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Review #1, by InfantasiaCloseted Desires: Chapter 1.

19th July 2013:
Hahaha aww this was very cute. :) It's still a bit strange to see James a fidgety mess, but nevertheless very endearing just the same. I'm glad Lily was able to get over herself and smooch him. The poor guy's probably in heaven right now.

Great one-shot! :) It was a very enjoyable read.

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I understand it's quite different to see James this way but I thought it would be entertaining. I'm happy you liked it :) I thought it was about time Lily finally came to her senses too - she was bound to give into James sooner or later! And of course James must be in heaven - the girl he's been chasing has finally given into him. What could be better? :P

Thanks very much for the review :)

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Review #2, by InfantasiaHide and Seek: Short Skirt, Long Sigh

1st June 2009:
Oh this is so depressing :( I can't believe they broke up! But then again, their tempers have always gotten the better of them, huh? :) Haha. But I'm sincerely hoping that they'll be getting back together soon, though it seems like it'll take some time. Oliver has his handful of Quidditch ladies to deal with and Jane has to sort through her dad and the whole Lou problem. I'm quite excited to see what happens next :) Please update soon!

Author's Response: Sorry about the rather depressing chapter. You're right, it had to happen with their crazy tempers and what is going on in their lives. Hopefully good can come out of them being apart for a while. Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by InfantasiaBetrothed to a Mudblood: Feeling Out of Control

26th May 2009:
Wow... everything seems insanely complicated now. I feel rather sorry for Draco, considering he has to make such a tough choice. I'm hoping he'll pick Hermione, just because I think they belong together :) But then he's in quite a predicament himself, with the Dark Lord and everything. Can't wait to see what happens next :) This is definitely getting exciting. Please update soon!

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Review #4, by InfantasiaBetrothed to a Mudblood: I Guess This is Goodbye

13th February 2009:
This was quite a fantastic chapter :) I recently just stumbled upon your story and I was hooked in an insant. I love the random spats between Hermione and Draco and how they worked together to destroy the Horcruxes :) They have so much potential... and I can already see that even though it's only the sixth chapter. I really do hope you update the next chapter as speedily as you updated this one :) I can't wait to read about Hermione and Draco one year into the future. I wonder what they'll be like. Will Hermione have gotten together with Ron? Will Draco be even more deadly and despised than he is now? :) Haha. I'm getting excted just thinking about the possibilities for the next chapter.

Great job!! Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to chapter seven!!!

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Review #5, by InfantasiaUnrighteous: Waking Up from a Nightmare

6th April 2008:
Gack. I haven't had time recently to go online too much, so terribly sorry for not reviewing the past two chapters! I'll get to it soon, and if not, I'll just leave a super long review for this chapter to make up for the lack of them for the previous ones x) Haha. ANWAYY...I'm so happy that Draco is back! He's a little crazy, like expected, but I think the way you portrayed him deserves a good clap on the back. The poor guy thinks that he's still seeing images of Hermione, which I bet he's done over the past few months/year that he's been in Azkaban :( I feel so sorry for him.

And I'm rather impressed with the way Hermione acted actually. I would've expected her to gape and then crash to the floor in a dead faint or something. But no, she was strong, and she actually wanted to communicate with Draco :) Shows how much she loves him. Haha. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's just too bad that she didn't get too long before the guards whisked Draco away. I wonder how she's gonna approach him in the future. I definitely bet on an Azkaban visit, because it'd be terrible of her if she didn't. Other than that, I'm hoping she'll try to work on Draco's case and get him out of that prison before he completely forgets who he is.

I'm actually hoping that this fic will go a little deeper into the human mind and the psychological issues that'll go with it. Up until now, I've seen many authors write Draco insane in Azkaban and then suddenly when he's out, he suddenly remembers everything from the past and completely forgets that he's been tormented for a rather long period of time in that deadly prison. I'm hoping that he'll have some psychological issues to deal with (sounds kind of mean huh xD) since I think it'd be fitting. And then maybe he can gradually learn to trust things that he sees again, especially Hermione :) She really does owe him quite a bit, even though what he did for her was purely voluntary on his account.

Well, I guess that's all I have to say for this review. OH YES. And I have to add that I really, really don't like Nathaniel much. I guess he's an okay guy in general, but his attitude is a little...well...I get a little annoyed at him at times. But especially in this chapter, he reminded me a lot of Draco at times, with the whole cool demeanor and the "for an intelligent witch, you really are thick" comment ;) Awesomeness.

