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Review #1, by VipersCroonStar Crossed Lovers: Destined

5th April 2017:
Oh dear! I merely clicked for the fun of it (and because I love Sibyll), though I couldn't quite think of much to expect from any pairing with Lockhart actually. Good luck I did click, though, because I love this little story! Your writing voice mends so well with Sibyll's charakter I didn't even notice you were writing from the first person POV (which I usually don't get along with so well) and that ending had me cringing sorry for the poor lady as much as fearfully grinning because wasn't that promise a dangerous one she vowed to herself? What a lady, quite the stalker somehow yet better not messed with! Considered how things turn for Lockhart canon-wise she's not even that wrong with her curse ;)

"He was the one and I was going to make sure he knew it" - that's exactly from where you had me into your version of Sibyll, to be honest, and that's quite awesome in the very first paragraph because I usually need time to feel the charakters. Lovely.

Though holding up to itself wonderfully as it is there's definitely potential for a sequel, now is there?

Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I rarely get random reviews so this was a pleasant surprise and you totally made my day!

I am so happy you liked this little story and that you thought my voice blended with Sybill. It's very difficult to write a character like that, especially in first person, but I put myself in her shoes in this (imagined) situation and went with the flow, so I'm really pleased that you liked the outcome. I thought of what happened to Lockhart in canon and decided to play around with it in terms of her curse too, who knew it may have been her curse that triggered his demise hehe.

Thanks a lot again for your kind words. As of now, I don't see myself writing a sequel but I'll definitely keep your review in mind if I ever choose to!

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