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Review #1, by lil_redheadA Change of Vision: Chapter Five

30th November 2006:
awww! thats an adorable story i loved it from start to finish. I wish draco stayed blind though, for some weird reason, i liked him better that way. hmmm.
that was great!

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Review #2, by lil_redheadCasanova: A Draco and Hermione Tale: Prologue: The new Casanova

2nd November 2006:
I love this! its hilarious!!

Author's Response: LOL! Thankyou! MWA!

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Review #3, by lil_redheadHopscotch: Hopscotch

25th September 2006:
First of all, bravo! I really like the sensitivity and symbolism of this, especially the title. It seems like you know a lot about human nature. And as a last note, i liked what you had for Remus's last words to Sirius, “You love people too much for your own damn good, Sirius,” very fitting. good job for another great story.


Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'd like to say that I know a lot about human nature, but that would probably be a lie. Because there's just too much variation. But I do try. So thank you muchly for the compliment. I'm glad you liked this one-shot, I liked basing it entiredly on a metaphor. Hugs, dear!

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Review #4, by lil_redheadDistant Faces: Distant Faces

24th September 2006:
first of all, this made me hate wormtale much more than before. ugh, just hate him.

and second, i'm sorry to be such a bigot about this but, if wormtale was screaming at the top of his lungs and voldy was doing his shrill laugh gig, why didn't anybody hear them? i kinda think i would have noticed if someone was screaming bloody murder outside my door. just a curiosity.

anyway, the whole thing was rather emo... in a good way.


Author's Response: Well, I'm sure that Voldemort would have made some necessary arrangements so that himself and Wormtail couldn't be seen by others on that night. But that's just a guess, lol. I don't know. Let's pretend that no one heard them. Cuz yeah, I'm SURE Voldemort would have thought about that for sure. Thanks for the review though! I'm glad you read this fic, most people dont even bother because it revolves around Peter. But yeah, thanks, dear! And I appreciate the review! Hugs.

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Review #5, by lil_redheadHeart-Talk: Heart-Talk

24th September 2006:
excuse me, i think i might cry, its incredibly sad that they are both dead...


Author's Response: *hands lil_redhead a tissue*. Go ahead and cry, it's not uncommon with sad stories. I hoped you still enjoyed the fic though. Thanks for reading/reviewing.

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Review #6, by lil_redheadThe Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): He's not stupid, this Potter.

24th September 2006:
Im so glad theres another chapter!!! I love it, keep writing! no more letting us hang for such a long time, it scared me that you gave up on it.
keep writing, and it was great!

Author's Response: Sorry to scare you, that was definately not the intention. I'm glad you liked it though! I will keep writing, no worries, I just don't update as often as before. Because of other complications in my life at the present time. But thank you muchly for reviewing! Hugs.

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Review #7, by lil_redheadInto The Fire: Your Heart, My Home

17th August 2006:
aw, sweet, update soon?

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Review #8, by lil_redheadInto The Fire: Tea For Two

15th July 2006:
Ohhh!!! I really like this story, keep it up!!

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Review #9, by lil_redheadInto The Fire: Friends Reunited

7th July 2006:
awww, i can't wait to read the next chapter!!

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Review #10, by lil_redheadInto The Fire: Every Now And Then

7th July 2006:
I love the rose part, and i'm happy that emily didn't toss it in the bin when they were kids. can't waiot to read the next chapter!!

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Review #11, by lil_redheadInto The Fire: Falling Together

12th June 2006:
i feel so frustrated, i just want to hop in and set them up with each other!!! I dstill love it as ever, its amazing!! keep up the writing.

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Review #12, by lil_redheadInto The Fire: Softer Than The Rain

8th May 2006:
before we forgot about Remus and Emilie? Are you kiding i'll never forget them! Who exactly is this David dude? Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #13, by lil_redheadEnnui: Turn, Don't Turn Away

5th May 2006:
Wow....i'm truely breathless! This is such an wawsome chapter, overflowing with feeling! I can't wait to read Into the Fire. Sounds a little, well, sad. Anyways, i can't wait!

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Review #14, by lil_redheadMore Than The Heart Can Bear: More Than The Heart Can Bear

14th April 2006:
I loved this story! it was amazing!!!! You write Remus so well! The whole thing was full of emotion and love. However, how did she die?

