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Review #1, by Ydnas OdellColor and Light: Strategy

26th March 2015:
This is very well written, seems to take a conversational and realistic tone and it's nice seeing all this from Tonk's POV. I hope to see more.

So far, this has the potential to be one of the better Remus/Tonk fics that I have read.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! It means a lot. I've got the fic already written for the most part so more to follow very soon :)

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Review #2, by Ydnas OdellRemember: Chapter 1

14th February 2015:
This is awesome. Exactly the type of thing I like to read.

To be fair it does need another editing pass or two for some minor grammar errors.

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Review #3, by Ydnas OdellWeasley is our King: Gameday

26th January 2015:
As Ron would say: Brilliant! The Quidditch action was well written, but you could've wriiten it out more. It would have been nice to see the tension as Ravenclaw crept closer. Nice banner also!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I didn't know it was still being read!

I was already a bit concerned I was drawing out the Quidditch a lot compared to the books and didn't want to overdo it and end up reading like a sports report. But you're right in that I could have played around a bit more with emotions and general trends as well as the game specifics. All good things to know, as I have to write quite a few games in my Igniting the Ashes story!

Thank you!

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Review #4, by Ydnas OdellEverytime We Touch: Everytime We Touch

24th January 2015:
Wow! I've never read a Harry Potter natural disaster fic before! Interesting twist! Well done!

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Review #5, by Ydnas OdellUntil the End: Together

24th January 2015:
This in an interesting idea, well thought out and executed and it feels plausible. I have a real sense of the personality of the Prewett brothers and I like the repeated theme, However, you do have a glaring typo in the first sentence: 'bows' when you meant 'boys'.

Author's Response: Hi!!

Thank you so much for stopping by with a review! I'm really happy they came across with their own personalities in this - especially as it's quite short. eep, I'll get on fixing that typo!


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Review #6, by Ydnas OdellContinental Holiday : Chapter One

23rd January 2015:
Great start! I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thanks! There's lots more to come!!

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Review #7, by Ydnas OdellDobby: The Paid Elf: Dobby: The Paid Elf

17th January 2015:
This is an interesting and unique idea. The characters are believable. You captured both Dobby's and Dumbledore's speech patterns perfectly. It is actually brave writing a house-elf as they are so difficult. This is one of the better fics that I've read recently.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much! I don't even really know what to say to that, besides thank you! Dumbledore and Dobby are both pretty difficult characters to get right, so it means so much to me for you to say that!! ♥

I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed this!! Thank you so, so much for reading and for leaving such an incredibly kind review!! :D

xoxo Meg

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Review #8, by Ydnas OdellThe Best Day of My Life : The Best Day of My Life

17th January 2015:
Very well written. Nice bait and switch. I enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thank you so much! I'm really happy that you've enjoyed it!! :) Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to review!! ♥

xoxo Meg

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Review #9, by Ydnas OdellNo Wands Allowed: No Wands Allowed

6th January 2015:
This is an insultingly good fic! What a fun and excellently executed idea.

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Review #10, by Ydnas OdellSomething to Fight For: Midnight Conversation

6th January 2015:
I just noticed the other review from 2010 that I somehow missed. I found this through the random read feature. I will find the fic if it is still there on the other site. I write/read as DA Jones there. However, for some reason the 2nd chapter that is posted here is much better edited than the first.

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Review #11, by Ydnas OdellSomething to Fight For: The Ministry

6th January 2015:
I am sorry that this has never had a review, that is wrong. This is a really excellent plot and some of the lines are winners and I think you have potential as a writer, and I was hooked from the start, but it needs a beta reader just to help with the typos and grammar and a little work with pacing near the end.

I also locked the POV that you used. Watching from the eyes of a child while their parents try to survive a battle is an gripping experience.

Writing is like anything else, it takes effort and redoing and of course without hour any reviews there is little reward for doing so. I think if you revisited this and rewrote it a little and visited the forums you would get some reviews and reads. I'm always reworking fics I worked on years ago. Good luck!

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Review #12, by Ydnas OdellSitting on a Leaf: Sitting on said Leaf

5th January 2015:
This is one of the most unique and cute and sweet tales that I have ever read on here. It is criminal that there was only one review for this tale in a decade. I will do what I can to promote it.

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Review #13, by Ydnas OdellButterflies: Butterflies

5th January 2015:
Short. But a good fic. I thought you captured both characters well.

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Review #14, by Ydnas OdellBlood of Darkness, Heart of Light: Part One: Pureblood, Chapter One: Meeting

3rd January 2015:
I am very intrigued by this. It is an excellent start. You write Snape well, Lily too! I was sucked into both chapters right away and was engrossed right away. Charlotte is going to be a winner of an OC too, I can tell.

I will follow this.

One minor canon lapse in the first chapter bothered me: Where is Barty Crouch Jr? You might need to edit in an explanation for his absence to satisfy the nitpickers like me.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I have reasons for leaving out Barty Crouch Jr. that I don't want to reveal yet. I probably should have included a sentence or two about his absence in the Prologue. Perhaps I'll go add that.

Thanks again!

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Review #15, by Ydnas OdellHere We Go: Mindlessness And Distractions

1st January 2015:
This is very good. I like your characterizations. They really do seem like teenagers and react realistically and the ending is an excellent cliffhanger. I am sorry you that you did not receive any reviews until now for it as it actually is a much better dramione than average.

