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Review #1, by darkphoenixqueenI Will Never Let You Leave Me: Violent Emerald

14th January 2009:
i have to say this is the 4th time i have read this story! please finish it! please please please! it just keeps getting better and better!

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Review #2, by darkphoenixqueenHarry Potter and the Perils of the Unknown: Winning the Battle and Facing the War

13th March 2007:

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Review #3, by darkphoenixqueenOld Enemies New Lovers: Chapter 6

22nd February 2007:
lol i love it hun amazing hehehehe... what happens next! wot no mention of me in ur authors note i feel so oppended lol hehehehe... love u hun please read and review when my next chapter gets allowed lol ur phoenixqueen

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Review #4, by darkphoenixqueenThe Dursley's Doorstep: The Dursley's Doorstep

20th February 2007:
please extend it! its so gd lol... i love it.

Author's Response: I thought I left out a bunch of stuff I should have written but I'm glad yo like it and I have decided I'm definitly going to continue with it.

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Review #5, by darkphoenixqueenWhy Do Fools Fall In Love?: A Beautiful Champion

13th February 2007:
amazing as always darling! i love it! i want there to be more!

Author's Response: Thank you, luv. I will try to update- scratch that, I will update this weekend. I've just had a lot of family stuff going on...

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Review #6, by darkphoenixqueenAuror in Training: Sixth Year: Back to Another Life

26th January 2007:
AMAZING and its jsut the first part OMG I WANT TO AMELIA! LOL great writing darling. please read and review any of mine i need a lot of help lol. ur phoenixqueen x

Author's Response: Lol thank you muchly! I will try to get around to it, but I'm so very busy these days... *le sigh*

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Review #7, by darkphoenixqueenEternal Slave: first and only chapter

26th January 2007:
i love it darling wondeful! its finally been validatedthen hehehehe... read my chapter 4 lol. its already got some gd reviews lol i want ur opinions. louv ye hu foreva ur darkphoenixqueen x

Author's Response: OK thanks for that review.
Although, you can't really say that Harry wouldn't do that because unless you haven't noticed, this isn't the Harry Potter books themselves therefore, the charcters aren't gonna be the same as in the book. I change the characters to what I want them to be and I don't base them exactly on the books. Lots of other authors do that too on this site so I should take that into consideration before you go around leaving reviews like that on other poeple's storys.
But glad you enjoyed it!!

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Review #8, by darkphoenixqueenA Second Chance: Prolouge and a Meeting With the Headmistress

15th January 2007:
keep going i love the older language lol, its brill very intruging lol. please write more nad read and review all of my stories! thenkied ur phoenixqueen

Author's Response: Thank you and i will come check out your stories.

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Review #9, by darkphoenixqueenThe Fifth Founder: Chapter 1

6th January 2007:
oh lo love it darling pleas epoet more and please review mine too! love you hun ur phoenix

Author's Response: thanks. I'll review yours for u. if i haven't already.

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Review #10, by darkphoenixqueenOld Enemies New Lovers: Chapter 3

14th December 2006:
its gd hun i love it. unfortunately i wont be able to update till next skul term coz my computer is being an ass so i wll say love ya hun and keep writing hehehehe! ur darkphoeixqueen (me/j)

Author's Response: cheers hun.

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Review #11, by darkphoenixqueenThe Essence of Truth: Ron faces some hard truths

29th November 2006:
brilliant! u have to tell me when you have updated! its amazing write more. will they all be alright! hehehehe lots of love jenny

Author's Response: Thank you. I will get back to this story as soon as two others are done. I swear I have ADD sometimes.

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Review #12, by darkphoenixqueenOld Enemies New Lovers: Chapter 1

24th November 2006:
oh interesting. make the next chapter longer tho, its a gd start! and read thru ur work after hun there ae come spelling errors. i knew what u meant tho. loved it hun! j x

Author's Response: Longer chapters?! What do I look like?! A writer?! lol...yeh no not funny...

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Review #13, by darkphoenixqueenA Lying, Evil, Conniving Slytherin: He was a lying, evil, conniving Slytherin

14th November 2006:
cute. it would be good as a longer one. it u based a story dound it lol. like how they mananges to sleep wit eachothe rin the first place. please! it wud be amazing to read. please r and r my other stories thanks phoenix

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I'll check out your story and I promise to leave a review.

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