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Review #26, by alicia and anneMisplaced Dreams: Iceberg

18th January 2014:
I get like that, although sometimes I can barely remember what I ate the day before...

Oh no, I don't want them to argue! Because if they don't make up and the ship sinks... I shall cry.

Oh no, the sea is calm... it's the calm before the storm!

I'm glad that they apologised to each other though, they needed to, especially because even they couldn't remember why they had fought in the first place.

Oh no! I know it's coming but I want it to stop! ;(

This is making me sad... I want to cry :(

Awww he wants to save Nathaniel!

:O THEY COULD APPARATE! Why didn't that thought cross my mind?

Yes they're out! But no Nate is hurt! :( I don't want him to be hurt, please let him get better.


Did you seriously just do that to me? Did you break my heart?

Nope, denial is setting in!

Next chapter will have him okay.


Yes, denial is good. :D

Author's Response: I can never remember either, it sometimes gets me into more trouble than whatever it is I've forgotten. :P

It would have been too sad if the ship had sunk before they'd made up. I couldn't do that.

Yep,the calm before the storm is definitely what it is. That's how you know so etching bad is happening.

I'm glad you're glad they apologized to each other. They really did need to.

I wish it would stop, too. Please don't cry.

Ahh, yes, he does.

THEY CAN! You were too scared, maybe?

I didn't do anything. We love in the land of denial. :D

Thanks for the amazing review, Tammi!


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Review #27, by alicia and anneMisplaced Dreams: Never Forget

18th January 2014:
I really like how he's comparing being on the Titanic as being similar to being at Hogwarts with being contained to one place.

:O NATHANIEL VEGA?! *Tries to stay calm* It's great knowing secrets and inside information because when I see characters you've mentioned I get so excited! :D

Awww he met a Charlotte, :D That's nice that he has someone to talk to now that he's been left alone to explore.

I am really liking Charlotte. :D She seems like fun!

I'm scared to read more and find out what happens to them all when the ship sinks. but I shall continue on because it's a wonderful story!

Author's Response: Comparing it to Hogwarts is like building this false sense of security; it's a security blanket. But, like Hogwarts, the bad can still come. So sad. But a good comparison, I think. :)

NATHANIEL! He's very excited that you're excited to see him! :D

He met Charlotte. They shall be my what if couple. She's very nice, I'm glad you like her.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #28, by alicia and anneTo Die For: Bad Moods

18th January 2014:
I really want Tristan to get rid of Bonnie and start going out with Roxanne, but I know I'll have to wait for that to happen. I'm so impatient!

Poor Tristan, having Bonnie following him around. But I agree with Aidan, it's hilarious!

I am loving the interaction between Tristan and the others, and how they're saving him from Bonnie. I can see them all being life long friends! Or just friends for a long time. :P

OOoo who is this mysterious number 2? And it's a tracker, very interesting!

And why is he not going for Tristan? That's weird if he knows where he is?

Oh no! How is he going to get the stone now? That's not good at all.:S

Hahaha Potters always getting in the way, brilliant! :D And they really are :P

EEK! It's getting awesome!!! Can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: Be patient, it may be a while yet, before Tristan is with Roxanne (if he ends up with Roxanne ;)). BUT he'll leave Bonnie sooner. :P

Aidan is very much right, it's hilarious for everyone else. But also sad for Tristan. Poor boy.

There's definitely a bond between them, I think they'll be friends for a long time, too. :)

Ah, number two. They won't be here for a while yet either. He's happy to stay in the background and watch... for now.

It's not good, we should hope he has another plan.

Haha, Potters are always getting in the way. ;)

Thank you for leaving a review!


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Review #29, by alicia and anneSecrets and Lies: Taken

18th January 2014:
Yay! It's AJ, I've missed him. :D

Does he not like cereal? I'm not a fan of cereal, I hate when it goes soggy.

Haha I wonder if Alejandro would catch him if he were to fall?

Awww Lucy and AJ :D Even when they just mention her I can't help but be happy, I love this ship! It shall not sink! :D

I think that she does love him, she's just hiding her feelings. *nods* Who couldn't love AJ?

Oh Percy! Don't try and stop the AJ/Lucy love! Even if he was doing it to protect his little girl.

;( I hope they can find Cameron! You kick that mean man Cameron!


Ah I'm a garbled mess of feelings! *falls to floor dramatically overcome by feelings*

Need. more... to. survive.

