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Review #26, by dim at bestHouse Pride: Cold Glares

7th January 2007:
You've got a brilliant story right here :D It's a refreshing take on the Founders, and while unbelievably far-fetched, I still love it. Please don't do what you apparently did earlier and discontinue the story - that'd just be so tragic. This story's fast paced, exciting, and definitely one of the better Founders reads I've ever gone through.

I love the fact that you sorted them into different houses. The title, and the banner, definitely caught my eye and made me curious as to how you'd handle things. I'm interested to find out whether you'll make Hermione turn a bit more Ravenclaw, and Harry become a bit more Slytherin. The use of the Basilisk by the way, is genius and adds a darker edge of what's to come.

The realism of the situation is helped by the trio's worries about what's happening in the present. Continue doing that, otherwise I'm afraid this story will not only have gone out of canon in terms of the situation but with the characters as well. So far you have canon characters, which is a show of great writing.

Winding down this review, I'd just like to repeat that this is a wonderful story. It's now on my favourite list, and I'll be giving it a 10 as well. Longer chapters in the future! This one was a really good length, but even longer would be better :D

- Terri

Author's Response: First of all, thank you for such a long review, its nice to see what you liked most about it. Im glad you liked it, and hopefully i will keep up the things you enjoyed most about this fic. One again, thank you, it made my day. :3

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Review #27, by dim at bestPotter and Prejudice: Dangerous Games

5th January 2007:
I loveee this story. It's so sweet and well written, and it has everything that a story needs to be a great Lily & James fic. The title is very clever as well, and I admit, it was pretty much the only reason why I started to read. I'm glad I did though :)

All in all, a great story. You've got the characters down pat, the situations believable, and everything tied together with decent grammar :D

Thank you for writing this. It's as good as any pepper-up potion when a girl's been having a rough day.

- Terri

Author's Response: well thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it, and especially the title. I thought it up because I had recently been totally immersed in Jane Austen novels.

It makes me so happy that it cheers you up, too! Thanks so much for the review, I'm hoping to be able to update, but midterms can be horrible. :-)

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Review #28, by dim at bestKaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope

4th January 2007:
For me, this story is a mixed bag. I liked it of course, as I do all your writing, but I'm going to have to be completely honest and blunt. Of course, this won't be a flame though. I could never ever flame anything... but if this review comes across that way, please pm me over at the forums to let out anything you might want to say because flames suck and me giving a better explanation of my review, or even just you letting out some anger, might help.

ANYHOO, this review won't be too bad... just wanted to give you a head's up.

I admire you for picking this song. It's what immediately attracted me to this story. I know the lyrics off by heart, so I knew how odd and random they are. This song, amongst others, is probably one of the hardest to write a songfic to (excluding most rap/dance/reggae/jazz of course) and I was intrigued to see how you handled it.

While the story itself is good, the insight into Neville's character quite brilliant, I didn't think that it suited the song. Or rather, it could have, but didn't quite. I saw where you were linking the lyrics with the story, understood how you were doing it... but still, it just didn't seem right. The lyrics were too random, and even overlooking that, it just didn't suit the character sketch of Neville you created.

That's what I thought this story mostly was - a character sketch of Neville. It was well thought out, and I truly enjoyed this portrayal of him, the depth to his personality was great, and the originality of the reasonings you gave to his various actions within canon was high. But this was supposed to be a Neville/Luna fic, not a Neville character sketch, and although the sketch was amazing, this song, in my opinion, suits more Luna than Neville, and this story was focused on Neville.

I'm not suggesting you change the focus of the story, because I loved what you wrote and it helped me understand Neville a bit better, but I'm saying that in order for this songfic to truly work as a songfic, story and song would have to mesh better together, and in order to do that, you'd have to include a bit more Luna (given how random and strange the song lyrics are).

A Neville narrated fic focused on his observations of Luna suits this story best, and while you have that within this story, the other only Neville bits distract from how well the song and the other parts of the story went so well together.

Do you get what I'm saying when I just feel that the song doesn't suit the story as well as it could?

