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Review #1, by StigmatizedForgive Me: Forgive Me

5th June 2006:
really, isn't it just a bit naive?

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Review #2, by StigmatizedA Baby Can Ruin It All: The Wedding

24th March 2006:
ooh i love this story pleeaase carry on with it! :D

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Review #3, by StigmatizedSee You In Hell: See you i hell

27th December 2005:
ohhh I just had to review on this one! I LOVE IT! it's soooo good! :D:D but what do you mean 'other character', it's hermione >;D hehe, anyways, love you and I looove your stories! ;) hugs =)

Author's Response: of course it can be hermione... if you want to ;P love your stories too hun' ;P hugs and kisses

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Review #4, by StigmatizedA Baby Can Ruin It All: Taking It Into Her Own Hands

15th December 2005:
ohmygod, update soon! :D

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Review #5, by StigmatizedA Baby Can Ruin It All: Meeting Layla Ogilvy

29th November 2005:
oohh update soon! :D:D

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Review #6, by StigmatizedI Find Comfort In Pain: The path they take

16th November 2005:
my god åsa, just have to read more! :D:D very great chapter baby ;P hehe ;) and oohh "Severus Snape and vulnerable just didn’t go in the same sentence." <--- haha lol ;D hugs

Author's Response: haha, lol ;) but hun', go into ffnet instead. I have 5 chapters there! ;) love yah

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Review #7, by StigmatizedKnockin' on Heaven's Door: Hermione...

16th November 2005:
ooohh I just love this story! it was so sad! oh my god, I'm crying! I don't like the hermione/harry shipping, but I do like this story =) very good :D keep on writing, hugs :)

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for the amazing reviews! I love it and thanks so much!

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Review #8, by StigmatizedI Find Comfort In Pain: The Pain

15th November 2005:
what do you mean take time here too, your story's already up! ;P and yeah, it's a great story, love it :P even though I'm not ´that very big snape/hermione shipper, but I do like this story =) as many others... ;P yeah, and I promise hun', I'm gonna read ALL the chapters when they come up :) I don't seem to have the time right now :( oh, and heh, I'm your first review I think, hope you are'nt to disappointed. And now don't you think I write your stories are good just because your my best friend! I realyy like them! remember that! ;P kiss all over :P haha nah, but hugs sweetie :)

Author's Response: madde, you may want to look over your spelling ;) yeah, but what I meant about it taking a long time for the stories to get posted is that when I sent the story in, or wtf you put it, it was for about a week ago or even more than that! :S oh, and my friend here wants me to tell you that you're a bitch, just guess who... hrm... something beginning on M?

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Review #9, by StigmatizedMistaken Perceptions: Nostalgia

3rd November 2005: this one was just wonderful! I love it! :D and your English is very good you know ;P and again, very wonderful story! loved it! :)

Author's Response: Aw, wow thank you Stigmatized :D LOVE the penname, btw! Ah, I'm delighted that you enjoyed the read. Thanks once again :) ~ Sam M

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