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Review #1, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Sister Potter 3: Behind These Emerald Eyes: Attack, Attack

4th July 2007:
Hey Carolyn, what's up? I know we haven't talked in forever and I really am sorry about that. I hope you can fogive me. I really loved your story. I'm so glad you updated. I really hope that Reese is okay. So, how are you doing? Sarah, Sarah Roden, told me that Europe was a lot of fun, but a bit tiring. Well, I hope you had a blast. This is a 10/10 from me.

Author's Response: Hey sammie?
what's up? lots of things. i have my first boyfriend. :P whoo! anyways.

glad you like it and yes, europe was soooo much fun!

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Review #2, by TomFelton_Malfoy926True Love Can Last Forever...If You Want It To: Professor Madariaga

13th June 2007:
Damn! He is toohoo cccute!

Author's Response: lol he is??? lol yea he is!! lol thanks for the review!!

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Review #3, by TomFelton_Malfoy926True Love Can Last Forever...If You Want It To: The Favor

13th June 2007:
She kind of reminds me of my friend Karina.

Author's Response: lol my my my! That's freaky!!!!!!!! lol

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Review #4, by TomFelton_Malfoy926True Love Can Last Forever...If You Want It To: Draco's Sober Side

13th June 2007:
He reminds me of my friend Ryan, but with my friend David's hair

Author's Response: really??? lol

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Review #5, by TomFelton_Malfoy926True Love Can Last Forever...If You Want It To: Too Much Fun

13th June 2007:
Wow she's gorgeous. Um...she kind of reminds me of my friend Stacey and Amanda rolled into one

Author's Response: lol wow!!! All these characters remind you like your friends???? That's just way too weird lol in a good way though lol

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Review #6, by TomFelton_Malfoy926True Love Can Last Forever...If You Want It To: Fashion Mistake

13th June 2007:
He kind of reminds me of one of my friends, but for the life of me i can't remember who?

Author's Response: lol really????? that's sooo weird!!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by TomFelton_Malfoy926True Love Can Last Forever...If You Want It To: Starting Tonight

13th June 2007:
She reminds me of my friend Katie. She also has very heavy eyeliner and that same stare. It's kind of funny.

Author's Response: really?? Now that's just weird, seeing as Chris also looked like your friend lol creepy!!!!!!!!!

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Review #8, by TomFelton_Malfoy926True Love Can Last Forever...If You Want It To: The Sorting

13th June 2007:
He looks like my friend Chris, if Chris cut his hair short.

Author's Response: really?? that's weird lol

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Review #9, by TomFelton_Malfoy926When Worlds Collide: It was only a dream...

23rd May 2007:
I am happy you finally updated. I think that Hermione should still fight for Draco. But Draco is still kind of "i don't know if i should tell her that i still love her" thing. So Jared should ask out Hermione. Then Draco goes on the offensive which causes a fight between Hermione and Draco. Her being like "well, you and i aren't together, so why should it matter", then Draco confesses about how he feels and stuff. So yea, it's your choice. Just wanted to throw out some ideas. 10/10

Author's Response: Yeahh yay so many ideas!!! I'm lovin it!!! Thx so much!!!

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Review #10, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Open Your Eyes: Chapter I

10th April 2007:
For some reason, the site won't allow me to review twice on one story or chapter. Weird. Anyway, I was wondering if you could make me a banner. I remember that you made me the 'Skating with the Enemy' one for me and I was wondering if you could make me another. If you would like to, please email me at

Thanks a bunch.

Author's Response: I'd be happy to!

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Review #11, by TomFelton_Malfoy926When It Snows Again: When It Snows Again

6th April 2007:
Wow! I totally love this chapter. I haven't been on the site for a while. It being that LENT just ended and all. Anyway, how are? Send me an email some time. I'd love to know how you're doing and everything. Like how have the past few months been for you and all. I'd love to hear from you. Anyway, I totally give this story a 10/10. Definitely. Anyway, my emails on my homepage if you want to email me sometime.

Luv ya, wanna hug ya!


Author's Response: Wow, that's something I wouldn't expect to hear, giving up fanfiction for Lent. Lol. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #12, by TomFelton_Malfoy926I Never Told You What I did for a Living: 2. Out of Control

6th April 2007:
WOW! I think she should tell her friends what she's doing. I mean, come on. The Marauders could handle themselves. By the way this is how you spell Malfoy's name :Lucius. Just so you know. Anyway,
Luv ya

Author's Response: Thank you for telling me. I've seen so many people spell it wrong I forgot how to spell it! Thnx.

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Review #13, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Before He Cheats: Before he Cheats

7th January 2007:
I would definitely do that to my guy's car if he cheated. When my friend Amanda's guy dumped her, we went over to his house, and with his parents' permission, we trashed his room. The guy's parents said they were sick with the way he was treating a lot of girls and they had really liked Amanda, so they let us do it. Amanda wrote on his mirror in lipstick "Think Before You Act". The next week at school, he was complaining that someone had broken into his house. We all thought it was funny. With my guy friends, when they ask, I tell them that this is my favorite song and they do their best to stay on my good side. 10/10 on your story.

Author's Response: That is absolutely hysterical!!! :) He most definately deserved that - spiffing! I can imagine how they must react..... :)


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Review #14, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Sister Potter 3: Behind These Emerald Eyes: Reese and Heather

4th January 2007:
Hey girl, quick thing for you to check. The second part of this chapter is Heather's POV, right? Then why does the last sentence say and I quote:

I just turned around with Heather and left the room.

