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Review #1, by RupertsPheonixBeing a Falmouth Falcon: Catching Adam Freeman

8th October 2015:
I'm still reading! Don't apologize - real life gets in the way and definitely takes priority over fiction. (At least, that's what I tell myself, so you should take comfort in it, too.)

I'm interested in seeing Jenny's eventual bounce back from seeing Camilla all over her dude too. That girl is trouble. Can't wait for her to get a dose of reality later in this fic - I'm sure it's coming, right?

Looking forward to a James/Gigi chat, too.



Jenny's so aggressive that I'm not even sure how I'm going to have her react to Camila all over Adam. Her personality is actually based almost completely off of my own maybe I should ask her how she'd react to a certain situation... hmm...

Time to call my sister.


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Review #2, by RupertsPheonixHormones: A Better Brother than Roxanne

6th September 2015:
Poor James... Right as the air clears for Fred, it gets tough for James. But good for him in standing up for himself. Ollie has been crazy for chapters (weeks?). Love that Fred is the one dishing out the advice!! Haha! Great chapter!

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Review #3, by RupertsPheonixLethargic: I'm Not Waiting

24th August 2015:
I just started reading your story today, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Carrie is a well thought-out character with an interesting backstory, and the two male love interests are just as interesting. The juxtaposition of Brett, the attractive boy with a similar upbringing, and James, the attractive bloke with a very different upbringing and family dynamic, is what really makes the story unfold for me. I think it's this juxtaposition that propels your plot and keeps the characters and story interesting.

As for your reviewer questions...

1. Who is more romantic Brett or James? Brett has started acting more conventionally romantic, but James is much more authentic in his actions and reactions, which I find way more appealing in a person. Brett is making all the right moves at this point in the story, just embracing her and holding her in her secret room, being worried about Julien's intentions, but I can't forget how harsh he was at points in the story, too, and the way he defends Snell's actions against Lily; Brett's romantic antics don't make up for other character traits. James, though, is genuine even in times or worry or frustration. I really believe that romance fades, but authenticity is a trait that a person embodies for a lifetime.

2. Who do you want Carrie to end up with? James, times a hundred.

3.Do you think itís fair to judge everyone based on their house? Nope. I think that ambition and cunning aren't negative traits unless you use them negatively, just like courage and bravery and intellect and loyalty and compassion.

4. What is your Hogwarts house? I'm not sure. It depends on the day, but I really aspire to have the best traits of each house, and that in itself might make me a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw, either because I want to see the best of everyone and see those traits in a positive light or because I think I'm intelligent enough to know that each house represents traits and values that are of worth in a person.

Love this story, and I can't wait wait to read more!

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Review #4, by RupertsPheonixHormones: Prepared

10th August 2015:
Aah!! The long awaited moment at last -- and it was so perfect!!

Fred Weasley II is the sweetest, best character. I literally compare every other Fred II fanfic to this one because you have such great, likeable characterization.

Love love love this chapter!

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Review #5, by RupertsPheonixEnemies with Benefits : The Morning After

10th August 2015:
I still love this story! They are too cute together, and I'm actually eager for the reveal to Rox. Oh, and to read more about the apparent James-Syd-AL triangle, too.

Waiting eagerly for an update,

Author's Response: Thank you for sticking with the story and taking the time to review! I'm looking forward to Roxy finding out as well :) xx

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Review #6, by RupertsPheonixOne Summer: Chapter Eight: Testimony

27th July 2015:
Wow. I read all 8 posted chapters of this last night and am just now getting a chance to review.

This is crazy good. You do a great job of capturing the personas that we so adore in each of the characters! I love that Harry is so similar to JKR's but is dealing with this newfound freedom (which is ironically quite binding for him) that he never had to cope with in the books; it's a refreshing look at a beloved character, and it's spot on characterization. :)

Your Ron is also quite on point. His loyalty is unwavering but he's as awkwardly unsure of himself as ever.

