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Review #26, by PureBlood MuggleLove Hurts: Youre Not Alone

29th July 2007:
Oh my!!! What an emotional chapter. And I'm still torn between Regulus and Sirius... does Murphy really love Regulus? Or does she thinks she loves him because of everything else that's happened? How's Sirius going to react and why oh why does Remus avoid her? He must be feeling guilty!

Can't wait for more!

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Review #27, by PureBlood MuggleThe Day The Laughter Died: Weasley Wizarding Wheezes

29th July 2007:

I really like this. And I'm looking forward to reading more of this. It's a sad subject but I think so far you've handled it really well. Hermione and George are acting just right - trying to avoid the subject that's on their minds anyway. The feeble attempts at making a joke although they're not feeling like joking... trying to convince themselves they're okay.

Love the title too. But most of all I think that your writing's very good in this! You've improved so much, dear! Did I ever tell you that? Wonderful beginning. Going to favourite this.

~Mona *hugs*

Author's Response: I am glad that you like it Mon! I hope that you aren't disappointed by the rest of the chapters. I appreciate the compliment. I have been trying to make it as believable as I can.

*blushes* Thanks. You have told me in my award on SAYS but I appreciate you telling me. Thank you for favoriting it!! Thank you also for reading it and reviewing it!!

~Crystal *hugs*

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Review #28, by PureBlood MuggleMy Daughter's Father's Fiancee: Chapter 7: Hurts

1st July 2007:
Oho! She's alive! (you, the author, that is, heehee)

I'm glad you came back and wrote more. Please continue - I'm on edge to see what's going to happen next! And poor Paige! Here's hoping for an update sooner than a year *wink*

Author's Response: haha, yeah, i know, i;m here, shocker. haha. thanks so much for still reveiwing and stuff!!! definatly there will be an update sooner

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Review #29, by PureBlood MuggleOvershadowed Heart: Full Circle

1st July 2007:
Oh Anne - what a beautiful, wonderful ending to this little story! Thanks so much for sharing and writing and *HUGGLES*
Lovely last chapter - I could feel their love pouring off the page.

And may I say, beautiful ending as well with H/G love thrown in!! YAY!

Wonderful stuff!

Author's Response: Thank you, Mon. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this story. I would probably never have thought of writing a Charmione if I had not chatted with you, tiffers, juls and Scriblerian.

I know some readers were surprised when all of a sudden I threw in a scene with Harry and Ginny... But when you write one Weasley, you have to write them all - but you know that, of course!

Thanks for reading and for leaving a review, dear. :D

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Review #30, by PureBlood MuggleDownloading Harry Potter: Epilogue: Apologies, Letters, and Laughter

26th June 2007:
Oh Jenn! Thank you so much! I had a great chuckle reading this! Trust Ron to mix up fact and fiction! Hehe!! I'm so glad you wrote for my challenge! Well done you! *huggle*
And as for that other evil plot bunny that sprung from this... do please let me know when it's born, will you? *WEG* =D

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you liked the fic! It was so much fun to write and I'm glad I finally made the time to get it done!

As for the evil plot bunny that morphed after this one was finished, I've been plotting it out and will definitely let you know when I've started posting it!

Thanks so much! For both the challenge and the review! - Jenn *huggleglomp* lol :)

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Review #31, by PureBlood MuggleOvershadowed Heart: An Old Enemy's Grudge

26th June 2007:
*wipes drool off keyboard* Ah, nothing like Charlie Weasley taking charge... oh my! Yippee!! Does this mean more chapters? *puppyeyes* Pretty please? Wonderful chapter. Evil, evil Malfoy and great save by Charlie. Loving it!


Author's Response: ROFL. Charlie is good at that, isn't he? hehe. Now, more chapters? Plural? Nope. I'm sorry, but there is only one left. Snif snif. But at the same time, it's a good feeling.

