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Review #1, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 10 - Close calls

11th March 2018:
EMMY! Wow! I canít tell you how much I love these boys. How theyíve taken Lyra under their wing, how theyíre so comfortable with her.
The kiss ended too quickly- I wanted to live in that moment forever but I donít doubt that there will be more soon! 🙌🏻
Lyraís nightmares stopping when Sirius climbed into bed with her! Yes! Thatís what I need in my life.
And I even like Pete, heís just a dude here and I like that. I often struggle with him but I like him here.

AND! Thank you for the shout out! I love you so dearly and your story and your reviews and literally everything. Really, thank you so much!
Also! More! Now! ;)

All my love darling! I hope youíre well. A

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Review #2, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 9 Ė Shrivelled Figs!

11th March 2018:
Yas! Loves it! This was a sweet chapter. James is my hero but Iíll always be a Sirius girl. He is, despite himself, rather great. Lyra really needs to open up but my god, I totally understand why she wouldnít want to breathe a word to anyone about anything ever. Iím really curious to see if she does. I really hope she does.
As for this kiss- Iím onto the next chapter RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IM DYING!

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Review #3, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: Out.

7th March 2018:
This was just perfect! The decision to go out, the venue, the tempo, the confidence, the brilliant, hold-your-breath style anticipation of the kiss! Yaaas Cassie! You go get it! *swoons*

Author's Response: We've finally got there... There has been an actual kiss!!! I'm swooning right there beside you!
Thank you for such wonderful reviews. These were such a joy to read. You're always such an inspiration, either in your reviews or your own writing you are honestly the best!
(I'm having a fan girl moment. Don't judge me!)
I'll see you in the next chapter,
S xxx

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Review #4, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: A Message in Blood.

7th March 2018:
You saucy minx! You tricked me! And I loved it! Throughly!
The word traitor isnít such a relief. Even though Cassieís hand has been forced, itís been forced in the right direction and Iím sure one she was approaching all along.
I love our darling Remus, and Sirius, and the girls, and everything about it!
Yay! I love it and Iím binging now and I know Iíll be sorry later when I have to wait but youíre a TA now so at least we donít have to wait for validation 🙌🏻

Author's Response: MWWAHAHAHA! It worked! The misdirection was a late addition but by far my favourite. I'm very glad you enjoyed it.
She would have made it there eventually. I think it's a case of what is right vs what is easy.
Remus... darling, darling Remus. There's big plans for him but I've already said too much on that so I need to shush!
There's a new chapter just gone up so binge away. I look forward to your thoughts!

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Review #5, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: Scarlet and Gold.

7th March 2018:
Oh! My! God!
Firstly, really getting into Cassieís relationship with Sirius is so lovely. They are wonderful together.
Secondly, what a game of Quidditch! That was so fast paced, so intense!
Lastly, NO! I canít believed Cassie is being marked against her will. I mean, I knew it was a possibility but I didnít expect it to happen! And in such dramatic fashion!
Well done! Another epic chapter!

Author's Response: Ahaha! Writing Quidditch is terrifying but a LOT of fun!
I've been waiting for ages to get fully into Sirius and Cassie's relationship, so I'm glad you're enjoying it now that we are!
The ending... Dramatic indeed! I would have said you'll have to wait and see but having looked at the next review... You've already seen!
You are a star as always! Hearing (reading?) feedback makes writing so much easier.
Thank you again!

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Review #6, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: Eighteen.

7th March 2018:
Oh my word! I am sure this is old news to you already but CONGRATULATIONS! Wow! This is so wonderful! Featured Story and TA status! I am so happy for you! Your story is incredible, your description and consistency amazing and quite frankly, you have some of the best characters I have met so far!
Your description here is fantastic. The story carries so naturally, like water, there is always such an excellent ebb and flow.
There are so many elements developing, I am so curious about what happens.
Once again, congratulations. You deserve it and without being too much of a fangirl and in an attempt to stop squealing in excitement, Iím just going to say keep it up and I love it and I love you!


Author's Response: Ahhh! Thank you so much!
I'm blushing so much right now, you are so so kind! Especially coming from a writer like you it's such an unbelievably huge complement.
Never stop fangirling... If you do then I'll have to stop too and that will just get boring!
Thank you so much again! And it's always nice to hear, even if it was a wee while ago.
As always I'm looking forward to your thoughts.
S xxx

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Review #7, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: Dark Reminders.