I'm pretty sure I'm being quite redundant within this review, but it's early in the morning (or late at night, whatever you prefer) and my brain isn't as up to speed as it usually is (or never is, whatever you prefer).

Once again, if you found this too harsh, just tell me and bonk me over the head or something. I don't mean to be mean, I like the story, the concept, and love the originality of it... but I'm just not sure about how well it was pulled off in the end.

- Terri

Author's Response: Woah, what a review! When I opened my unanswered reviews and saw the length of this, I was just like :O

Anyway...I want to give you truly honest thanks for this review, because sometimes it seems like I rarely get anyone telling me what to improve (and I know there's a LOT to improve).

I think I understand what you're trying to say. This fic is, in essence, a character sketch of Neville (most of my fics seem to end up like that) and the song reminds me SO much of Luna that I get where you're coming from. Someday, if I ever get inspiration for a proper Neville/Luna, I might switch this song to that fic instead, because Kaleidoscope is really just for Neville, isn't it? Or I'll add some Luna POV in, or do you think that will ruin the focus?

See, I don't want to take the song out completely, because to me, it really suits Luna and their relationship. But I see now that it doesn't fit the story as well as it could.

Hmm, I'm not quite sure what I'm saying, so I'll wrap this up here!

Thank you so much for this review, Terri - you've really helped me think about what's wrong with the fic. And it was nowhere NEAR a flame, I'd never be offended by a bit of CC. Thanks again!

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Review #29, by dim at bestA Beautiful Surprise: A Beautiful Surprise

4th January 2007:
Ooo, another great oneshot to add to your list of many! I loved it. All the Weasley boys were just so cute in it, even Percy. 'He didn’t really understand it, but the parts he did were interesting enough.' Adorable, Jenni really and truly. But, I have to say Bill was my favourite amongst them all in this one. The way he was with his mum, his superiority towards his brothers, him holding Ron and teasing Percy - it was all just so perfect, for his age as well as his personality. Plus, the line Lirie Halliwell wrote made me laugh at loud... kids just say the darndest things, don't they?

I'm really impressed with the way you took the challenge in terms of depth, the characters were all just wonderfully thought out.

Man, I'm such a fangirl, aren't I? 10/10.

- Terri

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Terri! It's funny, this is probably my least favourite one shot out of all those I've written - perhaps because I always felt it might not be that accurate as my experience with little children isn't too broad. So the fact that it seems to be one of the most popular continues to surprise me.

Thanks so much for reviewing, Terri, and I'm really pleased you enjoyed it! And I have a fangirl!! *fangirl squee*

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Review #30, by dim at bestHer Secret: My Life: The Fairytale Gone Horrendously Wrong - Evil Witch Included

4th January 2007:
Okay, first off I'd like to say how tremendously sorry I am that I haven't reviewed every single chapter to this story. With its quality of writing, it definitely deserves it - you've got Ginny, complete with her wild emotions and pregnant general craziness, down to a pat. I applaud you!

Cho - ughh I HATE her in this chapter. Want to smack her silly. And a bunch of other things that definitely aren't 12+ lol. I mean... what a conniving selfish lying SLYTHERIN. You;ve got a knack for writing evil, despicable, yet utterly believable, characters. It's something I admire in this story while at the same time loathing.

Hermione, on the other hand, was spectacular in this chapter. She just chewed into Ginny and said EXACTLY what needed to be said. Yay for Hermione! I also admire her tremendously for what she's doing in the story, helping Ginny out and being just a generally great friend. I guess I can forgive you for Cho since Hermione really balances her out.

Making up for not reviewing last chapter - Remus' little speech to Ginny made me go 'Awww' then shed a tear, and then re-read all over again. It was brilliant, and really made me feel for Remus, James, and Lily as well as Ginny, all at once. It made me feel like such a total girl, but alas, I am one, so it's not that ego-bruising to be tearing up over a fictional story. lol.

ANYWAYS - wonderful plot, great reasoning, perfect balance of angst and humour and fluff. I promise to be a faithful reviewer from here on out! 10/10 and on the fave list.