Anyways! Another amazing chapter!!! :D All of your chapters are my favourites, just when I think I've found a favourite, you bring out new chapters and new stories and my mental list of favourites gets all jumbled up to fit more in. So... yeah... carry on with that :D

Author's Response: AJ! I missed him, too.

He prefers cereal dry or with a little milk, but in this instance he was just too busy trying to concentrate on his visions.

Maybe. I genuinely don't know, it's hard to tell with Ally. :P

I love this fanon ship!

I know. I guess you'll have to wait to find out how Lucy feels about him.

Percy can't stop it. Don't worry.

Thank you so much for reviewing, Tammi! I'll try to get back to it ASAP. Until then, you have Tharry! :D


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Review #30, by alicia and anneAwake and Alive : Looking for Harry

18th January 2014:
Okay! I am reviewing! :D

Awww Theo is having more and more dreams and he's almost out of money. *hugs him* Harry will save you.

I really like how Theo thought about Dumbledore and how he knew at Dumbledores death that things were going to go down and he needed to leave. Poor Theo. I just want to hug him all the time!

And he's missing his friends! I hope he gets to see them at some point and I hope that they're missing him as well.

He's so cute loving the magic box with moving pictures, it's almost like he has a friend with him *sobs*

I think he is totally losing his mind. but Harry will save him soon! :D


Eeek his appearance isn't going to be good when he finally see's Harry.

That's a good question, Theo! Does that tent have a shower? I've never thought about that and now it's all I can think about!

I love that he can feel the magical wards, he's so brilliant. :D


AHHH They're all together!! I want more!!! :D

I can't wait to read more of this wonderful story! I love Theo and Harry so much! :D

Author's Response: Hey!

Ah, Theo - dreaming, dreaming, dreaming about Harry. ;) Pf course Harry will save him. :P

I know. *hugs Theo, too* At least he's got his visions to keep him one step ahead.

Yes, they're definitely missing him, too. Who could not miss Theo?

No, don't cry! Harry is coming!

He loves Harry, of course he's losing his mind. :P


Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #31, by alicia and anneJust Rose: Goodbye Kisses

15th January 2014:
Scorpius is there for dinner! I knew he couldn't resist being around Rose :D

I love how awkward Rose is! and hilarious I might add, especially with the soap incident and her love for it. :P

Hugo is such a typical brother, embarrassing her like that. :D

Have I ever mentioned how Scorpius is like a major stalker and how much I love it because he's brilliant! :D

He is so awesome and he kissed her! And she was horrified! I love it!

Ahhh I can't help but gush about how much I love this story! I'm only 5 chapters in and I love it so much!
I can't wait to read and review the rest of this! I shall read more later on and write my reviews in my little notebook to write up on here. :D

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Review #32, by alicia and anneJust Rose: Lobster in a Wig

15th January 2014:
Lost in the post? Brilliant! :D

I love that you don't have all the cousins getting on and loving each other, as much as I want them to all get along and love each other (I'm guilty of having them do that in my stories) It's more believable to have them not getting on.

Ahhh! They're going to gatecrash the party! They're brilliant! I can already tell that it's going to be hilarious!

YES! They hid behind a car which moved away and exposed them! Hahaha they're terrible at hiding! I love it so much!

I love how terribly this gatecrashing is going, Especially with Lorcan yelling that gatecrashers are cool!

This is such a brilliant story! Especially with Rose stealing the biscuits as they left.


Author's Response: That's the first rule of crashing parties: always steal the biscuits!

Okay not really, I just made that up. But if that is definitely something I would do :P

There are a LOT of cousins so I'm sure eventually they'd all fall out one way or another. And it makes for fun writing so win all round :)

Thank you for the review!!

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Review #33, by alicia and anneJust Rose: The Tea Thief

15th January 2014:
I love how groggy they are waking up early, I hate waking up early, people have learnt not to talk to me early in the morning. :P
Haha I would so bet as well on what time Scorpius would should up that day. I wonder who will win the bet?

Awww poor Rose, her crush on Teddy is so cute!

Scorpius got her figurines of her parents? That's so cool! I wish Rose appreciated them more. I would love them!

Oh no! I don't want Scorpius to go, although I bet he'll be back soon enough.

On to the next chapter! :D

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Review #34, by alicia and anneJust Rose: They'd Overdone It A Bit

15th January 2014:
I love that they have severe reactions to being around family, I feel that way about being around certain members of my family. :D

Yay! Molly is going to help her!

