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Review #26, by alicia and anneStar-Crossed : Party

15th February 2016:
Oh, now this is a very interesting story idea! I love the summary so much :D And especially because this is a story about Argus, that's a very rare character to read about!

I love that he is running! All I can picture is that run he does in Goblet of Fire and now I'm just laughing as I picture it. :D

Aw he only has one friend? :( This makes me so sad, I wonder why his dad thinks that they're dangerous?

I love that he's sneaking out! You deserve happiness Argus!

OMG! OMG OMG OMG!!! NORRIS! AHHH! AH! OMG! *calm down Tammi, you need to read the rest of this, stop getting so excited about a name.*

This was a brilliant first chapter! I'm so excited about this story and I can't wait to read more! It's wonderful!

Author's Response: Ha ha now I have the image of him running in my head!

Aw thank you so much for this review, I'm so happy you're enjoying it!

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Review #27, by alicia and anneBreathe: iii. Trapped

15th February 2016:
Poor Sirius, being forced to spend time at Grimmauld place. I would hate it too :(
Oh no :( I hope that he doesn't go through too much with them around *hugs him so tightly* I wish that I could protect him from harm.

NO! She can't cut the lucious locks! Curse you Walburga! His hair is as famous as he is! She needs a good hexing!

I can tell that something is going to happen at this party :( I'm so scared! I love that Regulus was trying to talk to him though, that was nice and showed that he cares for him.

I absolutely love your Sirius so much! I can't wait to read more of this, it's such a great story!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi! So sorry it took me so long to respond to this :(

LOL, Walburga needs a good hexing for many reasons. She's truly the worst.

It makes me so happy that you love my Sirius! I hope I'll see you back soon to see what happens to him next :)

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #28, by alicia and anneDobby: The Paid Elf: Dobby: The Paid Elf

14th February 2016:
I'm so glad that Dobby had something to look forward to once he became free from the Malfoys. They didn't deserve him at all!

Aw the way that he's talking about his new family is just bringing such joy in my life. Although, I'm a little sad that he doesn't seem to have anywhere else to go right now :(

I'm so glad that Dumbledore found him though, and told him not to bow. He was a great man at times, especially offering Dobby a job at Hogwarts.

Gah! You are so talented at writing such sweet and lovely one shots that just feel me with fluffyness :D I can't stop smiling everytime I read your work!

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Review #29, by alicia and anneBonded For Life : Bonded For Life

14th February 2016:
James is just so adorkable! I want to pinch his cheeks because he's so cute! I love how you wrote him, he's exactly how I imagined he would be during his wedding to Lily.

And the marauders reactions were priceless! I just can't stop smiling at them all! They're just so happy and I love it!

Wait, each sentence started with a different letter of the alphabet, oh wow that flowed so well! I am so impressed right now. I'm going to have to read this again haha :D

This was brilliant and oh so cute! I absolutely loved and adored it!

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Review #30, by alicia and anneLife Was Meant to Be Easy Now: Back to Hogwarts

14th February 2016:
I am back!! :D

I wonder how going back to school will be for them, I reckon there will be a lot of gossip about them, especially if they're the new hot topic at Hogwarts.

I love how different the two Potter Boys are, they're like polar opposites on how they would react to certain situations.

I love how Albus just keeps telling everyone that Scorpius' family are nice and they're all surprised haha :D

I really like Scorpius' friends, especially their names! I love how Albus was the one that came up with a way that Jupiter can write to that girl, so sweet!

Oh no! they're arguing and I don't want them too :( and now he's walked out of the classroom!

At least they're talking now and I'm glad that Albus apologised. I don't like when those two aren't talking to each other *hugs them both*

Another wonderful chapter! I'm so excited that we agreed to do this swap and I got to read it :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Jupiter and Dorinda! I'm quite fond of them too, especially Dorinda. But I like Jupiter's name too. Names are normally not easy to decide on in my opinion...

