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Review #1, by Padfoot PotterHarry Potter and The Prophecy: Lonely Beginning

22nd March 2007:
Sweet! A little long...but good!!!

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Review #2, by Padfoot Potter:

30th November 2006:
This is a brillant story! If you would have not written it...well I might have just written my self. althought I could not right right it as well as you two... any way...may the kangaroos always stay pink! (RANDOM!)

Author's Response: Well we're writing it so Ha! If you're getting down baby. I want it know baby. Move it all around baby. I want it now baby! Happy Christmas!

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Review #3, by Padfoot PotterNot At Hogwarts: The Beginning: Spoonaphobia

30th November 2006:
A brillant waork of Humor! Must go off and read the next!
May your Swords Stay Sharp and you purple cows always moo! (Ahh sweet sweet random fun!)

Author's Response: Swing it to the left and swing it to the right! Think about baseball and swing it all night! Happy Christmas!

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Review #4, by Padfoot PotterThe List: Prologue

30th November 2006:

Author's Response: Thank you! LOL. Sugar highs are a TON of fun. I'm always on one of them when I write a Complete and Utter Randomness

Thanks for the kind review! :-)

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Review #5, by Padfoot PotterThe Day Music Died, Came Back To Life, and Slapped Us In The Face: I'll Teach You A Lesson

22nd October 2006:
Sweet!!! LOVE IT!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!

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Review #6, by Padfoot PotterHarry Potter: A Gift Thrice Given: A Dream, A Hat, and A Girl

6th October 2006:
I really like it. It ROCKS! But one small thing, what is the final ship gonna be? YOu put that it is Hermione/OC and Harry/OC as well as Harry/Hermione.
Becasue if the finale is Harry/Hermione...YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEAHHH!!!

Author's Response: You'll just have to stick around to find out! Hr/OC? I didn't think I listed that...if I did, then I need to change it.

Thanks for your review and I'm really glad you like it.

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Review #7, by Padfoot PotterHarry McGonagall: Defying Dumbledore

6th October 2006:
This Was good. I really really liked it. It was big. Very big. But Good.

Author's Response: Thanks! The first chapter will be the longest. I had a lot to set up for the story.

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Review #8, by Padfoot PotterThe Worst Day in the History of England: The Worst Day in the History of England

5th September 2006:
Ahhhhhhhhhh yet one more great story by Hermione_Crookshanks! I can not wait for one more story by you!!!
Your Fan,

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! I'm so thrilled that you enjoyed it. :-)

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Review #9, by Padfoot Potter10 Things I Hate About James Potter: Pompous Gits and Furious Underlining

2nd August 2006:
A book that I will remeber for a long while! The Best book sense...ummmmm...

Author's Response: lol. Though I don't completely understand you thanks for reviewing! :) Glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by Padfoot PotterI'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger: Epilogue

31st July 2006:
Bravo!!! I loved this story very very very very very much!!!! I am sorry that it has been so long sense I reviewed. But this is one of the greatest books sense...uuummm...don't know but still very good!! 1000/10!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! And no problem about the reviewing...people reviewing just once means a lot to me, and you did it much more than that. Thank you very much for the review! :-)

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Review #11, by Padfoot PotterWhat Qudditch Can Do: Daydreams and a Descion

20th June 2006:
Awwww I love the story. But I am sad too see that you stopped working on it!!!

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Review #12, by Padfoot PotterTroubles and Secrets of the Family: snogging

15th May 2006:
WOWZERZ!! A word I made up meaning I really super duper love this awsome story!!!! 10/10!! One thing...on the ship it says Harry/oc. Does that mean It will not be Harry/Hermione in the end?!?! I love Harmony!! Make it happen!! *Laughs* Once again I LOOOOOOVEEEEEE THIS STORY!!!!!

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Review #13, by Padfoot PotterEverything I Own: Everything I Own

5th May 2006:
WOWZERS!! I word I made up that means a splendid book! I really love it! I like the Draco/Ginny stuff to! Most People don't like this ship! But I do! I also love the ship Harry/Hermione!!! It is my favorite ship! GO HARRY AND HERMIONE!!!
10/10 stars!

Author's Response: haha yeah im a d/g and h/hr person myself. you will see NO ron hermione on here at all

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Review #14, by Padfoot PotterThree's a Crowd; Four's a Circus: The Room of Requirement

4th May 2006:
OH MY GOSH!!!! I really love this one and I love Harmony!!!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :) Thanks so much for your review

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Review #15, by Padfoot PotterHarry Potter and The Kings of Magic.: Becoming of Age.

1st May 2006:

Author's Response: lol, okay. I have wrote twenty chapters so far. I am adding them every other day, after one has been validated. At the moment, authors can only add one chapter at a time, so that it why the one in waiting has yet not been validated. Thanks for reading.

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Review #16, by Padfoot PotterHarry Potter and the Four Heirs.: Back To Privet Drive.

29th March 2006:

Author's Response: lol. I can't add a sequal yet, the site isn't allowing submissions as of yet. I will add it on April the 5th, when the site allows them. Thanks for reading.

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Review #17, by Padfoot Potterharry Rocks! Krum sucks! the world goes aound but its upside down: Chappie Two: Obsessed Harry Potter Fans Anonymous

22nd March 2006:

Author's Response: aw thank you! actually my internet connection at home has gone down ... so ive written chapter three and four indesperation :P LOL i miss my internet! ARGH ok sorry thank you so much for your review, means alot Ta Hermiones_alter_ego aka Eliza

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Review #18, by Padfoot PotterCircle of Life: Circle of Life

22nd March 2006:

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Review #19, by Padfoot PotterWhat If...: Slytherin Victory Party

22nd March 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #20, by Padfoot PotterHeadmistress Hermione: Children

14th March 2006:
Soooo Good so far! :-)

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #21, by Padfoot PotterHarry's Heart: When Doubts Melt Away

14th March 2006:
One of the best story I have ever ever ever ever ever ever read!!! I really love it and I think it is brillant. You rock my friend.

Author's Response: thanks for the review! you rock too!

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Review #22, by Padfoot PotterKiss Me: Kiss Me

12th March 2006:

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #23, by Padfoot PotterSwitched!: where it all began

8th March 2006:
AHHHHH MY brain herts. I love H/HR!!!!!!! Its the only thing i ship. But now its h/hr and Dramione. I love it and i hate it. could you make one like this just h/hr insted I realley reallly love the book and would love to see it in my ship form! yours trueley, Padfoot Potter. (madfoot otter)

Author's Response: well.. this is sorta like a love triangle, so there'll be a lot of harry/herm scenes too... but hmmm.... well.. this is a draco/herm fic... soooo sorry..T_T but i might just make two sides of ending, one herm/draco, and another harry/herm... but i'm not sure though, not promising anything.. *sighs* now my head hurts too.. im'ma get some panadol.. thanx for reviewing!! and i really hope u'd still read the story...sorry!!!!!! ")

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Review #24, by Padfoot PotterWelcome Home: Welcome Home

5th March 2006:
Weird i was thinking after i read the 19 chapter that it would be Draco. Well all and all I love this book soooooooooooooo much!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!!!

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Review #25, by Padfoot PotterWelcome Home: Father to Be

4th March 2006:
Maybe Cho just wants to be harrys wife! maybe it is rons baby after all! maybe she lied...

Author's Response: That's a good idea- maybe. :) But, sadly, she did not lie about the test results regarding Ron being the father. Thanks for reading and reviewing. :) (P.S.- Things aren't always as they seem)

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