Haha is it bad that I'm rooting for Rose/Scorpius to get together? Once we all get past Scorpius's stalkerish ways of course.
He needs to calm down on his creepiness.

Ahhh! He's staring in her window! That's so scary haha.

Brilliant! although he shouldn't have been listening in on the conversation.

What? Where was her coat? Why was it outside? That's strange

Ah! Scorpius! I should have known.

Conga Solo? How... how is that even possible?

Another brilliant chapter! Definitely adding to my favourites :D

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Review #35, by alicia and anneJust Rose: Let Them Eat Cake

15th January 2014:
I must say that I am loving this story already! Rose seems like so much fun and awesome, I can't wait to read more about her.
I love that Rose suggested a guide dog when thinking of Scorpius's job, I couldn't help but chuckle.
Speaking of Scorpius, I love how he's just randomly sneaking around and stalking her, I can just imagine him lurking out of sight, peering around corners as he waits for her to appear.
I can't wait to read more!
Excellent job Marina *squishes with hugs*

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Review #36, by alicia and anneAwake and Alive : They Are Coming

3rd January 2014:
I'm so worried about Theo sneaking around Death Eaters to get information. :S

I really like the sound of Theo with long hair :D

Oh no, it's his dad, I'm worried for Theo now!

NO! How dare you say that about your own son! I hate Theo's dad saying that death eaters are to kill him on sight and not really caring about it.

No! I thought for sure that Theo would have been caught just then! I'm so glad that he wasn't, but I'm not happy that he's hurt. :(

Theo remembers Harry's birthday because he's totally in love with him :D It's fate!

I can't wait until Harry is in the chapters, than Tharry love can occur! :D I'll have to settle for my dreams at the moment.

I loved this!! Except for Theo's dad. and Theo being hurt. but I still loved it!!!

I can't wait to read more! I love how you write Theo, you've made me love him more than I ever would have. :D

Author's Response: Its a very worrying time for Theo, too. But don't worry, our boy will be okay. :)

Ah, Theo - long hair, short hair, we love him.

David is a dangerous sociopath, not even Voldemort scares him. Theo will be glad to leave him.

Haha. Totally.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #37, by alicia and anneclose your eyes, listen on up.: under the mistletoe.

2nd January 2014:
Okay, I have got to say that this made me feel so happy at the end! I was so worried that Caitlin wasn't going to feel the same way about Lily but I'm so glad that she does. I am so filled with happiness now.

I really liked how you portrayed Lily's blindness and how important Caitlin is in her life, and I must admit that I maybe think that Caitlin wanted Lily to be under that mistletoe?

Amazing job! I enjoyed reading it. :D

Author's Response: Hiya! Awww, thanks for this so awesome review! I'm glad you liked it, haha.

I used to stick purely to angst but recently I seem to be incapable of writing a story without a happy ending? When I first started writing this I was actually intending for Caitlin to not feel the same way, but I couldn't do it! I'm turning into a big sap :P

I don't think Caitlin planned the mistletoe thing, but subconsciously, I'm sure she wasn't against it ;)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by alicia and anneCharmed: Hugo: Someone Else's Angel

2nd January 2014:
:O IS HUGO TALKING ABOUT CIARAN?! I thought for sure that it was about Emmett!!

Awww I love how he's talking about what he loves about him and the small things he does. They're so cute!! :D

He wants to wait for Ciaran and he's being cute! And I love reading cute Hugo! I love your Hugo full stop!

Ahhh I knew that Emmett had to be mentioned at some point :P I do love Emmett and Hugo :D

Oh no! Poor Hugo seeing Louis hanging around with Ciaran and being jealous.

Yay Skander! :D I like his no nonsense attitude and his bluntness too, Hugo :D Skander is awesome!

Skander totally uses his Russian accent to get Hugo! :P

Oh no! Poor Hugo!! He seems so sad and I just want to hug him ;(

I loved this! I loved seeing this side of Hugo, he's so awesome! I love how you write him. He is by far one of my favourite characters of yours. I have a long list but still, Hugo is right up in the top five!

Now I need to make a top five because I'm sure you'll want to see that.

Anyways fabulous chapter, Twin!!! :D

You're so awesome!

Author's Response: Haha! Hug is talking about Ciaran! :P

Hugo can be adorable when he wants to be, it's just rare for him to say it out loud.

Ah, there's always Emmett.

