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Review #1, by SandraPop Culture and Me: Tales of a Muggle-Born: Part Two: Moon Power!

6th September 2009:
Haha, again as a fan of Sailor Moon, I just found this chapter funny. The idea of a manga/anime loving Muggle Born at Hogwarts is just hilariously ridiculous but at the same time plausible! Hey you know, maybe there was a Muggle Born or Half Blood at Hogwarts in the books who was like this! The Pure Bloods had Luna Lovegood after all!

Candice suddenly had a strong desire to tell them that she was secretly a sailor scout sworn to defend the solar system and eventually become queen of Crystal Tokyo
Heh, I think even the purest Pure Blood witch or wizard would have been hard pressed to believe Candice if she said that. Death Note has some plausibility, but the reincarnation of a princess from the Moon whose a sailor solider protecting the galaxy? No chance! XD Would have been funny though.

And thank you for calling them by their original names! I worried that you'd use the dub names Serena and Darien, but no you used good old Japanese Usagi and Endymion!

I have to ask, will you be doing Dragonball Z or Hellsing in your next or later chapters? I love those anime as well :P

Author's Response: It's great isn't it hehe I always wondered why more people didn't include more muggle stuff... it doesn't always have to be wizarding world stuff :P hehe

And of course Candice would call them by their original names lol I personally have no preference over usage cause any Sailor Moon fan is a moonie I like lol but Candice would be a purest like that xD

As for what's next, nothing at the moment. I might continue this later if I have time but right now I have a bunch of other fics to finish hehe as for animes, I am not going to make every chapter anime related since it is "Pop Culture and Me" but who knows what I will think up next :D

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Review #2, by SandraPop Culture and Me: Tales of a Muggle-Born: Part One: Trick Note

6th September 2009:
Finally got round to reading this :) Haha very humourous chapter. I love Death Note and I can understand Candice's anger at L's death. Why couldn't it have just been Light? Didn't have to take it out on the Marauders though haha. Although, while I liked Sirius and Lupin, I never liked James much, so I'm kind of happy his ego was hurt.

I'm looking forward to the next one with the Sailor Moon refrences!

Author's Response: lol yeah I never much cared for James either but he is somewhat essential xD glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #3, by SandraAn Issue Of Trust: Can And Can't

8th March 2009:
It's great to see you've updated. I look forward to the next chapter, this one was great.

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Review #4, by SandraMorsmordre: Falkner Selwyn: The Price of Loyalty

20th October 2007:
I loved this chapter, it's sp well written. You really like Dolohov don't you? I don't blame you, from the way you've written him and the way he's written in the books, he comes across as a cool guy. I love him blaming Lucius, it's so sneaky.

I've also noticed that you Dolohov likes to wink alot. Not that i'm complaining, it's actually makes him sound cool and downright dangerous. He's so creepy the way he really wants to kill Selwyn, I have to say I really like your Dolohov :)

This was a great chapter, I think you wrote it really well.

Author's Response: Yeah, Dolohov is by far my favorite character :-)

I'm glad you liked this chapter seeing as I still have two more to go ;)

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Review #5, by SandraMorsmordre: Alexander Avery Sr.: Seven Words

28th September 2007:
Novadestin this was great. I could really feel Avery's anger and hate towards the mudbloods and those he felt wronged his mother. You can really undertsand why he'd hate them so and become a Death Eater. Also the ending with Voldemort was very well done :)

Author's Response: yay :D glad you liked it and very glad the emotion came through so well :)

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Review #6, by SandraDeath Eaters' Child: A Promise

23rd September 2007:
No…He was trustworthy…He had to be…

Just reading this makes me laugh. Rather ironic when you think of the different portryal of Dumbledore portrayed in Deathly Hallows, don't you think?

Scrimgeour is so nasty in this, how can he talk to a little girl like Celestia like that?

With that said, Scrimgeour took his leave, slamming the door closed behind him and putting a locking charm on it.

I'm guessing that Scrimgeour is a little bit miffed at Dumbledore's descision. No?

“And why would it matter if she trusts you or not?”

“It matters because she will act up more later if she believes she is in a world that does not care about her.”

Dumbledore's words are so wise and true. He knows what will happen to Celstia if she goes down the road which her parents were taking her down. He knows that if she grows up thinking people don't care or love her, she will not care or love either. And that does lead to dark activity and Death Eaterness.

She can be a Death Eater for all we know!” he said.

