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Review #1, by quidditch_chic18A Fool To Believe: I Was A Fool To Believe

6th November 2006:
hey hun!
great story!
I liked it a lot ^_-.

Love ya!

Chang woman

Author's Response: thankies

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Review #2, by quidditch_chic18Manipulations: A Proposition

11th August 2006:
lady, im disappointed in you. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?!?! i need to read more, dude. hurry up and update!!!! lol

Author's Response: You frighten me. Hehe, I believe you in particular, my dear, know exactly where the heck I've been.

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Review #3, by quidditch_chic18Changing Fates: Home for the Holidays

1st August 2006:
OMG! REALLY LONG CHAPPIE! YAY!!! I LOVE YOU! lol sorry about that. this is amazing.

the best plot ever. Draco turning into a Potter. Ha!!!!!! That's radical mann


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Review #4, by quidditch_chic18Changing Fates: 10 More Seconds

1st August 2006:
Wow. I love this story. Simply amazing.


I wish I could write as good as you :P. My stories suckk! lol

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Review #5, by quidditch_chic18When Silver Meets Violet: Hermione Granger?

19th July 2006:
Woman, you have to update. Like. Now! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Grrrrrrrrrrr ^_~. I love this story. Why? Even though the plot has been used numerous of times, I enjoy all this. It's nicely written, and it actually makes sense :)

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Review #6, by quidditch_chic18Cruel Winter: Stolen Kisses

2nd July 2006:
Loving this chappie, hun. Just a bit too short lol. Be sure to update quick lol

Author's Response: My first chapters are usually short, the next few one's might be too, but as the story moves along i'll make them longer. I'll be sure to update soon. Thanks for reviewing, hun!

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Review #7, by quidditch_chic18The Girl Next Door: The Unexplainable Dream

22nd June 2006:
Your story has a nice plot, but you're writing doesn't have really a flow. I mean you don't rush it, but you don't need to say that you think Malfoy is cute and stuff in real life because you're telling a story, and that's what makes it bad. People just want to read, not to hear your thoughts I guess. I wish that I could write those thoughts, but just put it at your author notes at the end or something because that really discourages the reading. Anyways, this story is not bad, and many things are good.


Rating: 7.5 out of 10 :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I'll do that!! It's just I was worried that people would get the wrong idea if I didn't put those things in there!!!

xoxo Lamb:)

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Review #8, by quidditch_chic18Reconciled Ties: The Potters

15th June 2006:
interesting.... update now or I will have to resolve to shooting Hilary Duff Rox! stickers at your head :P

Author's Response: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **runs from evil Hilary Duff Rox! stickers**. I'll update, okay?!!!!!

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Review #9, by quidditch_chic18Secret's Can Kill: The Worst Summer Ever

15th June 2006:
lovely story. I love Draco/Hermione fics, lol, as you know. Keep up the great work! It's very interesting :)

Author's Response: Thanx so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #10, by quidditch_chic18Sooner or Later: Chapter 2: Of Lions and Snakes

29th May 2006:
Very interesting plot, must I say. Good plot, good sentences, good grammar. I indeed love this Hermione turns into a pureblood one. Best of them all :) I hope more people review, this story is good. Hope you update. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the next chapter!

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Review #11, by quidditch_chic18A Different Face: About the People

29th May 2006:
Intersting... This sounds like a prologue, not a story. Am I right? And, everyone sounds a bit OC, seeing that Hermione should be the oldest out of the bunch. and Harry being the youngest and stuff... So yes... Hoep you do good!

Author's Response: Yeah, some of the facts were changed a bit. And this chapter is a prologue of sorts. I wasn't allowed to just post it as it's own, because I'm hoping for two more stories after this one.

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Review #12, by quidditch_chic18The Flatmate: Table for Three

28th May 2006:
I must agree with Calm before the storm. I read you story, too, on Great plot! I actually ahve one with Blaise in it as well, only him being in a relationship with Hermione *cough* *cough* hehe. Keep up the great work!

