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Review #1, by imcute410Chaos: It's really over

24th March 2010:
Aww, cute. I loved it. Great story. 'Chaos' sounds so cool! Lol. Love everything that happened. The ups, the downs, they were just great. Lol. Uhh, can't think too much since I took the last like, 4 hours reading that. Well, with a lot of breaks. But anywho, keep up the amazing writing! :D
- Alexis

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Review #2, by imcute410What Hurts the Most: What Hurts the Most

17th February 2010:
That made me want to cry!
I immediately looked for a sequel to the other story because I was like "What? He killed her? How dare he! How could he!?" and then reading this, I was like, "She's alive? o.O how? When'd he die?". The ending told me exactly when. I can't believe he killed himself! DD:
Why didn't he just kill Voldemort? It would of been a lot better!
Anywho, that song is one of my favorites, even though it makes me cry every time. Great stories, loved them both.
:D 10/10

P.S. Honestly, I was younger when I picked that username. Lol. I'm Alexi [:

Author's Response: ahhh i know! It would have been better but I wanted a tragic love story between Draco and Hermione and that's just the way it played out! I'm glad you liked them :)

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Review #3, by imcute410Help us somebody..........anybody!: Soooo...well time to say.............

16th February 2010:
Haha, I loved it! It was an amazing zombie story! Draco/Hermione are my favorite pairing, or Draco/Ginny. You made me like them so much more, if that's possible! Lol. Your a great writer, and should definately keep that up as a hobby or whatever you have it as. I had very close thoughts as Hermione did with their kissing! Lol. I love when a person explains the emotions of a teenager, and the zombie story was geneious!! (probably spelt that wrong)
Anywho, your story is one of my favorites, definately :D


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Review #4, by imcute410Heir Brained: Confessions of Control Freaks

2nd February 2010:
Ohh, sounds great so far. Can't wait for the rest! :D
They're my favorite couple, well, them and Draco/Ginny. But anywho, your story is amazing. The way you have the characters, the emotions, the plots. Just wonderful. 10/10

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Review #5, by imcute410Fighting Temptations: The End of the Beginning

12th October 2009:
Oh wow. That was really confusing! I thought Blaise was evil!? Like, he's the one who made the 'deal' with Draco. And Hermione met Skye before. Like, before or around chapter 8. Cause her and Draco were caught by Hermione in the girls loo (Prefects bathroom I think). Anywho, I loved it. Waiting to get this review over with, to be able to read the sequel. There is a sequel, right? There has to be! o.o
So, who does Luna like then? Draco or Blaise?
And is Blaise really good? Who does he like? Luna or Hermione? I'm thinking Luna, but I just want to make sure.
Ohh, what happened to Ron? Is he being held captive?
I'll stop asking you questions. Lol. I love the emotions you put into the whole story, making the reader understand exactly how your characters felt. Hmm, is Pansy not so evil then? And Blaise? Is it just Skye or something? Severus Snape confused me a lot, but I get that in the end, he was a double agent. Wait, wait. What does that mean? He worked for both sides? Or was he really on the good side, pretending to be on the bad side so he could spy? Because if he was so good, he wouldn't of saved Bellatrix.
Okay, I'll leave you alone with my chatter now. Lol. Lovely story. Keep up the amazing imagination. The colorful and fantastic writing, as well.

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Review #6, by imcute410Thinning The Line Between Love and Hate: Love is Forever

20th September 2009:
Ohh sad. Nooo! COME BACK DRACO!
Alright, so, I love your writing. Your story was a rollercoaster. Ups and downs and ups and more downs. The ending was very sad. I thought she would of prevented it. I mean, if she had that vision, why didn't she just put the Dark Lord up in flames when she got there? It would of easily prevented it.
Anywho, I would write a lot more, but I'm actually really tired right now, and need to do some school work. Lol. I wanted to finish this story before doing anything else. (:
I'm going to leave you by saying you have fantastic and amazing writing skills, and your imagination is simply beautiful. I hope you keep writing.

