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Review #26, by alicia and anneJust Seventeen: Prologue

12th August 2014:
Oooo you know it's never going to be good when people are standing on cliff edges! (well on cliffs)

Awww poor Vic *hugs her* I love how you mention how he gets no repurcussions from those around him, whereas Vic gets called all kind of names.

I feel so so sorry for Vic and her thoughts on it all.

I can't wait to read more! I hope it's not all going to be sad and I hope that life gets better for her, even if it's just a tiny amount.

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Review #27, by alicia and anneHandle With Care: Meeting Charlie

12th August 2014:
Haha I loved that Rita was stuck in the mud and she ruined her shoes. :D It serves her right for not having the appropriate footwear for being around Dragon's anything could have happened.
Although she did get to be saved by the gorgeous specimen of man that is Charlie Weasley.

How did that driver pass the test? Haha

Hahaha I'm glad he's forcing her to carry her own bags, he's not her slave.

YES! YOU TELL HER CHARLIE! She can't be using magic here.

I love how much love Charlie has for the Dragon's, he really cares about them. They're like his children!

:O WEDDING RING! (Echo's Sam's words)

I can't wait for more! :D

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Review #28, by alicia and anneBittersweet: Bittersweet

12th August 2014:
Oooo who is Dominique trying to blame and why? I can't wait to find out!

Bill's involved somehow! He's done something! Oooo Vic or Dom? My money is on Vic.

Shucks, it's Dom.

Aww poor Bill being so sad and weary looking, Sam will not like that one bit, seeing her husband like that.

Ooo she was hurt learning to be a curse breaker.

HE BLAMES TEDDY!!! What did he do?!

Lysander is involved as well? How strange! I thought that Teddy was the boyfriend.

Ooo he blames himself!

Vic's turn!

Oooo Dom is a seer! That's quite a curse! Poor Dom :(

:O Vic blames Bill? But it's not his fault!

Awww poor Fleur, I hate that everyone is blaming themselves for what happened, when noone could have predicted any of this!


Awww I hope that she can find a cure soon, I don't want her to be scared of hugging her family.

Another brilliant one shot!

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Review #29, by alicia and anneWaiting For You: Waiting For You

12th August 2014:
Ooo a wedding! And someone may not be turning up! Drama is a-foot!

Haha I wonder if Lily has come to her senses? I think James would go mental! He would explode!

Awww I love the letter she sent him, she's just nervous, of course she is! I would be if I was marrying the awesome person that is James! :P

Why is she late then?

Awww Sirius is worried! I just want to hug him!

Aww all Lily has to do is say please, and James will do everything he can for her. :P He's so cute! And so wrapped around her finger.

What's he planning?! WHAT's HE PLANNING!!!?









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Review #30, by alicia and anneBlack Family Secrets: Black Family Secrets

12th August 2014:
Oh wow, this is an awesome and intriguing start. I can't wait to find out who she is and what happened to her, why she fought to survive so much at the beginning but not now.

Ah, she betrayed people! Ooo I am so intrigued still, she mentions how she betrayed the Order but she calls the people running the hospital filthy sub-humans she once looked down at.

Ohh now I see who she is, Ooo a Black! Awww she loves Tonks!

I love her thoughts about her daughters, and the nicknames she had for them. I also love the background of Druella and her family life as well, including her thoughts on her nephews. Especially, Regulus, I'm so glad that she tried to help him and to help try and bring an end to the dark lord.

Aww I feel so sorry for her, I wished that she could have told someone what had happened. But I'm glad that she finally got the peace that she had been longing for.

A fabulous one shot! And brilliantly written.

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Review #31, by alicia and anneStuck in the Middle: Tell Him

29th July 2014:
Yes! The next chapter is up! :D

TELL HIM TELL HIM TELL HIM! Okay I need to calm down, it's the first sentence in the chapter. :P

Aww, he got James I present, I can't wait to see what it is :D

AHHH! YES! JAMES YOU'VE FIGURED IT OUT!! :D And I'm grinning and he's trying to find him! YES!

No! Go away Melanie! I don't want you here, ruining everything! I hope James turns up and kisses Oliver in front of you and you cry and I laugh!

No! She has the list... oh no, oh no this is going to be bad. I hope I'm not about to have my heart ripped out again. Just when it was beginning to heal...

