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Review #1, by RupertsPheonixHormones: Trust

30th September 2014:
Oh mah gah. This was a gut-wrenching chapter if there's ever been one!

I love that Ryan showed up, even if Fred's stupid friends didn't even send an owl. (What total douche-nuggets. Bet they were busy celebrating the win with dumb Parise. Ugh that guy.)

Also, good on Rox for sporting scarlet and gold. And for immediately getting Freddo.

Poor Fred. And poor George.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

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Review #2, by RupertsPheonixHormones: The Nursery

6th September 2014:
Ah cliff hanger! You're posting the next chapter as I write this, right? ;)

This was a great chapter. I loved the scenes between Ryan & Fred, especially how Cosy they were in Fred's room and their moment in the nursery. :)

Looking forward to the next chap!


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Review #3, by RupertsPheonixThe New Pride of Portree: An Off Day

30th August 2014:
I love Molly & Fitz on his balcony just chatting and drinking a brew. Its so perfectly them.:)

I hope that Meghan doesn't make them stay apart too long. I know Ballycastle would be good, but I do love them working together too.

Anyways great chapter! Looking forward to another! -RP/Kate

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Review #4, by RupertsPheonixEnemies with Benefits : The Aftermath

30th August 2014:
I really enjoy this story. I look forward to seeing a further, more in-depth reaction between Fred and Dessie. I love them both! I also really like James. :) Good work!,looking forward to your next chapter!

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Review #5, by RupertsPheonixHormones: The Dragon's Nest

30th August 2014:
Good chapter! I enjoyed hearing from the family again, especially Angelina and George! Good convo between Fred and Roxy too. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!! -Kate/rp

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Review #6, by RupertsPheonixJordan & Parsons: C is for Coffee, Criminals and a Catastrophe

30th July 2014:
I am really enjoying this story so far. Is Albus going to get more involved? I am looking forward to more interactions involving him. I also can't wait to find out more about Alicia's shady past.

Keep up the good work!

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Review #7, by RupertsPheonixThe New Pride of Portree: Widdershins

28th July 2014:
This story is fantastic. I just started reading this evening, and I am addicted. Such a good fanfiction--the best quidditch-centered fanfic I've read. I also LOVE this version of Molly II. I am anxiously awaiting another chapter!

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Review #8, by RupertsPheonixEvolution: Deeper

16th July 2014:
Very interesting. I liked a little insight into both Severus and Peter. Looking forward to the next chapter too!

Author's Response: Glad you liked the extra insight. There will certainly be more on them in the future of the story. As for the next chapter, it's already in the queue and should be up soon!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by RupertsPheonixHormones: Not Alone

16th July 2014:
Aah! The world finally knows! Also, I hope Freddie doesn't get expelled.

Ollie, Zonko, and Parise are all weenies. That is all.

Can I just say that I lalalalove FRYAN?!

Can't wait for your next chpater!

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Review #10, by RupertsPheonixA Little Moon: moats and waterfalls

21st June 2014:
This is an adorable story. You capture the two of them really well! It's so like them not to realize the implications of what their interactions mean--Ron just demanding that she goes to bed and Hermione just frustrated with his terrible work on his essay and yet still being so hyper-aware of him. Great work! Loved it!

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Review #11, by RupertsPheonixEvolution: Stranger on the Street

18th June 2014:
A Sirius-centered chapter! Yay! I'm wondering though, will Grace become a more central character, or is she just a random girl during summer that will reveal to us something more in-depth about Sirius' character? Maybe their meeting will reveal something to Sirius himself?

Anyway, great chapter! Looking forward to some kind of Lily or James (or both) insights soon!


Author's Response: Howdy Kate!

I'll say this - Grace will stay with us after summer. And she'll be a character in her own right, though she'll also serve multiple purposes for the plot. I don't know how prominently she'll feature during Seventh Year (some), but post-graduation we'll see quite a bit more of her.

As far as insights go, if you're talking about the seeds of putting the "/" in James/Lily then that's seventh year material for sure, but if you're talking about insights into their individual continuing development, we'll see more of them for sure before summer is out.

