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Review #1, by HelixThe Light in Dark Eyes: The Light in Dark Eyes

14th August 2007:
I personally hate lily/sev fics. I despise what happened near the end. I will not, however, deny your ability to portray it. This was fantastic; very well written with just enough description to go along with the dialogue (my problem is the opposite). It was very canon-ish and I hope you write more in the future. -J.C.

Author's Response: Thank you, J.C.! Because of your predisposition to loathe Sev/Lily fics, it means a lot to me that you read and reviewed this story -and that you liked it! Thank you so much for the review - it means a lot!!

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Review #2, by HelixProtection: A Matter of Trust

10th August 2007:
Hey Princess,
glad you got it out. love the story. Just came back and read through the whole thing (took me forever). I love where the story is going so far. Can't wait to see your next chapter either. I'll catch up with you on the next chapter. We'll see if we can't iron out the details :)


Author's Response: Hey!! Aw, thanks so much for reading the whole thing through! lol...I'm sure it did take you awhile. I'm glad that you're enjoying the way things are going, I know that it's a bit different from what you read so long ago, lol. Hopefully you'll be back online soon so we can catch up, I always love to get your input story-wise. :)

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Review #3, by HelixDementia: Dementia

6th August 2007:
I have to say I loved it. Nicely written. Sadly, I predicted most of the ending but that is only because I read your story to vote on best plot twist. Very nice. Congratulations on that! -J.C.

Author's Response: Thank you very much ^_-

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Review #4, by HelixSomething So Simple: Something So Simple

17th February 2007:
Oh my damn, Princess. That was fantastic. I actually welled up a bit. I had to hold back. There's not really much else to say. J.C.

Author's Response: OOHHHH!! Hi!! lol, I'm sooo happy to see that you enjoyed this, J! You know how much I love your writing, so it really means a lot to know that this one worked for you. Thanks so much for reading and I'm crossing my fingers for that third chapter... ;) ~Princess

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Review #5, by HelixProtection: A New Assignment

9th March 2006:
Great start. This is a completely different direction than anyone else and I can tell it will rock, hard. Can't wait for you next installment and I'm sure none of your other rabid fans can either. - J.C.

Author's Response: Thanks J.C.! I am really glad you like the beginning... I certainly hope it rocks hard... lol... thanks for the review as always! :)

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Review #6, by HelixOne Look: I Know Love

27th February 2006:
I was reading throught the reviews and noticed that I didn't leave one. I can't believe that I forgot to leave a review for your final Chapter *gasp*! I loved it. I love how well your character depictions are and especially the story. I would have never made the connection Voldemort ----> Son. That was a fantastic idea. Maybe you could try a post-Hogwarts story. Maybe even a brand new enemy. Or not. Harry cannot have taken out all of the Death Eaters and I'm sure there is more evil to smite somewhere. It's the one of the things that are inescapable (next to death and taxes). Can't wait for your next story and sorry again! - J.C.

Author's Response: J.C.! I was wondering what happened to you! lol... I thought, oh man I lost Helix at the very end and I was so sada! hehe... I am so glad that you enjoyed it and I am so glad you liked the son thing.. it just hit me one day b/c I wanted a bad guy who wasn't Voldy... Thanks for all of the reviews and everything! I hope you enjoy my future fictions, if I ever get them to a posting point that is... *rolls eyes* ~Princess :)

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Review #7, by HelixDoing This: Doing This

27th February 2006:
That was AWESOME! The ending was hilarious! Can't wait for you sequel to One Look or next story, whatever it turns out to be. I know you can't go long without reviews from your rabid fans so I'll wait patiently for you next chapter. - J.C.

Author's Response: Thank you so much J.C.! I'm so glad you enjoyed it... and you are so correct... I miss my reviewers! lol! Hopefully I will post something new soon that you guys will enjoy.... Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #8, by HelixOne Look: Too Good To Last

30th January 2006:
Whoa. Great chapters. Didn't leave a review on the last one because I wanted to see what happened next. I thought that the first on was funny and cute. I also noticed that you stopped putting pictures at the beginning of each chapter. Can't believe I missed that. They were very cool. Anyway, can't wait until the validators catch up to see what happens next. You know me, J.C.