I love Ginny, Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, and Percy, too. Looking forward to further development of each of them as well! And I can't wait to see the extension of Ginny's part of this story, as well as George and Ron's endeavors in the shop.

Great work! Looking forward to an udpate!


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Review #7, by RupertsPheonixWhy I should have been a Cat : Why Roxanne is a shirtless Goddess.

25th July 2015:
This is so... interesting. I think that's the best possible word for it.

I'm in love with the quirkiness of your cast here, but I'm also kind of wondering what they're each hiding that makes them depend on goofy, aloof behavior when together. I feel like I'm waiting to get to know their backstories to understand each of them better -- but specifically Ana and James. And Basil - he's my favorite of her friends.

I really love the banter-style dialogue, and I look forward to some more James/Ana moments. :)


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Review #8, by RupertsPheonixHormones: A Worthy Name

10th July 2015:
Oh, good God. Here I sit laughing and crying and smiling like a goon.

Just. So. Friggin. Sweet.

I also love awkward!Scorpius in the sitting room. LOL!

101/10 on this chapter from me. :)

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Review #9, by RupertsPheonixChasing Madness: Fun Night.

5th July 2015:
Hahahah I love how awkward but cute they're being about it all! It's like a we-know-its-good-but-we-arent-sure-how-to-act attitude. :) Super fun to read!

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

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Review #10, by RupertsPheonixNo Strings Attached: Feisty

29th June 2015:
So I stumbled across this story, and I am so glad I did. You can just tell that even though Charlotte currently detests James and the Quidditch bros, they're going to grow on her. :) Eagerly awaiting more! --Kate/RP

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you stumbled across it too. Haha well we'll see how much James and Co. grow on her because they're certainly an... interesting group. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by RupertsPheonixEvolution: Open Season

14th June 2015:
Aah! I am left hanging!!I love these l/j interactions and definitely can't wait for more. :) --kate/rp

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying them. Sorry it's taken so long, I've just been swamped with work. Fortunately I've got some time off coming up soon so I'm hoping to finish a few chapters in that time to make up for the slow updates so far this year. We'll see what happens!

Thanks for reading & reviewing!

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Review #12, by RupertsPheonixChasing Madness: The Birds and the Bees

9th June 2015:
Oh my god, I love this story. I think that their conversations sound like ones that my husband and I have - LOL!

This was a good chapter - reintroduced us to the rest of the cast and then for the first time to Wendy - but it's really just made me anxious for the next one, to see more Rose/Scorp interaction and to see the four amigos interact!

Waiting for the next update,

Author's Response: Cute, bantering with people you love is the best. Thanks for reviewing Kate xx

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Review #13, by RupertsPheonixHormones: Opening Day

2nd June 2015:
Aah! The cliffhanger of all cliffhangers! I canNOT wait for the next chapter!

I loved the shop opening, how well Ryan knows Fred, and how supportive Harry and George and Angelina were. The whole thing was great! :)

Eek, I can't wait to read about the baby! Also, I love that Rox was the one to tell him - nice touch there. :)

Great work!

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Review #14, by RupertsPheonixThe Shadows Within: Chapter 11 - Flying Lessons

13th May 2015:
Loved this chapter! The interaction between L & J was great. :) excitedly waiting for the next update! -kate/rp

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the fluffiness! Thanks for reading everything I have posted so far! =)

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Review #15, by RupertsPheonixThe Shadows Within: Chapter 7 - Girl Talk

20th April 2015:
This is great! I enjoy the way you write the Marauders and Lily a lot. Thanks for not making Peter the odd man out - I think people forget that he WAS their friend at one point, and you do a good job of highlighting that. :)

Your OCs that serve as Lily's friends could use a litle further development, but that may come with time - we've only just gotten a look at them interacting during girl time.

Looking forward to future plot development!


