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Review #1, by scribbleaholicFallen Hard: Fallen Hard

21st April 2007:
I really liked this despite the whole 'we got talking on the train thing' as a reason for H and D getting together. Your style of writing is amazing and you really managed to pull the hermione/draco pairing off which loads of authors don't manage to do! I loved how she kept having to change what she called Draco it seemed really realistic. it was great to see a fic that didn't have Draco grovelling for forgiveness at the end!

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Review #2, by scribbleaholicJade: A Missing Page

4th January 2007:
Snape...snape took the page...because he is her father...? JAde works!
great story i love it!

Author's Response: Hehe, not a bad guess! I'm not giving anything away just yet'll have to keep reading! Thank for your review and I'm so glad you like the story!

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Review #3, by scribbleaholicWhen it all falls Apart: xx[chapter one]xx

10th August 2006:
i like this story, ure descriptions are really vivid and its different from every1 elses so keep up the good work-AKA pleeeez write the next chapter!!

Author's Response: done and done :]

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Review #4, by scribbleaholicPretending to Be Perfect: Chapter one

4th August 2006:
i like the idea of James life nt being so perfect as JK sort-of portrays in the books, v. interesting plot

Author's Response: Thank you. It's always fun to be different ;-)

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Review #5, by scribbleaholicThe Ghost of Godric Gryffindor: Epilogue

19th January 2006:
hi i started readin dis fic afta u ended it so i thought i wud save the reviewin 2 the end-I thought it waz gr8-your descriptions really stuck in my mind an i waz realli able to picture the scene and the way eveything really sorta worked together was amazing -but i hated the squibbus curse i dunno y it just seemed so impossible-i no harry potter and the magic stuff is supposed to be like that but i think that you played it a bit too far there-gr8 story keep on writin cauz im waiting for a sequel!!!

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Review #6, by scribbleaholicThe Balin Connection: Sins of the Father and All That...

9th January 2006:
this is gr8 u hav 2 continue it

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