Okay now. I hope that was a long enough review :) Please do update soon and good luck with chapter seven and eight and nine and stuff :D Hopefully the queue won't take too long and we'll get to read chapter five sooner. I'm hoping there will be many Draco appearances? :D

Great job and CHEERS!! :D Love, love!!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the amazing review! I love reading your reviews - they are very insightful. -hugs-

Yep, Draco isn't sure what's real and what's a dream. He's definitely going to be a bit screwed up for a while, if not the remainder of the story. Don't worry, he's not gonna come back and be completely normal right away. But that's all I'm going to say though. (:

Heh. Yeah, Nathaniel's a jerk. And I definitely wanted him to be like Draco, because not even Draco is acting like Draco... haha, did that make any sense? I just wanted the opposing personality in there for Hermione to deal with. And his similarities with Draco will be brought up in later chapters.

Thanks again! I'm so grateful for you taking the time to read and leave such wonderful reviews. It means a lot.

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Review #6, by InfantasiaUnrighteous: Turbulent Thursday

10th March 2008:
Gack, I'm horrible! I didn't even realize that this story had come out already until I checked your author's page x) Haha. Sorry about that once again! But now that I'm here, I can fully compliment you on another job well done...even though it was only the first chapter ;)

First off, I really do like your banner. It's very...well...I don't really know how to explain it, but it seems to fit. And I'm actually kind of sad that you didn't use Emma Watson as Hermione because honestly, I think she really is quite beautiful, but that's okay :) I guess after all that time, she really did need to mature.

As for this chapter itself, it was quite good :) A fitting chapter one in my opinion. Of course, I can't really say much anymore since this is only just the beginning, but I can tell that this is going to be as great, if not better, than Desire and Demise :) Keep it up! And I hope to see Draco in here sometime soon ;)

Love, love!

Author's Response: Don't worry about it! (: When I saw your username on this review, I got so excited, haha. It was well worth the wait!

I'm glad you like the banner. I was going to request one, but decided to be daring and make my own. I'm actually quite proud of it. And the only reason I didn't use Emma is that it is 6 years later, and I wanted to emphasize that point by choosing an older-looking person for Hermione. She's got a whole new life, too, so I think using Emma would've been too much the same. But here I'm rambling. (:

I'm glad you liked the beginning, too! I changed this chapter around a few times until I was satisfied with it, and still I was a bit worried that it wouldn't live up to expectations. But I suppose I was just paranoid.

That was a long reply, haha. Thanks so much for the review, and Draco will be showing up (relatively) soon. A couple more introductory chapters first, I'm afraid.

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Review #7, by InfantasiaDesire and Demise: Epilogue

18th February 2008:
For some strange, twisted, insane reason, I have to say that I think I like this chapter best out of all. I don't know why and I'm feeling a little weird now that I think about it, but really, I am quite in love with this chapter. Maybe it's because I believe that it's the best written chapter of this story by far, and because it just seems so...mature...and so ready to lead on into a sequel that I know would be just as wonderful as this story was :) So yeh, I do quite love it.

I think it was a good decision to put Draco Malfoy in Azkaban. He's a Death Eater, and frankly, he deserves it. And I have reason to believe that when he gets out of jail, he'll be quite a different person than he was when he went in. Perhaps a little insane, but hopefully, a little braver and a little more manly than he was before ;) I'll just wait to see how you portray him in your sequel, but I do hope he's changed in some ways. I get a little tired of the old teenager/whiny/wimpy Draco after a while. Haha.

I think it was quite awesome to give Draco his own chapter, even though it isn't a particulaly normal one. I truly wonder how Hermione and the rest of the people will react when they find out that he's alive...however they may do that :) There'll be undoubted chaos, but I think there would be relief most of all. And I'm thinking that it's going to be a little difficult to get Draco to open up...or at least get him to talk about how he feels and all after he's been in Azkaban for such a long time. I'm quite looking forward to what Draco's going to be like :) I've always liked a little personality change after a character goes through some kind of trauma x) Call me strange or whatever, but just interests me.

Anyway, wonderful chapter, wonderful story. I would say that I'm sad to see it finished, but at least there's a sequel to look forward to, so I'm happy about that. Please do upload it soon :) So...I'm going to end this right here because I know I'll be hearing from you soon...right? ;)

Cheers! And much love to you!!! :D Congrats on a wonderfully completed story.

Author's Response: THANK YOU! I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful reviews you have left me throughout this story. (; I just loved seeing your username, and then reading all the things you had to say.

And I'm going to have to agree with you and say that this is my favorite chapter as well. I loved writing it, because it was through the eyes of someone who was so troubled, and slowly losing his mind. ROFL. You're not strange at all. I'm the same way. (;

Thanks again! The sequel will be up in a couple weeks. I've got chapter one finished, but I like to have a couple done first so I don't feel rushed. Until then!