Yes! Stand up to her Oliver!

NO! JAMES HEARD, NO!!! So much sadness! Yes you tell her to go away, James!

Grr I hate Melanie!

No, no James don't read it, I wished you had thrown it away. :(

Eeeek! It's time! Time for love declaring! I'm ready.. NO! I'M NOT READY... OK I'm ready... ahhh!!! :D

*giggles* No! Don't interrupt them fellow dorm mates!

Yes! James told them to go away! :D

YAY! They're kissing! They're in love! I am so happy! My heart has been healed! It's swelling with happiness! :D

That makes up for everything! I knew you wouldn't keep my heart broken for long, Twin! :D I am so happy! My favourite chapter by far! YAY!

Author's Response: Haha! I'll chant with you - TELL HIM, TELL HIM, TELL HIM! :P

Yes! James got a present and he was able to figure it out. He is not as much of an idiot as people like to call him.

Haha! If only.

Did it break your heart again? *hides*

I'm so glad you liked the ending!

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #32, by alicia and anneStuck in the Middle: Lakeside Encounters

28th July 2014:
I'm already scared and all I've read is the chapter summary, I'm excited about the chapter summary but I'm also scared of what might happen. :S Please don't break my heart anymore than you have already...

They haven't talked about it in two weeks?! That's crazy talk!
No! James can't keepp changing the subject. They need to be in love! :(

Oooo Oliver is going to flirt with Dion to make James jealous? I must admit as soon as Sarah alked about making James jealous, I immediately thought of Hugo being involved haha.

Melanie better not be planning anything to hurt Oliver! I will hunt her down and stop her myself!

Haha good celebration! I wanted Ravenclaw to win as well :P

NO! NO NO NO! I have died from a broken heart! We can pin point the exact moment my heart couldn't take anymore and it was right now!
Why?! Why did you do this to me?! Damn you Oliver!
Go after James and tell him that you love him! :(

No! They're not talking :( Why? I'm so sad right now!

I'm in denial! So much denial right now, it was a dream and it didn't happen at all.

*cries* Please don't be angry James! ;(

Ahh! It's getting better, my heart is mending slightly, ASK HIM! JAMES KNOWS! OH HOW I HOPE HE KNOWS!!!




*falls to the floor, wailing loudly, screams of agony turning into sobs as I struggle to breathe* This hurts so much. There is no cure. I can't go on :( *dies*

(Pssst, brilliant chapter like always!)

Author's Response: Uh oh... the chapter summary. *hides*

They totally need to be in love. They just don't know how to get there... yet. ;)

Haha! Unfortunately, Oliver thinks Hugo is too young to get involved in any way.

Not hurt... at least physically.

I so wish Ravenclaw had won.

I KNOW RIGHT! My heart broke as I wrote it. You are not alone.

I'm going to hide now. Until you've finished this story. *hides*

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #33, by alicia and anneStuck in the Middle: Letting Things Out

27th July 2014:
Awww the image of James asleep on the sofa and hugging the remote is so cute!

Awww yes! Yes he would be family now! Accept it Oliver! You will never escape this family! He even has his own space on the couch!

HAha he's eating James's cereal! :P

*Giggles* Hehe they're alone in the house

I love the embarassing stories! There should be more mentioned!

Ahhh! I love James's reaction to Oliver coming out as gay. :D Haha he's got such a massive ego!

Oliver is right! Harry is hot! :D

How did he get the scars? I want to know! :P

AH THEODORE!! YES! HE'S HERE!!! :D Oh we all know the reason why Theo's hair is messed up :P

Oh Harry is so susceptable to peer pressure, especially if it comes in the form of Theo :D


Author's Response: He's just adorable is James. No wonder Oliver loves him. *Huggles James*

He is forever a part of the Potter family. Thank God he understands crazy. ;)

There should always be embarrassing stories.

James has a huge ego. I don't know why Oliver loves him. *Huggles Oliver*

Harry so is.

You know.

THEO!!! Yes. Yes, we do. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #34, by alicia and anneThe Lucky Girls: The Lucky Girls

25th July 2014:
I absolutely adore the fact that they've built doll houses out of cardboard boxes. They're so cute!
And the dolls that are magical and renact things for them are brilliant!