- Terri

PS. One last thing - chapter four was comedic genius. :D

Author's Response: OMG this incredible review more than makes up for that. I am glad that you like Ginny, she is one of my faves and I want to do her justice! Cho, hah, I definetly don't like her, and therefore I made her the villianess. Thanks once again for all of those lovely compliments *blushes*

Hermione, she is always there to put Ginny in her place. I think that Hermione and Ginny are close and would definitely be there for one another in any situation.

I am glad that you liked that speech, somehow it wormed its way into that chapter. I love how Ginny and Lily are so alike and I really wanted them to see how close they really are.

Thank you so much for this amazing review, it left me stunned. You have inflated my ego so much! I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well! I am glad that you found chapter 4 amusing, I was in an odd mood the night I wrote that! Thanks again! *huggles attack*

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Review #31, by dim at bestHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: A Day in the Life

10th December 2006:
Flashbacks are love. Really. ♥

Their lives were just so normal, which is really incredible, and made me smile kind of sadly. Everything from the rather crude jokes about Sirius to Lily's unwashed hair added to the imperfection and realism and it was all just so brilliant.

I'm such a fangirl. Really, I ought to get a blinkie.

But getting back on track... the explanation of Alice & Frank's relationship with Lily & James just made the last chapter so much sadder and make that much more sense. That's a feeling I keep getting while reading this story... a kind of understanding with plenty of sad smiles (that's not a feeling, I know, but I can't find a word for it).

Gideon and Fabian were just so real. Gideon having a crush on Lily and them both being really squeamish around pregnant women just breathing life into their characters. James' observation about Molly was funny and perhaps her popping out a new one every nine months, as James so aptly put it, is the exact reason why they're so sacred around women who're preggers.

The line about how they were extremely embarassed about telling Dumbledore that Lily was pregnant, even though they were married, was so cute and a very plausible thing considering the whole teacher-student relationship. I think that was my favourite line.

Oh - and James being proud of Lily's bump. So sweet.

One question: what exactly are they planning? :S

- Terri

Author's Response: Flashbacks are love, yes. Mostly because I love writing them, I get to write the most random scenes to illustrate everyday life, nothing like what you get to do in a linear story (or nothing that I do anyway, I may just not be terribly adventurous).

Oh, I had to show Frnk being lovely and wonderful before I showed him crazy go nuts. I actually love my minor characters (*points at Ted*), so...yeah, if I can think of any more characters to fill in personalities for, rest assured that I will.

I'm glad that you liked Gideon and Fabian, I was a tad worried that I left them out of it too much - I do plan to give them more of a personality.

LOL, well, I've always had that scene in my head, I hope to get around tgo writing it one day. It seems kind of natural for any young person to be afraid of announcing they're pregnant to an authority figure, comical and sort of...I don't know, it makes them have to grow up a little. I can't explain why I like it.

Oh, it wasn't supposed to be a big thing, just a routine raid on a known Death Eater haunt, nothing big.

Thanks again for your reviews, Terri!

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Review #32, by dim at bestHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: No Surprises

10th December 2006:
Hooray for another great chapter!

You just had to make the Longbottoms lives miserable, didn't you? * sigh * Oh well, it had to be done. But still, poor poor Neville. And such a tragedy about Alice and Frank...

I really liked James' thoughts about how Dumbledore could've prevented it, should he have just stayed or kept more people in the know. It echoes Harry's sentiments towards the old man in the fifth book, I think.

Wow. I cannot believe I just referred to Dumbledore as an old man.

Anyways, James thoughts about Lily and her natural talent for being a mother and connecting with Harry were just so touching and sad. It added to this chapter really well, and gave James' interactions with Harry a more bittersweet feel.

Very very well done :D


Author's Response: You know, I really, really did. Watch out for any characters that I really like, because I have a habit of killing them/torturing them/making them very sad.

I think Jmes still has a lot of respect for Dmbledore, he'll beat himself up over it later and probably won't say anything to him never know, James is often hard to gauge until you actually put him in that situation.

As always, thanks for your review!