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Review #8, by InfantasiaDesire and Demise: Truth is a Poison

9th February 2008:
This was certainly an intense chapter...intense in the way that we hear Draco is dead. But based on what you've told us in your Author's Notes, I can safely assume that Draco isn't dead, and that they only believe he is because...well...because of whatever proof they think they have. Like usual, this was a wonderful chapter, though I'm still kinda sad that Draco didn't really make much of an appearance in these last few chapters. But I'm hoping the next few chapters will change that. I can't wait till Draco and Hermione wait again.

Anyway, I also wanted to mention something else. Your story is great, you know? And I honestly think you should be proud of creating something like this. Put some more faith into your story and realize that just because you added a little sensitive part into the chapter doesn't mean readers will stop reading this story. If anything, it'll bring out the suspense even more. I personally think it would've been more interesting if you left us to ponder on whether Draco is really dead or not instead of telling us that as long as we keep reading, we won't be disappointed. Perhaps I have the idea completely twisted and maybe the ending won't be what I think it is, but don't doubt your story so much :) It really is great.

Sorry about that ranting. I just thought you ought to know :) Thanks for the update and I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: -keeps mouth shut- I'm not gonna say anything. (;

To be honest, with the reviews I was getting, I felt I needed that. People were saying that if anything sad happened, they didn't think they could finish. And I've seen stories in which, when a character is killed of, people stop reading altogether. It's really depressing to see that, so I felt that I needed to make a note. It doesn't necessarily mean anything. But thank you so much for the encouragement. It really means a lot. (:

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Review #9, by InfantasiaDesire and Demise: Waiting

30th January 2008:
Time is short for me right now so I won't be able to leave as long of a review x) Sorry in advance! Haha. Okay, moving on. I'm actually kinda sad that Draco didn't make much of an appearance this chapter. I actually expected a confrontation of some sort, considering that there are only a few chapters left in this story. Oh well. You can keep us hanging ;) Haha. I'll just have to wait and see what happens in the next chapters.

I actually rather like the interaction between Ron and Hermione towards the end there. Usually, I think Ron is a bitch when he complains to Hermione about how untrustworthy Draco is and yadda yadda. But for some reason, I didn't mind this time x) It's weird but cool all the same. I guess I don't like Draco as much in this story as I do in others. Maybe it's because I saw how cowardly he could be or maybe it's just the fact that he betrayed Hermione and all. I don't know, but I'm kinda rooting for Ron in a strange way. Bah...strange...

And gasp! What's this I see about a sequel for this story? AHH. I don't know whether I should feel happy or sad. Happy because this story is going to continue even after it's finished (if that made any sense at all) and sad because that means there's not gonna be a definite ending to this. Blah. But either way, I'll read till the very end to see what's going on :) Haha. Cheers!

Good job once again ;) I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: There won't be a confrontation any time soon, I'll tell you that much. I don't want to ruin anything, so that's all I will say.

Oh, Ron. Haha. Poor thing's suffering from unrequited love. It's only natural that he would rag on Draco. (: And yes, I wanted to show that Draco certainly has his faults. He's human, after all. And he's always been a coward, so I had to incorporate that into this fic.

Sequel! Haha. The sequel is going to be very different from this fic, believe me. It will obviously be a continuation, but it will have its own very different, very involved plot. I won't say much, once again, because I don't want to ruin anything.

Thanks for the review! You always leave me such lovely reviews. (;

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Review #10, by InfantasiaDesire and Demise: The Beginning of the End

26th January 2008:
Wow. I guess I was right in one aspect and completely wrong in another x) Haha. Actually, when I was reading the part where Harry was like "HAH YOUR SECRET KEEPER SUCKS" I actually thought that the Secret Keeper was Draco for a while, cuz it just seems right. But then Harry mentioned something about someone else and I was just like "oh..." BLegh x) But I'm glad that Draco did something useful in the end and killed Bellatrix Lestrange. She totally deserves it, but then again, Draco can never do anything that's not in the dark-ish. It's just so him.

Hermione still loves him. That's so sweet, and honestly, I think Draco still loves her. He's just too chicken to do anything about it. It's his first stand, I suppose, and it does let Hermione realize that Draco isn't the completely full-fledged Death Eater that he claims himself to be. But honestly, I don't think it makes a difference. There are things about Draco that I really don't like...his cowardly personality, for one. He's so...well...when the Death Eaters came he blended into them. I would've hoped that he'd stand forward and be like "you guys listen to me" but...nope, he's not like that.

All right, I'll stop ranting now. But the point is, I really liked this chapter. Lotsa stuff happened, and now that we know that Draco isn't all that bad, it makes things a little different for Hermione and their relationship. But can they get anywhere? HUMMM...I'll wait till the next chapter to find out ;) But on the other hand, PLEASE DO UPDATE SOON.

Thank you...ahead of time ;) Haha.

Cheers and great job once again!!

Author's Response: Well thank you for the nice long review! (: You really took your time on it, and I appreciate it.