Young Roxanne and Dominique are so cute together, I love how close they are, it's not something you see much of in Next-gen stories (Or at least what I've seen) so it's nice to see Roxanne and Dominique as the ones who are close.

Roxanne stuck up for Dominique! she's seriously the best friend and the best cousin, she's so understanding and so brilliant for her and I love how accepting she is of Dom coming out as gay, and that she could be there to support her when she came out to her family.

Awww no! That ending is so sad!!! I wasn't expecting that at all.
I absolutely loved how you wrote this, and you showed the amazingly close friendship between the two girls just brilliantly and how they're always there for each other. I loved this so much!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi! :)

Aw, I'm glad you like the dolls! I would have loved dolls like that as a kid haha though they might be a little creepy.

I'm glad you liked the girls as well. I loved writing them here and it felt right that they would get along so well in the context of this story. Rox is a great friend and cousin, while Dom isn't as bold and confrontational, which means that Rox does some of the fighting for her.

I'm so glad you liked this, and found the ending sad but a little uplifting with their friendship. Thanks so much for a lovely review! :)

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Review #35, by alicia and anneThe Fire Inside: Two

24th July 2014:
Another chapter! I am so excited for this! Mainly because it means more Theo for me to swoon over.

And boy did I swoon! :D I'm so jealous of Hermione right now haha

I'm really worried about the murder at the beginning and who done it, especially how things had been left. It's scary! Although I did enjoy the talk about David, he would like this, he is sick enough too.

Theo does know how to make an appearance and open a door in a way to embarass others. :P It's why we love him so! And the talk bout howw dangerous Theo is was great, I love hearing backstory on Theo (and I've heard a LOT! Something I will never get enough of, you could talk to me about it all day!) Especially that he could have graduated Hogwarts aged 10, He's so intelligent.

I love that Harry is hiding at Theo's house, he's good for him. He'll be able to get him through everything. And I love what he thinks about Ron and Ginny, he's not one to mince his words. I want to know what he thinks of Hermione! And why there's so many clothes laying around haha, what have Harry and Theo been up to? :P

Another amazing chapter! I seriously can't wait for more :D I'm so excited that you moved this chapter up your list so that you could update it. :D

Author's Response: Lots and lots of Theo.

You don't need to be. He doesn't like Hermione.

The murder. You'll know who did it in the next chapter. And you won't like it. I did enjoy putting the talk about David.

Oh, Theo always knows how to make an appearance. Even if it is purely accidental. Meaning he just doesn't care. Theo's backstory is epic. But the Death Eaters don't know that, it's mostly rumors. He could have, though.

Harry has gone to the last place anyone would think to look for him. Theo is definitely not one to hide what he thinks. He's always telling the truth, he can't help it. Why? You'll find out. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #36, by alicia and anneStuck in the Middle: Care to Make a Wager

18th July 2014:
I love that immediately Lily is a suspect for whatever it is that has happened. The first thoughts are it must be Lily somehow haha

Aw! YES! YES! And Ginny has caught them! How did it happen? I need more moments like this!!!

Ahhh he's in James's bed! I thought that James had rolled into his! How did this happen?

Awww I can't stop smiling, it's actually hurting my face haha :D

Haha Ginny is brilliant! Hahahaha I love it!

Hahah Charlie and Theo would be disappointed :P

I seriously love the Potter family! They're so awesome!!

AHhhh!!! More moments!! :D Although James is being creepy... and I shouldn't listen to Glee's version of Hello whilst reading this scene, I now have a music video of James peering through the door and singing, "Hello is it me you're looking for?"

How did he get the scars?! I need to know! Even if you've already told me, I need to know again!

Those boys need to admit to each other that they love each other and then they can enjoy more moments together!

Haha I love the warning about Hugo! Absolutely love it!!

Haha he has to list his nieces and nephews to see if he's forgotten anyone. :P and he forgets his eldest! Teddy will not be impressed.

AHhh! I love this line! Absolutely love it! " And stay as far away from Theodore Nott as you can. He just... knows things. He shouldn't be allowed to talk to people." hahahaha

And when he says that Theo is his best friend, it's brilliant, he knows him the best haha.

And Ginny asking if he warned/informed oliver about Theo! :P

Ah a present! I'm so excited!! and it's from Theo's house! Even though it's from James. :D

Hahahah Theo spends more than 50 grand during fashion week hahahaha I can't stop laughing hahhaah

Ahhh Oliver got James a present! They're so cute! I want to squish them!!