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Review #33, by dim at bestA Wizarding Christmas Carol: Chapter Two: The Warning

8th December 2006:
Hey Cat! Sorry for not reviewing this chappie right away.. I'm really bad at checking for updates.

But anyways, this was a really good chatper. You managed to combine the Wizarding World's concept of ghosts into the traditional speech that the chained ghost gives in A Christmas Carol and I thought that it was a really nice touch.

Draco's reactions to Blaise were really funny, his skeptical and shocked thought pattern comical. It was very 'Draco-like' of him, and written very well. His general snobbery works quite well int his chapter, even though it makes me want to smack some humble into him.

So... Hermione's got a rival book publishing company, eh? Ahahahahaha. Who knew that the book publishing industry could be so cut-throat? And why on EARTH is Luna working for dear old Drakie-poo when she could be working for Hermione??

Predictions for ghosts: Pansy and Harry, though in what order I know not. I tried to make sense of the clues you gave me in your response, but alas no, I'm no detective.

Oh, and a huge CONGRATULATIONS on making HPFF's December Top Five. This fic is totally worthy of that status, and I completely agree with the site's recommendation :D

- Terri

PS. 10/10

Author's Response: Hey Terri! Thanks for reviewing! I'm really glad you liked the combination of the two...I really wanted to stay to the original but still keep it HP, so I'm glad it worked!

I'm also really pleased you liked my Draco...I spent ages writing him for this chapter, I'm glad it shows and he's 'Draco-like' as you put it. And don't worry, I often want to give him a good kick up the rear end while writing this! :P

I really wanted to mention Hermione, and I thought that'd be a good way...and I couldn't see Draco being too impressed! And Luna...I guess she needed the job and Hermione's wasn't opened yet, I don't know. Lol, you know, I hadn't even thought of that!

Your predictions...well, I'll never tell! And another thing...ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG! I didn't even know till reading this that it was on the list, so you have honestly made my day! Thanks so much for the review and the congratulations, Terri, I'll update soon! ~Cat

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Review #34, by dim at bestIf the Ring Fits: In which ingenuity is not a strong point

6th December 2006:
This was a sort of short chapter :( But I liked it all the same.

Ginny and Draco's banter was well-written - you should be proud of that! The way they pick up each other's mannerisms is too cute, really and truly.

My vote is definitely APPLE. Just to let you know.


Author's Response: Don't worry, next chapter will be much longer! Thank you, I'm so pleased you like Draco and Ginny's interactions. And I'll check off another vote for apple!

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Review #35, by dim at bestBabysitting Harry: Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

4th December 2006:
Cute, random, fluff, that could have been longer (well, I would have liked it to be longer) but was still absolutely amazing.

Makes you fall in love with Sirius Black just a little more.


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Review #36, by dim at bestHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: Everything is You

4th December 2006:
Another update! You're doing these like weekly, aren't you? I'm not complaining though. Far from it in fact :)

I had an extremely dumb moment when I read the first two sentences... for a second I'd thought Harry was already grown, and was just throwing an embarassing temper tantrum. You can tell why my screename's dim at best, can't you? :P

Anyways, the chapter was brilliant (love that word). For me, the point of it was only made clear until the last paragraph, but hey, maybe I'm just slow. I love the idea that at the moment, all of them (Sirius, Remus, James and Harry) were all sort of coping with the loss of Lily. The older men by shutting out everyone, and the baby by crying his guts out.

Was that the purpose of Harry's tears, or was it just filler? lol. Because that's the impression I got, and I thought that it was really good. But hey, maybe you intended for it to be interpreted by the reader as whatever they wanted... then, in that case, the past two paragraphs have been kind of pointless. :)

I'm in such a silly mood right now. Sorry about my lack of ability to right a proper review. In fact I've been writing this review for nearly twenty minutres now, since I keep getting distracted by the tiniest little things...

Short version of review: love it, brilliant, update.

I wasted so much time when I could've just written the above. ha.


Author's Response: Thanks again! Yeah, Harry was crying because his whole routine has been upset, he might not understand that his mother is gone, all he knows is that he hasn't seen her in awhile and he misses her, even if he has no idea what's going on.