Hmm, Draco as a Secret Keeper? The idea never crossed my mind. But you'll see why he couldn't have been the SK in the next few chapters.

And yes, he's still got a dark side to him, but after the death of his father and his 'second father', and all the abuse he's gone through, it would be very unbelievable if he was still 100% on Voldemort's side. And the reason he blended in with the Death Eaters is because 1) he's still a coward and 2) he didn't want to give himself away. If he played the part, they wouldn't suspect that he was secretly not on their side.

Thanks again for the review! I'll be updating later tonight, most likely. I'm still fixing up the loose ends in the next chapter, but it'll be ready soon. (;

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Review #11, by InfantasiaDesire and Demise: A Light in the Darkness

21st January 2008:
I just came across this story today, and I must say, I do quite like it :) It's got all the drama that's present in a Draco/Hermione relationship, and along with that whole Death Eater thing, I'm rather intrigued by the whole thing. Haha. And though it seems like Draco was only using Hermione, I can't help but wonder whether he feels anything for her. From the way he acted in this chapter, especially towards the end, I somehow get an inkling that he's trying to tell her something important...something that may renew her faith in him. It's small, yes, but it could lead to some great things ;) Haha. I'll be on the lookout for that.

I was quite shocked that Harry managed to come here though. For a moment, I actually thought that Draco had contacted him...but when you wrote about the interaction between the two, I knocked that assumption out of my head. They're still enemies. Blegh. I'm actually hoping Draco will reform here...or at least reform enough so that Hermione can be brought to safety. He owes that much to her, and to himself, really. I believe he likes her, and for some reason, Hermione's a little too blind to see it at the moment. Heh. But I suppose I'll just wait and see how things go after this chapter.

Can't wait till you update again :) And as for my prediction...even though I kind of said it up there, I'm going to say it again. I think Draco likes Hermione, and is going to somehow help Harry get her out of there, despite the consqueneces. And maybe he'll even betray Voldemort? Eh...that may be stretching it a little, but still ;) Haha. I can still hope, right? :)

Anyway, great job! I hope to hear from you soon ;)

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the review. (: I really appreciate the time you put into it.

He never seems to get his words out, does he. Poor Draco. But actions speak louder than words, and you will see quite a bit of action in the next chapter.

And how Harry got there will be explained later. I find it rather ironic how he got there, but I suppose you'll have to decide for yourself, haha.

Great prediction. You'll soon see how close or not so close you were, haha. Next chapter will be submitted today, and hopefully the queue will stay short. Thanks again!

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Review #12, by InfantasiaMove Along: The Running Rat

15th January 2008:
Holy Merlin...10 years and you FINALLY update :D You cannot believe how much I love you for doing this. Honestly. I've been dying for an update and now I get one ;) It's like...well...a second Christmas of sorts. But enough with that. I love this chapter :) Yes, I REALLY love this chapter. Actually...there were some parts of it that I felt was a little...blegh...but that's just cause I'm such an avid James supporter. Haha. Anyway, I'll get into detail later. But I love the action, I love what happened, and most of all, I really think that they're getting somewhere...and once again, I'll repeat: FINALLY. Haha. I don't know how much this encounter will change their feelings for one another, but at the same time, I know things will never be the same again for them :) It just makes me happy. Haha.

Anyway...I have to admit that I didn't really like the beginning half of the chapter. Not because it was badly written, because by hell it was awesome, but just because I can't imagine Sirius as a...depressed figure. It just doesn't seem right. And I can't imagine James being so vindictive. He's practically Severus Snape reincarnated in here! It just didn't seem right, you know? I know Sirius can be a bit of an idiot...okay, a HUGE idiot in this case...and I'm sure James knows that too. But to yell at Lily because she put a blanket on Sirius? I don't think that's very least not the James I imagined. He seems more like a even-though-you-messed-up-I'm-still-here-for-you guy.

I think James gets a little contradictory towards the second half of the chapter when he just mindlessly leapt to save Sirius from his father. Just a few minutes ago, he didn't understand why Lily would put a blanket on Sirius and now he's putting his life on the stake for the guy? Kinda strange. If it were the James from a few minutes ago, he'd probably be...I don't know...a little colder? Yeah, at least that's what I think.

Now moving on. I would've really liked to see Sirius's reaction to James, Remus, and well...Peter appearing to rescue him. He was still conscious at the time, right? So yep, it would've been kinda nice to see his astonishment and happiness at James's rescue :) And then there was Peter, who I think you portrayed perfectly. He's just so...HIM. Cowardly creep. And then there was Lily, who followd ;) That was sweet.

Anyway, great chapter...even though I really didn't like James's personality in here. It just kinda ruined my image of him for a while. Sigh. Oh well. I hope they fix their little problem soon enough. Glad to see you've updated though :) I'll be looking forward to another one.


