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Review #26, by alicia and annePride and Scorpius: Rose Gets Settled In.

23rd May 2016:
Your paintings are so amazing! I am in awe of them, they're so beautiful!

I love that Ron is telling Rose stories about his time at Hogwarts, I was worried that he wouldn't want her to know about the horrors that he faced, but it's good to know that she knows. It's sweet that she asks to hear specific ones :D I bet Ron loves telling her.

Uh-oh! I have a feeling that Rose is going to be rethinking those thoughts she has of Scorpius one day. :P Just wait Rose! You may one day full victim to the Malfoy charm!

Aw Dawnsfirstbloom! I want to hug her! She's so happy and she deserves to be! I'm so glad that she has Rose there to help her through it all and to support her. She's going to need it I think.

I love that James has a scrapbook of cuttings from the paper :D I would totally do the same though haha

That spell sounds amazing! I want it for myself!

Another brilliant chapter! I've missed reading this story and I really need to start catching up on it. :D

Author's Response: Hi there, I am a bi late in responding to this review, but as the time lengthened, you will see why I put it off.

Thanks for the praise of the paintings, I do try to make them relevant. I had such a clear idea as to what the Rose Reader would look like and knew that a picture would make the paltry description - 'a stylised rose' - come alive. And I was very happy with the result.

I was always telling bed time stories to my daughter. I'd make up my own, but base them upon things that I knew or movies or stuff. I remember one that went on for weeks and featured my daughter walking through OZ just after Dorothy had been there, discovering things that she had missed. For instance, the tin woodsman may have been gone from his cottage in the forest, but the smoke from the chimney came, not from a fire (what would someone made of tin need a fire for?), but from a Dragon trapped inside. That sort of stuff. If you have read my short story - A Story For Bedtime - then you will know how Ron weaves his fairy tales from out of the truth of the adventures he and Harry and Hermione faced.

Rose very well may rethink her thoughts of Scorpius one day, but that's not really the problem. She doesn't really know what this feeling is that she has around him, and because it's unknown and strange, she stamps on it and reacts to it with anger. Once she actually works out what it is, then it is Malfoy who better watch out.

I like Dawnsfirstbloom. She is there largely as a foil and a companion to Rose, but she does have a life of her own. I am currently writing a lot about her at the moment - when she returns to her home tunnels after the end of the school year. She will need Rose's help, but so too will Rose need her. It is a friendship meant to last.

It just seemed to me to be so like my idea of James to do so. Out of the Potter kids, he has been the one in the spotlight the longest - not just because he's the oldest, but also because he was the first. Can you imagine the Witch Weekly - it'd be like a royal baby to them, 'First Potter Baby'. They would have a field day. We shall see in the future if James has any problems with the fame and attention, but he is the most media savvy of the Potter kids - and that has story consequences all it's own.

Don't you want a Rose Reader, I know I do. It is one of those things that you don't know you want till you know it exists.

Well I hope you do come back, as the story marches on, and I am keeping to my schedule of one chapter a month by the end of the month. As of this response, the work as a whole has had 10,021 views (can you see why I waited, but it clicked over extra over night), and this chapter has had 759; thank you all.

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Review #27, by alicia and anneFaith, Trust, and Crystal Balls: Step Two

23rd May 2016:
I love how you've described the shop, I can picture it so vividly in my head and can almost imagine myself in there. :D

Poor Sybill, I can understand why she would be so nervous before opening. I would be too!

It's so exciting that the shop is going to be opening! I hope that it's a success, she deserves it.


I'm seriously so excited! I feel like I'm opening the shop! haha

I wonder if Sybill will hire me?

Awww yay they had a lot of customers! That's so good! I'm so happy for her! :D

:O SHE SHOULD HIRE HUNKY WILLIAMSON... I mean Eddie Williamson. :D

AHHH! What did she see in her crystal ball?

