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Review #1, by Cornelia GrimmRendezvous with Snuffles: Bad moon rising

9th September 2017:
Its been a pleasure to read the past 3 chapters! You need to keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'll keep at it!

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Review #2, by Cornelia GrimmSee.: In Which Izzy Learns About Herself.

7th September 2017:
-Good luck at the prom!
-I love your stories!
-Stop being so hard on yourself!

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Review #3, by Cornelia GrimmThe Immeasurable Marauder - An Yves Fleury Chronicle: The Yule Ball

7th September 2017:
Oh my gosh, please don't kill Yves! I would appreciate it if the main character would stay alive so that the story can go on. I knew something was wrong with that necklace when Mary handed it to Yves, it's totally not like Mary to forget about a piece of jewellery, but that's cause she had just gotten it from Sirius... Did Mary switch or curse Sirius' necklace? Is Mary evil? Cliff hangers are always so frustrating!

Thank you for updating every day!

Author's Response: Well, you'll sort of get your answers soon even if it's not what you're expecting :)
I loathe cliffhangers too but I couldn't help it :)
The next one should be up tomorrow so we can get that nasty cliffhanger out the way :P xxx

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Review #4, by Cornelia GrimmSee.: In Which Izzy Doesn't Fall Off A Broom

6th September 2017:
I have absolutely no idea what this chapter has to do with the title. But it was still a great chapter! I like the flow of this book, it's cute, happy, and funny! Thank you for posting!

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Review #5, by Cornelia GrimmThe Immeasurable Marauder - An Yves Fleury Chronicle: A Declaration of Battle

5th September 2017:
Really? Two wars? That's going to be interesting. Your ideas are really good and I'm anxiously waiting for more! Thank you for posting often! (And for posting in general as well!)

Author's Response: Hahaha! There will be many, many wars (even if they are small) :)
Thank you so much for reading! And commenting! It makes my dear heart very happy.

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Review #6, by Cornelia GrimmThe Second Potter: Chapter 1

29th August 2017:
Great beginning! I'm eager for the next chapters and lots of great reads! Post soon please!

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Review #7, by Cornelia GrimmThe Immeasurable Marauder - An Yves Fleury Chronicle: Peace and War

29th August 2017:
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LIKED, NO, LOVED, THAT Great Hall War scene! Even though it was short, there was so much going on and I thought it was all fantastic, horrifying and insanely funny at the same time! Probably the best scene I've read today (I went through 24 chapters from 3 different fanfictions)!

Author's Response: REALLY?! Wow! Thank you! You are such a darling! I was also thinking that I could have given it more meat but I'll keep that in mind for future ones. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and thank you so much for reading!

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Review #8, by Cornelia GrimmThe Immeasurable Marauder - An Yves Fleury Chronicle: Introductions

29th August 2017:
I thought that was a great beginning! I'm glad you put the drama in with a cute guy and the main character already, it spices it up so much! I can't wait for more of Vee and Sirius!
P.S. I've been wondering what Yves' name means?

Author's Response: Just you wait, there is so much more to their relationship to explore. I should have replied to you all at once but I'm new here so forgive me :)
Yves came about because wanted something different, Yves is the unisex of Eve but Eve is a little mundane, and our Yves is going to be a firecracker so I thought I'd give her a strange name.

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Review #9, by Cornelia GrimmThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie OíNeill.: Fights, Bonds, Sorry And Me

27th August 2017:
I've been meaning to write you reviews for each chapter I read but I got carried away and couldn't stop pressing the ' Next Chapter' button. So I'll sum it up right here; I absolutely love Nelly O'Niel! She's hilarious and I find that her unique way of thinking reminds me of Luna Lovegood who, is one of my favourite characters. Definitely a favourite story of mine, keep posting!

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