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Review #1, by Ron_Weasley50The End of All Ends: The Last Death

8th April 2006:
OMG!!! I like it a lot and it ened with Ron. It was a sad ending but I understood it. That might actually be what happens...

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Review #2, by Ron_Weasley50The Final Good-Bye: The Final Good-Bye

8th April 2006:
I love it!!! It was brill

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Review #3, by Ron_Weasley50Crying Passion: A Lost Life

13th February 2006:
Whoa confused...... So Ron is the one talking too her??

Author's Response: Yes he is unfortunately

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Review #4, by Ron_Weasley50The Christmas that we all never forget: 17 years ago

23rd December 2005:
Ha Ha I think this is great

Author's Response: Thank you! It was fun chatting with you in the HPFF chat room thing today! Thanks for the review! You ROX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #5, by Ron_Weasley50Bad dream: My Dearest Hermione

12th December 2005:
The last bit was confusing, bit of advice, don't have it all centered it mucks with my eyes, this is good keep it up.

Author's Response: thanks i relized my self after rereading it that it kind was confusing please reread it I made a few changes and i hope you enjoy them.

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Review #6, by Ron_Weasley50The Last Chance: Love Potion

1st December 2005:
oops sorry I forgot to add this. I'm a guy....

Author's Response: That's awesome! I wanted to know if there were any guys that read the story....hopefully I'm writing guys' feelings right.

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Review #7, by Ron_Weasley50The Last Chance: Love Potion

1st December 2005:
Whoo Hoo that was great I'm.. Wow amazing I have to admit. Well since you reveiwed my story I though I'd check out your's. You definatly need to get the next chapter posted!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I will try, really try to update but I've been making a website and that's been taking some of my time. If you wish to check it out its:

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Review #8, by Ron_Weasley50Love is in the air: Love is in the air

29th November 2005:
This is good Look for my story it will be coming out soon I hope: Believing in Love at First Sight.

Author's Response: Thanks, I promise I will check out your story when it comes out! Thanks for Reviewing!

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Review #9, by Ron_Weasley50The Last Horcrux: The Last Horcrux

24th November 2005:
Will you be making a sequel by any chance. I'll keep a look out for it anyway.

Author's Response: I don't know, I could. No one else has mentioned it though so I doubt it.... anyway I'll keep you in mind :D

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Review #10, by Ron_Weasley50Tears, Comfort and T-Shirts: Heart to Heart

17th November 2005:
whoo hoo

Author's Response: My thoughts exactly >:o)

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