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Review #1, by hpOracleLet Me Count the Ways: Let Me Count the Ways

7th November 2007:
"Did you know your hair even stands on end?"

Best line ever lol...

I loved it!! It was great!! What do you usually write, because I would have thought this was your usual genre of writing!


Author's Response: lol thanks hun! my usual genre? angst and darkness *evil grin* i enjoy torturing my, well Jk's, characters!

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Review #2, by hpOracleCall Me Lily: Call Me Lily

25th June 2007:
I absolutely adored that fic! It was so wonderfully done, that James didn't really need a legitamate reason for been in the three broomsticks! haha... it made me laugh and reminded me of all the strange conversations I've had with drunken people... they really do say some silly things. For all the exaggeration and the sweetness, I loved it! Thank you for writing such a heartfelt story centered around alcohol! =)

Author's Response: Aww, yay!! Glad you liked it! Yes, drunk conversations are very fun, I agree. lol. I had fun just writing about them. And yes, it was a bit exaggerated and sweet, but I hope the central message was conveyed all the same. :) And OH MY GOD your last sentence made me laugh so hard for some reason. lol. It does seem a bit silly that the story is so heartfelt and it's about alcohol, doesnt it? lol. I didnt even notice that until now...Ah well. What can you do. Anyhoo, thanks again for the review!! I appreciate it. :D

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Review #3, by hpOracleDeath To James Potter: Gotta Love Hate Mail

18th January 2007:
HAHAHA... oh... I have missed this story! No other story can make me randomly burst out laughing from a sarcastic thought of Lily's or just a strange mishap... I am in pain trying to keep my laughter under wraps.. how do you do it girl? 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for the loely compliments, I'm glad you like it. Though, I must say the same about you're story, Draco is FABULOUS!

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Review #4, by hpOracleDeath To James Potter: Introducing Buttons The Wonder Cat

18th January 2007:
Well done on the trusted author status... it's great is it not?! Sorry I kinda disappeared for a while... I was stealthily hiding in some bushes, over there *looks around* but I'm back and I have come to tell you that I was laughing my fricken head off. Hahaha oh god, that was such a random ending to this chapter.. and I loved every moment of it... I gotta go and catch up with the next chapter.. until I finish... 10/10 always

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Yeah, trusted author is great :3 I love it, though I thought my account was screwing with me when I first saw it, haha! Thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by hpOracleHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: Everything is You

6th December 2006:
wow... I really enjoyed this chapter... it was much deeper and as always descriptive. I could almost hear Harry crying, see the strained faces of Remus and James and see Sirius curled up in a corner snoring his head off..

But I must say that I thought the last line was genius:

"He understood why Sirius had closed himself up and why Remus shied away from talking about what had happened to him under interrogation, he knew because he was doing the same and guarding his hurt fiercely, sure that no one would understand and unsure that he would even be able to talk about it. Ever."

You put this genre, angst, for that is what it is, into the most simplest terms, but they work brilliantly. You don't need to go into long, winding and utterly exhausting descriptions of empty feeling or being unable to express your emotions like some stories do. The way you put it works perfectly and I think that you should be very proud of this chapter... everything is balanced. Brilliant. Perfect. Entertaining.

I kinda had a small inkling that Remus had been accused of the deaths and being taken in for questioning but only released because of Sirius. But since I always believed it it makes it that much more believable. The way that you had James think about seeing Lily's body with her eyes bright and staring in an accustory way was magnificient... and very very heart stopping. Or for me anyway. For me, it showed the extent of James's guilt for not saving her, or at least dying in his attempt. Poor James..

Anyway, thank you for posting yet another amazing chapter... I check my favourites every day to see if you have updated... but that is on my way to checking for reviews for my story lol... but the thoughts there =) hehe... thank you very much for your periodic updates and I hope to see another chapter soon =) 10/10

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for your comment on my final line because I was really unsure of it. I added it last moment and thought it was too...blah. So, thanks for that!

I plan to have many more moments of...guilt, shame, despair for James, but I hope my descriptions are never overdone or too obvious. Grief is pretty confusing, there's no set mood or attitude for it, people go through anger, guilt, complete despair, frustration, wishing it hadn't happened etc etc I personally amd looking forward to writing anger and tears :P

Expect another chapter soon. I hope to post on Thursday, but we'll see.

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Review #6, by hpOracleCarrying Torches: Carrying Torches

30th November 2006:
hehehe... hello! how you doing? hehe... I really enjoyed this! Short but sweet is the key =) hehe... I loved the part where James was describing all the things the infamous Robert did... he sounded so gay! But I also know that he would have been obsessing over the guy because of his little *cough* I mean HUGE crush on Lily... hahaha... nice touch with that one...