Another wonderful chapter! :D I can't wait to read more! I hope that the shop goes from strength to strength and she hires Eddie. :D

Author's Response: This was such a fun chapter to write because this fic is so different from the other stories I've written in the past. It's a much more original fic than I'm used to so it was a bit of a challenge, actually, to come up with a proper plotline that seemed reasonable with what we know canonically about Sybill Trelawney and how she's perceived in the canonverse. Having her go out on her own and set up her own shop just felt right to me, and seemed like a logical pathway for her to get the job at Hogwarts after a few years.

Eddie will definitely be playing a role in the coming chapters, don't you worry! :P My only concern with this story is having enough detail while also keeping the plot moving so we can see how Sybill transitions from a recent Hogwarts grad to shop owner to teacher at Hogwarts. I'm hoping to come back to this story soon, once I've gotten my novel under control and back to new chapters!

Thanks for the lovely review :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #28, by alicia and anneRed Red Rose : Show Off

23rd May 2016:
It's just exciting news all around :D I am loving it!

I hope that the band gets a good response, I love fics that have bands in it. Especially ones that contain Albus. :D

I think that Harry and Hermione should be teachers permanently, I think that Harry would be a lot happier doing that instead of being an Auror.

Look at Lee being all kinds of awesome! I can imagine him being some sort of rockstar/presenter/DJ, it would fit him so well being in the entertainment industry.

Awww I'm so glad that they're going to support them in their dream, and that Draco seems to be the most encouraging of them all. :D

Haha this was so funny and such a wonderful read. :D

Author's Response: Hi, Tammi! Thank you for coming back again.

Hmm it may be a good idea to set Harry as a permanent DA teacher at Hogwarts.

Talking of the entertainment industory, we can write more about the wizarding world music scene.

I wonder if it was a right thing that I set Draco as the most encouraging parent among them. Harry should be, but I think he had been too busy to notice what they had been up to.
I might rewrite this fic and add more chapters.


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Review #29, by alicia and anneRed Red Rose : A Slytherin in the Gryffindor CR.

23rd May 2016:
So much slapping from Hugo to Scorpius... if I was any kind of person who ships those two together (which I totally am) I would ship them just from that moment.

But that's probably just me wanting Hugo/Scorpius all the time. anyways! Back to the story! :D

I wonder what's making them want to write a hit song? Are they all in a band together?

:O No! My Scorpius/Hugo dreams (that only I had) have been shattered because of Scorpius/Rose :P They're still cute together with their kissing and that.

He has a lute? This is brilliant! :D

And I hope that Hugo finds his cards soon.

I'm so excited to read the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Hi, Tammi! You are a super woman. You read and review so fast. I really respect you.

My next generation head cannon has just been created. I know there left so many spaces to be filled in. I wish I could write my thought faster. I'd like to know how you manage to produce so many chapters so fast. I'm very slow to write descriptions.

I think reading your stories will give me some hints.

Do you like Scorp playing the lute? I may continue this story. My head cannon Hugo is just like Ron who is good at playing chess.


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Review #30, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: XI.

23rd May 2016:
I can't believe that this is the end! It's come so far already and so many things have happened, and I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!

Will she ever like anyone? Haha

I wonder if the wedding witll actually go ahead? If this will have a happy ending?


I have no words for what I'm feeling at the end of this. It's just so brilliant and so well thought out and I just love this so much! It's definitely going to stay in my mind for quite some time and I'm definitely going to have to go back and reread it all again so carefully.

Thank you for such an interesting story!

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Review #31, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: X.

23rd May 2016:
Huh, that's a weird ice cream flavour... I wouldn't eat it either, but I'm not a fan of blackcurrant haha.

Oh wow, I wonder if Eugenie is going to accept the proposal? Especially after her track record with everything and everyone.

Wow, Albus told her first. I wonder if he done that to spare Phil or because in some sort of way he wanted her to turn Phil down and be with him?

Although good on Albus for telling her straight that she can't treat people the way that she has been.

:O she said yes? :O

Gah! Just one more chapter left and I don't know if I can handle it!

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Review #32, by alicia and anneHome, Suite Home: Home, Suite Home

23rd May 2016:
Oh that's not good, Hermione yelling isn't going to be followed by anything fun.

Although I love that Luna is in a box, it's just so hilariously Luna :D It's brilliant!