Thanks always for your reviews, they're always great fun and very flattering. And yes, updates will be weeklyish depending on how many chapters I have on my computer.

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Review #37, by dim at bestWeird Wizard Ways: The Darker Side of Magic ~ Lesson Two~

30th November 2006:
Craziness. Once again what's happening in Snape's mind and where you're taking his part of the plot eludes me. It's keeping me guessing, that's for sure.

Beekes! Ugh, what a toad. The filthy liar! Although, I did think it would be pretty stupid for Dumbledore to go take Harry and risk Harry's life for something he already had. It just wouldn't be very Dumbledore-like of him.

Wonderful chappie. Update soon!


Author's Response: I personally hated doing that to Beekes, who is, after all, one of my characters from Over the Hill in his younger self, but I HAD to continue on with the Horcrux as a mesmerizing force of Voldemort's soul. Thank you for all your reviews. All the best, Pru

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Review #38, by dim at bestWeird Wizard Ways: Harry's Birthday

30th November 2006:
It was so happy, and then WHAM.

You certainly have a knack for inserting a plot twist to completely blindiside the reader.

It was amazing though. I'm still reeling from the change in events, so this review will be short.



Author's Response: Yes, and now I feel horribly guilty for going off and writing my own fiction this fall and leaving this behind. I'm sorry. When I come back to it after the holidays, I hope you'll still read the rest. All the best, and thanks, Pru

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Review #39, by dim at bestWeird Wizard Ways: The Care and Feeding of Dragons

30th November 2006:
Oh it's so brilliant!

This whole Snape thing irks me. I have no idea where you're going with him and Draco. I suppose I'll just have to read on to find out.

I loved the last paragraph from Charlie. It just summed up everything that had happened in the past month and conveniently explained Hermione's newfound quidditch skills. Like I said, brilliant.


Author's Response: Sorry about the irritating Draco/Snape thingy but I had to include them. I follow canon and frankly, Draco will be in the last book, if only to die dramatically.
I wrote that entire chapter just to get to Charlie's comment. I'm glad you spotted it. Thank you for reading and reviewing. Pru

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Review #40, by dim at bestWeird Wizard Ways: The Darker Side of Magic

30th November 2006:
A wonderfully enlightening chappie. Merrythought is an amazing professor, really and truly. The whole idea of feeling magic and all that jazz you described within this chapter was remarkably well thought out, easy enough to understand, and an incredibly original idea.

Oh, and Lily Potter really was a remarkable woman.


Author's Response: The magic bits are always my favorite parts of the books. If they're making magic, there would have to be a source and science for it wouldn't there? Thank you for your very thoughtful review. Pru

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Review #41, by dim at bestWeird Wizard Ways: Bits and Pieces

30th November 2006:
I completely forgot about this story, then I randomly rediscovered it today. I'm glad I did, and I'm totally sorry that I haven't reviewed sooner :(

This was a great chapter - Hermione especially was spot on. Her reactions to the diary were perfect, her revelation about what it had to do with Harry written as if JK did it herself.

I'm totally loving this story and I'm off to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you for your insights. I always love watching Hermione react to a challenge. It's always so different than Harry's reaction would be. Cheers, Pru

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Review #42, by dim at bestHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: Masters of War

30th November 2006:
Oh, I want to just SMACK Scrimgeour. What an... okay, I will not say it because it is quite profane but I will not deny that the term would be quite appropriate in this case.

The last paragraph, with James realization that he needed to be a bit more of an attentive father, was so sweet. He feels a debt to Lily, and he loves her so much.. I can't wait until you write the chapter when he finally gives in to his grief for her and lets his emotions flow. Or maybe he won't do that. It's up to you :)

It's crazy how you have the next two chapters lined up for an update. PM me about it if you can - I'll surely miss it and end up reading it like a month later if you don't lol.


PS. I forgot to say in the other chapter, but I'm thrilled about this going through the first year and then *gasp* a SEQUEL. Amazing. I swear this fic is going to get quite the following... I'm happy I got to read it early on :D

Author's Response: I can fill in a few choice curse words to describe Scrimgeour. None of them can be used in polite company.