Also I like how you made it that James went to Lily, didn't force anything on her... failed at cheering her up the first time, then took another swing at it... haha and Lily when she was going on and on about Robert the other day I think and how James completely zoned out. Typical boys! hehee... i really enjoyed this fic for many reasons but I think the formating needs to be fixed up. Which programe did you use? it looks like you used notepad or something along those lines... I'm sure you will get around to fixing it at some point. Just know that it doesn't take the loveliness out of this fic. i really enjoyed it! Write something more like this in the near future when you can find the time =) hehe...


btw... my new story is up Tragically Twisted Thoughts... L/J *blushes* sorry about the personal plug, but I thought I would tell you anyway =) Good job with this one-shot!

Author's Response: OOOH! Thanks Carley! I'm so glad you liked it...i wrote it a long time ago, haha. Yeah, I am thinking about a new story, hopefully longer. When I gat the time, that is. oh I will totally check your new story! I'm excited! hehe thanks again.


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Review #7, by hpOracleHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: Masters of War

30th November 2006:
Scrimgeour is a bastard. My gosh, not once has a story being able to awaken so many different emotions in me all at once. I can't believe that guy! I'm so glad that Sirius will be alright, but Harry? Having to go through all those tests? Thank god for Ted, hey? *sighs* I didn't want some Healer probing him and the like... that would have being incredibly awkward. I really enjoyed the chapter however many strange thoughts have manifested in my head after reading it =) and lookie here... since I was practically the last person to read the other chapter... I am the first to read the two new updates... or at least review... but that makes me 10 times better =) hehe... great chapter, I didn't see any errors in this chapter... thank you very much for updating and I hope to see a new chapter when ever you are ready to post it =) Happy writing!

Author's Response: I think I'm in love with Ted. I guess I owe the idea of him as a Healer to fernwithy, the idea has stuck and as you can tell, he's going to be playing an important role.

Yes, the tests arenot going to be fun for Harry and I suspect this is one of the things that Dumbledore wanted Harry to be kept from, but James is scared for his child and a parent will do anything to ensure their child's safety.

Thank you for being the first on both chapters. My early warning bat signal appears to be working rather well :P

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Review #8, by hpOracleHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: Blood In My Eyes

30th November 2006:
There was a knock on the door and deciding that generally Death Eaters didn’t possess the common courtesy to knock before killing you, James relaxed.

^^ That above would have to be the best way to describe someone just come out of war. Which is exactly what James has done. I loved it, just thought I would mention that =D

Oh, I loved the reunion of James and Sirius, it was just so heart wrenching to know what James was thinking about the difference in Sirius and seeing the injuries he still possessed. And the bomb shell of having Peter still alive?! My gosh, and they still locked him away like that! That is simply awful... those filthy ministry bastards! I am really feeling James's anger! How could they do that to such a good man? Arr well... It was a very lovely chapter.. just a few things sentences here and there at the beginning to the middle that were alittle jagged and could use some smoothing out... but apart fromt that I enjoyed it very much! As Always! =)

I'm off to read the next chapter! Thank you very much for posting two... and I am very pleased with your decision to write a sequel... anywhoo... off I flee -->

Author's Response: I expect James and all of them will be far more damaged than they let on at the moment. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome will be playing a factor in their recovery.

I thought awhile about what to do with Peter, I still think that Sirius would have been driven mad by grief and gone after him, Peter still would have planned to do what he did and he still would have gotten away with it. Either Sirius was not in his right mind to protest his innocence, or telling them did him no good. I'll head back into fix up the chapter shortly.

Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad it met approval!

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Review #9, by hpOracleThere's a Cold and Darker Side to the Moonlight: Chapter One-Parting With Love, Dealing With Hatred

22nd October 2006:
Nice start. Emily and Nathan seem to have an alright relationship... though I see a few cracks in the future. Am I right? or am I right? hahaha I love your description and also the title of this fic... I think that was a very well written chapter. Do not get upset at the lack of reviews for they will come shortly for this story has alot of potiential and I for one can't wait for the next chapter =) so get cracking! haha or take your time either one, I will be here lol.. this is my life sadly. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more =)

Author's Response: have faith in yourself that you are right
im glad you like the title and the description. the title is actually lyrics from a song called hanging by a thread by one of my favorite bands nickel creek.
im writing the next chapter as we speak
[well type] :D
there is nothing sad about reading for entertainment.
thank you so much for your reveiw

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Review #10, by hpOracleTruth, Love, and Lies: Howlers and Confessions

22nd October 2006:
awwwwwwwwwwwww... that was sweet. I thought she wasn't going to believe him. You know, him saying that at that moment was really bad timing and bridgit could have taken it as a way of smoothing things over... but aww that was sweet.

And yay! You had a bit of James and Lily in there.. even though I just wrote my review a moment ago.. lol... haha I'm happy now...