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Review #31, by alicia and anneLife Was Meant to Be Easy Now: Embarrassing Moments

13th February 2016:
Awww they continue being so adorable! :D

They must have been tired if they slept till tea time, poor sleepy boys. I love how Scorpius is all embarrassed and Ginny doesn't seem to mind at all and is cool as a cucumber! :D She's brilliant!

I'm glad that James apologised again, that was nice of him. and I love that you've made it so that Albus doesn't like Quidditch and would rather sleep then play a game with his family. Although it was good for Scorpius to bond with them.

It must be really weird to be surrounded by all these people when he's used to having a house so empty, no wonder he's feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Can those two be anything other than cute? They make me smile so much with how adorable they are with each other. I just want to read them being all fluffy and cute all the time!

Another fantastic chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again! Yep, Ginny is cool! I think she remembers being a teenager herself...

Can those two be anything other than cute? YES! Actually you'll get to see a lot other things than them being cute later on. :(

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Review #32, by alicia and anneLife Was Meant to Be Easy Now: A Brand New Year

13th February 2016:

I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to get to this, but I'm here now! (Quickly writing a few before my pizza arrives)

I'm so excited to continue reading this because I absolutely loved the first chapter.

I love how you've included the small moment of James playing with his girlfriends hair, it was quite adorable.

Oh no, I'm not sure I'm liking the way that Jennifers friend looked at them and the way that Colin is muttering things. I hope that they don't cause too much trouble for him.

Oh no! James what have you done? Why did you have to say that out loud and make Albus walk off? I hope that they can sort it out :S

I like how you've included some tenseness between them, and how Albus reacts to jokes. Although I want to shake James for having said that and upseting his brother.

I can't wait to see what else you have in store for these two! I love how you write them :D

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to this!

I'm glad you like my story so far! I've started reading yours too, but it seems like it takes time for me to actually review... Please be patient with me! :)


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Review #33, by alicia and anneA Tale of Star-Crossed Lovers: In Which the Rest of the Story Is Revealed

13th February 2016:
Hello!!! I am finally here! Sorry about the wait.

I'm finally finishing reading this one, woo!

I can really picture just how glamourous this castle is and I'm jealous that I do not in fact have a castle.

I'm sorry but your princess is in another castle. That just totally popped into my head when they couldn't find her that wednesday haha.

Oh no! I hope that Dave was found! I'm worried about him being lost forever.


THIS WAS SO AMAZING! I absolutely loved it!!! I hope that you want to write more like this one day!

You really made the characters stand out and I couldn't stop laughing throughout this entire chapter. I'm still laughing now thinking about how Ron would totally carry a fridge around with him so that he's never going hungry.

You are so talented at writing parodies. I love it so much!

Author's Response: No worries - timeliness is never a thing that concerns me :P

Sigh, yeah, don't we all want a castle. :D Hahaha love it XD I've definitely played a few games of hide-and-seek in my youth where I hid too well and, without my knowing, people gave up the game rather than finding me, so Eloise has it pretty well where she can pass the time by exploring castles at least!

Haha :P Dave was fine. He phoned Genghis Khan's Emergency Yurt Service.

You're in luck - Auror's Kitchen IS real :P Technically it's called Death Eater's Kitchen, it's a bit farther down on my AP, the one with the really goofy banner of quiche. :P I hope you enjoy :D

Ron would totally carry a fridge with him, haha. (I bet he's mad jealous of Hermione's beaded bag.) The fridge thing came about because of all the times I've seen something mentioned in fic about "Then I shrank my textbooks/owl/entire school trunk/other cumbersome large noun, and easily put it in my pocket because magic." So yeah, pocket fridge! (I want one.)

Wah, thank you *hugs Tammi* Thanks for a wonderful review!

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Review #34, by alicia and anneIt's Not Over: Childhood Years

13th February 2016:
They seem like a terrifying family! I'm scared for Bess and I want her to get out and not have to go to the camp :( at least she made a nice friend, can't wait for more!

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Review #35, by alicia and anneIt's Not Over: Prologue

13th February 2016:
Oh this is a very exciting start to the story, I love the way that you set up the introduction to the MC I can't wait to find out more about her, she's so intriguing especially with this deal she made.