Author's Response: Do you have a sister or a brother? Because that's the only real way that I can explain James' reaction. Well, assuming that you don't, or you do but have never had this issue, I'll explain. I have a younger sister, and in that one package she is simutaniously my best friend and my worst enemy. There are times that she and I have come to blows so horrific that I wished every nasty foul thing on Earth and heaven and hell would come to hurt her in ways even I couldn't dream possible. After everything James had seen Sirius do, he felt this desire too. However, when it comes down to it, when I truly feel that my sister needs me, I'm there for her, no matter what because she's still MY sister. In the moment that James heard Sirius' scream, that's what he felt. No matter what Sirius had done, no matter how he'd screwed up, the bottom line was that Sirius is the closest thing that James has to a brother, and brothers come to blows, and brothers fight, and brothers occasionally hate each other. But hate though they might, love conqures all and James loves Sirius, so James ran to save his brother, his best friend, his Sirius.

So the good news is that James isn't a monster, he's just never had a sibling before and he's never had a fight on such a scale before. It was new to him and he treated it much like a child does the first time he discovers that his little brother isn't going to follow his every rule...he overreacts. It's just that James is older and can be a bit more vindictive because of it. (Besides, Snape will kindly tell you that if it wasn't for James he wouldn't have grown into quite so mean of a person anyways.)

Thanks for the review! I hope that I handled your inquiry to James' reaction properly...I have an author's page if you'd like me to clear it up any more. ;) I hope to have another chapter out soon. :D

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Review #13, by InfantasiaShattered Hope: The One With The Arrivals

8th January 2008:
I'm quite shocked that Lily actually lied to David for James x) I know that she's supposedly all nice and stuff, but from the first chapter, it seems as if she hates James to an alarming degree, and after the whole I-can't-believe-you-woke-me-up-at-5-in-the-morning tirade, it seems kinda weird that she'd lie. But I guess everyone's nice in some way, even if it's to her most-despised enemy x) Haha. I love their relationship in a way. It's so cute yet different at the same time.

I actually think it'd be nice if you could make each of your chapters a little long...add more detail into them. For example, in the encounter between David and Lily, you could add more emotion instead of just coasting over it with a brief few words and then moving onto the next scene :) It might make things more engaging to the readers, and at the same time, let us understand your characters more and their more in-depth feelings. Right now, I get the idea that Lily hates James. That seems all there is to it, and yet she goes out of her way to lie. I think that means something, even though she may not realize it just yet ;)

But of course, that was just a suggestion. Hope you update chapter 3 soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks for your suggestions, I love reviews like yours :)

I agree that it IS weird that Lily died for James but I personally don't believe that she really hates him. Even when i was reading that chapter with them in their fifth year, her supposed hatred for him never seemed quite real - it looked like she was putting on a bit of a show and ver expressing her feelings of dislike for him.

I agree with the emotion bit too but I have alot of difficulty with that because I'm scared that it'll become akward or lame and mushy. It is something that I have to work on.

Thanks so much!

PS. Chapter 3 will be out within the next two weeks!

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Review #14, by InfantasiaPotter and Prejudice: The Full Moon and The Black Lagoon

8th January 2008:
Quite lovely once again :) I have to admit, this one isn't as drama-packed as the previous one was, but hey, they all can't be so James/Lily drama-ish x) Haha. Sorry, I can't find a better word to describe it. Anyway, I think Lily was being particularly snobby about studying for N.E.W.Ts. There are still times when I wonder how James can put up with a girl like that, considering he's so playful and she's just...not, I suppose x) And I always thought James was supposed to be brilliant, but apparently, his Potions marks don't show it. Heh.

I think James and Lily do argue quite a bit, but it seems like James is always the one who gives in. I guess it makes sense; he is the more...lenient guy, I suppose you could say. Still, I wish Lily were a little more open-minded with some things, especially when she's not in a live-or-die situation (namely the studying). Haha. I'm not too fond of that myself, so maybe that's why I'm such an avid James fan. That, and the fact that he's so bloody good-looking ;)

Cheers for a job well done! Hope you update soon, even though you just did ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I agree that the romantic-drama aspect of this chapter was a bit low (or, really, the drama aspect in general), but as you said, their relationship is not all drama all the time. As for the NEWT studying, I think Lily's just a stresscase, and James isn't necessarily dumb, but he has the natural ability to do well on tests without all that much studying.

I also agree that Lily needs to be more open minded, and this chapter (and the 21st one) are really deviations from her journey to open-mindedness. It's good that you commented on this, because I do tend to forget that she needs to become less reserved. And I'm a James fan too :)

Thanks again for this amazing review, and I will try my best to update as soon as i can!