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Review #7, by imcute410Ascension: Bitter Shade

19th September 2009:
Ah! Continue! Quick!! :D :D :D
My emotions were jumping up and down A LOT but I love it so far :D

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Review #8, by imcute410Deceiving Hearts: A Slow Decent

19th September 2009:
Ohh, sad D: He goes back into her life later right? Maybe in a sequel? *Smiles hopefully*
I'm sorry, there's not much I can say when I'm in love with a story.
You are an amazing writer, and I hope you continue your writing talent :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! And yes the sequel will be a Draco/Hermione still :D

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Review #9, by imcute410Hearts and Guitar Strings: Come What May

16th September 2009:
Yay!!! I loved it. When you had it as Draco singing Leave Out All The Rest by Linkin Park, I wanted to cry. I kept thinking, 'Oh god, is this him saying goodbye, too?' but I knew it wasn't :D Your writing is very lovely. I actually went on YouTube to listen to each song as they were singing them :D It was fun.
I can't believe he sang Dirty Little Secret to her! :O I was like 'WTH >.< STFU Draco! How dare you!' but then I was like 'Ohhh, sad. Dont leave him!' and then she left him.
Sorry, normally I'm a lot better at reviewing. It's just that it's currently around 3 am where I am, and I stayed up reading your story. If I didn't finish, I wouldn't be able to sleep, lol. I'd probably be tossing and turning, having Draco and wondering what happened running through my head. Seriously. Soo, I'm gonna leave you to go to sleep by saying your a fantastic and amazing writer, and I love the whole story, the details, and the charaters. You have a wonderful imagination, keep it working! :D

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Review #10, by imcute410Wrong kind of love: The Final Fight

15th September 2009:
Aww, sad. Is he dead? 0.0 Please dont let Draco be dead! I Love Him!!! Lol. He's so hawt XD
I really like your story. It was amazing. I almost cried when Hermione was being tortured, but more so when Draco didn't do anything when they saw each other.
I have the gift- or the curse- to make anyone feel guilty about doing a certain thing. I guess I got it from my mum (she said so anyway) and I was thinking of millions of things to say to make him feel really guilty. To make him ShoW his pain, rather than hide all emotions. I thought that, in the end, they'd live together. Not happily every after, cause that does always happen. I thought they'd have their couple-problems, but they'd still be pretty happy, and inlove.
I like how you had Draco be the one to do revenge. It made me scared of Hermione when she did tons of dark-arts spells. I was like 'OMG! Why would she do that!? Ahhh!' and then when Draco 'left' or whatever, I was like 'AHHH! NO! *Sob, sniff, sob*' Lol.
Aaaanywho, I look forward to more of your work (:
Excelent writing. 10/10

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Review #11, by imcute410Wrong kind of love: Connections

14th September 2009:
Okay, I would of said this a few chapters ago, but I was wayyy to caught up, lol. I love the change in Hermione :D I love her being a bad girl, with bad boy Draco Malfoy ^.^
So far, your story is great.
I'm sorry I dont do reviews on every chapter. I like to do it on the last one- or whatever was the last updated for the WIP stories- and sometimes around the middle. So, this is two chapters ahead of the middle, but you had me too hooked. I just loved how you ended this chapter, so I decided to finally review.
At first, I didn't like it because it seemed too fast and over exaggerated because Hermione being in the hospital wing for drinking, and the boys and Ginny crying over it. I mean, I like that they cared so much about her, but it wasn't like she was raped or anything.
I'm very sorry; I'm being really really rude :/
Anywho, I love the challenge, and I hope that Draco didn't fuck things up (excuse my language) with the whole plan thing later on. They're happy right now, and it should stay that way :D
So, I should continue on in your story. I promise I will be back. (: I do have 10 more chapters to read, after all.
Your actually really good at writing- wayyy better than me. Keep up the writing, if you enjoy it (obviously, cause I dont want you to continue doing something you dont like, lol). Well, I think I've done enough rambling on, so I shall stop. Good luck with your writing. You have an amazing imagination! :D 10/10

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Review #12, by imcute410Barbed Wire and Roses: Forever And For Always?