Great chapter and I can't wait for the next chapter! ♥

Author's Response: Well, Sirius does not tell people that he loves them, so she knew that this was a big thing. So, yeah...

Hehe, I'm glad :)

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Review #11, by hpOracleTruth, Love, and Lies: Guilty Conscience

22nd October 2006:
So regulus is kinda good... peter obviously bad... remus and elle are back together (*dances*) and Sirius is going to tell bridgit what he did with that whore in the next chapter? Whoa... ok, cool lol... and meanwhile Lily and James are picture perfect? hmmm... I miss hearing about Lily and james... I hope they are in it alittle bit more in the future... anyways, I love this story, and that is not about to change anytime soon! Onto the next chapter lol (I didn't realise I missed out on two updates!) ♥

Author's Response: No. Regulus is not good in any way, shape, or form. Peter has guilt, but he's still on the wrong side. Lily and James are doing well. Don't worry. They make up most of the end of this story. :)

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Review #12, by hpOracleIl Serpente Della Regina: Chapter1{Arrogance is Ignorance}

20th October 2006:
haha... ok, so my assumptions were wrong in my previous review. It was Tom speaking in the prologue (which would have fit perfectly if you would like my thoughts on the matter...) but a girl who seems to be a match for Tom Riddle himself! haha... is that why you made them seem so much alike in the Prologue... or was that just to trick people... or did I just read into it incorrectly?

*shrugs* meh...

Oh and another thing before I tell you how much I enjoyed reading your fic what ever things I point out... Bellatrix is incredibly old suddenly lol... I didn't think she would be in school with Voldie himself...but hey this is fanfiction and you can do what ever the hell you want =)

Great story, don't let anyone tell you otherwise... I look forward to finding out what is going to happen in this fic... and if you are thinking about abandoning this fic... I will be majorly upset... anyways 9/10 for me... that's pretty damn high I must say...

Hope to see an update from you soon!

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Review #13, by hpOracleIl Serpente Della Regina: Prologue{Who Am I}

20th October 2006:
Wow... I love it!
He is so confident and arrogant and I am just in love haha...
The way that you have written this prologue is very well done indeed, even though on many counts you tell the reader to stop reading the story, it causes the opposite to occur...or at least it did for me =)
Why haven't you received many reviews for this story? I don't understand... because I just simply love it and I can't wait to click that little button above this blinking line and go onto the next chapter... I think I may do just that =)

Great start...!

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Review #14, by hpOracleDeath To James Potter: A Truly Muggle Experience

17th October 2006:
hahaha... i loved this chapter... long time coming! Your birthday was on the 3rd of October? Wow... mine was on the 1st! LIBRAS ALL THE WAY! yay! do you have the same problem as me where you can't make decisions? or am I just retarded...? haha anyway it sucks.

Great chapter lol... made me laugh constantly, just the randomness of it all hahaha... AND LILY ADMITTED IT! I knew it was coming but it was shocking all the same... wow... I wonder what will happen next? ... I guess I shall wait and see.

You deserve everyone of those 720+ reviews! haha... this story is the bomb! I'll be awaiting your next chapter... though I will be remarkably patient =D haha... again, great chapter as always and I can't wait for the next!

-- Carley

Author's Response: OMG YES! Indecisiveness. I hate it, grr, dont you? Happy birthday, by the way :) Haha, she did and now there's no going back *runs and hides* Thanks so much for the wonderful review :)

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Review #15, by hpOracleTruth, Love, and Lies: Lies

16th October 2006:
awww.. poor sirius. It must be hard for him to give up the old ways... and that skank didn't help matters. Arr well, I hope things work out for them... but I see troubled times ahead =(
But what would this story be without the drama? haha
As always, great chapter and I can't wait for the next one =)

Author's Response: Yeah, no kidding. :\

This story is basically built on drama, hehe. That's how I do. ;)

Thanks :)

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Review #16, by hpOracleTruth, Love, and Lies: Love

5th October 2006:
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... I love it. And that huge aww is already annoying me... so sorry about that =) haha... I really liked this chapter... mostly because it opened up alot of what is going to be going on in this fic... Elle talking to other girls, Peter talking to random people in the distance... and stuff like that... anyway... great job and I can't wait until you update! 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, no. I like your big AW. Hmm...the mysterious random people in the distance. Thanks :)

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Review #17, by hpOracleTruth, Love, and Lies: Heaven and Hell

24th September 2006:
hahahaha... I love it! Onto the next chapter... (you really haven't lost your gift lol)

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #18, by hpOracleTruth, Love, and Lies: Truth

24th September 2006:
Oh poor remus. Elle is being quite a selfish bitch at the moment... irritating the hell out of me I can tell you! ... alrighty onto the next chapter =) hehe

Author's Response: Mehhh. I got a lot of responses like this. I justified her behavior in my greatestjournal, if you're interested. :)

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Review #19, by hpOracleTruth, Love, and Lies: Choices

24th September 2006:
hahhaha "James, are you asleep?" "Yes" hahahaha I have always loved that line when it is in movies... hahaha aww... it's sweet how Remus is going to tell Elle about his 'Furry little problem' (which will end in tears I know)... and how Lily is so nervous when she is around beds and james... haha poor jamesie aint going to get much action for a while I reckon =) haha... great chapter as always... onto the next I fly!