I'm glad you liked this chapter, Mon. Thank you for reading and reviewing! *huggle*


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Review #32, by PureBlood MuggleA New Beginning: A New Beginning

17th June 2007:
LOL... OMG Tahi! I... don't know if I should kiss you or slap you LOL... I love it! Thank you so much! I'm sitting here with a great big fat grin on my face and a dreamy expression in my eyes... *le contented sigh* =D But do I really talk so much about the little one? LOL... *glares* *giggles*
Beautifully done, my dear!! *HUGGLEGLOMPATTACK*

Author's Response: OMG, I am under attack. First Elena crash tackles me and now you :P Oh well, that's okay with me if it means that you enjoyed reading this fic. Hehe. Well, you better not slap me for adding the part about how you keep talking about your daughter. Although that's not exactly true (I only exaggerated there) but the fact is that I like it when you talk about your little one. *giggles along with Mon* Thanks muchly for your review and I skipping with joy that you liked it. *jumps on Mon for a bear hug*

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Review #33, by PureBlood MuggleOvershadowed Heart: Silent Love

6th June 2007:
*squee* not bored at all, dear!!! Glad to see the update. Lovely chapter. And *raises eyebrow* Bill's old lover's pub? Wonderful! LOL... and Charlie gay... Hermione really had a blonde moment there, no? Still loving it! Keep it up dear!!
By the way - Those last two words made me smile also =)

Author's Response: Mon! I'm glad you're not bored. I would have been sad if I had had to say goodbye to "my" Charlie. lol. As for Hermione wanting Charlie to get with Serena and then thinking he was gay... I would call it a defensive moment rather than a blonde moment. ;) (I'm a blonde, after all, hehe.)
I'm glad those last two words made you smile. I was hoping they would make my readers smile. And I'm glad you liked that bit about Bill. lol.
Thanks a lot for reading and leaving a review, dear.
Huggle ~Anne

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Review #34, by PureBlood MuggleAll I Want For Christmas: Chapter Three

11th May 2007:
Sque =D Thank you Crys, it really made my week a whole lot better. *HUGGLE GLOMPS* Can't wait to read on =D Lovely friendship moment between Harry and Hermione. Well done!

Author's Response: Your welcome Mona, glad to have made your week better. =D *HUGGLE GLOMPS* This next chapter is going to be a bit short and boring but after that it gets a WHOLE lot better. ;) Thanks for the compliment. Thanks for the review! ~Crystal

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Review #35, by PureBlood MuggleLove Hurts: Big Girls Do Cry

28th April 2007:
Oh, another heavy chapter. I sure hope that everything will be alright again between all of them. Sirius and Regulus standing side by side? I suppose that's not really a sign of something good, but just my wishful thinking that it is?
I'm sure looking forward to the next chapter because I really want to know how this will play out!

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Review #36, by PureBlood MuggleOvershadowed Heart: Of Love and Hope

27th April 2007:
*squee* Anne! OMG! What a great update!! I *heart* G/H and you've built up Charmione so nicely... now, why oh why did you have to go and bring what's-her-name =P in? Hee... I suppose it'll add a bit of spice, eh!?

I really liked the picture you drew when Charlie held Damia and told her a story... there really is something adorable about a strong man holding a tiny baby.
Lovely chapter! Hope to see the next soon!! *huggles* ~Mona

Author's Response: Mon!!! I'm so glad you liked it! I enjoyed writing both scenes, so different, but showing two couples - Hermione and Charlie aren't one, but they do everything a couple do, except sharing the same bed.

Serena is just an old schoolmate, of course. ;)

Ah, yes, the image of the strong man holding a baby - couldn't resist!! LOL. And it just seemed right there.

I promise I'll update as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and reviewing. *huggles* ~Anne

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Review #37, by PureBlood MuggleLove Hurts: Seven Minutes to Midnight [Pt. Two]

10th April 2007:
OMG. Wow. You're back and you're back with a bang! What a chapter. Emotionally packed and so well written. It was worth the wait, might I say.

And I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. This must've been exceptionally hard to write for you.
Looking foward to reading the next chapter - hopefully all will work out!

~Mona *huggles*

Author's Response: Yes, I'm back, for good, I hope. Not entirely sure yet. And yes this chapter was a bit hard for me to write, I felt like I was taking advantage of the situation for some reason, guess I'm just weird that way. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to review and i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #38, by PureBlood MuggleRemember: Remember

7th April 2007:
Oh Andy, I'm loving this!!! It's the first time I read a fic that lets Sirius 'speak' in the last moments before he was supposed to be kissed by a Dementor.
What a wonderful portrayal of him. And I loved the ending too. Of course he'd think of James straight away - it's Harry there to rescue him!
Brilliantly done, honey! 10/10 ~Mona *huggle glomps SAYS style*

Author's Response: Mona Bologna! Oh how I love thee!You are to kind to me. Everything in this response must rhyme...because I really want to waster some time! I am glad you liked th drove me round the bend! So for you in thanks a huggle glomp...and now I must leave the comp (cough 'uter' cough)! Thaaaanks!