Other then that I give it a 10/10

Author's Response: Um. . .we all make mistakes hun.

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Review #15, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Hold Your Tongue: Blood and Confessing

29th December 2006:
I like the second one. The Woes of Falling in Love. I really liked this chapter. You know for practically being a mind reader and understanding people's feelings and such, Darcy's kind of clueless. I mean, she doesn't understand that Aaron likes her. Even I got that. Well, of course I did, I'm the reader, not the character. What's that called? When the reader knows something the character doesn't. Anyway, I loved this chapter, so update soon. I feel bad for Remus though, he really likes Darcy and yet it's Sirius and Regulus that can talk to her through the mind, not him. Plus, Darcy is in a love triangle with Remus and Aaron. I wish her good luck. 10/10 from your BFF TomFelton_Malfoy926.

Author's Response: Yes!
Darcy is clueless, but she also has never entered Remus' mind. She's scared to because she doesn't want to invade his privacy. hehe.

Haha, isn't that like dramatic irony or something? Or Situational or something. Anyways, i have no idea. lol.


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Review #16, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Poser: Poser.

29th December 2006:
That's sad dude.
I liked it though.
Off to the next story.

~Sizzle ;)

Author's Response: =D
i have another story coming soon too.

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Review #17, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Entwined: Return

18th December 2006:
Beth! I just ant to point out that if someone says that your story isn't that great, you don't say f*** off. You say *I'm sorry you don't like it.* I'm just pointing this out because that was really ride. Also, you can't put your myspace as your website. I did that and it got revoked meaning taken away by the staff. So I would take that off. This is just heart to heart between two writers.

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Review #18, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Being Slayed By The Enemy: Chapter 7: Detention

13th December 2006:
Not bad. This story has a good plot and I am really fond of Ivy. I get your playing the whole Draco isn't always the bad guy. I'd love to know what happens next. Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter. 10/10


Author's Response: thanks sizzle,
yeah lets just say Ivy is yours truly and Prof. Molarvo is someone evil just checking if you know who he is??

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Review #19, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Dancing Lessons: "My Mione"... What!

21st November 2006:
You said a black smoke came from Draco's wand, but you also said that black smoke means death.

Author's Response: i don't remember that i must re-read that chapter hope it wasn't too confusing please cont. to read the story

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Review #20, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Moon on Fire: You told her Shakespeare didn't you?

15th November 2006:
Hey! I just want to start out syaing that I love this story. But the fact of the matter haven't updated in weeks. I really want to know what happens. You just sort of left all your readers hanging. I understand that you may have a lot of work and stuff going on, but as do all other writers. You can't let it keep you from writing and keeping up on your stories. Trust me. Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. 10/10

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Review #21, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Forbidden: Always

31st October 2006:
This is a really good story. I'm not into the whole Draco/Pansy scene, but this is actually really well written. I noticed you reviewed on my When Worlds Collide story and I would be happy to have you as my beta. Um...I didn't see a website, so I'm not sure how to contact you, so here is my email: Anyway, I give your story a 10/10

Author's Response: i'm glad you liked it, of course i'll be your beta, i'll email you right now

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Review #22, by TomFelton_Malfoy926It Was Only a Kiss: I'm Not Okay(I Promise)

25th October 2006:
Um...Carolyn, you didn't add your little part from Chapter 13.

Author's Response: i did, but it didn't show up. something happened and i'm not going to bother fixing it.

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Review #23, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Hold Your Tongue: Returning to Hogwarts

22nd October 2006:
You put chapter 4 twice sweetie. Good story though. I loved it. Please review my new chapters. I just put up two new ones on different stories. I'm going to work on other chapters at my daddy's. Also, my party next sunday is at 2. And the service is at 11, but I have to be there at 10 for photos. SO if you want to come to the service, just tell me and we'll pick you up on the way. 10/10

Author's Response: I fixed it. I'll go review in a bit, i'm obessed with photoshop! i'm so happy i got it. okay. i still have to talk to my mom about going to the service. but i'm definitely going to the party.

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Review #24, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Harry Potter and the World War: Space Patrol Delta

10th October 2006:
Totally wicked chapter. Hey I saw this banner you made for...what was it called...The Lost Prophecy. Where it switched, showing a bunch of different characters. Well, I was wondering if you could makee me a banner like that or something. I am writing this story called True Confessions. It's a James/Lily. Well, my story has a few charcaters and I was wondering if you could make me a banner, if you agree, please email me at: . Anyway, I loved the chapter. Your lucky, I rarely leave reviews but I liked your stories so much, I just had to leave a review. I give it 10/10

Author's Response: I'll send you an e-mail. Thanks for liking it so much to review!

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Review #25, by TomFelton_Malfoy926Living Irony: Living Irony

23rd September 2006:
This story was so awesome. But I kind of lost myself half way. Do you think you can explain it to me real quick. I mean, it was an awesome story and all, I just lost myself somewhere. Anyway, 10/10.

Author's Response: *chuckles* I love loosing people! It makes me grin! Just kidding by the way! But basically it was supposed to be written from Ginny's point of view after the war is over, and either Harry or Voldemort has one. Ginny's "love interest" however was killed in the war, so she is a bit ticked off. She also was a spy in the war, pretending to be the love interest of her 'loves' enemy, and now that her true "love interest" had been killed she wound up married to her enemy (even though the enemy still thinks she is really on his side), and thus she is planning to poison him. ^^ Sorry I didn't want to give away the ending of this entirely to anyone who hasn't read it yet. Did that help a bit?

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