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Review #15, by InfantasiaPotter and Prejudice: Wasted

8th January 2008:
Oh that was quite a cute chapter :) I think I've read this story before but I don't remember if I've commented before. But seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between James and Lily. They're a match made in heaven, and both are so headstrong that they're bound to get into some kind of argument that's resolved easily because of their adoration for one another ;) I love it. Haha.

I think it's kinda depressing that Lily doesn't seem as effected as James is...considering he just drank a whole carton of firewhiskey and kinda zoned out. I suppose Lily's more rational in a way, which is strange all on its own. I always thought girls were supposed to be the ones more emotionally impacted, but I guess Lily just has a firm hold on her emotions :) I do quite love that girl. And James of course ;) Haha.

Off I go to read your next chapter now. Great story by the way. Have I mentioned that already? :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I feel the same way about those two. It's sort of an opposites-attract dynamic that inevitably breeds argument.

As for Lily's rationality, I honestly felt like she needed to be emotionally in control for once in this story, as she's always been the damsel in distress. And what fun it was to write a drunken and then hungover James!

Thanks for the review, and I'm so happy you like the story!

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Review #16, by InfantasiaShattered Hope: The One With The Letters

7th January 2008:
Oh dear lord :O James Potter as a stepbrother? Haha. That's got to be one of the most cliched/wonderful things I've heard today. Yeah, that sounded a little weird, but bear with me please. I'm just here to say that I think the beginning was awesome. I must admit that I had a little trouble figuring out who Lily was referring to in the very beginning. I thought it was James, but then she started talking to her mum and I was just kinda like "O.O". Haha. I'm surprised, but not in a bad way. I think this story has great potential :) I'm alread enjoying myself. Haha.

I shall now go off to read chapter 2. See you there!

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Review #17, by InfantasiaLiving Life: Chapter Fifty Five

7th January 2008:
This was quite an enjoyable chapter for me...maybe because James and Lily are finally getting somewhere again. Haha :) I do love the two, and a little bit of drama and angst wouldn't hurt, like this chapter just now. Absolutely marvelous ;) But poor James...the guy is trying to get over her and then she suddenly comes and shows up right there x) Talk about trying to forget someone. But I'm glad Lily did that. It's a step to improving their relationship, and honestly, Lily needs to be the one to do it this time. I seriously think James gave enough in this relationship.

Thanks for the wonderful chapter! Hope to hear from you soon ;)

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Review #18, by InfantasiaJames Potterís most embarrassing moment: James Potterís most embarrassing moment

4th January 2008:
Aww...that was actually kind of sad :( Snape is so friggin sadistic, and I know James deserves it in a way...but still! To do it on the day that he was going to propose to Lily? Sigh. So horrible...but this was well-written nevertheless :) Good story and all, just sad x) I now hate Snape even more.

But actually, now that I think about it, I was kinda surprised that the students in the Great Hall would laugh at James. The Marauders do embarassing things all the time, so perhaps it could've been done on purpose? x) Yeah, weird thinking, but I honestly do feel quite sorry for James.

Snape should go hang himself. Huff.

Great story though!! :)

Author's Response: i know.. trust me, ur not the only one that hates Snape! (i hate him aswell)

hmm.. well i thought that some of the girls were jelous that they couldnt have James so...

lol, i really wish he would!

thank you!!

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Review #19, by InfantasiaThe Devil you Know: Baby Steps

4th January 2008:
I just realized...I didn't review for this chapter O.O THE HORROR. I can't believe this! And I read it too X___X;; Okay, my stupidity has once again been revealed, and I only found out cause I was rereading this story :) It's wonderful...I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I adore this :) Okay, now onto the actual chapter.

I must say, I was a little upset by the fact that Draco was being such an...excuse me...manipulative bastard. Honestly! I didn't think that HE was the one who put Hermione and Blaise through that. I said in the beginning that I wasn't really a Hermione/Blaise fan, but the thing is, this story really made me despise Draco. Kinda sad, but still...what kind of a person is he to do that to his best friend? Not right...not right at all. Sigh. But at least it was somewhat of a happy ending, which I'm grateful for :) After all that drama and angst, it seems like Hermione really does deserve some relaxation, and now that Blaise is here and willing to take the chance to be with her just made me happy :) Haha.

I do love happy endings x) This really was a lovely story all the way through. And you actually warmed me up to a Hermione/Blaise pairing...but I must say, given the chance, I'd still go for Hermione/Draco ;) I look forward to more of your wonderful stories!!

Hope you're enjoying the new year at the moment ;) Cheers!!

Author's Response: aww hunny!! thank you so much!
draco is draco. what can i say? there were moments when i really really wanted to not do that, but i couldn't. its so him - at least, i think so!

thank you so much darling for all the wonderful reviews!!! i really appreciate it!