I know, poor Hugo. *hugs him*

I'm glad you like Skander. He does, he'll use anything to get to Hugo. It's the only way Hugo will listen.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #39, by alicia and anneThe Hunt: Trust Issues

2nd January 2014:
I am back reviewing!!! I can't believe that I've let it slip for this long, but now I have so many of your wonderful stories that I can read and review, it's great! :D

Oooo Hunter! :D I would be scared of him, even if he did look nineteen.

AH THEODORE AND HARRY!!! THARRY!!! *coughs* calm yourself down Tammi, you can handle this. *squees*

I wish Rebecca did't react like that about Vampires, but I guess many people would react like that, poor Hunter, I hope she can trust him like the others have.

Oh no, poor Jason! I hope we can find him soon!. I'm saying that as if I'm there. maybe I am? Watching the scene from afar... or maybe I'm there for support. well that just turned weird, I just imagined myself being their housemaid and listening in on the conversation. . sorry about that hahaha

AHHH Xavier!! :D I love when characters appear in other stories!!!

*hyperventilates* Nate. Carter. Nate missing. Carter.AHHH!

I can't wait for more!! Nate is there with Jason and I .gah!!! I love this story! :D

Author's Response: Hey!!!

Definitely be scared of Hunter. He's very a dangerous vampire, especially if you cross him.


Unfortunately, Rebecca will never trust vampires. Especially later. You'll find out why...

Haha, weird. :P At least Jaosn is with Nathaniel.


Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #40, by alicia and anneAwake and Alive : Never Gonna Sell My Soul

11th December 2013:
SAM!!! This was amazing!!! I loved this so much!

I was so scared for poor Theo! I wanted to hug him and keep him from harm, I hate his dad and Voldemort! How dare they try to hurt my Theo!

I loved how he was thinking of a different hero :P we all know the love between Harry and Theo is strong. :P

This was just so amazing! I need to keep rereading this over and over and over again!

You're so brilliant!!!

Thank you twin!! *squishes*


Author's Response: TAMMI! I'm so happy you liked it!!!

I know, right? Most hated characters ever. *nods*

So strong. It started long before they met. ;)

I'm so happy you love your present. More will come! :D

Merry Christmas!


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Review #41, by alicia and anneDon't Let Me Go: Breathless Smiles and Guilty Thoughts

9th October 2013:
I am so angry seeing that name! Ellis!!! I hate you! Stay away from Louis!!

I'm so glad that Ciaran phoned Louis and got to talk to Nico, I'm glad that Louis doesn't like Ellis.

I hope that Kyle finds out about the letters so that they can do something about Ellis, he's so evil!!

:O There's a Douglas!! He's so cheeky having bits of chocolate even though he's allergic, I'm glad that he gave it to Ciaran and listened whilst he talked, he needed to talk to someone about what's happening.

I hope that Louis not calling isn't a bad sign!! *hugs them tightly* Don't break my heart, Sam!

I love this so much!! I've missed Ciaran!

Author's Response: Ellis definitely brings out angry feels. We should stop him... soon. Maybe. ;)

I'm glad he didn't hang up and got to meet the awesomeness that is Nico (but I say this about all of my characters... :P). No, Louis definitely does not like Ellis.

Ooooh, will he??? I guess we'll see.

Haha, a Douglas is here. Cheeky should be his middle name. It's not, but it should be. :P Haha, he didn't eat the chocolate. But yay for sharing and caring. He's a nice person. :)

Oh, Louis...

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Tammi!


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Review #42, by alicia and anneMisplaced Dreams: Unsinkable

7th October 2013:
Awww I love how excited and happy they are about being on a boat and onwards to a better life for them both. I'm finding their excitement infectious and I can't help but smile along as I read.

I love how you really capture how amazing the Titanic was, it really was magnificient and you have got that across brilliantly in your descriptions, it's easy to image them running through the ship, imagining what and who they pass. :D

Aw *squishes* I can't help but love whatever character has the Nott name. :D

Awww they've met a lady friend! :D Poor Nate though, feeling uneasy at pretending, but Jared is right, they won't see these people again.

I do like how Jared explained away what Nate said, it must have made people uneasy to hear that the ship could be sinkable, and he must have seen the future if he mentioned that Icebergs could sink it. If only he knew what was coming.

I can't wait to read more of this, Sam! You're such a fantastic writer that I get so excited when I know that you're updating something. :D

Author's Response: It's the time to smile, they're very excited right now. Can't say about later, but right now they're happy.