22nd February 2018:
What a chapter. I havenít had a chance to read in so long and it was great to get back into the story.
I totally love/hate Sirius. I donít actually even know what to do with these feelings :P
Your description is absolutely fantastic. I find myself almost there with them (I mean, of course I want to be there but for a moment or two, I really am)
As always, keep up the excellent work and I hope youíre well!
All my love!

Author's Response: Ahhh this is incredible! Thank you so much!
Sirius is totally one way then the other. I've definitely got a soft spot for him but at the same time damn he can be annoying!
All my love!
S xxx

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Review #8, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 8 - Sherlock Holmes strikes again

22nd February 2018:
James- what an absolute delight! He is like the best friend/non friend a girl could ask for! I love that he made her his second.
The whole going through her things thing- It was like that feeling you get in your feet when you think thereís a step but there isnít. It just ended horribly but then again, itís such a necessary step for them to take to get to the bottom of all this freaky behavior.
Curious! I cannot wait to see how they react.


Author's Response: James is becoming my fav! He's just so lovingly goofy! I really don't think he can help himself!

Yeah that was hard to write as it goes against the grain, I'm hoping you can read into that. Hopefully now Lyra will realise there's much more she can say... maybe with a little persuasion.

Looking forward for you to read the next chappy =) also seeing if I can end this review with another new nickname... hmmm...Larry?

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Review #9, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 7 Ė Morning interactions

22nd February 2018:
I like the change in perspectives, especially when you get to hear what each character is thinking so clearly.
Again, I am devastated for Lyra, no one understands but if she just opened up, reached out... gawd, it is SO frustrating!
Also- I suddenly want to slap Sirius in his damn teeth! ďGet your girl in line...Ē explodes!
But well done. Even though it was short, it was driving!


Author's Response: Yeah it was a little too short but I didn't want to overload. I'll be playing around with more perspectives so im pleased you liked it.
That line gets my goat and I wrote it haha! He's a grumpy bum!

Fanks chicidee

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Review #10, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 6 - Caught in the act

22nd February 2018:
Oh my word! I forgot how long it has been since I read, and wow! What a banger.
I feel so incredibly, gut wrenchingly sad for Lyra, the way she flinched at Sirius who was just actually being Sirius. My poor heart.
But I am so glad our girl is getting guts, slowly etching our a path for herself. This is great!
Next one next one next one!


Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Sirius has always been an act now think later kind of man!

Lyra is going to have to get pretty tough very quickly, but luckily she's got some awesome people to help her!

Thanks for the review my poppet!
Big grin xxx

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Review #11, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: A Bloody Line.

12th February 2018:
Oh my word! There is so much going on here. Things are really beginning to heat up! Great fight scene and a little bit of mysterious history! Your writing really is so juicy and multifaceted. On top of it, your characterisation really carries the story.
Of course you know, but it's nice to hear it again! I love it! I may just have to reread everything tonight ;)


Author's Response: Gaaahh! Thank you so much. You are right, it's always nice to hear it again.
(I've started dancing around my kitchen when I read it)
Fight scenes give me the fear to write so I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's hope for the next one...
You're reviews are always a highlight.
I hope you enjoy the reread and there is a strong possibility that I just finished submiting the next chapter to the queue... ;)

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Review #12, by Alexel Writes Different You: The Start Of An Unexpected Friendship

8th February 2018:
Interesting introduction of Regulus here. I sort of like him (although Iím absolutely sure I shouldnít) and James is so sweet with the rose petals!
I feel really sorry for Juliet, it must be horrid seeing Sirius behave like, well, Sirius and hear all those things about him.

On that note- on to the next one!


Author's Response: I definitely have a little soft spot for Regulus. Honestly think he can't have been all bad so really trying to bring that into this.

Haha. Sirius is a bit of an idiot to beginning with. But it's only a matter of time before he shows another side of himself. Promise. Haha


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Review #13, by Alexel Writes Different You: This Is Home

7th February 2018:
DRAMA! I love it! I am truly excited to see how this turns out between Juliet and Sirius. Also- I am experiencing some other kind of hatred for your Marlene. Also, I want to slap Siriusís damn teeth out. But I love it and I love your Remus, heís always been my second best next to Sirius and you do him justice.
Excited about what happens next!
And thereís more so thatís a win! YAY!

All my love- A

Author's Response: Haha. Glad you're getting the feels I was aiming for!!

