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Review #1, by CarielBack in Time: Ten Minutes

28th August 2012:
What an ingenious plot. Thanks for writing. :) I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

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Review #2, by CarielBreathe : Just Breathe

10th February 2011:
Very nice. I hope you'll write more with Draco and Luna =)

Author's Response: aww thank you. i will actually i already have like 8 chapters of a novella i'm working on. and a fre other song fics. and i can't wait till you write another story!

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Review #3, by CarielBlack Ice: Harry's Agreement

30th December 2008:
Wow, I really didn't expect this at all: Lucius suggesting they seek refuge with the OotP, and they readily accept the Malfoys. I really liked the way you portrayed Luna.

There are quite a few punctuation errors, so I would suggest having a beta look over your work, but other than that, this really is a lovely fic.

example: She was a blood traitor, he was a Malfoy; her father was an idiotic fool, his was not. You have four independent clauses. o_O

Draco couldnt stop himself wondering again as he had many times since he had fled Hogwarts; why in Merlins name had Luna Lovegood wanted him in the first place?
Draco couldn't stop himself from wondering, as he had many times since he had fled Hogwarts, why in Merlin's name...

I'm a huge Draco/Luna shipper, so I hope to read more of this fic in the future! =)

Author's Response: I think that Dumbledore although having HUGE reservations about Lucius would agree to helping them, which is why I had Harry agree, even if he doesn't trust them lol. (who would??)

I love Luna, she is my fave female character, she can be difficult to get right though, so I'm glad you liked her.

I do have a beta, I desperately need one lol. This chapter is away with her at the moment.

I've read some of your work and I love it! I think it was your Ice Castle one shots that actually got me into Draco/Luna.

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Review #4, by CarielLuna Lovegood's Monologue: Luna's Monologue

29th November 2008:
She just needs to meet Draco and then Harry will be the last person she'll be thinking about ;)

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Review #5, by CarielHow Far?: Pleasant Plots

20th November 2007:
Why is Lucius plotting against his own son? o__O

The most Draco-inspired line so far: "I could believe. If there was something worth believing in.” I hope there will be more like this in the future. ;)

Author's Response: Because that's their relationship, they play power games with each other, and Lucius doesn't like the fact that Draco lied to him in the first place. He's trying to teach him a lesson about lying to him.

I'm always more than happy to explain any aspects of the story that people find confusing, but I rather feel the stuff I have explained was rather obvious. For instance with Lucius I have mentioned on a number of occassions that he is annoyed over Draco's lies.

If anyone has contructive criticism
to offer that's fine, I'm always happy to accept some good advice, but I have to wonder if you have been reading the chapters or just skimming over them as everyone else who is reading do not seem to have problems in picking up the reasons behind the things that are happening.

But now that I have explained perhaps things will be clearer :)

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Review #6, by CarielHow Far?: Persuading Luna

20th November 2007:
I'm still left wondering why Draco is remotely interested in Luna and why he told his father she was his girlfriend rather than Pansy, for instance. At least his father knows Pansy and her family and she's always hanging off Draco. I see no motivation of Draco's part to want to be with Luna and I think for Draco to be in character, he needs a better motivation than just the fact his father wants him to have a girlfriend.

Author's Response: Draco fancies Luna, I thought that had been explained. Most relationships/flings/ ect start off as attraction, once you get to know the person maybe you like them, maybe you don't.

Pansy doesn't come into this story at all. She's not an issue. Draco doesn't fancy her in my fic.

Draco's motivation is attraction and he want's to get to know Luna. It's got nothing to do with the fact Lucius wants him to have a girlfriend, he didn't just pick Luna out of thin air, he does like her.

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Review #7, by CarielHow Far?: Draco's Mess

20th November 2007:
Iced tea? We don't drink iced tea in England. Also, I'm sure Lucius would know the name Lovegood because of her father's Quibbler ;) so that's a little implausible that he wouldn't know of Luna. Perhaps this is explained in later chapters.

Author's Response: Of course we drink iced tea in England, haven't you seen the cans/bottles in the shops?

Yes Lucius does know the Lovegood's, I didn't say that he didn't. Everyone knows of The Quibbler in the wizard world don't they? He just doesn't know what Luna looks like.

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Review #8, by CarielSinners: Chapter Three - Echoes

4th February 2007:
I enjoyed this. I liked how you voiced Pansy, who is so often shoved into the background of most fics. You made her real and that's admirable.

Author's Response: That's definitely what I was trying for- she is given such a raw deal by some fic writers, but I think she is in Slytherin for a good reason- she isn't stupid, and if she appears to be it is because she chooses to. Thank you!

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Review #9, by CarielBring Back the Sun: Bring Back the Sun

10th October 2006:
I only just spotted this tale now, as I hadn't received a link to it by anyone when it was completed (sorry!!) But oh my goodness, this is delightful!

The first word that popped into my head upon reading this is 'ethereal'. Thank you so much! =D

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Review #10, by CarielChoices of the Heart: The Army of the White

22nd July 2006:
You are a very conscientious author and I find it a shame to see so few reviews here. Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I'm happy with the number of reviews. It seems about right to me. I'm not well known yet, and this is only a slightly better then average fic. The really good one's get hundreds of reviews, this will eventually receive 100 given enough time. I have to many typos in the reviews, which prob makes people think the fic is of a poorer quality then it is to. I wish you could edit reviews.