Author's Response: Thank you for taking to read all the way to this chapter! And thank you for leaving a review. =)

I'm glad you like the way Peter is being written. You're right about the way he often is portrayed, but that makes me wonder why they would ever even consider him as a Secret Keeper!

As for the OCs, I hope you see more development soon. I think this is a drawback of a large cast, so thanks for giving me tips on what you would like to see worked on in the future.

Thanks again!

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Review #16, by RupertsPheonixEvolution: Mitigating Damages

20th April 2015:
Love it! I knew he'd have to show her the map or the cloak. :) I love that it's the cloak - family secret, later goes onto their son... such sentiment there.

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for continuing on reading and taking the time to review! It really means a lot, especially after longer breaks than expected.

I hope to get the next chapter up in the next couple of weeks!

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Review #17, by RupertsPheonix19 Years: Year 6: Sharing the News

20th April 2015:
Another great chapter! I love the idea of Teddy being jealous of the new baby - it just really solidifies the idea of him being a member of the Potter family, which is perfect. Well done!

looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: I am so glad you like it! And yes, I think Teddy reacted ilke many older siblings would. Thank you so much for stil reading and reviewing, and for your kind words. It means a lot xx

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Review #18, by RupertsPheonixCuriosity Is Not a Sin: Prying Fathers

6th April 2015:
Hahah I enjoyed this chapter quite a bit! The thought of Draco knowing what would irritate Ron the most is hilarious and in character. :)

I really like how you write Rose and Scorpius together. This sweet, almost sexy moment on the chair is really very nice.

Looking forward to the next update,

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! ♥ I'm glad you liked the chapter so much and that Draco's needling at Ron seems so perfectly in character. :P

Thank you for your review!

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Review #19, by RupertsPheonixBeing a Falmouth Falcon: The Challenge

31st March 2015:
Good chapter, and well done on the cliffhanger! I'm anxious to read more!

I don't think Gigi is out of line here. I think she's stubborn, but Camilla is playing everyone. James and most of the others need to wake up and realize that she has an agenda beyond being a famous quidditch player.

I think the coach may understand the situation better than he lets on. I have a feeling that he knew Gigi would be able to keep her spot and that she would be motivated to get the 3 goals he just understands her psyche and how to make her feel motivated or inspired. I also think he did it just to assure her that she had the talent to stay as center. Just my thoughts on his character. Would love to know if that's how you see his coaching style.

James... he is being the ultimate douche right now. He could've tried to be objective or at least sensitive to the tension. Ah well. Boys will be boys, I reckon.


Author's Response: I like the theme that none of you think Gigi is out of line. That we all hate Camila. The Coach is seriously a lover more than we all think. He definitely has his own coaching style, even if we don't quite see it.


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Review #20, by RupertsPheonixActions Speak Louder than Words: Betrothed: Rose POV

28th March 2015:
Baby Malfoy - how sweet. :) I enjoyed Scorpius' reaction and over-enthusiastic questions at the first appiontment at St. Mungo's!

YES! I knew that Scorpius could be the father in the prophecy! I feel like a Seer myself!

Poor Scorpius... He's taking this really hard. He's not evil though, just his family tree. Hopefully Rose and Al and the gang can help him understand that.

Cliffhanger at the end there. Whoa. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi again Kate!

Great job with the predictions! Scorpius didn't see it coming, but the rest of us did! It might take Scorpius a bit to sort it all out - he's really taking this hard.

You shouldn't have to wait long for the next chapter - it's with the beta now!

Thank you so, so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #21, by RupertsPheonixActions Speak Louder than Words: Bound by Blood: Rose and Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
The Rose and Hermione heart-to-heart was beautiful. I think they both needed it. It's also interesting to see the parallels you're drawing between the two couples - Ronmione and Scorose.

