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Review #26, by Tonks_girl_4evaOur Family Portrait: Our Family Portrait

24th January 2006:
wow, that's so sad

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Review #27, by Tonks_girl_4evaThrough a Doorway: Through a Doorway

24th January 2006:
aww thats sad, the ending really works well done!

Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you sweets!

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Review #28, by Tonks_girl_4evaThe Spy Returns to the Master: n/a

12th January 2006:
I think this story might be better if you put in more detail, this chapter's too short and , maybe make it a short 'complete' story instead of a one-shot, you know, do another chapter or two and add in more detail, perhaps in Snape's point of view. I was sort of left hanging. I like the overall plot though -Rosie ps on the summary shouldn't it be "Wormtail brings news to the Dark Lord of Dumbledore's death" not Snape's death?

Author's Response: I'm such a ditz. *changed Snape to Dumbledore* This was one of my first attempts at fan fiction. (Yes, a rather unfortunate beginning) If you want to read some of my newer *better* stuff, I sugest reading 'Morsmordre' my work in progress.

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Review #29, by Tonks_girl_4evaYou Never Noticed: Last Letter

10th January 2006:
awww so sad, why did you have to kill her? awesome story though

Author's Response: I was feeling really bad the day I wrote that. And I wanted to kill someone. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

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Review #30, by Tonks_girl_4evaBob: Bob

5th January 2006:
omg i couldn't stop laughing! i loved the way you wrote that!

Author's Response: Thankyou! I just *had* to write about someone called Bob, even though BitterEpiphany advised not too cos it's an invitaion for flames! I'm so glad you like it.

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Review #31, by Tonks_girl_4evaAfterwards: One-Shot

28th December 2005:
strange, very strange, bit confusing. it's sort of between 'effective' and 'a load of pretentious rubbish'

Author's Response: Hehe, well I'm glad you were honest! I appreciate you taking the time to review, thank you.

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Review #32, by Tonks_girl_4evaTrapped: Trapped

28th December 2005:
a sentimental voldemort, i like, but i thought voldemort was striving for immortallity? why would he expect to die 'to be free from this life, and the memories that haunt me' sorry i'm a bit picky you can ignore that if you want=)

Author's Response: thanks so much for your reveiw, you're my firsty ever reveiwer! the reason voldemort expects to die is because he's now having second thoughts aout his immortality, cause something strong is protecting harry that he doesn't understand. and there's doubt in his mind. thanks once again!

Author's Response: ooh, I think I get what else you mean, like he wants to be immortal, so why does he now want to die? I meant like, he thinks since love maybe is real, he's been living from a lie, everything he was striving for has no substance, so he doesn't want to keep living with such - what he's now realised as - a flimsy background... I hope that aswers it, if I'm not too late

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Review #33, by Tonks_girl_4evaAfter the End: Sirius's Birthday

26th December 2005:
this is good really good! what did Draco do? Is it something to do with his friends? if it is i think i may know well, i can guess can't i?

Author's Response: You will find out what happened soon enough

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Review #34, by Tonks_girl_4evaStories of Hogwarts: Ron and the Diet

22nd December 2005:
im lovin' them! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you, I will. I've written about five more, but I'm gonna wait until the fourth chapter has been validated to post the rest. Merry Christmas =)

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Review #35, by Tonks_girl_4evaBecause That Is the Way I Am: A Conundrum In Itself

20th December 2005:
interesting...never thought about an angsty side to Dumbledore before

Author's Response: *sobsob* WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE??? ~Drunkies

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Review #36, by Tonks_girl_4evaAll's Fair in Pranks and War .... Not to Mention Love!: Loony, Pigtail, Clubfoot and Wrong

20th December 2005:
argh! u've got way too many cliffies!!! good story though

Author's Response: Thankies! ~Dobby

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Review #37, by Tonks_girl_4evaFirst Signs of Magic - A Hermione Granger Story: One Day, an Owl Flew in Her Window

20th December 2005:
And another great story by the Drunkies!

Author's Response: You is so sweet! ~Dobby

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Review #38, by Tonks_girl_4evaBabysitting Harry: Sirius, Remus and Mushy food

20th December 2005:
hahaha this is funny i liked it where harry cud say everyone's but james' name and james repeatedly bashing his head against the wall! loved it!

Author's Response: That was really fun to write, lol. ~Dobby

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Review #39, by Tonks_girl_4evaThe Yule Ball Incident: The Yule Ball Incident

20th December 2005:
Great! Loved it

Author's Response: Kool, thanx! Have u read LostAngel's stuff yet? She's a really good author.

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Review #40, by Tonks_girl_4evaEverytime: One More Day With You

19th December 2005:
Great! Loved it! I like Simple Plan and Sirius. I like the plot to this, I had no idea Sirius could feel that much pain about James' death.

Author's Response: WE LOVES SIMPLE PLAN AND SIRIUS!!! ~Dobby

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Review #41, by Tonks_girl_4evaA Mother's Worst Nightmare: one shot

16th December 2005:
it wasn't very detailed but i liked it the last paragraph was confusing though, how could lily know what was going on if she was dead? well anyway great job!

Author's Response: Her spirit was standing in the room watching.....Thanks for the review!

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Review #42, by Tonks_girl_4evaDraco's Escape: Failure

15th December 2005:
i liked this, pity it's a one-shot i think it would be better if you do another chapter it's kind of left hanging do you know what i mean? anyway love the story =D

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Review #43, by Tonks_girl_4evaHogwarts Sanitarium: Traumatic Trials

14th December 2005:
oh yeah... and how did Harry come with the spells in his world?

Author's Response: Hmm... not sure. Maybe just out of his mind.

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Review #44, by Tonks_girl_4evaHogwarts Sanitarium: Traumatic Trials

14th December 2005:
Update this soon! i love the story (damn the person who invented cliffhangers!) i've just got a couple of questions though, is Ginny Ron's sister in real life and if they aren't what made harry think they were in his world?

Author's Response: ^_^ No, Ginny isn't related to Ron at all. Ginny goes in to see him to get updates on Harry, so Harry just interperated it that way. Make sense?

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Review #45, by Tonks_girl_4evaBecause of You: Because of You

11th December 2005:
This is an interesting story i liked the plot=D

Author's Response: That's lovely to hear, thanks for leaving me a review.

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Review #46, by Tonks_girl_4evaSomething Unpredictable: All dead... all gone.

10th December 2005:
awww that's so sad

Author's Response: Thank you so much

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Review #47, by Tonks_girl_4evaThe Day to Die: Chapter One: The Deaths

3rd December 2005:
i can guess! i can guess! is it hermione? i liked this story very original

Author's Response: thanks! and yes it is!

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Review #48, by Tonks_girl_4evaDespite My Best Efforts: Despite My Best Efforts

30th November 2005:
i like the idea of the story, very original :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #49, by Tonks_girl_4evaBecause of You: Because of You

21st November 2005:
This was ok, i liked the way you took the lyrics of the song 'Because of You' by Kelly Clarkson and wove them into the story.

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #50, by Tonks_girl_4evaBuried: Prolouge

11th November 2005:
i can't wait for the next chapter this is going great!

Author's Response: Thanks! So nice of you to say :)

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