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Review #1, by alicia and anneTurning the Tables: Turning the Tables

18th August 2015:
Oh this is different, her being with James and not really knowing Severus.

James and Sirius are so mean in this, I'm feeling sorry for Severus :(

I'm glad that Lily was there to help him and pick him up from his fall.

Awww this is all so different, and it's weird to think that it could have all happened this way, but you've made it seem so real and as though it could happen!

Honestly, Lily is doing the right thing in breaking up with James if he's such a meanie, and I never thought that I would ever say that.

I'm glad that she's helping him get revenge on James!

I wonder what they had planned?

I can't wait to read more of this! I really enjoyed it and I have to say that this is the first Lily/Snape that I am loving so far!

Keep up the fantastic work! :D

Author's Response: Hi Tammi! Yes, this story is very AU. I'm sorry James and Sirius are so mean. But at least Lily is there to be there for Severus. Thank you! I'm glad it seems like it could have happened, even though we know it didn't. Haha, I'd never written a Snape/Lily before so it was very different putting Snape with Lily and having her dump James. And I love how mischievous she is in this and that she wants to get James and Sirius back for what they did. But I don't know what they do! I'm supposed to write a sequel for this and I have no idea what kind of prank to perform, or even if I can properly execute it in writing which is very discouraging for me.

If I do ever write the sequel though, I hope it comes out alright and that you like it! Thanks so much for this review, and thanks for offering to give reviews!


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Review #2, by alicia and annePainted : Painted

18th August 2015:
Oooo a short one!

Awww the idea of a little Lily painting is just so adorable! Too adorable!

Can I say that I love how you started each sentence with Lily loved to paint! That is genius!

I love how she uses it as an escape from things, and how it calms her down. And was definitely a good thing to get her anger out on.

I also love how you've described the colours that she used and the way that she paints depending on her mood.

Oh no! That ending! Especially that last line! It just brought sadness and dread to my heart and I am devastated!

Why did you break me like this? Why?!

(seriously fantastic one shot! Despite the heart crushing pain)

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Review #3, by alicia and anneSeven: Seven is the most magical of numbers.

18th August 2015:
You've started it with the best words ever! Sirius Black! :D

Awww it's a Dorcas and Sirius! :D So adorable!

The descriptions of the two together shows how much they mean to each other, and you've done such a brilliant job with it!

I love the short sentences, they're short and snappy and get straight to the point!

Aw the Easter is mentioned!!

Oh no! He's in his cell and now I'm sad!

I seriously love the short sentences so much, they're so full of information and seem like they were very thought out before being written. It's making a fabulous story.

Oh Sirius! I just wanted to hug him throughout all of this! I have a lot of feelings right now and most of them are sad! :(

A wonderful one shot! Although now I'm going to need a happier one to cheer me up! :P

Author's Response: Hi there Tammi,

You're so, so kind to offer these reviews and like I said in your status update, I actually *forgot* that I had two Marauders' era stories - haha.

I was so happy to see that you actually read both of them. You're too sweet.

And I think you're the first person to notice that I put in the reference to my Easter Lily story! I'm totally squeeing over this! Yes!

I never knew you were such a Sirius fan - so glad you felt I did him justice - eeep!

Haha - I had to use short sentences to keep each paragraph to a multiple of seven.

Ugh - sorry you read the happy one first (Easter Lily) and then this one second. I hope you found something happy to read after this!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by alicia and anneEaster Lily: Easter Lily

18th August 2015:
YAY! I am finally here!! :D

Her dress sounds really pretty! and I love that James is calling her by different Lily flower names! He's so sweet!

I love that they're celebrating Harry's first Easter! James seems like the kind that would celebrate Harry's first everything. First August, first Monday. :P I feel like this could be a series of one shots!

There's rabbits?! Oh my god I can already tell that this is going to be awesome and that James has really gone all out!

Ah! of course it was Sirius?! How did we not know?! Hahaha

I bet that Harry is loving his easter! They've gone to so much trouble! OKAY THOSE EGGS ARE ADORABLE! I WANT THEM!

Oh poor Harry! That poor dear! He must have been so scared haha

AHHH! THEY'VE RUINED EASTER DINNER! No wonder Lily is angry! I would be too!

Aw Remus's idea brought tears to my eyes! He's so amazing!

This was so adorable and amazing! I love it so much! I am so glad that you linked me to it! It was so funny and so wonderfully written!