And so glad you think I do Remus justice.

Hope you enjoy what's to come :) xxx

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Review #14, by Alexel Writes Claws: Sixth Year

5th February 2018:
Oh my goodness! I really did not expect the shout out! Thank you so much! Wow! I am full of blushes! :D

I loved this new take on your characters- they are all the same but different. I am curious to see how things go for the twins and this brewing Sirius thing definitely has my interest turned up to full. I like that there is a more adult feel. I also love how unapologetic Violet is about herself. A proper girl boss.

As always, I loved it and I need more and thank you so much for the mention.


Author's Response: I'm glad you appreciated it! I'm going to have the next chapter up soon. I'm so happy you like the way I'm writing it. I find that many fanfictions have the main character as a shy, super nice person who practically everyone loves. I wanted to make sure mine wasn't like that and it's super great to know you appreciate that.

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Review #15, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 5 Ė mystery gift

5th February 2018:
Darling Emme! You are such a sweetheart! A dedication and such sweet words! Oh my word, I totally want to cry! For real!
If I am even a little part of the reason you have started writing again, I think my unintentional mission in life has been completed. And I gained a friend! STOKED!
This chapter is superb- you are creating such an interesting fabric here. I am so curious about what happens with Sirius. And I LOVE your James- he is such a lovable oaf, I want to squish him!
With each chapter your writing becomes deeper, more resounding and gripping. I love it! And I love you! And thank you and more! Please! Itís excellent!

All my love!

Author's Response: You are amazing!
Thank you for your kind words. You really did inspire me! I had a 'I want to write like That' moment!
We know so little about our fantastic foursome so im excited to delve deeper into their world!

James is defiantly the lovable oaf! Almost big brother 'esque!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I'll try and update soon! My editing gremlin needs feeding

Stay awesome
EmmyBacon xxx

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Review #16, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: Silvery Wings.

5th February 2018:
Exciting! You have created such a great dynamic here- such excellent characterization, a little bit of drama and suspense, a little bit of cloudy history! Yay! I loved it! I canít wait to see how things develop. Also- I am quite curious about your very lovely Lupin. And thestrals... I have to know more!


Author's Response: Thank you, thank you!
That means so much. I've been trying to build up Cassie's world before we get into any major drama. I'm glad you like it!
Lupin holds a special place in my heart. There's much more to come from him!
I'm still writing the next one but I swear it wont be long!
S xxx

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Review #17, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 4 - The Gryffindor Harlot

1st February 2018:
What more could a girl ask for! Wow! I am so excited to see what happens with Sirius and Lyra after all of this. And what happens between Lyra and her father (who, by the way, is one of the most loathsome characters Iíve ever encountered) and the flash and darkness! What is going on?!
Obviously I loved it! More... please! ;)

All my love!

Author's Response: Oh my days, looks at this, a review, I am shocked an surprised (not because i'm a big headed idiot, but because I saw the second review but wanted to reply to your first) (I'm not an arrogant horrid person...honest!) I love your reviews... I'll stop rambling now...!

I had to leave it on a bit of a cliffe. Especially what is to happened. I love the tension between the two. Lyra has never experienced anything like this before so it is all new to her. I'm quite enjoying writing about her stumbling through the experiences... even the naughtier kind!

Her father is everything I hate about manipulative and controlling people all bundled into an archaic name with a cherry on top!

I'm pleased you're enjoying it. I hope more is answered soon!

Emmy! xxx

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Review #18, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 3 Ė The unexpected guest.

1st February 2018:
Oh I loved this. I love how courageous she is with her red dress, how spectacular. And the dramatic irony is killing me here with Sirius
Sorry it is such a short review but I am totally speeding onto the next chapter because Iím dying!

Author's Response: YoYoYo!

I'll forgive you this time... only this once!
Sirius, I feel has his own lexicon here. I'm kinda loving his ways. We shall see if that stays the same!

Read more! I've just updated, so hopefully we'll have more soon :D *does little dance!*

I'll keep it a short reply as I have another to answer shortly and don't want to give away all my good stuff here!

Thanks again for reading!

Emmy! xxx

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Review #19, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: Black and Yaxley.

30th January 2018:
Oh my goodness! There are so many things going on! I cannot wait to see what happened to Mary. And Sirius is so horrible, I actually want to punch him myself. I really enjoyed the flow of your writing in this chapter, it was so brisk, had such a good tempo and balance between dialogue, description and story.
This really is one of my favorite stories!


