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Review #1, by PirateFairyThe Son of a Rider: Going To Alagaesia

26th January 2007:
So to save him from an evil rider that wanted to kill him she brought him to a world with an evil wizard who wants to kill him, hm... i'd have tried my luck with the rider.
anyway, i like your story, i haven't read eldest and i won't because i think paolini is the worst author ever (please don't kill me), but i am really interested how your story is going on and i think you, other than paolini, have a beautiful way of writing, so please update soon, i want to read more :-)

Author's Response: it is weird isn't it. Now he has TWO deranged psychopaths after him. Thanks for the review

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Review #2, by PirateFairyAlone Facing Darkness: Sisterly Bonds

14th December 2006:
hello there,

i have just read the whole story, i'm really impressed with the way you have interwoven the two worlds! i love seeing my two favourite universes brought together like that :-)
if you've got the time i'd love you to take a look at my story "a lightning-shaped scar". i'd love to hear what you think of it!
i hope you'll find the time to update soon!

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Review #3, by PirateFairyAngels: The hardest Decision

15th October 2006:
hello there,

well, i really like it. i like the way you create atmosphere through your descriptions of the inside of the house and all that. it creates a very vivid container in which the story can happen.

i also like the way lucius and draco talk, i think you really give them a kind of language that is apropriate and fits their characters. in fact i think you manage to really maintain their characters, taking them from the books into your own story without changing them much and that's something taht doesn't happen in many fan fictions.

it's great you give us the thoughts of both lucius and draco. however, i noticed you do use questions a lot. "had they always been so...?" try and work with other devices and your writing will flow even better.

all in all i think you have a really beautiful style and a great gift for words. i'm looking forward to reading something about gracie in the next chapter again!

chapter 23 of A Lightning-shaped Scar is up, by the way:-)

hugs, jo

Author's Response: Hiya,

Thanks for reviewing! I really love long reviews and I appreciate this one. I really tried to keep the characters similar to how they were in the book and I'm glad that you thought I did a good job of it ^_^

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Review #4, by PirateFairyBlue-Eyed Angel: Naming an Angel

6th October 2006:
I like your writing! I'm usually not into slash much but I'm looking forward to your next installment, because your style is really good and I know you'll write it beautifully. It'll be interesting to learn more about the character of that gorgeous blond prince!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I really appriciate it. I'm working on the next installment now so look for it in the next week!

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Review #5, by PirateFairyBe Careful What You Wish For- A Hermione Granger Story: Chapter 1 Strangers and Waste Bins

30th May 2006:
It's really funny, I really like it. Keep going!

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Review #6, by PirateFairyThe Prophecy Fulfilled: The Meeting

22nd March 2006:
Hey there mate, so sorry I didn't review before this! I've been away for a fornight had no access to the internet and only got back yesterday! I think your story's really good! You write very well. I also like the way you are explaining a bit about Arthur and this watcher womanbut not giving everything away. Of course I wonder if the name Arthur is coincident or if he has something to do with Mr. Weasley. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter and wonder how your story might go on! Update!

Author's Response: Well, as you have your own theory, I'm not able to say one way or the other anything about it! Thanks about the review. I hope you'll find the rest of the story as good as the first bit. 2 more chapters waiting to be validated. Thanks again!

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Review #7, by PirateFairyHarry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes: Chapter Nine: Dead Men Should Stay Dead

28th February 2006:
Heehee, her cousin 's name is Helena...

Author's Response: Yeah... I pointed that out a while back.

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Review #8, by PirateFairyAller En France: Chez Moi

15th January 2006:
Your english is brill, that's what i meant :-)

Author's Response: Thanks! and also thanks for taking the time to review unlike most people! im really sorry about the lack of updates, but i will do my best to update this weekend (21st-22nd) at the very latest now i know someone is actually reading! :)

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Review #9, by PirateFairyAller En France: Chez Moi

15th January 2006:
hello there, i finally got round to read this! nice work, why don't you update? I want to know what there's more to Mel staying at the Burrow. our english is brill!

Author's Response: yep there is! I'll keep the suspense :)

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Review #10, by PirateFairyHarry Potter and the Fall of the Horcruxes: Chapter Eight: The Visitor

8th January 2006:
hey there, i just got round to reading this. i loved it. the bit about about harry seeing ron not getting what hermione tries to say was really moving. about the visitor, first thing that came into my mind was lily and james but obviously that's impossible, so i think it's dumbledore!

Author's Response: Well you'll see who the visitor is. I tried to make the chapter be moving, but the ron hermione stuff, well I put that in just to realese some tension. Well if you like it alright.

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