His grief has to come out sometime, otherwise he'll go mad but I'm planning on holding onto that for awhile.

Four chapters now :) I finished 9 and 10 last night. I'll PM you as soon as I add the next chapter, should be soon as I've no excuse not to.

I am already dead chuffed to have had so much positive feedback, I'm just happy to be writing something that I enjoy as well. Thanks again for the review!

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Review #43, by dim at bestHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: Blood In My Eyes

30th November 2006:
This was not a long wait. Pfft. My updates are long waits. :)

I loved how you described what James was doing by comparing it to what he would have been doing if Lily hadn't died and if everything was normal. James' reaction to Sirius was very emotional for me and brilliantly written - I cannot imagine how James would've been if Sirius had been falsely imprisoned for 12 years.

The insults towards the Ministry made me smile. James' use of blackmail was quite cunning (a little Slytherin in him?) and his hate towards the Ministry seems strong enough for him to write one of those Anti-Establishment rock songs. You didn't overdo the Ministry bashing though, you had just the right amount and excellent reasoning for it (not just Sirius' case, but them treating James as inferior because of lack of training and their complete and utter lack of help with the order lengthening the war).

Congrats on a great chapter! :)


Author's Response: Well, you've picked up on my cunningly disguised subplot that James was actually one of the founding members of the Clash. :D

Yeah, I don't think that the Ministry is exactly the upright institution it ought to be - people always seem to lose their morals and pretty much become as bad as the othr side in times of war, There's corruption, there's misuse of power and plenty of other things that would make anyone suspicious of the MoM.

Thanks for reviewing, glad the reunion lived up to your expectations. I struggled with it immensely, so thanks!

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Review #44, by dim at bestHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: All Things

28th November 2006:
Brilliant chapter. The confusion in the beginning about what time fame James and Sirius were in worked perfectly and suited the story well. James' thought patterns make sense and aren't redundant, making his character all the more believable and solid. Sirius' personality shines in the way he treats James, and really I think that's the best way to characterize Sirius.

As to how long I would like this to continue... I'm not sure. I would love it if this story were ridiculously long, but then again, that's far too taxing on the author. I say 'key' moments rewritten to fit the AU, with James' flashbacks about Lily interspersed. The 'key' moments would be what canon events will have changed drastically due to James surviving - Sirius in Azkaban was already done... Perhaps Harry getting his Hogwarts letter (thus showing us how he and James are doing), etc. There are really a lot of possibilities. But in the end, it's just up to you. You're the writer after all!


Author's Response: I tend to think that a huge part of Sirius' character is conveyed through his riendship with James an I can see them knowing each other so well that words or questions wouldn't be necessary.

I've got a vaue plan or the structure pf this fic and I want to continue writing it so long as I enjoy it. With my other multicahpter fic on its fina chapter, I'll have a lot more time to write this one.

I have a sequel planned to start with Harry getting his letter as well because it seems like such an important landmark in the series. Thank you again for reviewing and continuing to read!

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Review #45, by dim at bestHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: I Call Your Name

28th November 2006:
How did I miss this update? * hits head *

Funny how even with James alive the same events regarding Sirius and Peter still occurred. Thank God though that this time Sirius won't have to stay wrongfully imprisoned for 12 more years.

The bit about James being unable to cry, and hating himself for it, is very, very, real. I myself have gone through something that was so sad, that I wanted to cry, but I couldn't and I thought there was something wrong with me. It's great that you put a reaction so real into the story.

I'm off to R&R the next chapter!


Author's Response: LOL! I guess the updates move so quickly through the recently added, it's easy to miss. If you check your PMs on the forums, I'll drop you a note when I update (which should be soon, 3 finished chapters just sitting around on my computer). Thank you again for rewiewing!

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Review #46, by dim at bestThe Sorting Hat: Hermione and Ronald

26th November 2006:
Entirely pointless, but what writing is? It was really funny, and I really enjoyed it. A wonderful take on the Sorting of Hermione and Ron - it's great to see that Harry wasn't the only one who wrangled his spot onto Gryffindor.