Prophecy?! Whoa, there's a plot twist I was certainly not expecting. And, oh my d*mn, another one with the prophecy not being about her, but about her future baby! Wow. (Also, props to the reaction James has "the f**k, you say" - there's always that one undiginfied but perfectly accurate reply in the room).

Okay, I KNEW that L'erge Stannous was too close to the last name Lestrange. Now I see what you did there - very clever!

Wait, why aren't they considering that it could be Scorpius as the father? I mean, it could be, right? The Malfoys were in the inner circle...? Or does it have to specifically be the child of a death eater, not the child of a child of a death eater?

Proposal - aw. How sweet!

Wait, proposal AND pregnancy?! The pass out was scary, but I'm so glad Sels was there, and she kept Al busy, too! What a good friend!


Author's Response: Hi there Kate!

Just a quick note - I think it's against the TOS rules to use curse words in a review - even if you * out some letters. IDK if this review will get removed, but I thought I'd mention it - sorry! because I don't want you to think I don't LOVE all of these (and I know you were just quoting my story - hehe)

Anyway, I'm So glad you mentioned the parallels between Hermione/Ron and Scorpius/Rose, because I will shortly have a new story coming out that tells the back story of Ron and Hermione mentioned in this (and earlier) chapters. I'd love to know what you think! :)

Haha - yeah a LOT got crammed into that chapter. It just sorta happened. Al is... very emotional and needs Selenia to balance him out for the most part.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by RupertsPheonixActions Speak Louder than Words: Beloved: Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
So glad that Rose finally opened up to Scorpius and they moved forward in their relationship!

Whoa, that action scene in the pub was itntense. Loved the moment afterwards with Ginny, Rose, and Hermione!

I love Sassy!Rose. There's that sarcasm again - "James and Fred aren't aurors." LOL. So glad that Scorpius recognizes this quality and appreciates it, too.

Oh, no, Ron's outbursts... Yikes. When Harry said "administrative action" I literally felt my eyes grow wide. But, oh, be still my heart, when you went into a third person point of view about Ron. His thoughts about post-Bellatrix's torture and how he cared for Hermione...And how that mirrors how Scorpius took care of Rose after the break in at the flat... Oh, Lawd, the feels.

The moment between Ron and Scorp in the forest. Yes. Perfect.

Onto another few chapters,

Author's Response: Hi again, Kate!

I'm so excited you've noticed the little points where Rose's real character is coming through. When she's healing others, she isn't focusing on her own issues, and is more herself. Haha - yeah, Scorp's in deep at this point.

Thanks so much for your comments about Harry and Ron. I've gotten a mixed reaction regarding my version of Harry, and I've taken a bit into consideration, but I do think he would've grown up a bit while Ron... is always going to be a bit clueless and passionate. I actually tried to leave Ron's POV out of the story, because it broke my pattern of Rose/Scorp first person POV. However, I'm glad I left it in. We needed to see Ron's perspective and redeem his character a bit. I didn't want Ron to only be seen through Rose's eyes - she's biased, having been raised by him. :)

Heehee - I love the forest scene too. Those two guys have a LOT in common - they just have to get past the fact that they don't like each other :)

Thanks again - I don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but these reviews were such a marvelous surprise and I can't tell you how much they mean to me!

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by RupertsPheonixActions Speak Louder than Words: Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
Chapter 6 & 7: I love how Scorpius handled the duel between father and son, and I really enjoyed seeing the interaction between the dark-headed Potters and Scorpius. Oh, and Rose is cute - I also loved reading a bit about her relationship with Harry.

Chapter 8-10: Oh, wow! That action scene moved quickly, and it was intense! Poor Scorpius and Al, not knowing how to deal. I'm really hoping that Scorpius finds a way to show or tell Rose that this doesn't scare him off, so to speak. Poor Uncle Harry - what a good bloke, but what a hard thing to hear about, especially after the fact. You do a good job of writing Harry's character while highlighting his intense need to save people and be in control and at the same time, fiercly loving his family and friends.