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Review #16, by Ydnas OdellRich Weasley: how Ginny got rich

31st December 2014:
Funny! Well done!

Nicely absurd!

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Review #17, by Ydnas OdellGone: The Disappearance

28th December 2014:
Al is a believable and well developed character and I enjoyed the simplistic and straightforward style this tale was written in. GONE is an engaging story that feels real despite its surrealistic premise. I am glad that I read this.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I very much attempted a 'matter-of-fact' tone here. Glad you found that the story felt real, thank you for reading.

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Review #18, by Ydnas OdellA Chance Encounter: Imperfections Included

28th December 2014:
This was a random read of mine and I liked it a lot. This is very smoothly written and feels true to the characters and held my attention throughout and your dialogue was superb. I quibble only a bit with how Neville describes the papers description of his supposed time with Luna though. He should admit he traveled with her and state but the papers exaggerate. The only flaw I saw and it is a minor one is the last paragraph. I'd cut most if it because you do not need to state the moral or the outcome because the reader knows it. So: 'Hannah wiped the counter again' is your natural ending. Maybe add: Hannah smiled and wiped.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading my stories randomly!

I'm so glad that my characters held your attention and seemed authentic. Perhaps Neville should be more forthcoming about his travels with Luna, you're right. He's a very honest person, and so he would be honest about it.

That's a great suggestion! I think you're write--I don't need to make it so obvious because the reader knows. I will take a look at that when I find the time. :)


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Review #19, by Ydnas OdellGodric's Girls: The Beginning, the Middle, and the End

27th December 2014:
You created interesting characters. This was well done!

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Review #20, by Ydnas OdellPawns: An Invitation

14th September 2013:
Very well done. It is a shame you abandoned this. You write way better than most.

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Review #21, by Ydnas OdellFaye Aldea: The Case of the Missing Witches: Prologue

14th September 2013:
Wow. I know that you haven't had a review yet, but that is more a function of this site being visited a whole lot less often then it used to be. I'm one of those sometime visitors who still pop in from time to time and like to read excellent fics, of which this is one.

I've read hundreds of stories on this site, and although maybe this isn't the most unusual idea, it does have a very different main character and an interesting premise (Faye writing things down to remember why she is risking life and limb to be a hero).

I do have one question though? How does Faye have the last name: 'Aldea', when her parents last names are both different. I don't know how the Arabic naming system works. Also, some old women wouldn't have the first name of 'Kali'. That is to modern, something like 'Babs' or Wilma would be better. She needs a dated first name, but I'm a stickler on names. Otherwise, I really like this story and hope you continue to write it. It is great. I rated it 10/10!

Author's Response: First of all, thanks for the review. It made me very happy :D
I was beginning to think this story is no good, even though I love it (and Faye) to bits.
Faye is a British and Japanese through her mother, while she is Arabic through her father. In Arabic society, women keep their maiden names, that's why Hanako is still Toshiyuki and not a Al-Muhattim. When Hanako wanted to register Faye and subsequently her other children as British citizen, she wrote "Aldea" instead of Al-Muhattim in their birth forms. Similarly, Hanako is actually an "Aldea" in her British Passport while her last name is Toshiyuki in the Japanese passport. So in the end Faye has actually three names until she is an adult. In other words, when Faye is eighteen years old, she has to cancel either her Arabic citizenship (I am thinking of making her Kuwaiti) or her Japanese Citizenship, since both countries do not allow dual citizenship. She can keep her British Citenship though because UK allows people to have more than one nationality. These laws are confusing xD
To put this more simply, let's see how Faye's name is spelled in her three passports:
Japanese: Toshiyuki Fai
British: Faye Aldea
Arabic: Fai Joseph Al-Muhattim.
I know it's possible because I have two different surnames, one in my Japanese Passport and the other in my US Passport.
The reason I named Kali that is because Kali is an Indian goddess of death and time, which I felt is fitting because of, you know, how ancient Babblewinks is. Babblewinks refers to the woman's tendency to babble: To talk foolishly or idly, and winks refers to her power hungry nature. You know, women who wink at rich, powerful men just because of their money?
Thanks for reading and rating it! I really appreciate it :D
I hope I can continue to entertain you with my writing :)

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Review #22, by Ydnas OdellCalling: Calling

28th July 2013:
Well done. Very exceptional written. Added to my favorites.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it ♥

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Review #23, by Ydnas OdellPerception: Reality's Duplicity

8th February 2013:
This was interesting. Basically a Cho ruined by the war. Well written and confusing. I think the confusing throws people off (unfortunately most poeple don't like to read things they can't readily understand) but its fits with the confused mind of Cho. She seems to blame all her misery on Cedric and associate him with the Dark Lord. I thought there might be some time travel involved, but I'm not sure.

Who is the letter from? It was good to leave that mystery. It sad she thinks no one will write her.

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Review #24, by Ydnas OdellFirearms: Prologue

1st February 2013:
Wonderful. Ilove this! You write battles well.

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Review #25, by Ydnas OdellThe Fighter: The Contender

26th September 2012:
This is actually quite good, i enjoyed it and there is not another fic on the site like it, I'm sure of it. I tried once to find a Dudley boxing fic, but no one had ever written one and this isn't that...but its the closest I've seen. And its good.

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