I think that Luna would be the best roommate ever! I'm jealous that I don't have a cardboard box myself that I can hide in and pretend that I have a house. I may have to acquire one.

Awww it makes me so sad that Luna's dad did't survive Azkaban :(

:O They've never had pizza?! This is madness!

I love how they've all settled in for the night, and that they've sorted out where to sleep.

You done a wonderful job at capturing their personalities and I thoroughly enjoyed this! :D I hope that you continue this onto their adventures, I would love to see more of Luna and her box village. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I plan to continue Home Suite Home after I finish The Grand Scheme of Things :D

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Review #33, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: IX.

23rd May 2016:
Oh I'm so excited if this is a pivotal chapter! :D

Oh no! Amabel why? I'm so angry at her for telling him no :( Why devote that much to someone only to turn them down. I just want Albus to find love and happiness.

:O oh my god yes! she is like Amabel! That's why she didn't like her! It all makes sense now!

Huh, maybe there isn't anything between them and I've been kidding myself in thinking that there should be after all these years? Thinking about it they're not that great for each other, and if they barely liked each oter as friends, how would they ever work in a relationship?

I don't know what to think anymore! This story is so intriguing, because I have absolutely no idea how it's going to end and it's frustratingly fantastic! It's brilliant! You've done an amazing job on this.

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Review #34, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: VIII.

23rd May 2016:
It doesn't surprise me either, especially after that last chapter ending. Huh, I'm surprised it took so long as well after hearing what kind of things he was into.

Awww Amabel sounds like a lovely woman, and I hope that she's good for Albus. :D He deserves it.

I love how much they're flirting with each other! It's so adorable! I'm shipping them so much :D

Eugenie is sometimes not a nice person :( Amabel seems lovely, why wouldn't anyone want to double date with them?

Huh. learning a lot more about her, and it's all just so interesting. I can't wait for more.

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Review #35, by alicia and anneThe Hogwarts Times: The Hogwarts Times

23rd May 2016:
Awww yay! A Slytherin story! I love reading them (as an ex-Slytherin myself) They have a soft spot in my heart definitely.

I love the idea of them having their own paper, and I think that Hogwarts definitely needs it's own gossip magazine. I would totally read it!

Oooo I love the idea of Rita having a notebook full of gossip, it's kind of like mean girls in a way. :D I love it!

Ah! Dolores was involved! I should have expected this from her and Rita Skeeter.

I absolutely love that she wants to use the article they wrote years ago to get Dumbledore taken down a peg or two.

I really enjoyed reading this! It was so much fun :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this, thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #36, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: VII.

23rd May 2016:
A lot of years go on between them not seeing each other or talking, and I think it's nice that no matter how much time has passed that they eventually come back to the other. Even if there's some distrust from them, towards the other. I wonder where Scorpius is, and if they still see him?

Napoleon seems positively evil, much like my cat. I love him and I'm sad that he's dead, I hope that it wasn't murder.

At least it wasn't murder, that's good. :D

On to the next chapter!!

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Review #37, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: VI.

23rd May 2016:
I am wondering what is going on in your heads Albus! I want you both to get together!

I love how you're going back and taking things that you've said in earlier chapters and using it in later ones. I love how it's kind of like going in circles but going forward at the same time. It shows that they haven't changed too much really, they've just gotten older.

Oh no, this isn't good at all! She's being followed by some creepy man that I hope Albus makes go away. He's some sort of weird stalker and I'm glad that he was caught.

:O IT was her JILTED LOVER?! AHHH plot twist alert! I wasn't expecting that and I love it!

I'm not sure if I want her to get together with him if she's acting this way :S I don't want Albus caught in a trap like that. :S

On to the next chapter! I don't know what's going to happen next and I am so excited!

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Review #38, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: V.

23rd May 2016:
Oh man! I was expecting it to happen in France! curses! Curses indeed.

two and a half years? That's such a long time!

I'm glad that she got a job and an amazing oppourtunity like that, and I like that she came back to see him. :D

Oh Albus is jealous! I can tell by those questions!

:O Oh no! this other chappie asked her to marry him? Doesn't this guy know that her and Albus are destined to be?