Thanks for reading and reviewing! Glad you're enjoying the story!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by RupertsPheonixEvolution: Pale Sunshine

14th June 2014:
I so enjoyed reading the past 31 chapters! What a wonderful, slow-paced yet still engaging story! Thanks for presenting both Lily and James as good, decent people who are still somewhat flawed--I enjoy your realistic portrayal. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Howdy!

Thank you so much for reading the entire story so far and for taking the time to leave a review! Every read and every review inspires me to keep on trucking even through the tough moments!

I'm also particularly glad you think the portrayals and pace are realistic! That was honestly my prime objective with this story so it always make me feel good to hear that readers think it's coming across!

The next chapter is in the queue now, so hopefully it should be available soon! Thanks again for reading!

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Review #13, by RupertsPheonixHormones: Fairy Tales

16th April 2014:
I love this story, more than I can say. Freddie is an amazing guy and Ryan is so realistic and I just love them together. Also, in some very ironic and strange way, their kid will probably be incredibly balanced. Lol! Great chapter of a great fix!
Kate/ rp

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Review #14, by RupertsPheonix30 Days of You and Me: Together

7th April 2014:
I have enjoyed this story so much. Rose is clever, funny, and flawed, and it is the most refreshing interpretation of her. Scorpius is courageous and cowardly at different points, and I love him in both roles. Ron is a wonderfully matured versioned of the Ron we know and love. Thank you for a legitimately wonderful fic.

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Review #15, by RupertsPheonix30 Days of You and Me: Hope

12th February 2014:
Great chapter! I love grown-up Ron. What a precious dad. :)

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Review #16, by RupertsPheonixHormones: Thanks. Or Whatever.

23rd January 2014:
Ah! So I FREAKING LOVE this story, and every time you post a new chapter, I'm all "yay!" and then I get to the end of it, and I'm like, "ugh, Mistress, where's the rest?"

Freddie is amazing and super sweet and perfect and all that, and Ryan is such a refreshing female character. And clearly so perfect for our Freddo. Annnd, can Parise fall off of a dang cliff already? Can't stand that dude.

Anywho, great chapter! Looking forward to the next! :)


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Review #17, by RupertsPheonixI'm a Keeper.: eight

23rd January 2014:
I really enjoyed this chapter! Great job detailing the date without giving every single second of it. :) I loved this chapter, and I look forward to your next update!

Author's Response: Kate - Thanks for reviewing again, it means sososo much! And I'm so glad you liked this chapter, I was on the fence with it because I felt like there needed to be just, more. But I hope the next chapter or so make up for that, I'll try to have it up soon!

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Review #18, by RupertsPheonixI'm a Keeper.: seven.

12th January 2014:
So I really thought I'd reviewed this, and turns out, I haven't. My apologies. This story is, though, on my favorites list, and I wanted to tell you that I am enjoying it immensely.

I really enjoy Peyton and the dynamic that's happening with James. I'm interested in how this whole thing with her sister is panning out... Is she in love with her friend?

Anywho, great fic! I'm enjoying it!

Author's Response: Better late than never! Haha, thanks so much for reviewing and favoriting this story.
Marie is not mentioned as much in the next chapter... but they'll be lots of Payton-James interaction. But everything with Marie will get resolved as well, it's just on the back burner right now.
Thanks again for reviewing, another chapter should be up soon :)

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Review #19, by RupertsPheonix30 Days of You and Me: Positive

12th January 2014:
This story is one of my favorites in the HPFF world! I logged on, saw this chapter was posted, and squealed. (It was actually a horrible sound, but it's just me at home, so who cares?)

Once again, you deliver a fabulous chapter with such good Rose/Scorp interaction. I love that Scorpius deals with real world issues instead of intraHogwarts, stereotypical problems. It makes him so much more approachable to all us muggles. Positive is such a terrifying word on a piece of paper stamped by the medical profession, isn't it?

I like that you brought in the Weasleys/Potters to this chapter, though I am curious as to how they'll fit in with the rest of the story. Are we going to see Scorp & Rose into the fall months, or is this fic coming to a close at the end of summer?

