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Review #1, by Alexel Writes Saving Them All: Chapter 7

3rd December 2017:
Wow! I just literally blazed through all 7 of these chapters in like an hour.
It's really good. I'm actually so interested in your Sirius, he's totally intruiging and I'm so curious about where the story is going.

I love how irritable your Hermione is- it's almost like in the wake of what happened to her, she's too old for this school boy rubbish and she isn't afraid to let anyone know but she has to be delicate at the same time.

I'm intersted- well done!

All my love- A


Author's Response: You made my day! I've hit a bit of a wall on this story, and it's so nice to hear (read?) that someone is still reading it and enjoying it. Thank you so much! Your observations about Hermione are spot on. She's feeling a bit too mature for all this.

I'm going to try to keep working on this and get more chapters out soon. Thank you again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Alexel Writes Rendezvous with Snuffles: Protective Instincts

13th November 2017:
Good one! I'm quite enjoying this. The omniscient narration is interesting. Well done.


Author's Response: Thanks! The new chapter will be out in a few days, hopefully!

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Review #3, by Alexel Writes Cluts: Chapter 1

13th November 2017:
I really enjoyed this. You've got a really good pace, I am tremendously interested in what happens next! Keep it up!

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