Gah! I need more! On to the next chapter! :D

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Review #39, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: IV.

23rd May 2016:
Wow that's quite a long time, go them. I'm glad that they broke up amicable enough that they can be in the same room as each other. Thats good.

I'm glad that it was the three of them that lasted in the friendship, although I can't help but wonder what caused Rose to do all of that?

Oh, they're going on holiday together if she agrees? That is certain to spark some romance :D I wonder if Albus meant it as a date kinda thing, or just a friend thing?

Still obsessed with royalty stuff, I love that :D

Awww yay! :D Another cute chapter! On to the next one. I can't wait to see what awaits these two :D

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Review #40, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: III.

23rd May 2016:
I'm really enjoying how this is a slow build over the years, with them getting to know each other as well as including all of their friends and how those relationships develop as well.

Look at Albus with a girlfriend! So cute! :D

Haha Albus reading his book upside down because he was pretending to listen.

Oh! Rose! How could you? I wonder why Eugenie cares though? Does she like Scorpius? :O

Oh wow, he picked Scorpius over Rose? I have a feeling that isn't going to go over too well.

onwards to the next chapter! This is getting so good :D

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Review #41, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: II.

23rd May 2016:
They're so obsessed with royalty :P of course they would have a story about princesses and dragons haha.

They're all so cute telling stories to each other, I love how they're all involved in it and trying to put their own spins on things. :D

I love how they managed to get themselves out of the story pickle and still keep true to the story, well done them!

Such a sweet and short chapter :D Onwards to the next one.

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Review #42, by alicia and anneThe Quidditch Boot Camp for Troubled Teens: Team-Building

23rd May 2016:
Aw you nominated this chapter to me! :D This makes me so happy and I'm sorry it took me a while to get here. Your story definitely deserved to be nominated, it's so amazing.

Oh no! That's not a good beginning. It's scary!

They have to share a tent? They're just getting more and more punished as the story goes on. Have they all got to share the one tent?

That's alright then, can you imagine it if was just this tiny two person tent? Hahaha That's a funny image of them all huddled up with one tiny blanket and one pillow :D

I'm going to decide with not a friend, but most defnitely not a foe... a foend... froe?

I reckon that they're going to have this morning routine everyday :D Just like a couple.

This is the best game ever! I can't wait for so many secrets to come out, I would ask questions just so they would have to tell them. Mwahahaha

Ouch! That is not a good ending! This hasn't gone well for her at all!

Another wonderful chapter, hun! I can't wait for more. This story just brings so much happiness to me and I can't stop smiling everytime I read it. :D

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Review #43, by alicia and anneNapoleon's Complex: I.

23rd May 2016:
This is a hilarious beginning to this story, and I love that the first time they meet eat other they're getting the other to call them by silly royal names. :D It's brilliant!

I would love to have a cat like that! I think that they're so cute, especially when they wear those little jumpers. :D

I love how they're getting to know each other randomly, with him hearing random facts about her. In my honest opinion I think that's the best way to get to know someone. :D

I also love that Albus likes things put into pairs.

I can't wait to read more of this!

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Review #44, by alicia and anneThe Voice: The Voice

23rd May 2016:
This was quite a scary and worrying one shot, I really felt for her and the way that the voices were affecting her. And her actions and paranoia getting worse over the short one shot made me feel for her, how she was slowly getting worse and worse.

You've done a superb job at doing this, and I'm so impressed with how well you've written this.

And wow what a powerful ending!

I am just in awe at the end of this. I have no words!

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Review #45, by alicia and anneThe Quidditch Boot Camp for Troubled Teens: Team-Bickering

23rd May 2016:
I am back! Because this story is amazing and I love it! :D



I'm glad that they managed to work together to get out of it though. Look at that team work! They can achieve it :D

To be fair, I would have lunged at James too.

oh! Who is this boy in yellow? I gots ta know!

I love yellows name :D IT's brilliant! hahahah I would be uneasy about him as well :S

Okay all of those names are brilliant! They're so hilarious and I love it!

