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Review #1, by morganthegreatHow not to be a Woodley: Of Knights in Filthy Armour

8th October 2017:
ah. what a typical james move - saving the day, and of course, a typical seth reaction. so cliche but also you wrote it so well! i enjoyed the tension and angst.

i like the lead up to who maybe did this! i have a hint itís felicity or felicia (i canít remember her name, samís gf) because he gave her the potion, but she couldíve not have actually taken it and saved it for this moment!! i want to know more!!

iím wondering what the overarching plot is, like /why/ is she out to get seth exactly? just jealousy or something to do with their past?? i want to know more! i also want more background on jamesí past, personality, character. he seems a little too flat for a major character in my eyes, but who knows what youíll do with him!

kudos on another chapter! and i totally understand the woes that is life; things happen and priorities are shifted. it happens to everyone, me included with my own fanfic! you have a gracious reader here because this is such a great story, i find the plot super original and not what everyone else writes. keep us updated! i am patiently waiting :):):)


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Review #2, by morganthegreatDormitory 2.6A: TEN: Consistency in Change

14th August 2017:
ahhh this was such a great novella! i really enjoyed it, so much in fact that i whizzed through it without reviewing any other chapter. (apologizes)

anyway i love how you talked about serious common issues that arise during teenagers in a healthy way. i think it's super important to expose those to people who both know what it's like and don't know what it's like. shedding light to people that you are not alone in having something like an eating disorder or low self-esteem issues/self-harm issues. but also getting across that even if you don't personally have something like that, a friend or family member might.

i think especially that even though the story was in nova's perspective, her friends were the one to have issues with self and all that instead of nova herself. we got to see what it looks like from a friend's point of view and why it broke her heart to see them struggle with those things. it shows to people that their own struggles do cause our friends to worrie about us, even if we don't see it because we are dealing with the mental or physical health problems.

i really love that you added the bit of romance with Al to make it more fluffy and so high school. it's not everyday that when a boy asks a girl out she says no because she does like him and because it's for her friends. that shows a lot of maturity on nova's end.

i love your writing style by the way too! it's very eloquent and thought out. you have a great knack for writing! metaphors and all.

it gives me a lot of happiness to see that nova's group of friends are so so so different from each other, yet are juxtaposed very well. my circle of friends are more like that, it makes it a bit more realistic - everyone having their own personalities and all that.

the way you intermingle characters and their relations was really smart too! like cass being related to xanthe and scorpius, and nala going for xanthe and scorpius being al's friend, who has a thing for nova and knows alice as a family-friend. it kind of sums up boarding school/family relations well. if i'm making any sense at all.

the way that you descirbed all your characters, depsite having a banner and chapter images, gave your readers enough to imagine them themselves too. i admire that - the description of one's hair or skin or eyes or outfit; some authors forget those little details that paint the picture when i personally think it really helps (being visual-oriented with reading).

okay so now that i've analyzed your story more than a school essay and managed to fill up this box more than i initially intended...i should go before my phone battery dies - which is soon!

great story, keep up the good writing and don't ever sell yourself short! have a lovely day!
-morgan xoxo

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Review #3, by morganthegreatThe Unlikely Story of Him and Her: Thoughts Aren't Safe

10th August 2017:
nice chapter! it will be interesting to see how draco goes with occlumency, but then again i feel as if he would be good at it since he has (somewhat) control over most of his emotions.

i wonder how it will end up with ginny and draco, although if you write in canon (which by the way, i think you're doing really well with it so far!), they won't be togeher much, if at all. and i wonder what any of her friends will say? if she has any at hogwarts?

i have to say my favorite hp book is either the goblet of fire or the deathly hallows (although it's really dark and there are so many deaths i can't really take it). goblet of fire is fun because we get a picture of the wizarding world outside of britain, as well as they are older and have grown a bit, but like not to the point of where people (especially harry) have to deal with fighting and war and death. besides the last part of the book where voldemort returns of course, but it effected less people at the time. JK Rowling brings in both fun/fantasy of the nature of harry potter but shows the turning of the genre to be more actiony/dark than before. i just really like it in general. plus cedric of course.

hope to see what you write for the next chapter!
-morgan :)

Author's Response: Hello again, Morgan! Thank you so much for reviewing!

Draco seems to be very disciplined, and that will probably help in his Occlumency. I'm actually really excited to write about that.

I love that you're wondering about how it'll end for them. I haven't finished writing the whole story yet (although I know how I want it to go) and there are a few different directions it can still go. If you have a preference or idea, I'd love to hear it.

Ginny still has a few friends at Hogwarts, like Luna and Neville and a few DA members, but a lot happens in the book around this point and I can imagine Ginny feeling very alone.

Those are my favorites, too! I think GoF is so excellent because of the riddles and drama and humor that comes before the danger and darkness, but it was so fitting.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing! I'm trying to work on the next chapter (it's almost done, but life has been crazy!) so hopefully it'll be up within the next week.

