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Review #1, by lotrfreakRise of the Protector: Returning Home

31st May 2007:
I LOVE this chapter. Harry sounds so mature and wise, even if he felt like he wanted nothing more than to hide in his room or throw up, or both. But then what can you expect from a boy that was forced to become a man before he was 13?

Ii really enjoyed how you had Harry put the Minister in his place with both a compliment and an insult rolled into one. In the words of Ron "that was Brilliant!" Yes he helped Harry when he needed it, but at the same time he was trying to do the same thing Fudge was, look good in the publics eye, and keep up votes, and Merlins Ghost help anyone who tried to get in his way..

How much longer is Roop? Is this the end of the Midnight series? Or do you plan on continuing on after Hogwarts?

Hope to read more from you, even if it isn't part of the Midnight series.


BTW: the link that you provided through the group doesn't work.. i came here because A) this is where i've been following the series from the beginning, and B) i couldn't find RooP on

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Review #2, by lotrfreakHarry Potter and The Mandatum Specialis: In the End

21st April 2007:
that was a great fic. i absolutely LOVE your series!
i have a teeny tiny request, but i understand if you'd rather not..
could you please write a story or a side story about Harry and Serena's baby? like is it a boy or a girl? and if they grow up to like quidditch and pranks or if they inherete their grandmothers/honorary aunts brains and become bookworms.. etc that sort of thing..

over all i am in love with your works. i have all of your stories saved to my computer so that i can read them over and over again.. i think maurader summer is my fave out of all of them.

hope you continue writing. even if noone else follows you i will. i'll read anything u post..
Luinloriel ^_^

Author's Response: Okay, this was supposed to sort of be secret but whatever. Anyway, I've not finished with the storyline of the new marauders. Harry and Serena have a boy who is named Nicholas. You'll find out more about him later though. I promise to keep writing and soon I'll even have a new story for you to read. Thanks for the review.

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