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Review #39, by PureBlood MugglePower: Chapter 4 Interlude...His Idea of Heaven

6th April 2007:
Oh this is so sweet yet again - I sure hope that there will be a 'happily ever after' for those two. Wonderful how you made Harry compliment her and rid her of her insecurities of not being beautiful enough.

10/10 - this is on its way into my favs and happy writing! I really hope to read a lot more of this!

Author's Response: I see Ginny as being strong, forceful and secure...well except when it comes to a certain black-haired, green eyed bespectacled young man. That he should be the one to allay those insecurities to me seemed appropriate. I am tickled that you're enjoying my story. Thanks for reviewing ~Enchanted

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Review #40, by PureBlood MugglePower: Chapter 3 Fireflies and Gin-bugs in June

6th April 2007:
What else is there to say but I absolutely adore this? You're giving Ginny a wonderful voice in this and Charlie also. Wonderful, wonderful little glimpse into a precious moment.


Author's Response: Thank you! Charlie is a completely blank slate, which is why I chose him as Ginny's confidant, the one calm voice in a see of hot tempered and over-protective redheaded brothers. I guess Charlie is the epitome of what I wish an older brother was like. Thanks again for taking the time to review. ~Enchanted

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Review #41, by PureBlood MugglePower: Broken Angel

6th April 2007:
Goodness, this is getting better and better. Such beautiful, almost poetic writing. A wonderful portrayal of the characters. Need I say 10/10? Obvious rating if you ask me!

Author's Response: I can't wait to read your perspective on Fred, Percy and Ron! I even have two or three more Interludes for you and a Dean chapter as well. They don't allow me to post more than one chapter at a time or you'd be farther ahead in the story. Thank you, thank you for reveiwing ~Enchanted

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Review #42, by PureBlood MugglePower: Arthurs Guinevere

6th April 2007:
Oh wow. I'm so glad that Princess recommended this story!! I've got tears in my eyes, this is so sweet and heartfelt. I just love it.
(just one tiny, tiny, tiny thing - Ginny was Molly's 6th pregnancy and 7th child - twins came together, hehe)

Really - loving it! 10/10 so far!!! Eagerly reading on.

Author's Response: Thanks for catching that :-) The devil is in the details. This is was my first bit of fanfiction. Needless to say I was a nervous wreck when I first posted it on SIYE. I always thought it was overly sentimental, but I loved it anyway. It's a fine line to tread between maudlin and poignant, one it seems I'm always traveling. I am so pleased you're enjoying my story. Thank you so much for taking the time to review ~Enchanted

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Review #43, by PureBlood MugglePandora's Box: The Burn

26th March 2007:
Okay... deep breath - So... Eidis is Flick and Akila is Josephine... who is Ophelia then? Is Laetitia the Chosen One? *tries not to tie knots into her brain*
Bill - now, how is possessing him? Is that the Chosen One's brother? Or some other evil? Did I miss a key ingredient/character? I'm doubting my conception of the plot now!! And I love it... great stuff!

And Jasper is NOT marrying her? Or is he going to free her from the evil? Is she being drugged by the chocolates?
Oh... this is so good (did I mention that before?) If not... well.. at least 11/10 here!!

Author's Response: You're basically right with what you've figured out - Eydis and Flick are very much linked, as are Akila and Josephine.

That's all I'm conceding for now :) You'll have to wait to see who's possessing who, and who relates to who.

It'll all (hopefully) make sense by the end.

If I ever finish it :( - life = hectic at the moment.

xxx Liz xxx

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Review #44, by PureBlood MugglePandora's Box: Heka

26th March 2007:
Oh gosh, this really is taking me forever, isn't it? I'm so sorry I didn't get to review before!!!

Well, what can I say?? I can't wait to find out who Lucas really is and what his role is in this! Is Lucas the dark stranger who we met on the ferry or is he a different person?
And all the women in your story. Are they one and the same? Or do I read too much re-incarnation into this story? And if so, who is who?
Oh... I just love, love, love this!!

Author's Response: Reincarnation is a big theme in this, so yes you're right to assume that the characters link in this way.

But I'm not revealing who is who.