Author's Response: Thanks Helix! I'm glad you enjoyed them... and yes, I didn't leave off the pictures, although I plan to go back and add them, it is just that my computer has been broken for over a month, taking my photoshop with them and I just got it back.... thanks for the review and there is another chapter waiting to post! :)

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Review #9, by HelixOne Look: Whatever You Want

21st January 2006:
Ger! What is wrong with the verifiers? They have been taking so long on everyone's stories. Hopefully they pull together. I bet they get stuck on your stories because they are so interesting they have to read them instead of just skimming through...

Author's Response: lol... I don't know Helix... apparently they are backed up again. I saw on the forums that the wait seemed to be back up to about 5 days so it should hopefully be soon... lol... yes I'm sure you are right... they are just rivoted and want to keep the chapter all to themselves... :)

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Review #10, by HelixOne Look: Whatever You Want

17th January 2006:
Hey Princess. That was another great chapter! I was going to be the first review but my girlfriend literally dragged me away from the computer...Damn! I was suprised to see 20 reviews by 1pm central time! You are a very popular writer and for good reason. Hope your having fun!

Author's Response: LOL... oh those girlfriends, what are you doing to do with them... ;)... I will count you as the honorary first reviewer for this chapter, hehe.... I was suprised by the quick reviews as well (I am still trying to catch up actually) I'm glad you have enjoyed it so far and I hope you continue to do so! :)

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Review #11, by HelixOne Look: Aftermath

15th January 2006:
Great job with this story. This story is the only one that I check on religiously because it is so awesome! Just wanted to say that. Thought it would be a great a morale booster.

Author's Response: Thank you so much Helix, your review was definitely a boost and I am really thrilled that you have enjoyed it so far, so keep checking back, the next chapter should be up really soon... at least I think so, i think we are on the 3rd or 4th validation day... I hope you continue to enjoy it and thanks again! :)

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Review #12, by HelixOne Look: The Healer's Daughter

19th December 2005:
Someone is playing some sick games with Harry and Ginny. It's disgusting, really, to mess with someone like that. Well, that's enough of that. Can't wait 'till the next installment! J.C.

Author's Response: lol... true... I'm glad I am not them... :)

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Review #13, by HelixOne Look: Letters

18th December 2005:
Fantastic chapter. Great story, just wish there was more already, that's the bad part of being an amazing writer; more is never enough. I like everyone's reactions to the letters. Just can't wait till the next update! Also, you were right about sugarquills23, she is really good, too. I have to say, you both have your strengths. J.C.

Author's Response: Thanks Helix!... this chapter took awhile to get the reactions and entire situation to a point where they were believable to me, but I think I finally got there... thanks again for the interest and feedback! :)

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Review #14, by HelixA Dream of Hope: Controlled Destinies

15th December 2005:
Sugarquills23, I've read through A Dream Unlocked and I am currently working my way through A Dream of Hope (Through recommendation of PrincessPotter) and I have to say that you are a fantastic writer! I usually don't go for these kind of stories but the both of you have a certain flair to the way that you write that makes your stories fantastic. I have vegged out in front of my computer for two days now reading stories from the both of you and I can't wait 'till you update. I think I'll work on A New Beginning... J.C.

Author's Response: Wow! Such wonderful and encouraging comments. Thanks very much! I'll have to thank PrincessPotter for the recommendation! She is responsible for the terrific banners posted with my stories here. Look for the next installment to Hope this weekend. I hope you enjoy A New Beginning if you decide to check it out. It was my first ever fic. Hopefully I've improved since then. I keep thinking I'll revise it, but can't find the time. At any rate, thanks very much for reading and taking the time to offer your feedback! I really appreciate your time.

