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Review #1, by ChildOfDarkness1988Five Years: yellow belt

1st February 2007:
Harry in a Karate class eh? Sounds good.

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Review #2, by ChildOfDarkness1988True Confessions of a Werewolf: Chapter 3

31st January 2007:
Werewolf hair eh? Hmmm. Interesting, very interesting... Do you intend to continue this?

Author's Response: Thanks I got the idea off an RPG some one came up with the idea for Remus and I rather liked so I decided to use it. I do plan to continue... it's just an issue of time. Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by ChildOfDarkness1988I Mourn the Loss of a Beautiful Thing: I Mourn the Loss of a Beautiful Thing

31st January 2007:
Such a beautiful and yet sad piece of writing. I knew from the beginning that it had to be from Hermione's point of view. Beautiful and yet Sad all at once... I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you. Oh, and it wasn't Hermione's POV at the was Ron's. But it was hers at the end. Thank you so much for the fabulous review!

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Review #4, by ChildOfDarkness1988Makings of a Monster: Year One: Wardrobes and Wizards

20th January 2007:
*shudders* The thought of the boy actor in your banner being ANYTHING like Tom Marvolo Riddle.

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Review #5, by ChildOfDarkness1988Lullaby: Lullaby

11th November 2006:
Aw, it would be so nice to see how this would progress. After all, Remus's point of view is probably a very interesting one.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. This isn't something I have really thought about progressing, but you never day I might =)

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Review #6, by ChildOfDarkness1988Candy Wrappers: Finding Mummy and Daddy

10th November 2006:
Interesting! Are you planning to continue this at all? I think it'd be interesting to see how Neville grew up from his POV...

Author's Response: Er- no.. I don't think so. I have a pile of stories waiting to be typed and posted. Maybe after a while =)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by ChildOfDarkness1988My Secret Hero: Lonley Days, Loose Floorbaords, Diaries, and Heros

9th November 2006:
Pretty good. I often wonder exactly what goes through Dudley's piggy head... :D

Author's Response: hehe, yeah I know. That why I wrote this! =)

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Review #8, by ChildOfDarkness1988Blind Faith: What are you blind?...Oh snap you are

2nd November 2006:
Hmm, so she's Snape's daughter. Interesting. I would love to read more.

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Review #9, by ChildOfDarkness1988The Mystic Twins: Chapter One

2nd November 2006:
Hmm, I can't wait to see how this turns out. So she's Harry's Twin eh? Sounds like she remembers more than Harry does in canon.

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Review #10, by ChildOfDarkness1988Don't Want to Let Go: In A Moment

25th November 2005:
Oh my god, this was beautiful! It was so well written that it brought tears to my eyes.

Author's Response: Thank you!!! YAY!! so glad everyone likes this!!

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