Thanks so much for another amazing chapter! Looking forward to the next!

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Review #20, by RupertsPheonix30 Days of You and Me: Grounded

28th August 2013:
Holy crap. I love this story! I love everything from grown-up Ron to grown-up Draco to Rose & Scorpius' letters to that giggle-worthy chapter ending. :) I can NOT wait for the next chapter! Love it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so happy people seem to really enjoy it. I mostly just love to write adult Ron. He's my baybay. Thanks!

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Review #21, by RupertsPheonixHormones: He Taught Me Everything I Know

28th August 2013:
This is, by far, one of my favorite chapters. I love the drama behind the big reveal of Ryan's pregnancy, and I love the fight scene at the end. How sweet of Fred, defending everyone that is central to his life. He is such a sweet character--just the kind of guy that every girl wants to end up with. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! It was actually one of my favorite chapters to write because of the conflicting tension. I wrote it all at one time because it came out so quickly. Thank you so much!

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Review #22, by RupertsPheonix30 Days of You and Me: Silence

17th August 2013:
Bahahahah! Rose would get caught trying to sneak in--Scorpius is so much smoother than she is! LOL! I can't wait to see Draco's reaction to her hanging there!

Another great chapter! I love this story :)

Author's Response: He really, really is much smoother than she is. Then again, being as close to her father as she is, it shouldn't be a surprise. Thank you so much!

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Review #23, by RupertsPheonixHormones: The Hospital

30th July 2013:
This was the BEST chapter! I'm glad that Frames is back! LOL! And I love that Ryan is still her spunky self, but is slowly allowing herself to have a friendship/relationship with Fred.

As for Andrew, he's stupid and I'm over him; he needs to leave James & Ollie's relationship alone! He's actually a pretty well-rounded "villain," but I personally side with Frames on this one! And he's totally going to steal Ollie, isn't he? Or at least attempt to? What a douche.

Anywho, great chapter! Totally looking forward to your next update!

Author's Response: AHHH. Yes I do love Frames. They're so lovely. And silly. And a guilty pleasure.

I really like that Ryan is warming to Fred. She's sort of being nice in response to some of the stupidly nice things he keeps doing for her, which I like. She's warming, but still herself.

I like Andrew because he has motivation for being a total jerk, but he is still a total jerk. You know? I like that about him. He's going for what he wants, but in the completely wrong way.

Thank you so much and I really hope you enjoy the rest! Things are really going to start picking up!!

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Review #24, by RupertsPheonixEnemies with Benefits : Bravery (Sort Of)

22nd July 2013:
Oh, man! You hopped back in and got right to the juicy drama! I can't WAIT to read about how Weasley's going to take this one. I don't see him being overly pleased. Will this make him start to realize that he has feelings for Dessie? Or vice versa?

Can't wait for ch 15! :)

Well done!

Author's Response: Haha I knew I had to make it a crazy one to make up for my insanely long absence. Glad I didn't disappoint. AND YOU NEVER KNOW!

Thanks for the review! xx

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Review #25, by RupertsPheonix30 Days of You and Me: Date

3rd July 2013:
Ah! Are you kidding? What a freakin' cliffhanger! Jeez oh Pete. Just as I think everything's going to be all right...

This chapter was fantastic. I was so stoked to see that you'd updated! And you definitely didn't disappoint. I love Scorpius--his date was so sweet! And reading his interactions with Ron--too funny. :)

I loved seeing a Rose & Hermione moment. Super cute. I've had plenty of moments like that with my mother. Loved it.

I love the whole chapter. But I bet I'll love next chapter more... *hint hint*

Don't leave us waiting for too long!

Author's Response: Yeah, the more of my stories you read the more you realize no one makes it out unscathed... or without suffering through a cliffhanger.

I know Ron is my favorite, but I really did need that moment with Hermione in there. A lot of people odn't really know what to do with adult Hermione, but I quite enjoy her.

Thank you so much -- and I'm doing my best :)

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