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Review #13, by quidditch_chic18Manipulations: For a Special Someone

28th May 2006:
Hermoine's dream by ashley5895
and 'the plan' by ashley5895

I know we're over the partners in crime thing, but please just look at my reviews! for God's sake this girl spelt 'Dumbledore' and 'Malfoy' wrong! She spelt 'Hermione' wrong in the title, too. Geez. What a shame, what a shame

Hope you update!


Author's Response: Ooooh. You went all out on those reviews **applause**. I read that story and it was very unsatisfactory. I don't think they know how to use spell check, probably thought it was automatic. **shakes head** lol, bye!!!!!

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Review #14, by quidditch_chic18the plan: powers?

28th May 2006:
You should ALWAYS check your spelling. Spelling, grammar and a plot is what makes a story worth reading. I hope you got what I meant.

Spelling once more:
Hateing: Hating
Bacely: Basicly
Testes: Tests. Honestly, do you not know how to spell 'test'?
Ill: I'll
Watter: Water
Teack: Teach
Meat: That is correct, for like turkey and stuff. For this story, it should be 'meet.'
Dumdore: Okay, I'm getting really POed. How can you not know how to spell 'Dumbledore?!?!'
Isent: Isn't
Poffser: Professor
Simmlar: Similar
Where: Were
Becuse: Because
Wispered: Whispered
Enterd: Entered
Diddent: Didn't
iam: I am
Fro: Common mistake, it should be "From"
craced: Cracked.
mudblood bitch: Mudblood bitch
Instly: Instantly
Easly: Easily
Somehing: Something
Sundly: Suddenly
Curcesing: Cursing
any way: Anyways

Your grammar is okay, but I'm still lazy to correct it. How old are you again and you're not using spell checker! Even if you say you are, you wouldn't have over 20 spelling mistakes in one chappie with a spell checker! Geez!

Author's Response: i spell it that way but my computer like respells it 4 me. i should get a new one lol

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Review #15, by quidditch_chic18the plan: the 1st step

28th May 2006:
Wow. Did you say that you used spell check? I'm sorry for sounding rude, even though that this story is promising, btu your spelling and grammar is just really bad!

1. Okay, first things first. Your summary=lots of mistakes. Originally, it was, "when voldemort wants a heir, he choses two of the most powerfull witch and wisard in hogwarts. they jest happen to be emenys. also they dont know how powerfull they realy are." It should be, 'When Voldemort wants an heir, he chooses two of the most powerful(note that powerful only has 1 L) witch and wizard(note wizard is spelt with a z, not an s) in Hogwarts. However, they just happen to be enemies(sp!). To add to that, they don't know how powerful(sp!) they really(spelt with 2 L's!) are.'

2. Spelling: 'Creat' in your 3rd to last paragraph is spelt, 'create'. And whenever you spelt 'create', 'creat'.
Dident: Spelt Didn't.
Clbrate: Spelt celebrate.
death eators: Death Eaters
Claped: Clapped.
Everytin: Everything
Powerfull: Powerful
Mafoy: Malfoy
Tomoro: Tommorow
Realy: Really
Fustraded: Frustrated
Other wize: Otherwise
Potroal: Patrol
Reson: Reason
Ideia: Idea
Liveavle: Livable(I think)
Wasent: Wasn't
Imagation: Imagination
Ablivion: Oblivion
Jest: Just
Where: Correct spelling, but at the first part of your story it should be spelt, 'were'.
Accualy: Actually
Hopely: Hopefully
I bet you there's more, but I'm bored so moving on!

'Draco realy diddent want to even be in that class. His parents are the only reson why hes in that class.'
Should be: "Draco really didn't want to even be in that class. His parents were the only reason of why he was in Potions." All the classes should be capitalized for the first letter.
' Hermione was close to also killing who ever came up with that ideia.'
Should be: "Hermione was close to almost killing whoever came up with that idea."

This story is very, very poorly written, might I dare say. I'm not saying that I hate it, but if you spelt everything right with grammar correct, too, it would be good. Sorry if I sound harsh!