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Review #36, by alicia and anneThe Twelve Days of Christmas: Roxanne

12th February 2016:
I am here!! Sorry about the wait for this review.

I absolutely love stories abotu Roxanne, and I'm sad that there's not more out there of her.

Oh Angelina, wanting to set her daughter up with someone, I hope that it goes well.

Awww that's adorable that they went for the photo with santa! And the date itself just sounds so adorable and sweet.

I love that they're known at the restaurant that they've gone to. :D They're just so adorable! Especially the way that they talk with each other.

OMG!!! THIS WAS SO ADORABLE! I CAN'T STOP SMILING Especially because he wants to marry her even though she looked like that at 13 haha :P

This was so lovely!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

Thanks so much for the review! I'm so happy you liked this. There isn't that much out there about Roxanne, so I was pretty excited to write this.

Eeep, I'm so glad that this made you so happy!! I love fluff so much. Which is why I've written so much of it. Proposals are great. Awkward teenage phases are better.


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Review #37, by alicia and anneTaming the Dragon Tamer: [three]

12th February 2016:
Hello my lovely! I decided to carry on with this story because I love it so much!

Ahhh! They've slept together and that makes me so happy! :D I can't stop grinning!

No, Charlie, make this become more than a one night stand! LOVE HIM!

I love the background information on Chris and what school he went to, that was a really lovely touch. It's good to see that Salem is all one floor. I can't see how Hogwarts would have been able to fit a wheelchair in, but I'm sad that they didn't work out a compromise.

I really hope that it's not too awkward between them both. I want them to be together forever!


Gah, I need more of this utterly fabulous work!

Author's Response: I love how this chapter always tears the readers apart. at first everyone is really happy because Charlie and Chris, together, a whole night... but then Charlie is acting like an idiot again and messes everything up and makes me laugh while he does it. But you'll have to continue reading, because those two can't stay away from each other for long, no matter how hard they try.

Thanks for the review
♥ Anja

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Review #38, by alicia and anneRise of the Phoenix: Tooth and Claw

12th February 2016:
Ahhh, it's so tense, I hope that she can get out of this before Fenrir hurts her :/

Oh he is creepy, you've done a really amazing job at getting that across. I could only imagine what she was feeling whilst he was doing that.

You've written Fenrir amazingly terrifying. I wouldn't want to mess with him.

Omg omg omg they're fighting and I have no idea how she's going to get out of this alive! *hides behind my hands*


NO! HOw could you leve this chapter here? Ahhh that fight was terrifying! So action packed and omg I was so scared that he was going to kill her.

Another fabulous job! Seriously, so well written, I just. there are no words! You're fantastic!

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the awesome feedback. I am glad you were able to get into what was happening on the page. I am going to write a review of chapter two of your story tonight, it's always brilliant to swap with you :)

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Review #39, by alicia and anneBetween Takes: Episode 1: Location, Location

10th February 2016:
Ah!!! It's here!! It's finally here!!! I am so excited!

And I've totallytrying for first review!

This was epic! The best way to start the story! Come on Scorpy you know you're going to have so much fun there! I can't wait for the texts, snapchats (if they have that, can't remember if we said they did) tweets instagrams!! . I feel like I should make you chapter images of Instagram posts.

I can't wait to read more!!

So excited about finally reading this story! Love you so much!

Author's Response: It's here it's here it's here!!! all thanks to you! (and your dad :p )

hahah, you succeeded!

YAY! omg I'm so glad you like it and you don't even know how much I appreciate all of your support through this.

We should definitely talk about chapter images tomorrow. I have ideas. I am a failure at picking face claims (literally anyone but Logan Leerman or whatever his name is for albus, pls)

love you lots!

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Review #40, by alicia and anneLet Not the Silence Break: Let Not the Silence Break

8th February 2016:
I am so envious of the beautiful way that you craft words and descriptions until they form such breathtaking stories. You've done a really amazing job, especially in not using any dialogue, I would struggle so hard with that.

I just wanted to cry through this all. You've written the sadness and emotion in this so incredibly well and I'm yearning to help them and protect them.