Kate xx

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Review #20, by InfantasiaThe Notebook: The Notebook

27th November 2007:
Wow. This was quite sweet :) I always do love a good James/Lily fluff, especially when Lily realizes that she's loved James all along. For some reason, it gives me satisfaction to see Lily chasing after James x) I suppose it's because I feel sorry for the poor guy, who has done too much chasing for his own good. He needs a little break at times ;)

Wonderful one-shot!

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Review #21, by InfantasiaDissolved Girl: Dissolved Girl

12th November 2007:
Oh goodness. I leave HPFF for a while and then when I come back and check your page, I see a DOZEN OR TWO stories that haven't been here before :O And I just like O.O Are all these REAL? Haha x) I'm so happy now. I'll have quite a bit of new stories/one-shots to occupy me when the schoolwork gets too overbearing :) Thanks ahead of time, Maji! Haha. And now onto the review for this story.

It's kinda interesting to see Draco/Hermione in a darker context. I just realized that the stories you wrote before about them were generally more light-hearted in comparison, and dealt with simple love mixed with a few complications. This one is more focused on the darker side of love, and a love that shouldn't be :) It was very well-written, though I don't even think I need to mention that anymore. All your stories are lovely ;) I actually think a sinister and darker Draco isn't that bad, though Hermione seems VERY pure and innocent here...even though she IS fornicating in some aspects ;) She's such a contradictory character. At one point, she goes "wait, this isn't right" and then the next second later, they're making out till hell freezes over x) Kinda cute, kinda weird.

I especially love the ending though :) It's kind of funny how the fact that he calls her by her first name decides whether she will stay with him or not, but to a couple like them, I guess one small, seemingly insignificant detail means much more than just a name :) Simply lovely. I like the concepts behind it all.

My favorite line in this one-shot?

"This is my end, and my beginning."

It leaves so much to the imagination. Their future seems bleak when you factor in everything, but at the same time, the fact that they're willing to stay with each other till the end is very...satisfying.

Cheers for a job well done! I'm now off to read your other stories :)

Author's Response: hello darling *huggles* where have you been?
thank you so much. i love your reviews!
you are dead right. this is much much darker love in context than any other dramione i have written. it took a long time for this fic to be ready.
hermione - is innocent in her own mind, in a sense. she has this ideal of herself that she tried so darn hard to uphold, but eventually it cracks. before she even realised it was occuring, Draco saw it coming. of course, he used it for his own gains initially ^_-
i liked doing that with her name. i know its a cliche of sorts, but to someone like hermione, in a situation like this, it was the deciding factor. one simple word showed the human behind the monster in draco, the man capable of love and sensitivity. thank you for understanding that!!
you know, i almost left that line out. glad i didn't.
thank you so much darling!! i really appreciate the depth of your reviews!
Maji xx

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Review #22, by InfantasiaThe Devil you Know: Ripped at the Seams

3rd October 2007:
Damn, the story's getting intense now. I can totally see what you mean by only having a few chapters left. FINALLY Blaise and Draco confront one another about the whole thing. And now I feel sorry for Draco again. ARGH! So many conflicting emotions with each chapter. You are good ;) Seriously. One chapter I'm loving Draco and the next I'm hating him. Blaise seems like a nice fellow now, which is kinda strange because I've never viewed him in that light before. But he did make a valid point. Just because he never said he loved her didn't mean he didn't; it just means that he doesn't know how to say it. No offense though, but Hermione seriously does seem like a bitch and a whore in here. She's playing two wonderful guys and she blames Draco or Blaise on it :O Completely unjustified if you ask me. Humph. I don't like Hermione much in this story...she's too...un-Hermione-ish.

But other than that, this was wonderful :) Lots of excitement and drama. Haha. Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter, especially with what's going on with Draco and Blaise. Eesh. I always hate to see best friends fight. Anyway, lovely, lovely!

Cheers and please do upate again :) I'm sorry I forgot to review the last chapter. I'll get to it, I swear!

Author's Response: hello hunny!! thank you so much, and intense, yep, for sure! it all had to come out sooner or later! and you don't know if you like blaise or draco better? excellent ^_^ that makes the ending of this all the more dramatic....

hermione...yes, she is not being a very nice person, but in her defense, the poor girl has been so darn confused, but i'm glad you don't like her. you're not meant too ^_-

thanks hunny and i'm working on ch 15 at the moment.