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Review #15, by HelixMuggle Games: Muggle Games

12th December 2005:
That is hilarious and cute! I'm a guy! I used the word 'cute!' It just feels wrong. lol.

Author's Response: LOL...Don't worry Helix, I won't tell anyone you used the 'C' word. :) I'm happy that you enjoyed my little one-shot. Thanks for the post.

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Review #16, by HelixOne Look: Back to the Burrow

11th December 2005:
One more thing. Your banner is beautiful!

Author's Response: LOL, thanks Helix. I like it a lot too, I just figured out how to do animation so I was very excited about it. :)

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Review #17, by HelixOne Look: Back to the Burrow

11th December 2005:
You know how much I love this story. I just want to give you a helpful hint, in case you care because I really don't. When someone new starts talking in a story a new paragraph is supposed to be made for that person. Not sure why but it may have something to do with makeing sure the reader knows that someone else is talking. Really though, I can keep up with it but I thought you may want to know so that you could fix it for future readers. That's all the real criticism I have for you. Just want to say you rock and keep up the good work. :) J.C.

Author's Response: Hey thanks, I didn't realize that. I do that sometimes, but not consitently so I will keep it in mind from now on... :)

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Review #18, by HelixOne Look: I'd Wait Forever

11th December 2005:
You know, you just keep getting better and better. Most stories really start out good with a first chapter or two and then fizzle because the writer can't keep up the characterizations, especially romance fanfics. You, however, dont sacrifice character depth and personality for your own romance-making needs. You are the best Romance fanfic writer that I have sampled from so far. I say that without hesitation. No need to thank me, just keep it up and we'll call it even. : ) J.C.

Author's Response: *blushes* Gee thanks J.C.... I am glad you are enjoying it. And although I am probably supposed to be all about myself here I just have to add that if you are looking for other good H/G writers, my hands down favorite here is Sugarquills23... lol... so there you go.. hope you continue to enjoy. :)

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Review #19, by HelixOne Look: Resisting Ginny

11th December 2005:
That was fantastic. Ginny is a strong person but everyone portrays her as crying and hurt when they write these post HBP stories. I think you wrote exactly what whe would do to get him back. You really seem to have a knack for the characters, too. Not just Ginny but everyone. Even though most of the others are not playing a major role in the story you use their personalities perfectly and at the right times. Brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you very much Helix! I hope you continue to enjoy the characters, although I must admit that there will be some crying later... lol, not really avoidable but I hope you still enjoy. :)

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Review #20, by HelixHarry Potter and the Green-Flame Torch: Chapter 28: Return to Hogwarts

11th December 2005:
Another great chapter. Nice touch at the end.

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Review #21, by HelixKeepers of the Flame: Goalpost and Trees

10th December 2005:
awwe! No update yet? I R Cold and wet and sad.

Author's Response: LOL I'm honestly trying. Hopefully once the submissions are open.

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Review #22, by HelixA Marauders Tale: The Letters

9th December 2005:
Hey, that was a fantastic first chapter. Time for me to soldier on.

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Review #23, by HelixDeity: Epilogue

9th December 2005:
That was an amazing story; extremely well written, dark and depressing. The story was so believable and so...possible that I think that I'm going to have to read a year's worth of Fluff just to feel happy again. A story worthy of a Dementor!

Author's Response: I've received some excellent reviews concerning the mood of my story, and yours certainly stands among them, thanks and enjoy your year's worth of fluff!

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Review #24, by HelixThe Rise of Lord Titus: Cloak and Dagger

9th December 2005:
This is some fantastic fiction. I have to say that this is one of the best I have read on this site. That includes originality AND writing. You must update very regularly or I shall surely perish! J.C.

Author's Response: I'm honoured that you should compare me among the best. I'll make sure to update regularly, to preserve your life if nothing else. Thanks again man.

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Review #25, by HelixThe Rise of Lord Titus: The Successor

9th December 2005:
Dude! All I can say is, this friggin roxorz!

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