Oh no! I'm so scared of what's about to happen and I can already tell that this is going to kill me. I want to cry! How could you do this to me? *sobs*

Please save them, I am begging you. Don't kill one of them :( This is destroying me and yet I can't stop reading. Why are you doing this to me?

Thank god you didn't kill them, but now they shall always be in silence and they can't because thy're the twins *sobs*

This was so heartbreaking but you done such an amazing job! I'm so impressed and proud of you!

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Review #41, by alicia and anneBetween You and Me: Between You and Me

8th February 2016:
:O Oh wow, I'm worried about what's been happening there, but I'm glad that Seamus and Michael are there to help the students.

I'm so glad that they all fought back and that they're doing everything they can to help fight against the death eaters.

I want to cry at how much his face has been hurt. :( Poor Seamus, I'm so glad that Ginny is there to hug him because I can't.

You've done an absolutely wonderful job at writing her pain and fear at everything that's happening at the school and with Seamus. How she's worried about him. And I couldn't help but smile when he said that she loved him haha :D Oh Seamus!

:O He is so right! She is in love with the idea of Harry more than him as a person. She just thinks that she should be in love with him. She's in love with Seamus! We all know it!

Aw they love each other! I'm so glad that you got some happiness in what should be a sad time. Love is going to save them all!

Such a fantastic one shot! Keep up the brilliant work! And please write more Seamus and Ginny, because I am in love with them. :D

Author's Response: Ah, your reviews make me smile so wide :D

Yes, Seamus is quite good at reading Ginny, apparently - he can see right through her.

Thank you so much, I'm definitely planning on writing more of them - they're actually my OTP! I have two more one-shots with them and a possible novella in mind, so they should be coming in the not-so-distant future.

I'm so glad you liked it!

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Review #42, by alicia and anneRise of the Phoenix: Into the Void

8th February 2016:
Hello! I am here! :D

Sorry it's taken me a few hours more than I planned, but there was something shiny and I got distracted - it's probably best I don't go into too much detail :P

Well, that man is creepy! I'm scared of him. No! Don't chase him! Protect yourself!

You've done a really good job at setting the mood for this, the descriptions of everything around has got me on edge and scared about what is going to happen. Especially the fighting and that fog *shudders* that fog is extra creepy and terrifying.

I wouldn't mess with her, or the werewolf actually. She's very brave.

Oh no! They've trapped her :( I have no idea how she's going to get out of this.

This is so intense and I'm just reading through it in awe. Just wow!

Eurgh! Fenrir!

GAH! I need more!

This was an action packed chapter so brilliant!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review friend :)

I am really happy you felt engaged in the story. And you're always welcome to read on and comment whenever you like. Your insight is valuable as ever :)

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Review #43, by alicia and annewhen we were young: you sound like a song

8th February 2016:
Such beautiful descriptions, you've done a wonderful job with them and I can just picture it all so vividly in my mind.

I can't help but wonder as I read this how much of a history they have together, have they been together? Are they together? Did it end badly? So many questions! I'm eager to find out the answers.

Awww look at them being cute and adorable together! Gah I want them to kiss!! They bring me fluffy feels!

Oh wow, her job sounds amazing! What made you pick that for her?

NO! She's married to someone who isn't Scorpius! I am now sad :( And he has someone! Why are you doing this to me? *cries*

This was wonderful!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

Thanks for the lovely review! I'm so happy you liked this piece!

They definitely have a lot of history between them. The story takes place ten years after they broke up, so ten years after they finished Hogwarts. Rose broke up with him when she moved to the Congo.

I think Rose's job is super awesome too. When I read about the new schools, I just had to throw in the new information somewhere!

Bahahahaha, they don't end up together!

Thank you for reading!


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Review #44, by alicia and anneI Wasn't Expecting That: It was only a smile, but my heart it went wild

8th February 2016:
Oh a Harry and Seamus! I am excited! :D I know someone else who will be excited, and that is Kyle. I must tell him about this.