Thanks for the reviews. Hufflepuffs like me really like to be told they are "conscientous." (Only Ravenclaws can spell that word with a dictionary!) Thanks! :)

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Review #11, by CarielHarry Potter - Pizzas Unleashed: Attack of the Pizzas

6th December 2005:
Ok, I did it:

Author's Response: Omigod i love it! hehe, very cool...must use in every possible way! I'm saving this!

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Review #12, by CarielHarry Potter - Pizzas Unleashed: The Pizza Topping Bottles of Possible Doom

6th December 2005:
There need to be icons. I'm laughing so hard right now. Can you imagine? Voldy icon with 'e-Who-Must-Not-Eat-Garlic-Bread' It's really an art to be able to take known characters and plots and twist them around to make them comical. Kudos to you!

Hmm... I think I have my heart set on a Hagrid: Pizza Ninja icon. I must go make

Author's Response: Haha, cool idea! Thanks heaps! I have an idea for Voldemort's icon: have a pic of him looking disgusted, then like a piece of garlic bread next to him!

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Review #13, by CarielHarry Potter - Pizzas Unleashed: 4. The Sorting Hat Ceremony

6th December 2005:
And everybody else Not important to the plot Will probably be sorted into, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Oh that cracked me up! What an ingenious piece you've got here. I just wish there were more line breaks, as in when a different person is speaking, etc. It's muddled and a bit hard to read when it's all in big blocks.

Author's Response: Thanks! When i type it i don't normally think about what would make sense to the readers, just to me. lol weird as that sounds. I'll go through and put some line breaks in when i have a chance, ok? 16 chapters will take me a while...

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Review #14, by CarielWhere Do You Think We Are?: Where Do You Think We Are?

19th November 2005:
Poweful stuff here. Very nicely done. I didn't see the ending coming even though there were hints all the way through.

*adds to favourites* ;P

Author's Response: Ahh brilliant, I'm always so thrilled when people don't see it coming. And thank you for adding it to your favourites, that means so much!

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Review #15, by CarielDaddy: St Mungo's

2nd November 2005:
I may have missed her first word and steps, but first magic! I couldn't be more proud! Off to Hogwarts in ten years and then maybe Minister of Magic! Could you imagine it? My daughter, the first Weasley Minister! This part made me really feel for Ron. It was extremely true to character and I'm a puddle of 'awwwwwww'

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Review #16, by CarielHarry Potter and the Quest of Horcrux: Ginny Weasley

29th October 2005:
This is a very interesting take on the Horcrux storyline. I'm intrigued to see how the plot develops from here.

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Review #17, by CarielWe'll never forget you...: We'll never forget you...

24th October 2005:
Aside from a few paragraphs spacing issues that hindered the ease of fluid reading, this was an inspired piece of writing. I am not usually one attracted to Ginny-centric fic, but this was very nicely done.

Author's Response: Oh yeah, it was my first one, so I probably have to learn to space the paragraphs yet and to make it more fluid and the expressions... but I'm happy you think it's nice!

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Review #18, by CarielThe Slytherin Swedes: Chapter One

4th May 2005:
Jag bara ha någon problemen med den hår historia. Allra först , inte all Svensk eller Nordisk folk har lys hår. For det andre , i Nordisk land , Engelsk lärarna de är från England, inte den U.S.A, så de skulle förstå vad de mening av 'bugger off.' Stilla, den var trevlig till se din försöka på firande Nordisk kultur.

I apologise if my Swedish is a bit off. I'm better with Norwegian. ;)

Author's Response: Jo, men Sanne har inte ljust hår och inte Petra heller...Det är bara jag som är ljus (lys) faktiskt... Sanne vet säkert vad bugger off betyder men hon tycker att det är lite...dumt. Hon föredrar det andra uttrycket.Hrm. Min norska är så dålig att jag inte ens försökte ;) Det är trevligt att hitta någon från Norden här, tack för din åsikt! Varg

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Review #19, by CarielCHAIN REACTION: Draco

4th May 2005:
Very creative!!

Author's Response: Why thank you...

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Review #20, by Cariel100 Years: 100 Years

8th April 2005:
Aww that was really sweet. =)

Author's Response: Thanks! I appreciate you taking time to review!

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Review #21, by CarielThrough the Looking Glass: Hermione Granger

2nd April 2005:
This chapter tore at my heartstrings. I nearly cried. Beautiful job!

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Review #22, by CarielDaddy: The Party

25th March 2005:
Looks wonderful! Glad to see it here and can't wait for chapter 5. ::hint hint::

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Review #23, by CarielSupergirl: Through My Eyes: Supergirl: Through My Eyes

7th March 2005:
A very sweet read. Thank you. =)

Author's Response: You're welcome *bows*

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Review #24, by CarielMen Love With Their Eyes: Gild Refined Gold

25th January 2005:
“I can think of worse fortunes.”

What a great line for Harry! Honestly, your dialogue was spot-on. I just wish you fleshed them out with more descriptive details. Good work. :)

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Review #25, by CarielNew Years' Eve Kiss: New Years' Eve Kiss

31st December 2004:
That was so darling!! I love Ron! =)

Author's Response: I love Ron too cariel!!!

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