favorite characters in the Hogwarts Era EVER! And ok, the narrator seems to love Luna even more than I do and I really love the way she sees Luna.. You know that Ms. Lovegood isn't what you would call a popular person because she's so very eccentric but that's the best thing I love about her. I wish, so much, that I could be like her but being a free spirit is so very hard and I really admire her for it! Anyway, I love your use of sunflowers. The way you call how to be a person is all about turning to the sun and bending to its will but always snapping back up... There's something so lovely and poetic about that.. I really enjoyed it.. :)
I wish, though, that I knew more things about this OC. If only to figure out what happened to her in the future. :)

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

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Review #20, by bittersweetflamesAt The Lake: At The Lake

20th July 2015:
Hi, Sam! Back for more of your stories! How could I not? You are a spectacular author and I really enjoy your writing. :D First off, let us talk about the effectivity of your storytelling. You took this story and used two such PERFECT timelines and they were meshed so perfectly that I actually never realised that they were two different timelines. But, ok, ok... I wonder how you actually decided on doing Gabrielle and Daphne because now that I've read them of course I ship them! There's something so mystically beautiful and lovely between these two that I find myself really rooting for the two of them together. The ending, in particular, was my most favorite part! The part where Gabrielle, as a child, says that her sister left her at the bottom of the lake and how when they're making vows, Daphne promises never to leave her? HOW EFFECTIVE IS THAT? So very crazily effective! I love love love it! Well done, like all your other pieces. -is fangirling-

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Hello Carla!

Thank you so much for your stalking of my page for the HC, it's very flattering!

I love that your main compliment is that my writing is effective, because that's just the best thing to hear.

I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or not that you didn't realize that they were two different timelines... Did that mean that you did not realize what was happening, or just that you were so engrossed in it that it didn't take you out of the action?

I know - I had never thought about them together before, but now I ship them forever! Weird. (plus that makes the Weasley's sister-in-law also Draco's sister-in-law)

I was assigned Astoria and Gabrielle for this story, but requested to switch Astoria to Daphne so that I could give them a happy ending, which is kind of a new thing for me. XD

Thank you so much for your compliments and fangirling!


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Review #21, by bittersweetflamesJust Another Night: Just Another Night

20th July 2015:
ERICA! YAS. More opportunities to read and review your stories. -evil laughter- Ah, okay, not really evil. lols. I really love the way you wrote Harry in this.. it's so very interesting that you would choose this moment in his life... The jealous is so very Harry... I can't imagine how it was for him to suddenly have these serious feelings for Ginny and then seeing someone who was a friend to him claim her before he could. It must have been excruciating. And even with all the problems he was going through, what with Voldemort and his Death Eaters and all, he IS still a teenager so it's normal that he'd go through all these conflicting feelings. The ending was just peculiarly bittersweet and I enjoyed it mostly because I know that Harry does end up with Ginny and I can't really be too sorry for him. ahaha. :) Well done, as always!
(BTW, I really enjoyed the small mention of Ron and Hermione that you put in.. It really does add a whole other dimension to the fic!)

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

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Review #22, by bittersweetflamesWhen I Go Out With You: Don't Call Me, I'll Call You

20th July 2015:
SAM. Final chapter for now... Again, cue the really really sad tears. I really enjoyed this story!! It made me forget that I was stuck in traffic for two really painful hours. Anyway, moving on to the important things... I love this chapter. (THEN AGAIN, I LOVE ALL SUSAN CHAPTERS BECAUSE SUSAN IS IN IT, I think I'm in love and I am not ashamed to admit it.) I love how they use the word 'may' because to me that feels like a word with so much potential. And also, the fact that there isn't a concrete promise to it? It's the sort of thing that I feel Hannah really needs right now in order to become a stronger individual with more self-esteem. Anyway, yes, the emotion in this one was so beautiful... I was swept along with the tide of it much like Hannah was.. I can really see that's there's so much more potential for her in her future for her to become more than just Ernie's other half. She is definitely well shed of him and I'm happy for her. I don't know what the next chapter will show BUT I cannot wait for it! :D

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: CARLA

This is a happy chapter, silly! No sad tears. I promise I'll get back to adding chapters to this soon There will be 22 chapters total (plus a Susan companion piece that's already posted).

As always, your feedback is somehow completely the perfect words that I long to hear. Your appreciation of Hannah and her complexities and the subtleties of her relationships really show that you got what I was going for with this story, and it's so great to have my writing validated like that.

It's a shame that you haven't checked out the next chapter yet because it holds something EXCITING.

You may be my favorite reviewer.