Author's Response: Hi there Tammi,

You are too, too kind with your constant offer for reviews. Thank you so much. I'm really happy you liked my little silly Jily here. I had a great time coming up with the Easter Pranks, but it was hard to keep a light tone for the story when you know how James and Lily's lives are going to end in about six months...

Haha - the Marauders were super fun to write. James is always a tad bit off the mark when it comes to appeasing Lily. Sirius is ever the prankster and Remus is the voice of reason - when he's around - haha!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by alicia and anneNutshell: one.

18th August 2015:
Ooo I can't wait to read more about her crush and how she's going to deal with it at school :D

Awww I love that Peter is in this! And that he's nice! YES!!! I hate when people forget him.

Oooo people thinking that Remus and Jodie are snogging?! I wonder if Remus made that joke because he wants to do some snogging? :P Their game is so cute! They totally secretly want each other :P I'm shipping in secret!

Awww poor Jodie! I am so glad that Remus is there to help her through this, he's a good guy.

I can't wait to see how this develops, and I wonder if James will ever find out?

I am so excited!!

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Review #6, by alicia and anneA Moment of Fear: Lily

18th August 2015:
Awww it's her wedding day! :D Oh no! Why are you so mean Petunia! And on your sisters wedding day? Why couldn't she just say "Sorry, I can't attend" and be done with it. Oh sisters are so mean sometimes!

Poor Lily, I hate to think how it must feel to have your big day ruined by an evil sister and a war :(

I like how they deal with the terror that they face during the war by joking about it. I think that they definitely need that.

Awww that proposal is so them, and I can totally seeing James proposing like that.

I'm glad that her mother came and talked to her, she's right though, love changes day to day.

This was such a good first chapter, and I'm excited to read the rest. I can totally understand Lily's fears, and you did a fantastic job of showing them.

Fantastic work my lovely!

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Review #7, by alicia and anneIn Fields of Poppies: Prologue: Her War

18th August 2015:
Okay, I have to point out first how much I LOVE that opening line! With so many stories not a lot (if any) thought is given to the previous world wars, and it's never mentioned how the Wizarding world was involved in it. So to have you writing that just makes my day! You've really put so much thought into your descriptions and it's amazing. You really get a feel for the war and what people went through. And it makes you think that her family have been through three wars now, and just how different they all are to each other. Each just as devastating as the last.

The comparisions between each war was done perfectly, and I wish that I could say more in this review, but this first chapter can only be described in that one word.


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Review #8, by alicia and anneEvolution: Ain't No Sunshine

18th August 2015:
I can totally relate to the weather in this first chapter, because it is the weather that I am faced with right now. :(

I love how he treats Tinka, he's so nice and lovely :D

I love how much he's thinking about his friends and Lily, it's such a fantastic way to give background information on what's happened and a way to set up the story.

Awww so James originally only was asking her out because it annoyed her, and now he has feelings for her. I love that this is what happened!

I love this first chapter! It's such a great start and I can't wait to read more! I am so excited!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the incredibly positive words! It's always interesting because I end up having so many thoughts about how I want to go back and edit - not necessarily the first two chapters - but some in between of there and where I am now that these reviews always make me feel good.

As for the asking out, I've always been of the mind that James was really SO into Lily that he would ask her out incessantly like that. I just don't think it's "him" and I'm glad you thought that was okay too.

Hope to see you around again!

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Review #9, by alicia and anneour reality.: Chapter One

18th August 2015:
I love that they're Hufflepuffs! I always imagined Dorcas Meadowes to be a Gryffindor, so it's so nice and original to see her as a Hufflepuff.

I absolutely adore that James is blowing the other Marauders kisses, he's so silly!

Ooo I wonder what Dumbledore wants with her? I'm so intrigued! (also want to mention here that I love Izzy! I love that she says she has no idea who Dorcas is to that Ravenclaw :P)

Hhahah I just laughed out loud at Remus' joke :P he's so funny!

Ahhh! Marlene is there too! Awww I love this so much!

Now I know why Dumbledore wants to see them! This is just brilliant!

Poor Taylor being woken up by Izzy.

Oh Izzy! I know why she's worried about it, and I can't help but admire Dorcas for what she's doing and the reasons why. She's so selfless. I love her already!

Those pyjamas are epic! Seriously epic! Can I have them?