7th September 2009:
Awww, cute :D I think I read this before, but it wasn't complete...hmm. Anywho, I loved it [: It was cute, and I loved all the drama. I really got into the story and felt what the characters felt.
Draco and Hermione are my favorite couple. Well, that and Draco and Ginny. I love having Blaise in the story, as a guy. Like, as a good guy too. Having Hermione go from having Ron and Harry as best friends, to Draco and Blaise is so awesome. I love Slytherin, too, so it works out so well. :D Congrats! Great writing; Great story! 10/10

Author's Response: Wow. You and I would get along great. Though, I don't really care for this story now that I've read over it again. But that doesn't really matter. I'm glad you liked it. :]


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Review #13, by imcute410Coreu: Anguish

2nd September 2009:
No! I can't wait for the rest of the story! It's too good! :P
I was seriously crying during this chapter and the last one. Like, I was sobbing, and balling..and it just wasn't a pretty sight.
Plus, I'm really pissed off at what Harry and Ron said! Grrr them! When they made him feel bad at the end I wanted to scream at them and just be like 'SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU TWO IDIOTS! HE'S ALREADY GUILTY AND DEPRESSED ABOUT SAYING THOSE THINGS!!! GR!' Lol. I wanted to punch THEM in the face, or push them into a wall and point my want at them saying all that crap to them! Haha. I mean, seriously, they should think. They DIDN'T find her over and over again. They DIDN'T save her over and over again either. Why don't they blame themselves that she's as bad as she is because they didn't find her earlier? Cause they're oblivious to that fact, that's right!
Okay, I'm getting a bit carried away with this story XD Haha. I can't wait for the next chapters, or the ending. Your story is amazing beyond belief! (:

Author's Response: Thanks for your emotional review, I really enjoyed it! I'm going to begin writing the next chapter of this story very soon, as soon as I finish my other story, Nobody's Wife. Thanks so much!

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Review #14, by imcute410Contours: Chapter Thirteen

1st September 2009:
Woot! Haha, I love this story so far (: Can't wait for the next few chapters!

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Review #15, by imcute410What We Knew: Spiraling Downward

28th August 2009:
Ahhh! I wan't the next chapter now! Lol.
Oh my. You had me crying, to really happy, to angry, and back again. Not exactly in that order, but still. I love your story. I can't wait for the next chapter.
I kept feeling so bad for Draco. I kept thinking 'Come on Hermione! Leave Blaise! Go to Draco!!' but it wouldn't happen. But thenn, Pansy and maze happened. :O I was completely shocked in this chapter, reading that Blaise knew about it all along. Hermione Loves Blaise...but she's not IN Love with him. Finally, her and Draco can be together :D Well, that is if he still takes her. O.o
Anywho, I love your writing. You have a brilliant imagination, creating all that has happened in this story. I'll be on look out for the next chapter. (:

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Review #16, by imcute410What We Knew: The White Tomb

27th August 2009:
I want Draco! Lol.. He sounds like he's better in this story anyways. I mean, mourning for his guilty past of killing, being nicer to Hermione, and admitting to her about some of his past. He's torn apart.
Whereas Blaise seems perfectly fine, but his voice has gotten harsh before, which sort of worries me.
Besides, no one is better than Draco Malfoy. Lol.
Your writing is awesome. I love the detail you put into, and the emotions they feel. You make the reader feel those emotions, too. Fantastic job all together. (:

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Review #17, by imcute410Arabesque: The Perfect Arabesque

26th August 2009:
Awe, this chapter made me cry. Since I left such a long review in the last one, that was about all the chapters, I'm not going to make this long. My heart jumped- or rather plummeted- when I started reading this. For I knew how the ending would turn out. Or, at least knew that Draco would be dead. :(
I still loved the whole story, the ending just made me frown and cry more than smile and laugh. Very lovely. 10/10

Author's Response: I am so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading.