Author's Response: It's always Lily. Lily did it! :D

How? They were just talking and fell asleep. Unfortunately.

Ginny can be cool. And they so would be. Haha!

HAHAHA!!! OMG!!! Now I have that creepy music video image, too.

You'll find out soon.

Teddy really won't like to hear that his dad forgot him.

Theo shouldn't be allowed to talk to people, it's true. ;)


Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #37, by alicia and anneStuck in the Middle: Meeting the Family

18th July 2014:
I am meant to be writing... but I can't resist James and Oliver! :D

Oh Oliver don't be down, James will make it all better. :D

Ah, Hugo's been mentioned! :P

Oh James, being banned from side-along apparating, I hope Lily wasn't too traumatised. :P

Awww, don't worry Oliver! Harry would never turn you away. :D
They should have so left Oliver at Hogwarts to guilt Harry into getting him from Hogwarts! Damn you Emily being a spoilsport!

Ahhh Bernie! :D I love him already! Even if Albus is being rude and pointing and also full of questions :P

AHHH BILL!! :D He's saving the day! and I agree, he is remarkable! He's brilliant with Lily! :D She did deserve it, he's right. :P I love that he doesn't trust her to be around people, or to cook. :D

Hehe Alexa :P

No one trusts Lily! Hahaha I love that so much! :D

Ahhh Theo! (I seriously need to have a character bingo card for when I read your stories :P) Theo's already getting the blame for Harry possibly being late home from work.

Ahhh Harry interrupted a moment between them!! Oh Harry you sneaky you! Haha "Not on my couch, boys. I sleep on that!" That's brilliant! HE KNOWS!!! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING!!!

And James totally cries to his daddy all the time!

Haha he really doesn't want them to do anything on his precious couch :P Awww Harry's a sore loser when it comes to games, I can just imagine him throwing a tantrum when he loses. :P Haha he's pouting on the couch! I love it!
Harry's so cute!!

Ah, no wonder he was pouting. :P

Oh Dudley, still freaked out by magic :P

I love the exchanges between them all, it's brilliant, especially Albus piping up and interrupting Oliver and James by saying that James is still an idiot. :D

Oh the annual awkward handshake! I would pay good money to see that! As well as a booming Uncle Vernon and a swearing Harry!

Awww Harry! Just when I think you can't get any cuter you do that! I just want to hug him tightly!!! *hugs him*


I loved this twin!! Absolutely loved this! I seriously can't get enough!

Author's Response: James will always make it better. ;)

It was just a few scratches on her arms. Lily wasn't traumatized, she kept waving the blood in people's faces. James was banned so Lily couldn't do that. :P

Emily wasn't the only spoilsport.

Bernie is cool. I like Bernie.

BILL *Loves him*

Theo always does.


Harry's adorable. I love him, too.


Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #38, by alicia and anneStuck in the Middle: About James Potter

7th July 2014:
Yay! Another chapter for me to read! I'm so happy right now.

Ah, the annoyance yet joy of christmas! It's more fun when you're younger as an adult it's too stressful! Doesn't stop me looking forward to it every year though :P

Oh, Oliver, I would be getting stressed out about Potions as well, I have no idea how he'd even start remembering it all. I like though that James has joined him and is sitting in a comfortable silence as he works without interrupting him. And the touching of his face! Eeek they're getting closer and closer, the love is on it's way, I can tell! :P

:O James has bet his Quidditch game playing on Oliver passing the Potions exam, he must have a lot of faith in himself.

Awww James is thinking about his feelings for Oliver, and he's confused, and watching him and it's so sweet and so cute! I love them so much. They're so adorable.

And he was caught staring. :D I just want to squish them both in hugs.

Aw I absolutely love, and it's in my Head Canon as well, that James calls Teddy his big brother (and that Ted calls Harry, dad), and I love that Oliver knows that. :D I love that they both pick up the small details about each other, stuff that noone else would pick up on and it's great, it shows how much closer the two are getting without them even realising it

AH, Theo! Be still my beating heart! I love that joke between them. :D Oh, boys!

Awww Bernard Dursley is so cute! And using James as some sort of shield is just precious!