Author's Response: Ahhh! It was a fast chapter to write.
One thing lead to another and before I knew it spells were flying!
It may be one side to Sirius but it's the one that Cassie sees... For now...
Thank you so much! I can only return the compliment. I have been loving your story.
Thank you for reviewing again. They mean a lot.
S xxx

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Review #20, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: A woman grown

30th January 2018:

A red dress! Oh yes! I cannot wait for Theo to get some of her own back.
I love the way you write, and I am so glad you decided to continue posting. It is really great to have some feedback though, to know whether you are on the right track. Well, take it from me- you are!


Author's Response: I know the red dress was so cliche but I just couldn't help it! It had to be red.

Thank you so much for that, I worry I'm not getting enough emotion/detail into parts of the story! So its ace to hear you're enjoying the writing style. Make sure you keep me on my toes and let me know when i'm slacking!

Thank you so much for the review!

I'll try and get the next chapter up asap. I've got a bit of editing to get it right as the original is a bit. unHPFF friendly, but i want to keep the concept and the meaning the same!

Keep a look out.
Stay awesome!

Em! xxx

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Review #21, by Alexel Writes Black Eyes and Bruised Egos: Chapter 1 - Seen and not heard

24th January 2018:
Oh this is great! Very adult already. I am looking forward to see you these characters develop, the all seem quite interesting. Except Augustus- what a pig. Iím also very curious to see what happens at this party.
Well done! I cannot wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hey stranger √į¬ü¬ė¬Č
Thank you so much for supporting my first story ( well first story in 12 years) with a review! I really appreciate that!

I've actually had this uploaded for nearly 2 months but had to edit it more to make it less intense and was really struggling to balance this, so I've been waiting to not waste the verifiers time. I'm not 100% satisfied with the ending of this chapter but it's nearly there and it was a 'now or never' posting!

I'm looking forward to you hearing more about Lyra! She's an old soul!

Augustus is vile! Believe it or not, I've had to tone it down! He's not done with his hideous ways either!

Thanks again for the review!
Much love
EmmyBacon xx

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Review #22, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: The Thestrals.

24th January 2018:
Cassie can see the Thestrals? I cannot wait to find out why!
Black is such a dick- I love it. I also love your Remus, he is so very kind.
Cassie is so relatable, I think everyone feels the way she does towards the end of their schooling career, like there are bigger things to worry about now. But for her that is especially true.
I am so eager for more!


Author's Response: She can indeed!
He totally is! I keep having to remind myself that I'm writing as Cassie and we DO NOT LIKE SIRIUS!
Remus is an absolute darling. I was trying very hard to do him justice.
She definitely has more on her mind than school and we'll shall see how that turns out.
Thank you again! You are such a gem!
S xxx

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Review #23, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: Faded Yellow.

24th January 2018:
Oooo! All the layers and angles! I am so interested to see how hectic it gets with all those wannabe Death Eaters running around Hogwarts. I sort of already dislike Eddie weirdly, even though he hasn't really done anything yet. Yaxley is a great main character- she's got some fire which I love. I can't wait to see how she develops.

Also- Yaaas for Sirius! Reading the next chapter immediately! Or maybe when the boss isn't looking ;)


Author's Response: Hogwarts is definitely turning into a mishmash of wannabes for both sides.
Eddie's one to watch. I'm sure we'll see a lot more of him as we go!
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Ah Sirius... Well all I can say is the next few chapters are a whole lot more Sirius.
Thank you for the review! It means a lot from a writer like you.
S xxx

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Review #24, by Alexel Writes Yaxley.: Emeralds and Antique Furs.

17th January 2018:

I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed this very much. You have a wonderfully descriptive way of writing that really appeals to me. I am interested to see what happens when Cassie goes back to school!
I can't wait to read the next one!


Author's Response: Hi!
Thank you so much, that's incredibly encouraging.
We'll see what happens next! I hope you enjoy it

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Review #25, by Alexel Writes Claws: The new girl

17th January 2018:
Hi there!

I just wanted to pop in and tell you that you have really interesting characterisation. I really like the way you crafted the twins.
The change between the Points of View is also interesting, I think it allows for a really holistic sort of view when it comes to a situation and knowing the minds of both characters is great.
I am really curious to see how this plays out, from the blurb it sounds great.

Keep at it!


Author's Response: Thanks for the feed back! It's really appreciated.

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