Harry is adorable, especially how he's trying to brush off his feelings for Seamus by saying it was nothing.

I can totally see that happening with Ginny and Harry, I can see their personalities causing rifts between them until one of them eventually gave up.

By the way you've done a utterly fantastic job at writing Harry.

Oh those two are so adorable with their hug!


AHHH AHHH That kiss! That kiss is perfect! Ahh I need more! :D I need to know how this continues!

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Review #45, by alicia and anneStuck on the Puzzle: It Begins

8th February 2016:
I absolutely love that you've begun this by the means of a diary entry, especially Lily's!

Oh god I want to cry because of her reasons she wants to keep a diary. If only she knew *sobs hysterically*

Lily you will fall in love with him and you will love it *sings and dances*

Poor Danny though, I can just picture James swaggering in and just showing off his badge. I bet absolutely noone expected him to be head boy.

Lily is so awesome, it's brilliant to see her thought processes and what she's thinking.

That scene between Remus and Lily is just perfect, absolutely perfect and is now the only way that I imagine that Lily told Remus she knew about him.

Oh, penpals, I wonder who they're going to write to and why? That's a good bit of magic though, I agree with Lily.


I love this so much!!

Author's Response: Heya Tammi! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful review! :)


Haha I'm so glad you like the characters! And the Remus/Lily scene-- it makes a lot of sense to me, so it's nice to see other people accepting that idea too. :)

Ahh I'm so glad you like the story and the setup so much! I hope you get a chance to come back and check out the rest of the story! Thanks for this review! You're so kind.


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Review #46, by alicia and anneMistaken for Strangers: James Attends a Party

8th February 2016:
I am finally here! Yay!! :D

Hahaha Jeremy - I can't stop laughing :D He needs to tell her soon, if he keeps it up for too long she'll be upset, even though it's hilarious haha.


Oh, Leanne wanted to dance with him? Cheeky.

Oh Anna, I love her so much! She's just so oblivious to them all because she's reading. She's so awesome.

Fred's broom exploded?! HOw did that happen? Haha

Scorpius has a crush on Rose *sings* He has a crush on Rose and it's adorable! I'm glad that James used a sheild charm to protect him from Rose's prank.

Hahah Jeremy, I really think that James should just change his name, it'll be a lot easier :P

I love their conversations with each other, and how passionate they are about the subjects they're discussing.


And now to answer your questions.

1 - You are accomplishing that, not confused about anything and you can't improve on perfection. :P

2 - I love them all! Especially Twinkles. damn trick question. :P

3- Oh Fred... I love Fred. I feel like you need to write a character called Tammi who runs off into the sunset with Fred. ... just a sugestion.

Author's Response: Tammi!! Thanks for another great review!! :)

Can you imagine being in that situation though? I would basically just legally change my name to roll with it. Maybe that's just me though...haha just kidding you agree too! Oh James. Should've dealt with this problem ages ago, buddy.

He and Fred are such copycats. :P

I'm glad you're liking the characters and their weird conversations! :) I was really into writing it so it's nice when it's not just me being weird and other people are on board too haha.

Aw thank you!! Haha I'm sure you're going to love Twinkles when he shows up. Hahahaha maybe I will! That can be part of the end of the story. :P

Thanks for your wonderful comments! I always love hearing what you thought about the chapter.


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Review #47, by alicia and anneOh My Darling: 7

8th February 2016:
Ahh! I am so excited about reading another chapter of this! :D I love Clementine so much, and Albus. They're both such adorable cinnamon rolls :D

Haha I love that they've all been waiting for them to get together, we all have!

Aww Scorpius is actually the most adorable cinnamon roll ever! I love how he's just bouncing up and down waiting to get to Honeydukes, he's so impatient bless him! I love it!

Oh Albus! You really should have told Lily that you were dating Clem. I love how you've written Lily here, how she's studying Clem and likes her straight away.

Lizzie is the best friend, just saying :P

Her family life is so sad and I want to just hug her so tightly *squishes her in a hug* I'm so glad that Alex was there for her. He's the best brother ever.