Author's Response: Hehehe. Thanks :)

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Review #20, by hpOracleTruth, Love, and Lies: Stuck

24th September 2006:
aww wow... I didn't even noticed that the sequel was out (sorry!) haha... I'm happy to be reading your twisted humor again... I must say I missed it! Great chapter... and now onto the next one... =)

Author's Response: That's totally okay. I'm just glad to see that you've come back to read more. :)

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Review #21, by hpOracleThe Forgotten Years: The Miracles of Food (The Meeting Part II)

23rd September 2006:
awww... I loved it! I'm thinking that Hermione won't start to remember things for a long time, she has to fall in love with harry all over again, and then the memories will come! I apologise most profusively for not reviewing sooner... I have been sooo busy and it sucks because I missed out on that! But I'm here now, and heres my review and I really really really enjoyed it! So great job... just one small sentence that I believe you should fix up...

"Harry sensed she wanted to say more, but felt embarrassed and not gutsy enough. He definitely wasn’t going to let her vanish out of his life again, and said with determination, “Of course we have to do this again! I had a great time as well, my job is quite tiring at the moment as well…Yeah, I’m really glad you found Flo this morning as well! I got my daughter and made myself a new friend, that’s lucky!”, he smiled."

Just the as wells... they are thick and fast in that little paragraph, that's all i can really pull you up on =)

I can't wait until the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks for still reviewing this! i havent eben writing much, no time at all! but i will update asap! and your story is fab, i just dont have time to write up usually but il leave u a review soon! :)

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Review #22, by hpOracleThe Best Birthday Ever, No, The Worst, Or... The Best?: "What do You Want Me to Say?"

28th August 2006:
hehehe oh geez... this fic reminds me so much of a scenario I was going through this weekend past... *shudder* it is the most confusing embarrassing thing I have ever done... and what did I do? After this guy asked me out, I said "I'll tell you tomorrow" haha... though I like this guy alot... and then the next day, I freeze up and don't speak a single word to him. *shakes head* anyway... enough of my confusing love life. I have to admit that this chapter was alittle weak, though you did bring out the embarrassing situation with Lily and james... oh I would not liked to have been lily approaching James under that beech tree! hehe I would have stumbled over my words something chronic. haha James only giving her a peck on the side of the mouth... that boy is a player... haha that's what I got from it anyway. All that said, I really enjoyed this fic!! It was great! So I wouldn't be ashamed of it at all! Endings are always hard to write... I'm having that problem right now! *growls* anyway... you get a 10 from me =) and good luck with your other fanfic escapades!

Author's Response: It's interesting to read about other people's love lifes! You can tell me everything you want; I'll listen (I mean read). I know this chapter was a little weak (as I've already said). I had trouble with it, and most of the chapter is dialogue which I try to avoid. Thank you so much for all your reviews and thanks for the 10! :) You rock!

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Review #23, by hpOracleI'm One of Those Girls: I'm One of Those Girls

19th August 2006:
awww... what a let down lol. She really shouldn't stare at them like that... makes people uncomfortable... haha anyway that was great lol! -- Carley

Author's Response: Haha, it does make people uncomfortable. Thanks :)

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Review #24, by hpOracleThe Forgotten Years: The Search Is On

19th August 2006:
well ginny is going to be completely forgotten. She'll come back from St. Petersburg and everything will be different. Bit sad really, but hey, it has to happen I guess lol. Another great chapter. And great idea with jolting her memory with the pumpkin juice... that drink is quite unusual lol... so anyway, please forgive the lateness of my review and I hope to see an new chapter soonish... you are doing very well with your amount of reviews to I notice... well done! It's a great story so I am not too surprised =) thank you for your continuous support on my story also! -- Carley

Author's Response: i dont know whats gna happen myself! lol havent decided so organised no? haha...but dw ginny not gna b forgotten she has a role to play later...i promise!

haha about the reviews its cos i pester people lol...not as much as your brilliant fic la!!! a illion on there the last time i checked ;)

thanks once again for readin n reviewin, n i will post soon! see you at your fic though, miss i-can-update-whenever! :P

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Review #25, by hpOracleBreaking Up The Marauders: All But One

19th August 2006:
The end?... so there is going to be a sequel? Ok... *phew* you scared me lol... great chapter... great story.. =) two thumbs up =)

Author's Response: Haha. Thanks! :)

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