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Review #4, by morganthegreatHow not to be a Woodley: Of Rebels and Romantics

8th August 2017:
ah this was a great chapter (and story)! i apologize for not reviewing earlier, but i literally whizzed through your story. i found it on the dobbys and i think it really lives up to its titles! i think i started this less han a week ago and have finally finished it to where it stands now!

i really love all your characters, especially the main trio, as they are really fun and have such different personalities despite being best friends.

i love how you have overarching plots throughout your story. like you write one thing and then don't bring it up until way later and remind us about it - very nice job! you just have a great way of tying everything together, even though a bunch of events occur.

freddie seems like a really fun charcter to write, all funny and carefree. i also love vala and how she has a big heart for seth underneath her cold exterior.

you've done such a good job with writing about all the boarding school shenans and gossip. i really do think this is what would happen at a magic boarding school - everyone talking about everyone, small stories end up being rumors of huge tales. love it!

and seth, i really like her as a main character, she's super original! how did you come up with her - as well as other characters???

i want more seth/james action!!! love him - he's definitely what one would think harry potter's kid would be like. i want to know more what's in his head all the time though, ugh he's kind of brooding at times - like malfoy or ron, stubborn.

please update fast as now i gotta do the waiting game!!! i was so used to going from one chapter to the next haha, this is an awesome adventure, thank you for sharing it with us and taking us along!!!


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Review #5, by morganthegreatetc. etc. (and life goes on): Epilogue

3rd August 2017:
ahhh great chapter!!! i read it a while ago, but realized that i didn't really make any review about it. I finally remade an account, since i lost my user/password, and wrote a review on the last chapter as "slytherdor18" due to this.
but here i am! anyway, i think you wrapped up your story quite nicely, but i seriously can't believe it's actually over now. it's kind of surreal. it's fics like these that i love - keep you coming back for more due to thinking about it way long after you've read it.
i at first didn't like Appy at all, cause, well, she's the crazy psycho mean girl that everyone's supposed to hate. but now after being done, i realize who she is underneath and why she is that way. everyone in high school wants to stand out from the others, be unique or "quirky" for attention. she really was a character that you did well in creating!
so obviously clemence did some growing up, but who do you think changed the most throughout your story? they all had some really good character development in my opinion! your writing is so eloquent and i really enjoy all your minor characters!
this story of yours has actually pushed me to actually fulfill my back-of-the-head-ideas and write something. so i am! it's crazy, since i had wanted to do this for a while (like no joke - years), and after reading both capers ensue and etc. etc. i decided, why not? what's the worst that could go wrong? so yeah, thanks for doing that for me!
i follow you religiously all over the internet (that sounds WAY more creepy than i intended it to, sorry), like on tumblr and twitter. i want to know more about this story you're writing, vile vile violet, right? what's it about? can you give a brief synopsis? i'm super interested in it! is it a stand-alone story of yours or a fanfic? who are the characters involved? how long exactly is it? if it's a stand-alone, are you going to like print it?? i wanna know! i wasn't keeping up on anything in the last like year, other than this fic, because i hadn't bothered, but now i'm super interested! please tell!
okay, well i hope to read more of anything else you end up writing in the future! keep up the great and beautiful work, and good luck with your programming stuff!
i dunno really how to end a long review like this haha...
p.s. thanks for being an inspiration to me in this small, creative outlet i have!

Author's Response: welcome back!! And CONGRATS on posting a story, it means so much to know that I could inspire in some way c: I hope you fall in love with all your characters, even the Appys - who I cheered on all along :'D

I do think Clemence changed the most, despite her assertion that nothing ever changes. There's a vulnerability to her narration that didn't exist before, like she's humbled and shaken by what she's felt, even after the storm's passed. Appy's up there too, but I'm also not entirely sure what's going on in her head.

Aaah you're following Vile Vile Violet! It's an original story that I hope to publish, but also a loose AU of etc. You'd definitely recognize a lot of the same characters, but the situations and settings are totally different. I'm trying not to divulge TOO much because I'd like to be able to surprise etc readers. It's gone through a few iterations but the current idea has been pretty solid. It's a fairy tale-ish fantasy story starring a witch and a prince (any guesses at how that maps to etc's characters? hehe). It'll either be one or two books, depending on how the conclusion goes. I can't wait to be the most awful author at plot twists and teasers :'D It is a LOT to write though - it's much more from scratch than a rewrite. Nag away whenever you want to know more, I probably can't say much, but I don't mind at all!

Thank you so much for stopping by again! And good luck with your writing - it's a wiiild ride!

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Review #6, by morganthegreatFluorescent Adolescent : something new

1st August 2017:
Yay! I've been waiting for a new chapter, I read your whole story in like only a couple days and now that I'm all caught up I gotta do the waiting game. I've finally just made an account as my other one I lost my user/pass - I reviewed the last chapter as "_slytherdor_" due to this.

