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Review #1, by ZootSuitRiotFalling for You: Beaten

15th August 2006:
nice and i can make you a banner, just send me pictures you want on it and tell me how youd like it, email is

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the offer on the banner and yes I will e- mail you. I am really glad that you like the chapter.

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Review #2, by ZootSuitRiotMatch Date: Chapter One

9th August 2006:
i like it, its interesting, not completely out of plot, dialouge is good, well written. you've managed to impress me. *hands you a cookie*

Author's Response: Why thank you for the cookie, it tastes good.

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Review #3, by ZootSuitRiotHarry Potter And The Horcrux Huntdown: Suprises

30th July 2006:
>_> terrible. its all straight from the book. I smell plagarism. Please, do your self a favor and take a freaking typing test.

Author's Response: look here u can think what u want but its not plagarisn genuis its a fic so get back to the fkin mental hospital and dont b an idiot

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Review #4, by ZootSuitRiotA Heartthrob To Last One Heartbeat: *Thump thumnp*

13th June 2006:
its different, and it actually seems possible. you get a good rating young lad, lady, what ever you are.

Author's Response: hehe lol. young lady i would be. thanks heaps, i like that praise, its nice to hear that a dramione story could be possible just because of the way you write it.

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Review #5, by ZootSuitRiotA Random Event: A Wolf, A Player, A Loonatic and A Joker

12th June 2006:
EH OH EL!!111!!!11!!!!one!!!11 OH EM GEE!!!!!111!!1!1one!1!!!! best story ever. MARRY ME!

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Review #6, by ZootSuitRiotNight Watcher: The painful sting

10th June 2006:
i thought it was good. :-)

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Review #7, by ZootSuitRiotThe Hidden Daughters Of Black: Memories Revisited

4th March 2006:
very well written, great plot. good job.

Author's Response: Thank God I got a review, I ws beginning to think no one liked it, thanks alot for that. i do have like nine or so chapters written of this already so I will be posting another one soon.

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Review #8, by ZootSuitRiotSweater: Sweater

16th February 2006:
HA! sheer brilliance. Going into my faves and im going to go download that song. i like songs that have nonsense lyrics but yet make sense. I LOVE YOU! *cling* *Flaps legs and flies off to the land of the neighbor hood of make believe* I heard a rumor lamb chop moved in. I found the cutest lamb chop puppet and i want it. I miss lamb chop.

Author's Response: lol. I'm glad you liked it. It took me about a day to write because I kept laughing at the lyrics and listening to it. SO, mmmm, I'm thinking I should write some more humour fictions. Have you ever seen the Breakfast Club? Because I want to do a rip off of that. lol. Well ty!

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Review #9, by ZootSuitRiotHidden Secrets: Chapter 2-Meeting Her Friends

11th February 2006:
better than most D/H stories. At least you can spell (or know how to use spell check, wonderful invention if i dont say so myself) and at least you can make the dialouge believeable. Good job. *flaps wings and swims off*

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Review #10, by ZootSuitRiotFate: Fate

1st February 2006:
its okay i guess.

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Review #11, by ZootSuitRiotPure Innocence: Not Any-more

30th January 2006:
i love your story. its very unique, and very intriguing. Job well done. and i do hope you decide to post more. I shall be looking for an update, as it is in my favorites.

Author's Response: Thanks! lol its nice to hear or should I say read that my story is what you said. Thanks!

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Review #12, by ZootSuitRiotHow did it come to this?: How did it come to this?

23rd December 2005:
nice. You write very well. If only there were more of you out there. and its nice to read a fic every once in a while where Voldemort was not defeated.

Author's Response: Thanks for the complement and for reviewing. I think this is a very AU fic with Voldemort not being defeated, but who cares I'm not JKR, lol.

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Review #13, by ZootSuitRiotFELIX FELICIS: Won Won

21st December 2005:
very good version of what possibly happened between WonWon and Lavender. Easy to read, Plot was believable. Im sold.

Author's Response: wow thanks

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Review #14, by ZootSuitRiotCan Dreams Come True?: Prologue - The Dream

16th December 2005:
you've got a real talent for description, its not too much its not to little. its very g. Whats g. Good.

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Review #15, by ZootSuitRiotDon't Ever Forget Me: Don't Ever Forget Me

12th December 2005:
awwwww :(

Author's Response: haha

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Review #16, by ZootSuitRiotThe Bearer of Bad News: The Bearer of Bad News

11th December 2005:
haha great job. Its going in my favorites.

Author's Response: Thank you. Look for the sequel soon.

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