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Review #1, by mushroom2How Will I Know?: Chapter 2: And So It Begins....

2nd August 2007:
As I already said I love your writing. Though, just a tip.. you should check your spelling before publishing.

Love, C

Author's Response: Thank you. Oh yeah I'm really sorry about that, I'm awful at finding mistakes but I'll go over them again thanks = )

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Review #2, by mushroom2How Will I Know?: Chapter 1: Meet the Teams

2nd August 2007:
Great writing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the review, please keep reading = )

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Review #3, by mushroom2Guide To Being A Good, Or Rather Bad Slytherin: Guidelines

31st July 2007:
I laughed my as of at 'The-Boy-Who-Just-Won’t-Die', I dunno why. It was just so hilarious xD
Love the idea and your writing.

Author's Response: Thanx :) I'm glad you found it funny

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Review #4, by mushroom2Not on My Watch: Not on My Watch

31st July 2007:
I LOVED IT ;o Realy LOVED it! I'm all excited xD
Hurry up writing next chapter -,-


Author's Response: Already posted!! :) It's a new story called "Ravenclaw Rivals" ... check out the first chapter and let me know what you think!!

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Review #5, by mushroom2The Tales and Strifes of Albus Potter: Chapter Two: Scorpius Malfoy

31st July 2007:
You have just made Ron comitte suicide. o.o

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Review #6, by mushroom2The Long Black Veil: The Long Black Veil

30th July 2007:
Heartbreaking! Totaly heartbreaking!
Though I don't like the thought of a Sirius/Lily affair, I love your writing! The way you explained how they felt was realy.. great! :)

Author's Response: I don't really like the idea of an affair either, but I'm proud of this piece. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!

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Review #7, by mushroom2Daddy: Epilogue

29th July 2007:

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Review #8, by mushroom2Daddy: The B.A.T

29th July 2007:
You rock, Dawn.

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Review #9, by mushroom2Daddy: Past and Present

29th July 2007:

But I love your writing! :)

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Review #10, by mushroom2The Tales and Strifes of Albus Potter: Chapter One: The Hogwarts Express

29th July 2007:
Um, since it wasn't much after the epiluge I don't have much to say. But I thought that little part was good. (: And I hope you'll write more 'cus I've waited for this one :P

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Review #11, by mushroom2Absolution: Trying not to blur the line

27th June 2007:
I love Draco/Ginny it feels like it's realy them who belong together. :)
And this is great!

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Review #12, by mushroom2Need Versus Want: Chapter 3

19th May 2007:
Great! I laughed out loud when I read "I am trying not to feel like a fire hydrant that’s been peed on". :D


Author's Response: I love to make people laugh. Thanks for the hug.

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Review #13, by mushroom2Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye: Curiosity

25th June 2006:
I LOVE your fanfic. It's brilliant, and I have only read 2 chaps. ;)
Keep up the good work ^^'

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Review #14, by mushroom2The Dating Game: The Begining

5th January 2006:
When does the next chapter come? Soon I hope. Hermione/Draco is not my taste but I thought (is it right spelled?) I might read one. And I think this can be something good :D Clara

Author's Response: ya u spelled it right! lol! thanks for giving mine a shot! i updated the next chap, its in waiting though, keep reading! n maybe u should read more Dr/Hr fics, there r some pretty good ones on this site!

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