Crazy, crazy man. lol

“If the child is sent to Azkaban, she will be under the influence of more Death Eaters than she was before. She needs to be in a place where someone will take care of her properly.”

If you're in Azkaban aren't you just in a cell? Wouldn't she have no contact with Death Eaters? I mean are you thinking of prisons where all the prisoners are in some hall having lunch together and let outside for a bit? :P

Good on Madam Bones offering to look after Celestia. I liked her in OOTP movie what about you?

But once she felt a warm hand gently stroke her head and feel her forehead, her eyes snapped open.

Dumbledore felt the child tense when he touched her head and he figured that she was awake.

Awww, I like Dumbledore he's so kind. When Celestia tensed is that because she thought Dumbledore was going to hurt her? Is this because of Dolohov?

Sorry for the long review and taking so long. And I enjoyed this chapter like I did the rest :)

Author's Response: Yes, definitely. I hated the portrayal of Dumbledore in DH. It made me sad, like, "No! He's supposed to be the only good good guy! Don't let me change my views on him!" Lol. But, I loved the ending, where he was like "Harry, you brave, brave man" or whatever. *can't remember the specific quote and doesn't feel like looking it up* That made me almost cry.

Yes, Scrimgeour is probably looking at Dumbledore like "Um...are you right in the head?" But, Dumbledore's wise and he's not. *sticks tongue out at Scrimgeour*

Yes! Yes! I'm so glad you liked that quote from Dumbledore!! *dances a victory dance* I like it too, but, then again, I'm the author,

Regarding the cell in Azkaban - when I think of Azkaban, I think of people each having separate cells, but having the cells separated by more bars, so people can talk. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I think of. So, in my way, they could talk, but not in the same cell.

I can't really remember the movie. I saw it just once (though I would have liked to see it more). But, I think I remember thinking the same thing as you. I'll have to see it again to know what you mean, lol.

Celestia tensed because she didn't know who and why someone was touching her. In her mind she was like "Okay, if it's Scrimgeour, he'll just talk or something." She wasn't prepared for anyone touching her and the gesture frightened her.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. :D Thanks so much for the review!! I love all the feedback and questions!! XD

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Review #7, by SandraDeath Eaters' Child: "You Have a Choice."

2nd September 2007:
This chapter was great! I have to ask, if Dolohov treats his daughter the way he does, do you think other Death Eaters treat their children that way? Anyway back to the chapter

The conversation between Dumbledore was fab, I really liked it. Once again I thought it was very sweet. I can't believe though that Scrimgeour wanted her to be put in Azkaban, what is that! I'm curious to see what happens with Celestia now

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much!! *grins happily* I'm thrilled to hear that you enjoyed it. Yeah, the other Death Eaters probably do treat their children that way - not because they're cruel, but probably because of their personality and their parenting skills. I think the Malfoys treated Draco like that, personally, but whatever.

I'm glad you liked the conversation with Dumbledore. Yes, he's a sweety. Don't you just want to hug him like Celestia does? I know I do. He'd be the ultimate grandfather! :D

Scrimgeour's a jerk, what can I say? Lol. But, if you think about it, if you don't know anything about a person, just about the environment and the people they were molded around, wouldn't you want to put them away from you, too, just to be safe? I like to put it in perspective of the character, but I would never do that. Nuh uh. :P

Thank you so much for the reviews! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!! XD

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Review #8, by SandraDeath Eaters' Child: Questioning

2nd September 2007:
So sorry it's taken me this long to read this chapter, summer holdiays an all :) I felt some liking for Scrimgeour at the end of Deathly Hallows, but this shows how nasty he can be. I mean how old is Celestia anyway? I'd say 6 or 7, and he says that to her! That she'll never see her parents again?! How nasty is that. I don't know if I mentioned this in the previous chapter, but Scrimgeour has no idea hwo to deal with children lol

Dumbledore was wonderful! He acted the way I expected him to act! Very cannon. The whole thing between them was so sweet :)

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad you liked the chapter! :D Don't worry about being caught up with the holidays - I've been just catching up (and I haven't really been in a muse to get through the chapter I just posted). But, count on boredom to decide for you. XD I'm so glad you liked this one!! Yeah, Scrimgeour is nasty. I don't like him in any of the books, lol. I think you might have mentioned that in a last review, but it's okay. I've done that before, too! :D

Oh, I'm glad you liked Dumbledore! He's so sweet. I didn't want to believe what I read in DH about him. :'( I didn't want to believe it and wanted to "wipe my brain clean of all I had heard" just like Harry had wished. But, I forgive him. He was young and foolish, and at least he's sorry...