Aww, thank you. I'm a bit of a Titanic buff, I'm very glad it's paying off. :P

He's just being realistic, he has no idea what's coming. And that's a little bit terrifying...

Thank you so much for leaving a review, Tammi!


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Review #43, by alicia and anneThis Unravelling: This Unravelling

29th September 2013:
I must say that I loved this one shot so much! The way that you got everyone's feelings across about what happened to Lucy was brilliantly written.

I absolutely adore the way that you used Cluedo throughout your story, that was such a brilliant idea to do and it fit incredibly well with this story. I loved how you had all these different characters that would fit and their motives and where they were when the 'crime' was commited.

You had me hooked with this and I felt sorry for Lily, in all honesty I think all of them are to blame a little. I don't think there's one main person that shoudl take the blame apart from the vampire definitely.

I really wish that the family would accept Lucy as a vampire, but I guess it's easier for them to just admit that she's dead, well she is at least to some of them.

Brilliant! I loved this, you're an amazing writer.

Author's Response: Ahhh Tammi, thank you so much! It's always lovely to hear such great compliments ^.^

I'm not sure where the inspiration for including Cluedo came from, but I'm pleased that you loved it! I was worried about repetition so to hear I pulled it off well is great :D

Yeah, all of them are to blame a little, but I don't think the vampire should take all the blame because we still don't know who it is... it could have been a vampire who couldn't control his desires :( Although it also could have been a evil vampire determined to cause chaos, in which case they're entirely to blame... ;)

Yeah, I think the Weasleys will definitely be divided. I mean, even if they did accept Lucy and Hugo, there's the possibility of getting bitten/killed/turned by them, and when their cousins have babies that's just going to be much harder isn't it? Think of shark week too - it wouldn't be easy for them then? :3

And thank you so much! ♥

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Review #44, by alicia and anneFall from Grace: Trouble

28th September 2013:
YAY! I'm so happy for more Skander and Hugo! *squishes them*

Hugo! Playing hard to get that cheeky man!

I love that Hugo is trying to hide something but Skander can sense things, you can't hide things from Skander for long. :D They're both so brilliant and talented!

:O NO!!! Oh you Aurors!! *shakes fist*

Hehehehe Skander was forbidden :P

Oh, Ron. He seems so tired and snappy, which is totally understandable! I just want to hug him. *hug*

I also love that Skander called the full grown men, children! :D

:O Skander! Why must you antagonise Ron! It's brilliant!! :D

Awww yay! Skander is mumbling in Russian! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! Have I said that lately? Meh, I LOVE HIM!

Aw they're going on a date! Ghuiuiwe I love them! I am just a big ball of happiness and squee's now!! I love it!!!

Can I just look at them all day?

You're amazing, Sam! The best author ever!

Author's Response: YAY! We're happy! Be happy! :D

Hugo needs Skander to want him desperately, to even risk his job - how long can Hugo wait, though? That is the question. ;)

You definitely can't hide anything from Skander, but Hugo can try.

Damn Aurors!

Haha. Yes. Yes, he was.

Give him hugs. I gave him hugs when I finished the chapter.

You don't mess with Skander.

We definitely needed a bit of Russian in this story. :D LOVE HIM, HES AWESOME!

Aww, yay, a date!

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #45, by alicia and anneBite Club: Prologue

9th September 2013:
I feel really sorry for Lucy, I wish that her family tried more with her and included her more. I just want to hug her tightly and never let go!

And she bit Hugo! I hope that he doesn't hate her too much for it, at least she has someone to be a vampire with her.

I really liked how you wrote this, it was incredibly well written and I enjoyed this so much! I can't wait to read more and find out more about everyone! :D

You're amazing!

Author's Response: Yes, Lucy's really the odd one out, isn't she? Although it does work two ways, and she could make friends outside of her family if she'd wanted to, but sadly she fixated upon Hugo. I do want to hug her... sometimes. :P

Hugo's reactions will be shown later, and I can assure you that they will be unexpected ;)

Thank you so much, Tammi! There are two more chapters up ;) *hint, hint*

And so are you! ♥

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Review #46, by alicia and anneHonour Among Thieves: family, help, and step one is complete

9th September 2013:
:O THEY STUNNED THEO! *hugs him tightly* I think that might annoy him!

I'm glad that Hugo and James are okay though, I was worried about them! I want Hugo to go and help them and yet stay safe! I know that he's capable of looking after himself, but I want to protect him!

I'm so glad how much Theo has helped them, he's so great isn't he?