Chapter 11: Yikes - what an intense moment with Scorpius in his towel. Every love story needs a good shirtless boy moment. ;) I loved that Rose literally couldn't form words - hahah!
Evo lym fo srac seh tesre ver = reverse the scars of my love. Right? Cool trick. :)

Onto another chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hi there Kate!

Wow. I know it's taken me far too long to reply to these, but I wanted you to know that your reviews were so, so appreciated. The Scopr and Al moment was REALLY intense and I'm glad it came across that they really *didn't* know how to deal with Rose's situation. Harry is put in a tough spot here, as he would never want to betray Ron, but Rose really needed him, here.

Haha - yeah, Scorp in a towel and Rose speaking gibberish.

Also - you are the second person to notice (or at least comment) on my blatant plagiarism of JK from PS (hee hee)

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by RupertsPheonixActions Speak Louder than Words: Bereft: Scorpius POV

27th March 2015:
Loved reading these last two chapters from Scorpius' point of view. I feel like you just gave us a little treasure into better understanding him and why Rose referred to him previously as "often angry."

Rose is/was such a good friend. How sweet to stay with him and always know instinctively when he needed her. Seems like you're writing her with a mix of attributes from both her parents - compassion of Hermione and loyalty of Ron with the determination of them both.

Rose's accusation to Ron - "accuse me of doing something untoward with the toilet" - is hilarious. Another flash of sarcasm in the midst of a real-life difficulty.

And, again, onto the next few chapters!

Author's Response: Hi again!

Eep! I feel like you're picking up on ALL of the little nuances I've put into my characters. I did want to make a *different* version of Rose from what I've seen portrayed in other fics, but I also wanted to combine characteristics of both Ron and Hermione. I can't tell you how excited I was to see you comment on that! :D

Yeah, Scorp had a raw deal with Draco and Astoria dying when he was so young. (hold on to that fact...)

And yes! I laughed so hard (this is embarrasing to admit) when I wrote that line about the toilet. I was jumping up and down when I saw you noticed it!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by RupertsPheonixActions Speak Louder than Words: Bent: Rose POV

27th March 2015:
Okay,so I probably won't comment on every single chapter as I read all 31 posted chapters, but I wanted to go ahead and say some stuff after reading these first two postings.

First off, wow. So I have a day off work and wanted to find some good Scorp/Rose to read. I didn't realize I was stumbling into such strong writing and unique characterization - I am so pleasantly surprised! I love that I can already, even after only 2 chapters, feel a dynamic building between this friend group. I feel like I can already identify with this Scorpius and this Rose.

Even though Rose is obviously suffering some type of PTSD and/or emotional crud (for lack of a more eloquent term there), she is still a very intriguing and dynamic character. I love her mental reply to her friends/family bursting into Scorpius' room - "call it Christmas" - it's exactly how I (and lots of others) think in situations, finding the funny irony to cope with what's actually going on - that is so relatable.

I also really enjoy that you're teasing us a little with Rose's past. If I'm not mistaken, the second to last line of this chapter is the first time you even use the word "kidnap." This little-by-little revelation is definitely keeping me hooked.

I can't wait to read more and learn more about these fascinating characters! Onto chapter three!


Author's Response: Hi there!

Gosh, I don't know what to say - these reviews are so amazing. I always get excited when someone finds my stories, but your words are SO ENCOURAGING! I must apologize for taking so long to respond, but I didn't want you to think that I don't completely appreciate every single one of them!

Okay, I think I'm done with my gushing (maybe, maybe not).

Haha - I'm the same way with finding a funny point in the face of extreme situations. I always would feel little guilty, but I can't control my thoughts - haha!

Yeah, I didn't want to give too much away in the first chapter - mostly because I wanted to keep it on the shorter side, but it worked out by (hopefully) keeping the reader interested enough to come back for the second chapter.

Thanks again Kate!

♥ Beth

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