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Review #1, by ExxaliaChanging the Whole of Everything: Prologue

22nd August 2006:
This is one funny story. The only thing that mayby needs some work is the lenght. But since this is a prologue i am guessing that the other chapters will be longer.

I can't say much more, it is a very nice story. Mayby you should change your summary, let it tell a bit more, to attrack more people to your story.

But keep on writing it.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! The next chapters will definitely be longer. We've changed the summary, so hopefully more people will read. Thanks ever so for suggesting it!

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Review #2, by ExxaliaDumbledore's Letter: Dumbledore's Letter

21st August 2006:
Nice story, a few minor errors. Very original to write a story about dumbledore and petunia loving each other.

But it doesn't explain why petunia hates her sister and james, or why she was so horrible towarts Harry.

A story that was fun to read anyway.

Author's Response: Actually, it does explain Petunia's hatred as she is now "dumped" by Dumbledore. (which rhymes!) Thanks for the review, I enjoyed writing the parchment.

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Review #3, by Exxaliatime twister: A james look a like god help us all

25th July 2006:
hehe i dont need cookies or cake just more of your story :)

So yes i love it, and like reading it. Just a questing isnt the word follow, or is fallow some dialect somewhere, i really dont know because english isnt my main language, but i was just wondering.

So add a other chappy please.

Author's Response: Ok thank you so much for the review and i'm glad u don't need a cookie because if u ate my home made ones well lets just say u would have to sign a release form first and i'm working on anoter chapter as we speek and about the follow and fallow thing i don't know i'm guessing both whats ur main language i'm intrested could u tell me in another review if u read any more of my story please and thank you

wicked wiccan

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Review #4, by ExxaliaThe Other Potter: I Wanna Know

24th July 2006:
Nice story so far, love to see a brother sister relationship for harry.
Hope they will meet each other soon. So keep on writing you are doing a good job

Author's Response: Thanks!!!


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Review #5, by ExxaliaHarry Potter and the Year of Ends: Moonlight

9th February 2006:
Wow that is some great news, so you decided to do the sequel earlier. I am so happy :) Well good luck with the writing, the plays and of course with getting better. Greetings Exxalia

Author's Response: Yes sequel will be coming earlier than plan. I guess it is because I love this plot line I have built up to much to just let it go for a while. But I want to get the first chapter of the other sequel up first since that has been on hold for, er, well since it ended in July when I started this one. And thank you for the 'good lucks'. Hope to see some of your review in the next story and I hope I have done right by Samyra....the Exxalia!!!!!!!! -Katie

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Review #6, by ExxaliaHarry Potter and the Year of Ends: Are We All Alike In The End

18th January 2006:
It was very nice how you put my name in the character, as for the end sentance I really have now idea, so I guess I am just going to leave that up to you. I love your story and also this chapter. Are you going to make a sequel to it, about the life after the war? I would really love that. Well good luck in seclusion, and I hope you are getting well soon.

Author's Response: Well I love that you enjoyed me putting you in the story and I hope you like the way I have done it. I keep my promises, most of the time, lol. I also enjoyed this chapter especially the last scene. As for a sequal, if that were to happen it would have to be after the sequal is written for my other story. It will be hard enough writing one story while being stage manager for the play and everything else. So, if there would be one, it wouldn't be for a while. I gave my doctors a right scare today because I had a reaction they had never scene to the radiation treatment. I was really bad then all of a sudden it turned and now I am doing well. Thank you for you praises in the review. -Katie

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