That is one stupid hat. :P


Author's Response: I'm so happy that you liked it. I love the idea of a crazy old hat. *grin*


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Review #47, by dim at bestCounting Back the Years: To Find a Timeturner

26th November 2006:
Yay for an update!

It was a good chapter overall. A bit confusing with the random Weasley cousins, but hey, that's bound to be a bit confusing (and I don't remember if you explained them in the previous chapter - propbably did and I just have bad memmory).

I really think that Charlotte comes off as a bit stupid though. I mean, I understand her logic and all that but she needs to understand better that going back in time and doing something as huge as saving her dad will change the furture DRASTICALLY. I know I sound like a parental nag, but I'd be appeased if maybe you put in a short paragraph in the next chapter indicating Charlotte knowing how gigantically HUGE this is.

Sorry for my mini-rant but I like to know main character's have got morals and a strong conscience.

But really though - intriguing idea and I can't wait for a follow up chappie telling us if the potions a success or not!


Author's Response: Don’t worry about the rant, I really appreciate you letting me know about it. :) I had a huge writer’s block and was like ‘let’s just get this over with’ and this is what it turned out to be. I left little hints about the cousins, but I will explain more thoroughly about them in the next chapter. Thank you for the review, Terri!

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Review #48, by dim at bestInbred: Curves In All The Wrong Places

26th November 2006:
The last few lines of exchanged insults were brilliant. I loved how fast paced it was and how each retort has a certain sting to it. I wish all of my own arguments were like that lol.

Good use of the curvy Hermione cliché. And the Harry/Ginny moment provided with Draco's insight made me laugh. I can tell how the plot and ultimate Dramione way of things is developing, and it's honestly quite ingenius of you.

I pity poor Draco and what you have in store for him. Turning him emo, making him betrothed to Hermione, having him stay with the Weasleys, and constantly fend off Harry's suicide attempts...

But, by all means, don't stop. :)


Author's Response: If only we could plan arguements like this one, I'm sure mine would be a lot more interesting =)

I am flattered you think the development ingenius, especially since a lot of the time I am just letting the story go where it will, with minimal guidance on my part.

Draco has suffered a lot, and will continue to suffer more because, well, I can and it's amusing =) Who would have thought he would be all that stood between Harry and imminent death.

Thank you very much for reviewing, I do so love hearing what you enjoy about this fic!

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Review #49, by dim at bestA Lesson in Sociology: Hermione's Secrets

26th November 2006:
Oh, damn. I was only half right. Hermione was up to no good and she was the reason why the six of them were all stuck in there... but there actually is a professor.

How strange.

My guess is Dumbledore. Male, trusted, and a teacher. Dumbledore.

However, he's the obvious choice so maybe not lol. This was an enlightening chapter, by far the best in terms of plot and style - how you jumped from past to present and back.

And even though I'm upset with the Harry/Hermione thing, I can deal. I love Draco and Ginny so I guess it's fine. :)

Keep on updating and try to throw another plot twist in randomly. After this revealing chapter I want another one!


P.S. The whole glass ceiling thing is frightening. Some random person watching you from above is enough to give me the creeps.

Author's Response: I know, creepy to me too. Wait until you see what happens next!!

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Review #50, by dim at bestA Lesson in Sociology: Luna's Answers

26th November 2006:
Okay so... I was ridiculously late in reviewing this chapter. Even with the email notification (which is really appreciated by the way).

But, no matter how late I am - know that I will stick by this story through and through!! It's really good, and I love the relationship building between Neville and Luna. So cute.

I'm really liking how you've got the running sociology experiment while they're all cooped up in there, what with mysterious quizzes and the like. It was really well-designed how you made the experiment.

I can't wait to click the next chappie button..


Author's Response: Thanks a bunch. I know I'm all kinds of behind in writing but I'm glad to know that people still like the story. I hope to get back to it here shortly. As always, I really love your reviews. Thanks so much.

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