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Review #23, by bittersweetflamesWhen I Go Out With You: I Won't Love You Anymore (Sorry)

20th July 2015:
I love how this starts off for Hannah like you did it. How she's still contemplating whether or not she'd still be giving him a chance. Like, it's more realistic that way because sometimes no matter what a person does and how angry we are at them, it's really not THAT easy to shed the love. And her confusion and her doubts are really what make her human so well done on that. I can feel her sadness that the innocent, naive Hannah is gone and in place is the hurt and disillusioned one. Yes, she was basically living parts of a lie but, yes, she was also happy in it. OF COURSE, you wrote THE END. And I was all. OH NO HE DIDN'T (again. because while I don't really HATE Ernie, I want to hurt him really bad for being such a useless, insensitive prat!) Ahhh. Ok, I am glad that Hannah found the courage to leave him and to be able to decide ON HER OWN (which is the most important thing, I think) that leaving him is the best thing for her. :) Can't wait for the last chapter.. But I can't help but feel very very sad because this story is about to end (for now, anyway!)... ;( -- that's me, crying bittersweet tears..

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Yay, thanks for appreciating emotionally complex women who struggle to make very real choices! Well, that's what I try to write, anyway.

Poor innocent, naive Hannah. You were too beautiful to live.

Hehehe, I'm glad I =gave you plenty ore reason to yell at Ernie. It's what you wanted, right? ;)

YES for deciding on her own. ESPECIALLY in the context of the kind of subverted remark that she would have complied with in the past. BAM.

There will be many more chapters, I promise! I've just been neglecting them... Better nag me.


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Review #24, by bittersweetflamesWhen I Go Out With You: I'm Coolin', No Foolin'

20th July 2015:
Hahahaha. Obviously, I am back. You know, if I didn't love Susan at the start of this it is without a doubt that I will end the fic loving her. She is just.. There's a sort of innate coolness and self-awareness in her that really draws me. I can imagine that it draws Hannah as well. I can certainly understand Hannah's feelings at the moment.. I was thinking the same thing!! I was so mad at Ernie for what he did (has been doing). THE NERVE OF HIM... That I am actually glad that she's not going home to him that night. But, also, I can feel for her... They've been together for so long and they'd really gone through a lot together that it'd be basically impossible for her not to feel the loss of that happiness. And, yes, I agree with Susan in that Hannah is a contradictory person BUT I can see where she is coming from. Yes, what Ernie did is wrong but she's been in love with her longer than she's hated him so there's no surprise that she's feeling a little sad (and stupid. let's not forget stupid) about the way things have gone. I also love how Susan corrects her on the whole polyamory thing. Like, she's right.. There's no excuse for hiding things and lying... Things are better out in the open. I can't wait for next chapter since it's an Ernie chapter and I can curse and shout at him in my head.

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: Haha, I feel like a winner! I wanted to respond to 10 reviews tonight, but I'm down to almost all WIGOWY reviews, so they're related uneven numbers - I just responded to 7 from one author. And then I found I had stared responding to yours and I have 3 left - perfect!!

Anyway, as for your actual review...

Love Susan always. That's just how it goes. Love Susan more always.

Susan Bones: Proving self-awareness is hot since I said so.

I am so glad to hear that you appreciate and believe Hannah's emotional complexity. I love the "contradictory person" moment, because it is said simply as a fact. The contradictions don't make either element either less legitimate, and I think that's very important.

Never forget stupid. But don't let it make you apologize for your feelings.

"I can't wait for next chapter since it's an Ernie chapter and I can curse and shout at him in my head." You're the greatest.


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Review #25, by bittersweetflamesWhen I Go Out With You: You Didn't Look 'Round

20th July 2015:
This chapter really started off cute. I really really love the way that Ernie and Hannah tease each other and how they talk when they do. It's the sort of affectionate ribbing I see people who have been together AGES talk to one another. Especially when they still genuinely like each other. Granted, I felt really sad and deflated by how IMMEDIATELY Ernie dismisses Hannah and her thoughts on polyamory. LIKE, HOW DARE YOU?! Yeah, so this does not bode well for their relationship, obviously, which is sad for me because the Hannah and Ernie you have written is very cute and lovely - like one of those couples you watch having their thousandth date but it still looks like it's the first? Just so sweet.
And then... OF COURSE. THE END. I was all. OH NO HE DIDN'T. THE NERVE OF HIM. The sheer NERVE of him to cheat on Hannah, who is just lovely and sweet and kind and any man should feel lucky to be with someone like her. I feel my heart break for her as I was secretly egging her on to slap him or (at the very least) leave his sorry cheating self behind.

House Cup 2015, Ravenclaw

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you found Hannah and Ernie's interactions so believable for a long term couple.

While you had a lot of the expected angerragegrr feelings towards Ernie for the two awful things he does this chapter, it doesn't seem that you found the shift difficult to believe. This was something that I was concerned with - that readers wouldn't believe the seemingly sudden shift in Ernie's character, but I have gotten no feedback along those lines, so I'm just going to go with it.


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