Ahhh, Hugo! There are so many of my great loves in this chapter! :D So so many

Bernie knows! Go on Bernie! :D You know about James' secret not so secret feelings for Oliver that are totally secret.

YES!! Oliver is going to James' house :D I'm so excited and so happy and I love Roxanne for suggesting it!

Another wonderful chapter, Sam. :D Brilliant as always and now I have the biggest grin on my face, a grin that only your stories can bring me. :D

House Cup Review 2014 - Slytherin

Author's Response: I bet they feel the same. The actual day is awesome, but preparing for Christmas is so stressful. :P

So near and yet so far. But yeah, things between Oliver and James are definitely developing.

He has an awful lot of faith in himself. ;)

It must always be everyone's headcanon that Teddy calls Harry Dad and is James, Albus and Lily's big brother. Because it would totally happen - it's part of the reason why I don't like Teddy/Victoire.

I had to include Theo. And Bernie, he definitely not going anywhere.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #39, by alicia and anneStuck in the Middle: Thankful For You

7th July 2014:

Okay, I'm calm, I can read this.

*Squeals in excitement because I love Jollie so much!*
Melanie needs to stop trying to get to Ollie and leave him alone, she needs to let Ollie be background noise without trying to get him back into the

spotlight with everyone again.

Yes! I am loving that James knew exactly why Ollie was sad, he does take notice of him, it's got to be love. Especially because he actually researched things to do with the end of November and found out that way, he spent a lot of time looking for what could make Ollie so sad. As well as his big plans to make Ollie smile and to cheer him up, if that's not love I don't know what is!

Awww the bickering about whether it's called Football or soccer :D They're so cute!

Oh no! I don't think I can take the odd look on James's face about Oliver going home because there's no reason to stay in England after he finishes school.

I loved that they played the game of football at Hogwarts, especially the flirting that was happening with Dion in an attempt to make James jealous, which certainly worked.

Hahaha oh my god! I love that the first words out of Ollie's mouth weren't a thank you, but were about how it was the wrong day haha.

Gah! I wanted them to kiss after Ollie thanked James for the thanksgiving dinner idea! BUT there's still the rest of the chapter for it to happen and I am hoping that they do.

WHY MUST YOU TAUNT ME WITH THAT DREAM!? WHY? Although I do love how you're writing James and Ollie's building relationship and how they're feeling about each other, especially James slowly coming to terms with and accepting his own feelings about everything.

Such a great chapter, Sam! I loved every part of it and I cannot wait to see more of Jollie. I love them so so much and they are in my top OTP, Although they're taking over as my top OTP.

House Cup Review 2014- Slytherin

Author's Response: Are you calm? :P

Melanie really does need to leave him alone. Unfortunately, she's not going anywhere.

That is definitely love, I agree. Now all James has to do is tell him. Then Ollie can tell James the same thing and they canove happily ever after... I'm not that nice. :P

There must always be bickering.

I know. It's gonna be a very hard thing for them if Oliver leaves... or maybe James will follow? ;)

Oliver does not say thank you. :P

I had to do the dream. It was very important in teasing both the characters and the readers.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #40, by alicia and anneThe Firework-Maker's Daughter: Legacy

7th July 2014:
Okay, you seriously want me to cry. Why did George have to die? *dies inside*

I love that you've continued with your theme of writing in second person.

You've captured the esscence of Hermione and Ron fantastically, especially with Hermione reprimanded Ron for his use of foul language, I can imagine that they bicker for most of their life together.

George set of fireworks in the hospital? I can totally imagine him doing that, it seems so much like George, also to read that Ron wanted to do the same thing but Hermione threatening to divorce him was a goood contrast to all of their characteristics.

That was such a fantastic send off for George, the only one that would ever seem fitting for him, also a lovely reflection of what you said happened at Freds as well. I loved Roxanne's speech and Hugo helping her get through it, helping her to set up the fireworks.

This was so amazingly written, Isobel. You made me feel so many emotions whilst I was reading it and I just need to take a few moments to stop feeling so sad and deal with my feelings of overwhelming sadness that George has died. :P

House Cup 2014 review - Slytherin

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Review #41, by alicia and anneThe Firework-Maker's Daughter: Bonfire

7th July 2014:
I love how sure of herself Roxanne is and how smug, especially how she says that her calculations should be right because she's top of her class in arithmancy.