“A piece of chocolate, perhaps?” -LOL! TOTALLY REMUS!!!
much love-xxxxx,

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Review #15, by lil_redheadWishes For My Daughter: Single Father

14th April 2006:
its a really nice start! Why did Ron and Hermione name their son Christopher Nicholas? And why did some of the Weasley give Harry the cold shoulder? are they really that thick?

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm getting better as i go along and i'm going back and revising the first chapters. Ron and Hermione named him that because it was simply a name they liked. And the other weasleys aren't giving him the cold shoulder. Lily sees her granparents and uncles and aunts all the time. It really becomes effective in Chapters 5 & 6!!!

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Review #16, by lil_redheadEnnui: Reveal Your Secrets to the Wind

13th April 2006:
aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! This is torture!!!! You always manage to find a way to get me hang off the edge of my seat!!! Love your story forever!
and a sequel would be awesome!!!!!

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Review #17, by lil_redheadEnnui: The Mirror of the Mind

27th March 2006:
hey! did you know that they realesed a pic. of who we believe it going to be student Remus for ootp! he looks awsome! (in my opinion.) anyway...awsome chapter! hurry up and write the next soon! talk to you soon! cass

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Review #18, by lil_redheadEnnui: Feathers in the Wings of Time

4th February 2006:
HEY! Well....ummmm....all i can do is stare at the screen and say 'thats soooooo adorable

Author's Response: Hey Cass! That's all right! :-) I'm glad you thought it was adorable! *hugs* I hope I'll be able to get Chapter 7 up shortly! Thanks!

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Review #19, by lil_redheadEnnui: A Blacker Depth of Shade

30th January 2006:
Hey! I really like this chapter, especially how Emilie's reaction to the owl is just perfect! And I love the irony that you put in the chapter! I really wish that I could leave you a longer review but Olivia is begging me to get off so she can write chapter 7, by the way for some reason my chapters validated super fast, like over night, it was weird, any way thanks for being my beta! u roc a lot! cass

Author's Response: Hey Cass! Haha, it's strange for me to read Olivia's name after having read some chapters of your story! ;) I'm associating her with Remus's daughter now, lol. Uhm, good luck writing, and thanks so much for your review! I'm glad you liked it so far! - Stefanie

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Review #20, by lil_redheadEnnui: With Flying Feet

24th January 2006:
omg! i love it so much, this is so real and sweet, it very lovely. :) ~cass

Author's Response: Hi Cass! *sighs in relief* Thanks for saying that you think it's real! That's one of the things I really wanted it to be, you know, as far as that's possible, what with Remus being a wizarding werewolf and all. ;) Thanks so much! :)

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Review #21, by lil_redheadDeception: Of Granduncles, Mary-Rose and Professors

22nd January 2006:
hmmmmm...another mystery, is vi related to the d.a. teacher?

Author's Response: yah, another mystery...... well since you are the only one who noticed the friend thing i'll tell you, i hav no idea (YET) i've planned up to the tenth chapter but i'm sort of making things up as i go... thanks for another great review!!!

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Review #22, by lil_redheadDeception: Of Thestrals, Silence and Unshed Tears.

22nd January 2006:
will we find out who lily's dead friend is? great chappie!

Author's Response: sssh, you're the only one who picked up on the dead friend thing! yeah, it's of some significance! thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by lil_redheadDeception: Of Potter, Pettigrew, Remus, Black and Barbies

22nd January 2006:
hey! okey so we may not have the same idea about what our favorite werewolf looks like, but i do love the disciption you put in every single detail! love cass

Author's Response: hanks about the description in every line part! sometimes i think it's too much though... i just wanted all of the Marauders to have different coloued eyes, and remus being more mysterious than the other three got ambery coloured... wierd huh? thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #24, by lil_redheadDeception: Of Flowers in the Fall

21st January 2006:
hey! thanx for reviewing me! i read your 1st chapter and i could really realate, i have 3 sisters and only one shower so its really pretty hetic. lol! ~cass

Author's Response: lol, that must be extrememy hectic!! in my story the shower in the Master's household must have ben used 6 times before Violet's shower, so her's might have been slightly cold... thanks for your review!!

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Review #25, by lil_redheadI broke his mug... again!: Im going to say Hi. Then Im going to kiss him again.

19th January 2006:

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