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Review #1, by scarletangel9Hermione's Problem: Tryouts

2nd April 2007:
I love it, good work, but I've been waiting so long, I thought it'd be longer.Not that I'm complaining, I would just love to read more of your wonderful writing. But keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I will try!

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Review #2, by scarletangel9Changing Masks: Changing Masks

18th March 2007:
Wonderful! The way you used his eyes to develop his character and his mother were excellent. Well written and engaging. I have to go look up "vaunted" though (which is a good thing for you). I couldn't find a single thing wrong, I loved every word and they way you mainpulated them.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! :D I'm glad you liked how I did the whole eyes thing and thought that this flowed. I really appreciate your comments. *huggles*

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Review #3, by scarletangel9Laid to Rest: Final

17th February 2007:
I'm good? You're good. Okay, there was some grammar stuff, some missing "d"s and commas, but we all have our typos. Otherwise, very good! I always love the dimensions to Draco and this was the typical, but still well done, spin on his relationship with his parents. B-e-a-utiful. I hope Draco will go to the light side in the last book. *fingers crossed* But, anyway, great job!

Author's Response: Yeah sorry. The computer I type my stories up on has issues with the "d" key for some reason. I figured I was missing some commas. Sometime I'll try to fix that. I'm glad you liked the relationship with his parents. I have no idea where it came from. I actually have no idea where any of this story came from. It was kinda just a spur of the moment thing so I'm very glad you liked it.

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Review #4, by scarletangel9Mockingbird: Mockingbird

24th January 2007:
So intricate and very believable. Lucius's and Narcissa's relationship intrigues me the most I think and you did it a great justice. Lovely rendition (sp?) of Mockingbird. Some missing apostrophes and typos I probably execute all the time, but overall an elegant story.

Author's Response: I am thrilled to know you liked the relationship between the two, as so little about it is known in the books. I shall keep an eye out for those typos too....they always sneak past me =). Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #5, by scarletangel9Taking A Leap: Underneath It All

19th January 2007:
The auror cloak is stroke of brilliance. You're doing a great job of connecting in parts of what happened when Voldemort was defeated and how life was for Harry during all the hype. I think this is shaping up to be your best story on this site.

Keep up the great work!

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Review #6, by scarletangel9Hermione's Problem: Three's a Crowd

18th January 2007:
I love this story and I'm so glad you've updated. I hope we're not waiting for the next chapter as long as we waited for this

Just a head's up, I had this problem with my stories to, your spacing between each chapter isn't even. It's hard to fix with the advanced editor, trust me. Good luck with the rest of this.

Author's Response: Oh no! You're right. Actually I've had this one written for quite some time. I've been having some problems with the editors.

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Review #7, by scarletangel9Forget Me Not: Chapter 1

10th January 2007:
Wow, nice concept. I've never seen this before. And your writing style is delightful. I'm intrigued. Good job!

Author's Response: thank you :-)

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Review #8, by scarletangel9Drowning in Defeat: Drowning in Defeat

28th December 2006:
Excellent response to a challenge. Some diction I may have changed (not that I'm in expert, I'm certainly not) and some typos but great story. I loved Katie's flashback, great relationship between Wood and Hooch that actually fits wonderfully, so believable. And Wood in general, yeah I think he's that obsessed. Great Work!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's difficult to get the characters down sometimes, especially if they don't have many speaking parts. I have a better version on Checkmated where some wording was changed, so perhaps I should post that version here. I actually had to get a beta. First beta ever, ah... XD Anyway, I'm glad that you still liked it!

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Review #9, by scarletangel9Confessions by the Graveyard: Confessions by the Graveyard

28th December 2006:
Adorable. I love the idea of Draco making a fool of himself and even better the truth that Hermione would never let herself fall in love with a Malfoy. Fluffy, yes, but a little fluff never killed anyone. Good work for burning the midnight oil.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, dear. ^_^

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Review #10, by scarletangel9"Mrs Lupin": Mrs Lupin

18th December 2006:
simple, cute. I liked it. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks. :)

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Review #11, by scarletangel9Inbred: Ministry Regulated? I Don't Think So

16th December 2006:
This story is hilarious. Incredibly witty on Draco and Hermione's parts and the naration is to die for, so creative. I sort of feel bad for Harry though, kind of getting the short end of the stick everytime. Stupid, depressed...but then again this is a parody..isn't it?

Author's Response: Aw, you are too kind!. I'm especially glad you like the narration. Yes, it is a parody, which is why Harry keeps getting the bad end of that stick. Hope that makes you feel a bit better for him. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #12, by scarletangel9The Game of Chess: The Game of Chess

12th December 2006:
Great chess analogy..really excellent. You've got talent, keep giving it oppurtunities to grow

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I love when i get new reviews!

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Review #13, by scarletangel9Taking A Leap: Herbal Tea

5th December 2006:
I love this. I'm so glad that inspiration struck u again. I loved your first two stories and I'm sure I'll love this too, considering I already can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the kind words. I just figured it was about time I started writing again. Hope you like the 3rd chapter.


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Review #14, by scarletangel9Every Little Helps: Dogfights, Doughnuts and Doe Eyes

2nd August 2006:
hehe..that was too cute and wonderfully written!

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Review #15, by scarletangel9the present: A Library of Sorts

29th July 2006:
this was such a cliff hanger but it was soo good...i must say though that at first (when i read the chapter title) i thought u were going to rip off a scene from Beauty and the Beast..but you're too good for that!

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #16, by scarletangel9How The Sofa Ate The Sod-Head and Other Various Marauder Mishaps: How The Sofa Ate The Sod-Head

3rd May 2006:
i love your stories they are so delightfully random yet well written...hehehe.. the sofa ate the sod-head.. i love it!

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad that you apprieciate my writing! i look forward to hearing from yoy again!

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Review #17, by scarletangel9Las Tentaciones Del Corazón: Leah Sofia Mariano

6th February 2006:
OMG i love this.. r u sure you're not in the least bit spanish because im full Puerto Rican and your character sounds exactly like keep up the good work!

Author's Response: omg thats so great that i'm getting the character down pretty well! this review was so awesome! i'll try and update soon! ~CeeCee~

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Review #18, by scarletangel9Cursed: incidentally diagon alley

23rd December 2005:
your writing is beautiful..i'm hooked!

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