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Review #23, by InfantasiaThe Devil you Know: Consuming Guilt and Words not Spoken

8th September 2007:
Argh! I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to review this when it came out, and even now, I barely have enough time. As you probably can guess, school started once again, and as a result, the work has piled and piled and piled :X Really, it's not glorious and I've been busy as ever. Still, I just thought I'd drop by to say that this really was an interesting chapter. Part of me actually thought that because Blaise made a mistake last time by not replying when Hermione told him she loved him, he'd respond with an immediate "yes" to her statement just so they could go steady. But I guess the boy really is quite honest, which earns him some more brownie points in my book ;) At least he's truthful about everything. Haha. And now, sadly, I'm starting to think that Draco is getting annoyingly pushy. But still, I'm voting for him because...well, he's Draco ;) Can't deny such a wonderful person...even though he did get rather pissed at Hermione, which is understandable. She really does need to sort herself out and see who she really wants to be with. In a way, she's playing them both, and I just can't see Hermione doing something like that. She just doesn't strike me as the type.

Oh and I just thought I'd say that I loved the ending to this chapter. "At the same time, her thoughts unwillingly flew to Draco. Why was it so easy for him to say he loved her, but not Blaise?" I'm inclined to believe that Hermione is leaning more towards Draco here ;) But she can also take it another way...and she can doubt whether Draco's feelings for her are real or not, considering the ease in which he says those three words.

Things are really getting quite complicated here :) Absolutely fascinating. Please do update soon and I will review no matter what!! Cheers to you :) I clap for such a wonderful chapter.

Author's Response: oh hunny, thank you so much for the review - i know how much real life can interfere with our lovely little HPFF world, so no need to apolgise ^_^

yep, blaise is being honest, i can tell you that. he won't say it because the poor boy is unsure. and draco...pushy, most definatley. and hermione - you are spot on there. she really needs to sort herself out, but do you think she is going to do it? nah...not yet ^_- she is playing them and you are right, she is not the type to do that, but the poor girl is a bit of an emotional wreck at the moment.

heehee i'll have to leave you guessing about the rest darling - i can't reveal my secrets just yet, but i can tell you that there are probably only about 3, maybe 4, more chapters to go and this fic will be over.

thank you sweetie!! *hugs* you rock!!

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Review #24, by InfantasiaLiving Life: Chapter Fifty Two

3rd August 2007:
Wow. Things are really getting awkward between James and Lily. I feel quite sorry for James and the fact that Lily broke up with him. He's loved her all along and she just...well, ended that relationship on a whim of some sort. Ergh! Haha. But I do quite like this chapter, and I think it's rather amusing that he's being so polite with her. I've never actually imagined him as the polite type before. Haha.

Lovely update! I love the length of your chapters ;) Cheers and update soon!

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Review #25, by InfantasiaMove Along: Marauders Broken

3rd August 2007:
I know I may sound hypocritical right now, but dang, I'm starting to feel sorry for Sirius. No one should be forced to go through all that stuff, and then have his girlfriend shy away from him because she doesn't approve. Sigh. Things are getting quite depressing at the moment. I do hope they'll be able to get together soon. I'm actually quite curious as to why Lily is so ready to shun Sirius. She's supposed to love him right? And I've always seen her as quite a forgiving person. I don't see why she's just going to ditch him just because he made a mistake. Granted, this mistake is much deadlier than other mistakes, but they are teens right? It makes me wonder whether Lily's going to treat James this way if he accidentally makes a mistake x) Haha.

Oh and I have a question. What year is this story set in? Sorry, I think you may have mentioned it before but I don't quite remember. I have horrible memory x) I don't really recall when they had the Whomping Willow incident, though I'm sure they mentioned it in the books somewhere. Argh. Perhaps I'll go back and read x) Heh.

I think this story is getting quite dark, but at the same time, it's progression. With Lily despising Sirius at the moment, James will have an easier time getting closer to her, though I'll think really badly of him if he uses this as a chance to push his best friend away from his girlfriend. That's like...taking advantage of the situation, and I've never viewed James as that kind of guy before. Oh well. I'll just wait and see what happens ;)

Thanks for the update :) It was wonderful, truly. Lovely story...though getting quite angsty at the moment. Haha. Cheers!

Author's Response: In the third book, Snape said that Sirius had been capible of murder at the age of 16, since the majority of this story was written before Deathly Hallows came out, I placed it in their sixth year. ;) Deathly Hallows does specify when the Whomping Willow incident takes place. It takes place in 1977. ;)

And all will be revieled in due time. But Lily does love him, but she did break up with Sirius, not because he made a mistake, but because he was willing to endanger Snape and Remus' lives because Snape had pissed him off. Remember a few chapters ago she specifically told him and James not to use her as an excuse, and in this chapter, Sirius told her that what Snape did to her was part of his reasoning for this. And that's what made Lily angry enough to break it off with him.

And of course, it's got to get darker before it gets lighter. What will a friendless and depressed Sirius think to do to get his mind off things? *evil grin* Surely nothing stupid or potentially harmful to himself. Perhaps there are clues earlier in the story... :D

Thanks for the review! ;)

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