Oh, listen to me! I'm going on and on! Lol. Well, I'm glad you liked my chapter!! :P And I'm glad you thought Dumbledore was canon! I try to make him as canon as possible because he's, like, my favorite character (along with Snape and Harry, of course XD). Thanks so much!!

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Review #9, by SandraHarry Potter and the Meaning Of Love: Can it get any Worse??

21st August 2007:
Hi Darth, i'm happy tos ee you've updated it's been a while :) This chapter really had alot going on it it. I loved Voldemort and the Death Eaters, they really are evil! Of course I've always liked the Death Eaters; well except for one or two in Deathly Hallows.

I really hate Rita Skeeter. I hated her in Deathly Hallows and I hate her in this. I have to ask, is Umbridge going to be in this story as well? :P

Apart from a spelling mistakes, and abit of lack of description (of course my stories are just as bad, you're a much better writer than me), this was great. If you need any help, don't hesitate to pm me on the forums, i'll be more than happy to help you ;)

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Review #10, by SandraDeath Eaters' Child: WANTED

4th July 2007:
I found Celestia's reaction to the door so funny, it sounds like the tantrum that a brat would have. I do feel sorry for her though when it come's to her parents. It's very clear that she wants them to love, and maybe deep down they do, but she just isn't recieving what she wants from it. I mean he can't even manage a genuine smile at breakfast, and he doesn't want her to come with him to knockturn alley. Is this the fact that it's no place of children, or he just doesn't want her with him?

You're right he does have no idea how to deal with a child. Leaving a seven year old alone in knockturn alley isn't very responsible or sensible lol.

Great ending, i'm intrested in what Dolohov will do or say to Celestia. I promise I will read the rest of this story, and will get to reading chapter 3 soon, I think i'm going to enjoy this story :)

Just curious but how do you imagine Dolohov to look like?

Author's Response: Lol, thank you sooo much for the review!! I love your reviews! They're very insightful and you really seem to understand the characters.

Antonin's irresponsible and he's never had to deal with a child before, especially his own. He doesn't know what he's doing. To him, telling Celestia to stand outside was just a simple task that should be obeyed at once. He's basically incapable of empathy - he can't understand what a little girl is thinking. He was forced into bringing Celestia there in the first place by his wife, and he wants to please her for the most part.

I'm glad you liked the ending! Really!! You'll find out what Antonin does to Celestia in the next chapter! I hope you enjoy it (and I'm glad you think you will, lol!)!! Thanks so much!! XD

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Review #11, by SandraAn Issue Of Trust: Star Light, Star Bright

8th June 2007:
I was wondering if there was any way you could contact me on the forums? I've been sending you PM's and E-mails but getting no answer. I actually Pm'd Bibbs because I was worried something had happened or you'd abonded Harry Potter fanfiction altogether :)

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Review #12, by SandraThursday's Child: Thursday's Child

4th June 2007:
I really enjoyed this story. I loved reading Petunia's point of view on the whole thing, and how she felt abandoned by her sister. It would be a good reason for why she hates magic so much. In a way I can understand why she's so angry at Lily. Where it says that when Lily returned from her 1st year at Hogwarts and demanded a new room of her own, it probably signalled an unwanted change for Petunia. First her sister leaves her family to learn magic, and then Lily (probably in Petunia's eyes) abandons her again by not wanting to share a room with her sister, which she had since childhood.

For Lily she probably saw nothing wrong with doing this. I mean their father could have used the excuse that lily was growing up, but for Petunia it must have seemed as if Lily was insensitive to her feelings on the whole subject, or didn't care?

You've done the marauders characters very well. I find Sirius and Peter's ironic though. Sirius was one of the few Blacks to not be prejudiced agaisnt muggles and mudbloods, yet to Petunia he appears that way. He acts, to her, as if he's better just because he's magic, and in her own thoughts expects her to 'fall worshipfully at his feet'. Yet he's not like that in the books, and he's just lookign out for Lily because Lily is the soon to be wife of James his best friend.

Peter I found ironic because he's so nice to Petunia. It's strange to read because no matter how nice he acts you just know that in the future he will betray Lily and James. I think Peter is supposed to be a pureblood? The very person who shows Lily real concern or kindness, is the one who will be the cause behind Lily and James death. Sad really.