Anyway! great chapter! Really loving the whole Al/Poppy relationship, and it totally makes sense she'd wanna keep it secret for a while. I have come to really love them!

As for Mikey and Effy...I really do like him as a character but also, I really love the dynamic between James and her, Mikey needs to find himself a girl that can better suit him. It seems as if there's less of the passion or intimacy that Effy seems to have with James. Who do you like more, personally?

Your description of the party is very high school-esque, so nicely done. Oh, as for Rose, I think she's great, a breath of fresh air, because not many people are like her! And Heath...I just imagine him being Heath Ledger in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, all mysterious and hot. I want some more of him here!! Hehe.

10/10 nicely done, can't wait for more!

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Review #7, by morganthegreatThe Unlikely Story of Him and Her: Gryffindor's Sword

28th July 2017:
wow this was great! it went a little fast in pace, but i really enjoyed it! it makes sense to me that draco would reach out to ginny after giving him the slightest bit of kindness, he really is a distressed man. to me it sounds seamless, with draco being desperate for some type of positive emotion and who knows, anything can happen at a school with this type of situation.

i didn't guess what would happen, but i do know eventually he's going to be summoned to identify the trio at his manor and watch hermione get tourted by bellatrix, right?

as for draco coming to the rescue yet again, it makes sense that this would happen since he isn't really in any deep water because of his blood status and rank with voldemort. he has the advantage of being able to help like a double spy. ginny has and always be such a badass, standing up to terrible authority and being the fierce woman she is. seeing her this vulnerable with the context of who's running the school is important to her character development and i think you did a good job at that!

i really like fred and george as well in all the books, but also really adored lupin - he reminds me of hermione in the group of three marauders, being a prefect, the responsible and sensible one in the group - like hermione is. i also love hagrid and the fatherly role he played in harry's life. even if he wasn't always in every chapter, he supported harry the whole way through. i'm going to stick to my argument that harry should've named his second child albus rubeus instead of albus severus.

anyway i'm excited for your next chapter to come! i love this whole ginny/draco interaction.


Author's Response: Hello again, morganthegreat! You should change your penname to morganthegreatEST because you're totally the greatest!

You're right, eventually (not too soon, though) the whole experience at the Manor will happen. And it'll be intense! I feel like Draco needs this opportunity to show that he's capable of being good and kind and heroic, because he totally has it in him.

I'm glad you like Ginny's character so far. She really is so fierce and strong and I want to keep her that way.

Lupin is one of my favorite characters, too. He was just so GOOD, you know? I feel a stab in my heart when I think about him.

AND YES. Albus Rubeus Arthur Remus Potter. Like, throw in the names of some of the people who cared for you without an agenda.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! If all goes well, the next chapter should be posted within the next day or so.

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Review #8, by morganthegreatThe Unlikely Story of Him and Her: The Library Incident

28th July 2017:
oh i like this story so far! i've always been a dramione fan, but the thought of draco/ginny together is really interesting! i like more of a fluffy feel but am interested in where this story will take a turn for a darker side. good job! :)

Author's Response: Oh hey there, morganthegreat (and you are, in fact, great)!

I'm a Dramione fan, too, but I couldn't get these scenes of Draco and Ginny out of my head. And I tend to like the fluffy stories, too, but with Draco and Ginny I think there almost has to be a bit more darkness and danger for it to seem "real" to them. If that makes sense.

The next chapter is in the queue and I'm hoping it'll be posted soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing! You are wonderful!

PS I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter of YOUR story. No rush or anything ;)

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Review #9, by morganthegreatAnything But: In Which Nikki Has A Flashback

27th July 2017:
Ah, well that wasn't what I was expecting until it got to the arugment! I want to know what's going to happen with her mom, if they'll find her or if they don't... And what does Albus have to do with anything of the story? I wonder, hmmm. Update fast as I like your fic so far!!

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Review #10, by morganthegreatAnything But: In Which Nikki, Literally, Falls for the Guy

27th July 2017:
Hi! I saw your topic on TDA about needing a banner and decided to take a look at your story! I think it's very interesting and also ironic that I just started writing a story about an American girl socializing/schooling with the Potter-Weasleys as well! AND her name is Nic too (except, with a c not a k)!!!

Anyway, I'm excited to see what you do with this story and I love a good Albus Potter fic. Everything seems to have started off very fast - not exactly my style, but I think you worked it well and introduced all the characters nicely.

Have a good one, hope to see more chapters in the future!

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Review #11, by morganthegreatThunder: [after the rain]

14th July 2017:
wow it's finally over...who woulda thought! i've been here since when you only had about 3 or 4 chapters up and it's been a while ride hasn't it?

great job, would love to see what else you write, i see all that jazz is being updated now! have a great day xxx

Author's Response: i know :') really can't believe we got here, even though i wrote it... BUT we did and i hope you enjoyed the ride ♥

hope you stick around for my other stories! have a great day as well xxx

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