************Say, how old are you, again?????************


Author's Response: lol just a little. anyway, thanks 4 the review! took me like 5 to 10 mins to read lol but it is true! i know i REALLY gotta work on spelling and gramer. so i got a betta reader!! haha lets hope she is good!! cause ill need all the help i can get with all of this. and i am bout to go back in school and get my summer fried brains some heath food lol. so i'll take that all to heart and try to work on it! o and im 14..... i know i should learn my english. i balme going to a german school when i was a kid. lol anyway.. this is a long responce 2.. well bye!

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Review #16, by quidditch_chic18Reconciled Ties: Memory Lane

26th May 2006:
A walk down Memory Lane... Awwww, this is so cute! I wish Gizelle(sp?) will just sock Pansy in the friggin stomach and be done with that. Wait, is PAnsy actually, pretty? lol I loveed wehre you put that French girl part. hehe. Love ya!


Author's Response: You'll see :P. OMG, I'm so bored that I'm making a list of Hottest Guys Ever. Yeah. I'll email it to you.

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Review #17, by quidditch_chic18Demonic Cupid: Ramblings

21st May 2006:
guess what hun, i made you another banner cause the one i made for you right now-aint gonna work lol

LOOKS LIKE: Like it?

CODE: (no spaces except the one between 'img' and 'src':

< img src="" >

Author's Response: Hey, you've gotten much better! Even though pansy's blonde in this story and ron and hermione aren't going to hook up. But, otherwise, I luv it!

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Review #18, by quidditch_chic18Evelina: The Letter

21st May 2006:
Si, yo puedo hablar espanol. (yes, i can speak spanish...) well some I guess! Yes I'm taking it. I sure hope the 3rd chappie is long :) It would be very interesting

Author's Response: Yeah, it should be interesting. Lol, you're taking Spanish...I take French because everyone else was taking Spanish so I was all, "eh, I'll do something different."

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Review #19, by quidditch_chic18Manipulations: The Ball

21st May 2006:
hmmm... whats that 'chica' gonna do?!?! lol i know vampmunchie knows lol . nice chappie! is pansy supposed to be a slut? cause she sure acts like one, right?

Author's Response: Yes, Pansy is supposed to be a slut. Think Regina from Mean Girls (I know you watched that movie!!! **eye twitches**). Pansy is mostly based on Sarah Michelle Gellar's character in Cruel Intentions, Kathryn, who is quite shrewd and manipulative.

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Review #20, by quidditch_chic18You Promised...: Crying Again

9th May 2006:
Okay, maybe some grammar and stuff and yadda yadda, but everything else is fine, I guess. Well, I have to go. Update please!

Author's Response: I'm not the best with spelling and grammar... Sorry... :-(

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Review #21, by quidditch_chic18My Enemy, My Hero: Bathroom Discoveries

9th May 2006:
Oh, so you're considered a lesbian if you call a girl 'babe' in Britain? IF you're a girl? That's so funny! haha, SO where's PAnsy? Oh well, nice chappie!

Author's Response: No...that's not what i meant, lol...i meant it's O.K. here, and that's why i have it in my story...GINNY AND HERMIONE ARE NOT LESBIANS!!! lol, just fyi...

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Review #22, by quidditch_chic18Hidden: A day at Diagon Alley

8th May 2006:
I'd just like to point out that it's Flourish and Botts, but nice story!

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Review #23, by quidditch_chic18Love Spells Love!: Harry and Ginny

8th May 2006:
Nice! I must say this is a pretty nice story:) Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Cheers i loved ur story and i am now restored to full health so i could write this story.

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Review #24, by quidditch_chic18Once Upon A December: Once Upon A December

30th April 2006:
This is a good one! I'm serious! Usually one-shots bore me to death, but I love this one! Or is this one a one shot? BEcause if it isnt you totally have to update! ANd if it is one, hell with the one shot thing, woman! Add some more chappies or somethin! lol I would rate this story a 10 out of 10 :D

Author's Response: it is unfortunately a one shot . .the whole story is there .. *sigh* thanks tho! wow .. thanks soo so so sso much! ^_^

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Review #25, by quidditch_chic18Seeing You Again: Kidnapped!

24th April 2006:
OH NO! MEMORY LOSS! THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END! i love you story, you better update even tho you just did!

Author's Response: lol, thanks! I'm working on the next chapter right now!

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