You'll have to work that out :)

I'm just mean like that,

xxx Liz xxx

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Review #45, by PureBlood MuggleJust A Muggle: Our Coffee Shop

22nd March 2007:
Hey there! I finally found a few minutes to start on your story! And I'm glad I did :)
This is a pretty cool start, may I say! I'm intrigued as to what the boys have roped her into and I hope I'll have time to read on soon.
There's one thing that stood out to me: A lot of your sentences begin with 'I met' or 'I didn't' - maybe try varying your sentence structure to keep it flowing? It's quite hard to do when you're writing in 1st person. I've got the same trouble, but it's well worth it to change things around :) Maybe work with a beta on it - beta's are angels in disguise, let me tell you!! *e-hug for my beta*

Other than that - as I said, an intriguing start and I shall certainly continue reading this as soon as I find another few minutes.
~Mona =)

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Review #46, by PureBlood MuggleOvershadowed Heart: Around A Cradle

22nd March 2007:
Great update! Hehe, I had a great giggle at Arthur thinking that Molly's pregnant! Haha!
Wonderful of Charlie to have stayed with Hermione through it all, and a great choice of name, may I say. I love that it is different and strong. =)
And they're going to live together!! Eeeek - can't wait for that to happen :)
And Luna and Neville! Yay for the two of them finding happiness!
Loved it, honey!
*huggle glomps* ~Mona :)

Author's Response: Mona!!!
I'm so glad you liked it. I giggled too writing Arthur and Molly. That's why I was afraid it wasn't funny at all - I'm not good at writing funny things. LOL.
Yep, they are going to live together... I wonder if it's a good thing though. Ah, we'll see. hehe.
I don't know why, but I like the idea of Neville and Luna together, even if I know Jo said it would never happened. *shrugs*
Thank you for reading and reviewing.
*SAYS style huggle glomps*


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Review #47, by PureBlood MuggleFinding the Truth: Finding the Truth

19th March 2007:
Wow Crys!! You know - with every new story your writing becomes better and better!! I really liked this one!
Well, not that I've read many Sev/Lily fics before, but this was certainly something I hadn't come across in this way. And it would still fit wonderfully into canon since it all plays in 5th year, right? (or did I imagine that?) Great how you described their friendship and him pulling away when he felt himself falling for her. Let me know when the sequel is up!
Well done you! *huggleglomps~SAYS style!* ~Mona =)

Author's Response: Thanks. *blushes* Either fifth or sixth year. I didn't really have a specific year in mind when I was writing it. I will let you know! *huggleglomps~SAYS style!* Thanks for the compliments and thanks for reading and reviewing. ~Crystal

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Review #48, by PureBlood MuggleBroken Promises: Broken Promises

2nd March 2007:
Courtney! *SAYS style huggle glomps*

I said it to you before and I'll say it again. You've got SOME talent, girl!
There are few people who can keep 2nd person interesting, flowing and captivating. You've done all three things. When I first read your story, I was torn between who this story was about... was it Ron/Hermione? Maybe Ginny/Harry? Maybe someone different? And slowly it could only have been one pairing and it shocked me that I suddenly felt for Cho Chang - you know how little time I have for that cry baby.

Seriously wonderful, so beautifully written and that last sentence alone brought goosbumps and shivers. You really do have a way with words that can only be praised.

And yes, this is slightly AU - but don't we all like to be a bit romantic in our own way sometimes? AU or not- I do think that Cho had developed true feelings for that poor boy Cedric.

Well done dear *huggle glomps* ~Mona =)

Author's Response: Mon!!!

*rugby style huggle glomp* Wahey!

Your review makes me blush beyond belief, dear. Seriously, knock it off :P Honestly though, none of my fics would work without you, dear- you’re the bestest Beta I could ever hope for- truly!
I still remember your E-mail when you wrote me back that day; you were practically bouncing up and down at having figured out who it was before the ending reveal. It made me laugh so hard!
I have such a supportive network on here, and you are one of the biggest darlings in that group. Keep up the awesome Muggle work- I’m always there ready and anxious to read!

Loff ya, mon!

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Review #49, by PureBlood Muggle:

1st March 2007:
Hey Cadi!! *waves madly* That's a really nice start =) *huggle glomps* ~Mona

Author's Response: Mona! Thanks for the review! I hope it's a good start. Next chapter nearly completed.

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Review #50, by PureBlood MuggleFinding Our Song: Finding Our Song

20th February 2007:
I told you before - I love this. It's such a sweet, heartwarming and fluffy little piece of just one wonderful possibility of Ron/Hermione getting together! Wonderful...

“Would you care to dance?” he asked, bowing and holding out his hand. - I'm officially also in love with Ron =)

Great stuff, full marks!! ~Mona *SAYS Style Huggle Glomps*

Author's Response: I am glad that you love it. I love Ron also. =) I am glad that you thought it was great stuff. *SAYS style huggle glomp* Thanks for the review. ~Crystal

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