This is just amazingly awesome, and I already love it so much! I am going to favourite it because I can't wait to read more! Thank you for linking this to me in my status *hugs*

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Review #10, by alicia and anneBeyond the Dark: Three

13th August 2015:
I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THIS FINALLY! WO! I'VE MISSED THEO AND HARRY SO MUCH! *squishes them so tightly* Never leave me again!

Awww poor Harry! :( and poor Theo! I'm so sad right now that things aren't better for them!

Hahaha oh Dean! You know that Harry is stalking Theo :P

"It's not your job to save everyone, you know." - THIS! YES DEAN! YOU TELL HIM!

DEAN IS SO WISE! He knows about Theo and Draco! He knows things because he is so awesome! I love him!


If David knew what was happening to Theo he would destroy the entire castle!

I love how much help Tony has had! That support is amazing!


THIS WAS BRILLIANT! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, CONNOR! I'm so happy that you're writing this again, I've missed your writing so much! I love it as much as I love you!

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Review #11, by alicia and anneshock. : Chapter 2

5th August 2015:
NO! Death Eaters :( This is sad! I'm so sad right now :(

And you've made the situation all the more terrifying with your beautifully written descriptions. They add so much to the scene.

Oh no! Poor Lily! :( KILL HIM JAMES!!

YES! DUMBLEDORE! Dumbledore is there to protect them!

I wasn't expecting this dark chapter at all, although the entire time I couldn't help but imagine Sirius fighting in his pirate outfit and in my head there was this small moment when Voldemort was distracted by the strange appearance.

But wow, this chapter! It was so intense and it took me completely by surprise.

Just wow!

You're amazing!

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Review #12, by alicia and anneshock. : Chapter 1

5th August 2015:


Oh Captain Padfootstorm! How I love you! *squishes him*

I can't believe that Remus was lax in his charming of the trunk. You should have known better Remus! :P



STAMINA! OH GOD! *Dies on floor*


I hope that the witch of the Black Pearly Sea has acknowledged his victory either :O Ahhh! I can't wait to see what caused the explosion!


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Review #13, by alicia and anneThe New Creative Arts Department: that time when i started a newspaper

30th July 2015:

Awww look at Teddy having his first day teaching, and having to deal with the Wotters already. I suppose he's already used to that with them being at his house, so he should know how to control them.

I really like how he's made them say an interesting fact about themselves. That's a good ice breaker, and look at them learning creative writing :P

Awww how can Teddy teach creative writing if he hasn't written anything?

Awww I love that Scorpius picked his own name! THat's brilliant! hahaha

Hahahaha Landon and Percival's little conversation was brilliant and hilarious!

I love the rule what happens in the art department stays in the art department, that's an awesome rule!

Awww I love this so much! It's already funny, and I can tell that I am going to love all of the characters, mainly because I already love them! Even if Connor is going to sit with the bland Gryffindors.

FANTASTIC WORK! I LOVE YOU BOTH! *hugs you both so tightly*

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Review #14, by alicia and anneThe Duet Of Pansy And Draco: Cantata

30th July 2015:
You described the Cathedral so amazingly, and I can just imagine the stained glass windows and the stone arches so vividly.

I love that Draco can speak French.

Did he just compare Pansy to Gargoyles? Haha I just snorted at that, haha Pansy is a gargoyle.

I love that the Slytherins are there for the wedding, and that they stayed in contact with them after school. That's really nice and show that they are true friends.

Draco is so mean about Pansy! Why is he marrying her if he thinks about her that way?

I like how they're both have so many different feelings about the wedding. Draco really doesn't seem too happy about it.


Awww and now I feel sorry for Goyle! :( Why is Pansy the one who's so mean?

You are evil for making me believe that it was Draco, and you're such a brilliant writer for getting me to believe it!

Author's Response: Hi there!

I'm glad you liked the descriptions of the cathedral. It's so stunningly beautiful that I was worried I wouldn't do it justice.

Yes. Yes, he did.

Oh, I imagined that none of them would want to miss what's about to happen.

Draco is indeed mean.

Hahaha. I'm glad to hear the twist worked. :D

Thank you so much for your kind words.


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Review #15, by alicia and anneThe Forest: Run

30th July 2015:
Awww it's Dean in the forest during the war and I know it's going to make me so sad! He must be so scared.

I just want to hug him, and help him out. He seems to be doing quite well on his own with those protection spells and using of the fire spell to keep warm :D

Oh no! Dirk had saved Dean and now that makes me sad!