This was a wonderful chapter Cassie, so full of emotion for poor Clem, but I'm glad that she told them. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Hello! Sorry that it's taken me ages to answer this!
I'm so happy you like Clem and Albus! They're so much fun for me to write. And you're write, they are both cinnamon rolls. Haha. And they're finally together! Hooray!
Oh, Scorp. He's such a child and I love giving him opportunities to be hyper and crazy.
I'm so happy you liked Lily! I really liked introducing her into the story, and am going to try and bring her back into things as soon as I can.
Clem really does have a sad family life, but I think it's really shaped her into who she is at this point in her life. She's kind to people and tries to see the best in them even though with her past she could have turned out a lot angrier. And yes, Alex is a great brother for trying so hard for Clem.
I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you so much for the great review!
Cassie :)

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Review #48, by alicia and anneThe Fortunate Ones: Chapter 2

21st January 2016:
I am so happy that you want to do this review swap! Because I get to read this gem of a story :D YAY!!

You've done such a wonderful job at showing her confusion about what's happening to her and those around her, the way that she's questioning things makes it feel so real and lifelike and you're superb!

:O Er... I feel like I need a one shot or spin off of her dating Remus and him realising his feelings for Sirius. I would like to read that right now, please and thank you :P (I totally just want more of your beautiful writing to read as well)

Aw I hope that she can confide in Remus about this, he would understand the most out of everyone I think.

You've also done amazing with describing her feelings for Lily! Such a brilliant job at showing how she struggles with it!

AH! THEY KISSED! THEY KISSED AND I AM SO HAPPY! I NEED MORE OF THEM KISSING!!! It was so brilliant and the best way for their first! I'm so glad that Lily is the reason it happened!


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Review #49, by alicia and anneTaming the Dragon Tamer: [two]

21st January 2016:
It's hard to pick something that I haven't already read and reviewed :P This means that you need to write a lot so that I can review them!

How did I not finish this story though? I remember reading the first chapter and getting really excited about it! Well, I'm here now so there's that!

Charlie is so protective of his children - I mean Dragons. :P I wouldn't want people hanging around and probably antagonising them either.

Oh no! Muggles were so mean to Miranda by having their trap in the way and hurting her.

It's so easy to see just how passionate he is about his work and the dragons, and he's so intelligent when it comes to them. I can just imagine him as Chris Pratt in Jurassic World :D

I'm so nervous about him going in there alone! I don't want him to get hurt :S Chris is brilliant with that hidden skill and I'm glad that he could help Charlie! They could be the dragon's parents and spend the rest of their lives looking after them!

Oh Charlie! Don't worry about your mother being disappointed in you! I am! But he's made it all better by apologising! Yay!! :D

I'm so excited to see how things develop between those two! Keep up the amazing work my lovely!!! :D

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Review #50, by alicia and anneSunshine and Cauldron Cakes : Sunshine Elixir

21st January 2016:
Hello! I am here for our swap :D I'm excited about this, I really loved the summary it sounds hilarious!

Oh no! Scorpius has made Rose fall from her broom, that's not good at all! I hope that she can forgive him because it was all part of the game. :S

I really hope that she's okay and he doesn't get hurt because of this. Although, if she doesn't use this against him forever to get her own way I will be disappointed :P

Oh no! Don't kill him Ron! *gets popcorn*

Rose is utterly hilarious! She's such a stark contrast to Ron's anger and I love seeing him all angry and huffy and her just laughing and admitting to being in love hahaahah.

This is hilarious! I can't stop smiling haha Scorpius is so scared of Ron and being so polite and promising things hahaha :D I would be scared too though

AWww yay! I'm so glad that it worked out in the end!

This was so adorable and funny and I reallyy want to read more of Ron and Scorpius getting to know each other and Scorpius being polite and calling him sir :D

Fantastic job!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

Thanks so much for the review!

Rose has forgiven him alright :P She's probably only angry that Slytherin beat Gryffindor in the end.

Fluffy Rose is the best Rose. And scared of Ron Scorpius is the best Scorpius.

So glad you liked this silly little story!


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