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Review #1, by bbyballer289Iris, Draco and Hermione: Iris, Draco and Hermione

18th August 2006:
i like it...

very very cute and puts a smile on my face XD

Author's Response: Thanks :) glad it made you smile

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Review #2, by bbyballer289All I Have To Give: Prologue: The Event

2nd February 2006:
cute, i can't wait for the next installment

Author's Response: hey bbyballer289, thanks for the review mate. next chapter should be up soon ~Annie

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Review #3, by bbyballer289I Know How He Feels: At the New Years Party

1st February 2006:
hmm i have mixed feelings...firstly i love the plot and its really really cute and makes room for a lot of sadness so i commend you..but what i didn't quite like was that there were some parts that could be sadder or expressed better or with deeper meanings...also was some of the slang...i'm not really a fan of sticking slang into fanfiction and that was what happened when there was some damn or man or lots of !!!s ....i'm not flamming you and this is an awesome first chapter but i'm just telling you what i liked and didn't like...also i saw a few spelling errors XD i'm not hyperaware of it i just thought i'd point it out to you...but, great story and i really can't wait for the next chapter! XD hope this review isn't very offensive or anything

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Review #4, by bbyballer289Restricted Area: Suddenly Realized

14th January 2006:

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Review #5, by bbyballer289Fall From Grace: A New Face And Regret

11th January 2006:
very interesting! can't wait...

Author's Response: lol thnx for da review!! Steph

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Review #6, by bbyballer289Sometimes People Do Change: A Blast From the Past

11th January 2006:
very interesting...can't wait till her lunch tomorrow

Author's Response: me either....haha, thanks

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Review #7, by bbyballer289A Snowball In The Wrong Direction: - One-Shot -

9th January 2006:
hmm interesting... XD light heart fic with a wonderful ending

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by bbyballer289Three Kisses and Nothing At All: - One-Shot -

9th January 2006:
hmm i have mixed feelings about this the plot...dont really like the ending though.....hmmmm.....and Draco doesn't seem like he really likes her or anything.... it was beautifully written though

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing both my fanfictions! I too have mixed feelings about this fanfiction as well as the rest of my works but that's just an author feeling her work isn't up to standard. *sigh* The thing with Draco in this fanfiction is that he's confused. He likes Pansy but he can't give her her due simply because he has this crush on Hermione. The feelings for Hermione are just that, a crush. He isn't head-over-heals in love with her and also, because he knows they can never be together, he won't let himself sink in. He's just like any other hormonal teenager in this fanfiction and that's how I tried to make him seem. I wanted it to be different to the other D/Hr fanfiction in the sense that Draco isn't the most handsome womaniser in Hogwarts who is every woman's dream. Also, I wanted him to be rejected, to be told he isn't good enough by a girl who he thinks isn't worth or good enough to be called a witch. That's about it, I think. I'm glad you thought it was beautifully written. I try my best :p Thanks :D

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