The idea of Dean and Seamus being seperated makes me so sad! They can't be seperated! They need to always be together, but I'm glad that Seamus warned him to run.

NO! NO HE CAN'T BE FOUND! You can't just leave it there with no mention of what happens in the end! That is a really evil ending!

Other than the evil cliffhanger, this was a very well written, if sad, story. I'm so glad that I read it

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Review #16, by alicia and anneThe Man With the Twisted Face: Prologue

30th July 2015:
I am intrigued by the Dolohov family, they seem like one of the more evil families.

I adore that Antonin was born during the middle of the biggest storm. It really sets the tone for what is going to be his life, and it just makes him seem eviler (I don't even know if that's word. I haven't sleep in over 24 hours)

I like how you've made Antonin different you how we would all imgaine him. I would never imagine him in any other way apart from dark and mean. It's very intriguing that the war and politics doesn't seem to bother him, and he doesn't even get disowned for it.

You've painted a very intriguing picture of Antonin with your wonderfully beautiful words, and I can't wait to read more of this story!

Author's Response: Hi Tammi!

I love writing the evil families, so the Dolohovs seemed like the logical next step.

Foreshadowing is fun. I'm not sure if eviler is a word but it's always nice to make new ones :)

I wanted to paint a different picture of Antonin than the stereotypical one (Death Eater in the cradle). I'm glad you think it's intriguing.

I'm happy you liked it, and thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #17, by alicia and anneThe Rules of Motherhood: Dreamer, Writer, Mother

30th July 2015:
Awww I love the idea of Molly wanting to become a writer, I think that she would be such a great writer.

I really love that you've written a story about Molly, and having this little snippet of her life before she became a mother, I also love how you have her not being too happy about marriage and saying that she couldnt' be a mother. It's not the Molly that we know later on, but it makes sense that she's worried and scared. I love that you portrayed that.

Oh no! I don't want her to give up on her dream! I really hope that the next chapter is Arthur taking it back out of the bin and helping her pursue her dream! AND SHE IS GOING TO BE THE BEST MOTHER! WE ALL KNOW THAT!!

A fantastic start to the story!

Author's Response: Hello! Congrats on getting through your crazy 24 hours!

I think I probably put a lot of myself into Molly. Granted, I wrote this at 17 and had never been pregnant, but I used it as a way to explore a lot of my feelings about femininity and family. And obviously writing.

I'm glad you enjoyed this!


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Review #18, by alicia and anneAlong Came Sirius: Epilogue: Crash

30th July 2015:

I am so devastated right now. You've broken my heart!

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Review #19, by alicia and anneAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Thirty-Eight: Fine, Just Fine

30th July 2015:
NO! I can't believe that this is the end of the story! Even though you have the epilogue to put up, I'm sad about it because I know that it'll break my heart :( I have loved this story so much! It was one of my favourite ones back in the day and it was great coming back to read it.

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Review #20, by alicia and anneAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Thirty-Six: Exes

30th July 2015:
Oh no! James has a girlfriend that's not Lily, I bet you that Lily is so jealous! She will try to hide it, but she won't be able to!

And I like that Jayden has got to a point where he's fine to hang around Adara.

Can't wait to read more!

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Review #21, by alicia and anneAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Thirty–Five: Stupid

30th July 2015:
This story is definitely not getting boring at all! I still love it and the action keeps coming! Adara and Sirius are just pure love and I love reading about them!

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Review #22, by alicia and anneAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Thirty-Four: New Discoveries

30th July 2015:
Awww Sirius and Adara are just so adorable! They get cuter and cuter in ever chapter that you write. :D I love this story so much!

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Review #23, by alicia and anneAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Thirty-Three: Torture

30th July 2015:
I am so glad that I came back and reread this series. I remember reading it so many years ago and it being my favourite, but I never left a review, so that's why I've come back to review now. I love Sirius/OC so much and I love this one!

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Review #24, by alicia and anneAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Thirty-Two: Best Remember That

30th July 2015:
Oh no! James came about at the wrong time and things are not going to go well at all. I hope she can explain herself, and that he doesn't run off to tell Sirius straight away without giving her a chance to explain!

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Review #25, by alicia and anneAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Thirty-One: The Aftermath and the Match

30th July 2015:
I like that you haven't completely ignored Jayden in this story. I know that they've broken up, but he's still going to see her and be around all the time.

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