Aw I loved that she scared James, although she could have been hurt for doing so.

YES!!! GET IN! They're going after Carrow! He won't know what's hit him when they get there!

Author's Response: THEY DID STUN THEO. He's fine, chill :P
Hugo and James, yes, both okay and awesome, which is handy for future chapters *wiggles eyebrows knowingly*
Theo has helped them a lot, but then again he also has a lot of backstory with James, so it is understandable.

AND YAAY LETS GET CARROW! *lights torches* Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #47, by alicia and anneHonour Among Thieves: friends or foes? and our plan is going well

9th September 2013:
Yay!!! Lily, Molly and Lucy are there! But where is James? ;( I really hope that he isn't hurt at all.

Gah! I hate that I don't want any of them hurt, but I'm also so suspicious of them all! This is a big mix of feelings I have for them!

I hate Carrow so very much! He is not a good person at all and I really hope that Rose and the others get revenge on him. Or all of their parents make him pay!

Awww Rose and Scorpius falling asleep together, that is true love right there! No denying that at all!

They've gone to find the amazing Theo!!

This is so exciting! :D

Author's Response: THE AMAZING THEO. I will never not be grateful for Sam lending him to me. Also, Carrow is a completely horrible person and while I understand his motives he is still a massive moron.
I'm so happy about your mixed feelings :P WHO IS IT?

Thank you so much for all your reviews, Tammi. You're a superstar.

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Review #48, by alicia and anneHonour Among Thieves: motorbikes, arrivals and the continuing of our plan.

9th September 2013:
I really really hope that they make the six o clock news! I think they need it after everything that they've been through :P

That was an amazing chase scene! I love that they had a motorbike! :P Although I kinda hope that the guy Rose sent the spell at is going to be okay, even if he is a bad guy, mainly to make Rose feel better.

WOO! Roxy is there and Rose has stolen her want! :P I love how much she steals from people :P

I really hope that Roxy isn't the traitor, although I'm suspicious. Which I am of everyone! Well Roxy did invent that spell... maybe she's not a traitor. Also! The radio is awesome!!!

Can you ever not write an amazingly fantastical fabulously awesome chapter? LOVED THIS!

Author's Response: Hello again! They did in fact make the six o'clock news :P I'm glad you liked the chase scene, I watched the Bourne Legacy and came away absolutely DYING to write about a motorbike :P

Rose steals so much she is so amazing I love her so much goddamn. Its interesting to see who you think is the traitor (and how much it changes!) thank you for the review!

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Review #49, by alicia and anneHonour Among Thieves: friends, arguments, and step one of the plan.

9th September 2013:
Just where is Roxy? She must be hiding very well! Or caught! :O

I hope that they can find the missing cousins, I'm so worried about them all and suspicious of them all! I think that to make me feel better Rose and Scorpius should just start dating... let's ignore his wife!

YAY! They found Molly and Lucy!!

:O I'm anaemic too! I'm basically Lucy!! :P


I hope that their plan works! Also I loved jealous Scorpius :P Hehehe

Once again a wonderful chapter, you're pretty awesome do you know that? :P

Author's Response: I will confirm that Roxy has not been caught! And Rose and Scorpius dating? While on the run? They would blow up a lot of restaurants that way :P And there is the small problem of Scorpius' wife...


Thanks so much for the review Tammi! You da best.

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Review #50, by alicia and anneHonour Among Thieves: Zach, Marcus and it was Scorpius' plan

9th September 2013:
I like how you've shown them being tired and sarcastic and snappy. Also how they're both dealing with everything that life has thrown at them, including poor Richies death.

Derelict places are pretty creepy! I can never imagine a derelict Hogwarts, that would be too heartbreaking!

Aww little Scorpius protecting Rose from what he thought was danger. :D


Lysanders there? Is it bad that the first thing I thought was that it was a trap... which it was kinda.

Oh, Marcus. How I hate you!

No! People have been caught!!

I hope Lysander is okay, even if I am suspicious of him! Poor Rose and Scorpius getting hurt a lot.

They're going to storm the building? AWESOME!

Can't wait for more of this amazing story!! Off to review the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks :) I tried to make them as realistic as possible- when people walk away from explosions in films it all looks cool but they have murdered people and they should probably face the emotional consequences, so it sucks but my characters are very sad and tired! :P

KISSING. And yeah, sorry about the trap whoops. Thank you very much for the review, Tammi! You're the absolute best.

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