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Review #46, by alicia and anneLetters of Love: With Love

23rd May 2016:
Aw Ron and Hermione are adorable! I love him telling her that he is always going to be there for her no matter what. No matter what time, or wherever he is. :D

Awww are those letters? Oh that's so sweet! I love that they sent each other letters of love! They're so cute aren't they? :D They bring me joy!

I love that Lorcan asked Ron first for Rose's hand in marriage, such a gentleman!

This was really sweet! I loved this :D I have such Ron and Hermione feels now.

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Review #47, by alicia and annealways: me and you

23rd May 2016:
At the beginning I really didn't know who this could be, I tried to think but it could have been just about anyone. I loved how it fit so well with quite a few characters. Could it be Severus? Could it be Lily? Sirius? James? Peter?

Ahhh it's Severus! I should have know!

Wow, this was so well written, and you've done such a good job at describing a friendship that quite possibly shouldn't have been but worked for the moment. How he still cared even if there were times that Lily didn't, or vice-versa.

Brilliant! :D

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you and a massive CONGRATULATIONS on achieving your goal! I am so proud of you! ♥

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Review #48, by alicia and anneSacrifice: Sacrifice

23rd May 2016:
This was such a sad one shot, so devastating and heartbreaking.

You've done a phenomenal job at portraying her love for Harry, her fear at the situation, her heartbreak at being betrayed, all in 500 words. That is an amazing achievement and I'm in awe of your writing.

You got the emotion over so well in such few words, using the descriptions of drums had such a brilliant impact and I love that you used that.

Fantastic (yet so sad) one shot.

Keep up the fantastic work!

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Review #49, by alicia and anneFirewhiskey and Dragonbreath Shots: Firewhiskey and Dragonbreath Shots

23rd May 2016:
Oh Sirius! Teasing Lily already!

I wouldn't trust Sirius to pour me a drink if I was Lily, though, I would be wary of what he's done to it.

Lily does not seem happy tonight, I wonder why? Oh no, I would end up there too if I had an evening like hers.

Uh-oh I think that Lily is a little jealous of the attention that James is getting from that lady.

I can see that there is going to be exciting times with all of this drinking that's happening! :D

Oh no! That girls boyfriend is there! Oh no James, deny being involved!

Oh James! OUch! That punch sounded painful. ANd yes! Go Lily defending him!

That line was smooth and so romantic! James is still so hung up on her and I love it.

Oh no! It can't end like that with James being so sad that she's denying they should be together. :(

Fantastically written! And so hot! I love this!

Author's Response: Tammi!

First off, you are just splendid for doing this! I swear!! 100 reviews in over 22 hours, just marvelous :O

Secondly, AW... I just loved your reactions to the story as you were reading it. Haha... James had to take that nasty punch for all his cockiness, he really did!

And Lily's jealousy, always a wonder to see. I have a weakness for Jealous!Lily

I'm Glad you enjoyed this you amazing you!!


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Review #50, by alicia and anneLike a Multiverse on Fire: Crush

23rd May 2016:
For a second I thought that it was Sirius that she noticed, because his hair is beautiful and poetry could, and probably has, been written about it.

Who is this golden haired adonis? I am intrigued now. For many things... the main one is Sirius' reaction to it. Although I do really want to know who this guy is.


James definitely has stalker tendencies that he should work on... IMPROVING! BECAUSE THIS IS AMAZING STUFF! STALK AWAY JAMES! IT'S BRINGING ME JOY!

Look at James having good ideas! That boy has grown! I'm so proud! :D

This chapter is full of staring contests! I love how similar they all are without even knowing it.

Ooooh not Gilderoy, but a Scamander. :D This is good!

I love Frank!

I agree though, it's all very pineapple.

Another wonderful chapter! This story is so hilarious and I love it so much!

Author's Response: One could definitely write poetry about Sirius' hair - I myself, may or may not have... :P

We all know Sirius' reaction right? "Why don't nice things happen to nice people?!?"

Haha! I think everyone enjoys James' stalking - with the exception of Lily and Sirius. And he's just full of them good ideas.

I also love Frank.

And pineapples. I also love pineapples.

Thanks for the lovely review!

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