Once again you're doing an amazing job using second person, I am insanely jealous. Especially because you've done another amazing job, this time with George Weasley. It's great to see how proud he is of his daughter, how he thinks that she's special (which she totally is) and his great advice that she must never kneel otherwise she won't be able to run away quick enough, that is sound advice for just about everything, not only for fireworks.

The way that you described George's fear and terror at receiving a howler so late at night, was so well written, it gave me goosebumps and then the heartbreak set in at hearing that George and Angelina divorced.
And when George told Fred to remove all of the fireworks from the shop almost brought a tear to my eye.

This was my favourite chapter, as sad as I was that Roxanne was so hurt by the fireworks, you wrote the relationship between her and George and the love that they both have for each other, beautifully.

You're so amazingly talented.

House Cup 2014 review - Slytherin

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Review #42, by alicia and anneThe Firework-Maker's Daughter: Songbird

7th July 2014:
Isobel! I am finally here to give a review :D

I must admit that I am very impressed that you are writing in second person, I have never tried it, I'm too worried about it haha. But you've achieved it very well. Especially that you're doing it from the view point of an animal, that is absolutely brilliant. I love the fact that the Fwooper has a voice, and how she feels about Roxanne. As well as being quite a humble Fwooper. :P

I love how you wrote Roxanne, she's so much like how I imagine Angelina, in being argumentative and it's great that she was standing up for the rights of the Fwooper.

And she is so much like her father and Fred, especially with her sneaking into the shop to free the Fwooper.

This was such a sweet and beautiful chapter, I love how much Roxanne loved the Fwooper and felt sorry for her enough to want to come back and help. I like to imagine that the Fwooper is out there, enjoying being able to sing and possibly finding her babies.
A Brilliant chapter!

House Cup 2014 review - Slytherin

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Review #43, by alicia and anneJust a Little: Just a Little

20th June 2014:
Words cannot describe how much I absolutely love when James and Lily are locked in a cupboard, or when she's angry with him. I just know that I'm going to love this so much!!

I love that James has imagined being locked in a broom cupboard with Lily. :P

Haha yes! I knew that one of the Marauders had to be involved in this and of course it was Sirius. :D

Haha I love that her face is a fetching shade of I'm-going-to-kill-you-Potter. :D Haha that must be quite angry!

And he's just there thinking about how to get her to think his IQ is high! Brilliant!

Ahhh! He's thinking of marriage and naming their son Harry because of a Muggle magician! That's hilarious!!

Poor Sirius, being attacked by Lily, but he totally deserved it.

Awww Sirius didn't know that they snogged the night before, no wonder he looked like a jilted boyfriend.

I can honestly say that I wasn't expecting that ending. I thought that they were just on a prefect round. I'm so happy that they went on a date though. :D

Another brilliant one shot!

Author's Response: Ah! Another lover of cliches! I just adore writing James and Lily in all these over-used situations! There's a reason why they're so popular - broom cupboards bring people together!

James is so head-over-heels in love, I'm amazed he can't see his shoes as he's tumbling down!

And who else but Sirius would come up with such a ridiculous plan? ;P

Lily is so angry! And all he wants is for her to think he's intelligent!

James needs to control his daydreams, but it is rather cute, isn't it? :P

Sirius always deserves being attacked - he does very silly things, even though he only ever has the best of intentions!

And I loved writing Sirius and James' relationship like that! I feel as if their epic bromance would not allow anything less.

Yes! An actual date! Even I was happy! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Your reviews have made my day :D

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Review #44, by alicia and anneEvery Song Must End: Bitter...

20th June 2014:
Hello! I am here for your reviews! I'm pretty excited about reading your stories, especially that Sirius one I've spied at the top of your page. (I absolutely adore Sirius stories. :D)

Anyways, on to this amazing one shot. And it was that, amazing.

I really liked how you got so many feelings across in so little words and with no dialogue as well! I'm so impressed, I might have to try that one day. And maybe do your personal challenge of no apostrophes, Athough I'm not sure if I could do it...

I felt quite sorry for Draco and the way that he described himself as bitter was quite a nice touch. He is bitter and he has plenty of reason to be, but I'm glad that Astoria was there to heal his soul, and that he wanted her too.

You used the Doctor Who quote fantastically, it fit into the story very well I think. In fact, I liked all of the last sentences of the paragraphs.