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Review #18, by imcute410Pirates: Prelude

26th August 2009:
Oh my god. I loved it so far. It was amazing!
Wait, doesn't Hermione lose the bet with Pansy since she kissed Draco, not the otherway around?
I was seriously suprised. Mostly with Hermione and Draco. They're still my favorite, obviously. Lol. But I was seriously thinking that Draco was going to admit it right to her face that he was Dommanic. I thought his lust for her was going to bring him as far as kissing her. Well, really to making out with her.
I don't know why, but the whole 'slam against the wall and passionitly kiss' thing sounds actually romantic. Not to mention extremely hot, especially for Draco and Hermione.
Anywho, I loved how everything played out in this chapter. But why is Hermione naked? o.O Haha, I'm thinking she's going to have a run in with Draco soon. XD
Oh, and great cliffhanger! Jeesh :P I'm like 'Ohhh, can't wait to see what happnens next with Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy..hmm...I wonder what's going to happen at the wedding..' and then your like 'Muahahahaha! You don't get to find out till I update' and I'm like 'No!'. Lol. Sorry, getting a bit carried away. Can't help it, your story is in my top two. It's just really hard which story of the two I like more, to put as my number one. I mean, I like them pretty equally. Although I think yours is very close to becoming my number one with all this action, drama, romance, and just..amazing writing. I can't wait for the rest of the story (:

Author's Response: 'Muahahahaha! You don't get to find out till I update'

HAHAHAHAH : ) Really? *Grin. I loved this review!!! It's truly wonderful!!! hahaha. Oh man, you're great. Don't worry, I do have a passionate, hit up against the wall (maybe kiss) scene planned out for very VERY soon! lol. I'm excited for it aswell!
Oh, and I updated!

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Review #19, by imcute410Arabesque: Of the Burial of a Brother and the Decay of a Granger

26th August 2009:
Oh my god. I loved it. The last two or three chapters, I've been crying on and off. Especially this last chapter.
Your writing is so beautiful. I love how you put in details to rooms, or items, but not too much detail. Not enough to bore anyone. There were times in this story where I wanted to seriously hurt Draco for how he acted towards Hermione. I know he had his reason, but still. I felt more for her than for him during most of the story. Except these last few chapters. I felt more for him in this last chapter than for anyone else. His father is an evil bastard. So is Gustave. Obviously Voldemort is, but he wasn't in it that much.
Anywho, I loved how Draco didn't die, but was very sad that Ron did. Although Ron did his fair share of wronging, and more, he made up for it completely by letting himself die rather than Draco. Hermione has romantic feelings for Draco, and would most likely feel as Draco did with her dying. She would feel unable to breath and alone.. She'd be even more broken than she was when her father left...and even more broken than when she remembered everything. If only there was a different way to get rid of the virus. I wonder how many purebloods would be dying then? To save Muggle-borns and Half-bloods. I dont think they really would, though. Most people aren't as selfless as Ron and Draco. Well, selfless for Draco when it comes to Hermione. He's said a few times in this story that he was selfish..but I can't believe that after he saved Ginny for Hermione, and almost killed himself for her. That's some strong kind of love right there. I feel so bad for Hermione. Reading this whole story, I could picture everything. It was a movie in my head..and it was beautiful. It had a lot of emotion in it..rage, happiness, depression, anger, sadness, passion, lust, selfless-ness, selfish-ness, obnoxious-ness (those three seemed really long, so yeahh...), love, hate, many that, I can't even remember all of them. O.O
Anywho, again, Your story was in my top 5 favorites, and I'd give you better than a 10/10 if I could.
This is my longest review to a story :D I can't wait to read 'The Forsaken Ones' (I didn't go to the top of the page, or to the last chapter to find out what it was called! I just remembered, I swear! Lol). I'll leave this review with a Great Job and Keep Up The Awesome and Unique Work! [:

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to write such an epically long review for me ^_^ I am so pleased that you enjoyed everything you read and that you have invested so much emotion into it. Thank you for all your kind words about it ^_^

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Review #20, by imcute410A lonely Return to Hogwarts: Epilogue

5th June 2009:
Oh My God. I loved it. Seriously. It was wonderful. I wasn't sure if I'd like it at the begining, but I'm glad I kept reading it till Draco admitted his feelings. The first chapter or two I was just like 'Okay, it's pretty good..' and then chapters three through about six I was like 'wow..better..' and then from there on I was like 'AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!!' Haha. I love how it ended too :)
Holy crap did Ron and Luna have a lot of kids...I mean 5! Jeesh. I know the Weasleys like a big family, but Harry and Ginny only had 3, and Draco and Hermione only had 2. How come they didn't have more? o.O
I liked the twist of Voldemort being Hermiones father, and none of them killing him. That his own power killed him.
I also liked how it wasn't all about Harry Potter. Lol. I loved how the war was really between Hermione and Tom Riddle, but Harry and Draco were a little part of it too.
All in all you did an amazing job at writing. :D
10/10 (although I'd give you a lot more outta 10 if I could. lol)
Now, I think this is long enough. Lmao. Thank you for the entertainment; For the story; and for the couple.
Draco/Hermione and Draco/Ginny are my two absolute favorite couples for stories. Seperate. Lol. I don't like when he goes out with both of them in one story 'cause that seems to ruin a friendship. Anywho, this is way too long now. :]

Author's Response: Wow what a fantastic review! Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me what you liked about it, feedback is extremely important for development! Thanks again!

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Review #21, by imcute410Above the Clouds: Christmas

31st May 2009:
Ahh! Continue! It's really really good :D
I wanted to cry when they were fighting!! I thought they were gonna break up or one of them were going to sleep down stairs on the couch. :o
Anywho, I really loved it, and can't wait for more chapters to come :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I've pretty much finished chapter 22, so I'll probably be abe to post the next chapter before HPFF goes on a summer holiday.
ha! I didn't even think about letting one of them sleep on the couch, now that you mention it, it would have been quite fun to write!

I'm really glad you loved it!

Thanks again:)
- C

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Review #22, by imcute410Pirates: Twisted Masquerade: Part II

29th May 2009:
Hurry with the next chapters! It's soo good! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I`ll update soon!


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Review #23, by imcute410Compatibility: Letters

1st May 2009:
Draco and Hermione seem really OOC in the beginning...don't get me wrong, I still like the story. I was just pointing that out I guess...

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Review #24, by imcute410Pirates: Twisted Masquerade: Part I

30th April 2009:
Oh wow. I love it!! I just can't believe Hermione can't bring back that memory!! Grr! Remember that Malfoy called you 'love'! Lol. I am SOO into this story. It's brilliant :D

Author's Response: I know, she's a little out of it, isn't she? The punch: we blame it all on the punch. :P

Thanks so much :) I'm happy you like it.


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Review #25, by imcute410Dragoness: Shocker

30th April 2009:
Oh My God! Oh My God! OH MY GOD!!! I absolutely LOVE your story! I can't wait for the next chapters! You. Are. Brilliant!
How'd you come up with them being half dragon? What about the rest of the plot?
I swear, (even though it's not attractive XD lol) you are a geinus for making this story. Lol. I've read this story about three times now. I read until around chapter 40, and when there were no more chapters, until now, i read a different story. Then I saw you had more chapters, and Re-Read the Whole story. It's fantastic =D I think I'm your biggest fan XD

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