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Review #1, by buriedalivebyloveHim: Him

1st October 2007:
Very good debut. It was brilliant; a very good attempt at writing Petunia. I only saw two things wrong with this story. James wouldn't have been so polite about the cart in the grocery store. And there was a grammer error in the beginning, where Lily was asking if James could come over for dinner, there should've been a coma after the word Mom.

But other than that, it was an enjoyable, quick read.

Author's Response: that's so much for the response since it is my first story I am still working on making everything grammatically correct. But thanks again and I hope you enjoyed the story!

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Review #2, by buriedalivebylovePretty Girl: Prologue

13th January 2007:
Lovely, wonderful, beautiful narration. I picture the main character sitting next to me in a coffee shop, or in some shop in Diagon Alley, telling her story to me. Brilliant start!

Author's Response: Why thank you. ^_^
I'm glad you thought to.
Yay! I'm glad it seems real.

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Review #3, by buriedalivebyloveLove Changes Everything: Day One: Crystal Balls,Angry Burns and a green face.

13th September 2006:
Here is my returned favor. The Divnation class was a hoot. It made me laugh. If you aiming for humor, you did a good job. Classic Marauders. I like it so far, though I noticed you legt out a few periods as well misplace them The period goes inside the quotations, not outside them. You left out a few commas to, for example: "I didn't mean... you don't understand...I just," A comma should've gone after just in that sentence. A little grammer lesson for you :) Keep up the great work, your narration is spelndid, and the story has a good flow to it.

Author's Response: Thanx very much, next chappie should be up in a few days! I'm not very happy with it tho and I'm not sure its as funny but its a necessary chappie!

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Review #4, by buriedalivebyloveDreaming: Prologue

7th September 2006:
Wow, this chapter left me speechless. At first, I was going to copy and a paste the first paragraph and say it was very raw, and emotional, but after going and reading the entire thing, I'd end up copying and pasting the entire things because this whole thing was extremely raw and emotional. My throat tightened up whenever she blinked and Ephraim wasn't really there. And I nearly burst into tears whenever she was trying to reach out to Ephraim's fading spirit I guess it was and trying to make Dumbledore and McGonagall see that he was there but they weren't listening. It was utterly heart breaking, and my heart broke for Demi. Beautiful, stunning job.

Author's Response: Holy crap, my eyes are tearing up just listening to you talk about it. *sniffles* Thank you so much for this review. It means loads to me that you felt for Demi. She's such an amazing character and I just love writing her. Keep reading! Cheers!

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Review #5, by buriedalivebyloveScintillation: Caradoc Dearborn

7th September 2006:
Your narration is brilliant. At first, I had no idea what was going on in this chapter, having become interested in it upon reading the summary. I am going to favorite this, and continue reading it because I have an interest in Bellatrix's character.

Author's Response: Thanks! Bella's my absolute favorite; she's so evil. :]

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Review #6, by buriedalivebyloveNo Black Magic for Me: Introduction

4th September 2006:
I liked reading this. I imagined myself sitting across from the main character in a coffee shop and listening to him talk.

Author's Response: I think thats a good way to put it..i wanted marius to seem to be all nice and sweet and still optimistic even though hes gone through a lot: and to enjoy teaching others...

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Review #7, by buriedalivebylovePoison Lips: Punishment Like No Other

3rd September 2006:
I like the fresh personality of your OC. I enjoyed reading this, and shall be favoriting it, and following it as the story develops.

Author's Response: Why thank you so much! It really makes me happy to read that you liked it that much.


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Review #8, by buriedalivebyloveThe Saga of Evelyn Potter: Enter- One Sirius Black

24th August 2006:
i was looking around for Marauders fics to read, and found yours. i'm interested to see how evelyn's character develops.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by buriedalivebyloveSing To Me the Song of the Stars: Do You Know How It Feels To Be Afraid?

23rd August 2006:
After I sat drooling over your banner, I read your story. I'm throughly intrigued, as you have a great amount of mystery around the story. Herione and Blaise are a unique pairing. I like it so far. My heart is breaking slightly for Hermione. I'm favoriting this story cause I want to see it develop.

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Review #10, by buriedalivebyloveI Sold My Soul For Pie: I Sold My Soul For Pie

21st August 2006:
i love Aradia's character. this chapter made me smile. update soon, k

Author's Response: Heheh, yeah, I like Aradia too! Took me forever to choose her names. And I'm working on #2 right now!

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Review #11, by buriedalivebyloveAs Wings Unfold: Prologue

20th August 2006:
Suspense indeed, I like the mystery surrounding this chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)

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Review #12, by buriedalivebyloveYo Ho, Yo Ho, A Wizard's Life For Me: The Swordfight, And What Followed

19th August 2006:
YOU are my new favorite author. I smirked when I read the second chapter because I could practically see Jack running by them telling them to move and flailing his arms. I can't wait for them to have actual dialogue with him. You keep all the characters well in check. I couldn't be more delighted with this story. Until the next chapter, which I hope is soon, I will favorite this and probably check obssessively for updates. xxx

Author's Response: THANKS SO MUCH, BURIED ALIVE!!!! That is such a great compliment! OMG...I don't know what to say. For the first time in my life, I'm completely speechless...