This was brilliant. :D

Author's Response: Hello! *waves* I'm pretty excited about reading your stuff too! Fair warning on Sirius - it's my first fic, so it's understandably an exercise of patience!

I'm so happy you liked it! I definitely recommend trying to not write with dialogue, especially if it's something on which you rely heavily. It's an oddly liberating experience, letting go of your writing crutches! Avoiding apostrophes is much harder though. I never though of punctuation as being particularly tenacious until I wrote this piece :P

I loved writing Draco this way. It's as if the war gave him clarity on the kind of person he is - and he doesn't like that person at all. There's a lot of self-loathing there, which I think is why he's so drawn to Astoria. She accepts him as he is.

That Doctor Who quote was literally the best thing that could have happened to my writing. I feel as if after writing this piece, I've become a much better writer! Thank goodness for the Ood!

Thank you for your wonderful review :)

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Review #45, by alicia and anneReasons to Smile: Alexa: When Ultimatums are Made

12th June 2014:

This was still a really sad chapter :( I felt so sorry for Alexa having that dream in the beginning, if only Albus was there to make everything better for her. :( Stupid Albus!

Ahhh AJ! :D That's made up for the sadness. I can't stop grinning! He needs to live with Theo in Albus's old room. :D

Heheh talking about Theo yay! He's there! Even if it's all still very tense between him and Alexa, I just want them to get their argument out of the way so that they can get back to talking. I also want Kieron back, I miss him too :( The Notts really need to sort themselves out :P As do Albus and Alexa.

Although I totally understand why Alexa has just given up. I feel sorry for her.

Albus and Alexa need to work on their marriage, *puts them both into a cupboard so that they can work on their marriage and no avoid/ignore each other*

Brilliant chapter Sam! I can't wait for more! :D

Hopefully the next one doesn't make me cry :P

Author's Response: Albus is a silly billy. But don't sorry, he's coming.


They do. They all need to sort themselves out. But for some reason, they're just not ready to listen to me.

Thank you for leaving a review!


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Review #46, by alicia and anneWendy's story (Prev. Destined): Missing

11th June 2014:
No!! oh no that was so sad! :( Poor Bell and Poor Wendy and poor Angie! And I can't believe that's how Belle met her father.

I wonder how she's going to cope now, having to look after Bell. I can't wait to see how this develops :D

Fantastic work :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!I know its sad, but after the funeral (next chapter) Hopefully things can get happier!:D. I really didn't expect it either, as I write on this website and usually just come up with it as I go, but I definitely had to pause and think about what was to happen. I've started this next chapter on paper for once! Thanks for the review! Have a great day!-HSC

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Review #47, by alicia and anneNever Forgive, Never Forget: Never Forgive, Never Forget

4th June 2014:
Oh wow, that was utterly amazing! Superbly fantastic.

Throughout reading that chapter, I kept wanting to punch the air and go "YES NEVILLE! YOU TELL IT LIKE IT IS! SNAPE WAS A SWINE!"

Gah, I feel so bad for Neville having received that letter, but I loved his reaction. Of course he was going to react like that, who wouldn't? Harry didn't really take into consideration all of the horrible things that Snape done, to not only Neville, but those around him.

Oh Harry, why did you send that letter? I hope he feels bad for Nevilles silence.

Overall this was so fantastic, I loved it so much!

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Review #48, by alicia and anneWho said Marriages are made in Heaven?: Doomsday

29th May 2014:
I can't believe that this is the end!

This has been my favourite story for so long and it's so entertaining that I can't help but read it over and over again. It's brilliantly written and it's such an awesome idea!

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Review #49, by alicia and anneWho said Marriages are made in Heaven?: Apparation Aggravation

29th May 2014:
I still can't believe that she kissed him! Although she can't believe it either! She clearly wants it to happen again.

She finally moved into his house though, it's all moving so quickly. Before she knows it the wedding will be here!

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Review #50, by alicia and anneWho said Marriages are made in Heaven?: Party Pains Part 2

29th May 2014:
That tattoo and the fact that they were caught crawling through the ducts were hilarious! And I loved Blaise's cover story!

Although it's sad that Amore heard what her father and the other death eaters were up to, but at least Regulus was there to comfort her and *gasp* be nice!

Brilliant! :D

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