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Review #13, by buriedalivebyloveIvy and the Art: Ivy and the Art

19th August 2006:
Lovely! Brilliant! I loved it! Such an odd, unlikely pairing, so well done. You cleverly titled it, working the meaning of the title in the story.

But she didn’t want to escape it. Let it burn, let it distort, let it simmer on her flawed features.

That was my favorite line. I'm definately favoriting this.

Author's Response: yayyyyyyyy! thanks so much for the favorite. :)

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Review #14, by buriedalivebyloveThrough Silent Tears: Chapter 1

19th August 2006:
A grape, onion, lemon, and squash omlet totally sounds like Luna! I was delighted to see Luna/Ron together in this one.

I'm a fan of Harry/Hermoine pairing. You wrote Hermione's character really well, especially at the end before Neville had to spill the dreadful news. I'm interested to see how this stoyry develops, because it was mentioned in the summary she has a chance to undo it.

Do update soon. I like fresh plots like this one.

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Review #15, by buriedalivebyloveThe Ice Princess: Chapter 2: Going to Hogwarts Early?

19th August 2006:
I'm sorry, but I thought this story was a bit unrealistic. It's a nice twist that Hermione's father was with the Dark Lord, but I thought you could've developed a story a bit further and have that happen, maybe towards the end.

Author's Response: thanks for the're right.. i should have done that..

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Review #16, by buriedalivebyloveVelvet Beauty: Sarai Crow

19th April 2006:
Interesting. I loved the detail, and the story flowed really well. I do hope, however, that there is more to it, seeing as how it is marked a one shot it seems.

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Review #17, by buriedalivebyloveDreaming of Vampires: Shadow Encounters

17th February 2006:
The end of this chapter was sexy, and the encounter with Malfoy was sexy. I love how Lenne is so different from your common OC, and her name is refreshingly different. I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

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Review #18, by buriedalivebyloveDreaming of Vampires: Nightmare

17th February 2006:
Don't worry, this chapter was amazing. Oh oh a plot twist! *is excited* *bounces*

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Review #19, by buriedalivebyloveDreaming of Vampires: The Mystery Guy

17th February 2006:
A masterpeice, and I have never said that about anyone's story. This story is a gothic girl's dream come true. I wish I could write like you. The story I have on here doesn't even compare to yours. Your narration is so beautiful and flowing, captivating.

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Review #20, by buriedalivebyloveBecause of You: Because of You

14th February 2006:
Heartwrenching sad. You did a great job writing through emotion. I nearly cried. There were quite a few spelling errors, and the wrong use of the same word. Great job.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'll edit this or get a bata or something. Thanks for the review.

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Review #21, by buriedalivebyloveBreathless: ----PROLOGUE----

8th February 2006:
Oh oh I do hope the chapter is longer next time you update, and I hope that is soon. Beautiful banner too darling. It's a prologue, it's allowed to be short. I liked it, and I want to know what happens next.

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Review #22, by buriedalivebyloveLiving in the Shadows: Odd

2nd February 2006:
The dialogue is very realistic. "Her voice made my insides squirm. It was like silver bells." My favorite all time line, and you titled the chapter well too.

Author's Response: Thanks, that's a compliment to me "Moony" cuz i wrote that. Thanks for reading from us both!!

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Review #23, by buriedalivebyloveDesire and Duty: Desire and Duty

25th January 2006:
This was very refreshing to read. I have looked at your profile, and saw that you write about different characters in the Harry Potter series quite a bit, and I am pleased to see that. You did a wonderful job this one shot. This wasn't unrealstic at all, and it shed a lot of light on the difficulties of living up to what a pure blood is supposed to become in the eyes of others, and that certain sacrifices have to be made in such cases. Very nice job and I am certainly read more of your works.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I do find minor characters alot more interesting to write about - there's much more room to be creative. I hope you enjoy my other stories as much as this oe! =)

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Review #24, by buriedalivebyloveIn The Grave All Shall Be Renewed: Part I: Rediscovery

15th January 2006:
I could really feel the emotion coming from Remus and Sirius. I really enjoyed reading this, and I await the next parts.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. :)

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Review #25, by buriedalivebyloveTainted Love: Find Her

19th December 2005:
I see that this story has great potential, however you are very repeatitive during the story. I liked it though, and it was clever how Draco figured out where they were hiding her. Update soon.

Author's Response: I am editting, this story is my baby. I'm sorry you felt it was redudant. I have almsot 10 chapters done already. I and reading and rereading. It if goign to be an intricate storyline down the road, so hopfully I do betetr for ya. Keep reading, thank for the review

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