I thought this was a great one-shot. You've shown Lily's bitterness and disdain towards Lily and magic in general, and also her love for Uncle Vernon. You can also see the resentment towards her parents, especially her father :)

How have you been? I've been trying to contact you for ages, and never get a reply. I was worried something bad had happened, or you had abandoned Harry Potter fan fiction altogether.

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Review #13, by SandraThe Emerald Phoenix: The Phoenix Mark

1st June 2007:
This was a great chapter. Sorry it took me so long to it. Your first chapter was very suspensful with Neville dying, and now we have the aftermath, and how everyone's going to react.

I love how the Emerald Phoenix is like Voldemort, like the mark on the front room, the green colour, and Harry's scar hurting. I honestly believe that it's Voldemort, although a Death Eaters a good guess.

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, as i'm really enjoying this story :)

Author's Response: Hey there Sandra!

It's alright it took you a little bit to come back. Yep, now we get to hear people's reactions to his death.

You think it's Voldemort eh? Or a Death Eater? Well, those are good guesses. Could be a lot of things though.

Thanks again Sandra for reviewing!

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Review #14, by SandraThe Emerald Phoenix: The Last Longbottom

23rd March 2007:
I found this an exciting start to the story. I saw this in the 'New story' topic on the forums and decided that I had to read it. You've wrote your characters very well, it the story flows well. Well done.

Author's Response: Hey there Sandra! It's great to hear from you!

I'm glad you liked this first chapter. I'm very glad you liked my portrayal of the characters.

Thanks again Sandra! Hope to hear from you again!

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Review #15, by SandraIn the Dark: Say Goodbye to the Little Girl Tree

19th March 2007:
I'm sorry i've taken so long to get to reading your story, I was busy with school work and such. I have to agree with Tonk's when she says that Harry's a bit of a hot head. I've always liked Tonks. She's the humour in the Harry Potter books. I've always thought of that, especially since Order of the Phoenix. I kinda feel that Harry reacted that way because he didn't know what to do. I heard it's quite common for people to start laughing when they're nervous, and I think others just become defensive or agressive, like Harry did. Of course Lupin is very correct when he told Harry that he's not the only one to have lost someone to Voldemort. Hasn't it occured to Harry that people like Hannah Abott (who I think left in the sixth book), Susan Bones and Mrs Weasley have had much heartache because they have had loved one's killed (some horribly) by Death Eaters?

I think the conversation between Hermione and Ginny was very well done, and in character. As much as Ginny is compassionate and very warm, she can also be mean and stubborn, as you've shown here, and was shown in Half Blood Prince. I'm sure these two care about each other very much, but have different veiws on things, so they clash. All I can say though is that what Hermione said about Harry walking over Ginny, could only be described as a low blow lol. I thought Ginny would yell at her or make a remark, I didn't expect her to just walk out.

Now on to Ron and Hermione. I have to commend you on writing a sex scene, I could and would never do it. I'd just be embarrased, and it would come out all wrong. You however pulled it off perfectly, and had me sniggering while reading it; especially at the fact that Hermione was thinking of the song 'Weasley is our King'. You ended the chapter on such a lovely note with the two. I really enjoyed this chapter, it was such fun to read, and also thank you for deleting my two reviews in my story :)

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Review #16, by SandraIn the Dark: Where the Wild Roses Grow

26th February 2007:
I'm so sorry i've took so long to review this, anyway i'm back now :)
I have to say i'm surprised by Harry's reaction to going to his parents house. He was acting as if he didn't care. I'm sure he does though.

I found it funny at the start that when Tonks went to wake up Hermione she manages to stub her toe. She's quite accident prone isn't she. I am glad to see that Harry and Ron are on speaking terms now too.

It was nice of Ron to want to go speak to Harry when he was at the graves; makes me wonder what would have happened if he had.

Anyway sorry for the short review, I promise I'll have a longer review of the next chapter, and I enjoyed this.

Author's Response: Of course Harry cares, but...I don't think he knows how to feel about it. exactly. He's been through a lot in his life and has built up a very thick skin, which means he internalises quite a lot of his pain.

I think that even if Ron had gone to Harry, not much would have been said, I think Ron just wanted to be there for him and to let him know he would support him.

Thank you for your review, Sandra, glad to see you back!

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Review #17, by SandraLast Summer: In Midst Of The Storm

21st February 2007:
Firstly sorry i've take so long to review this. I can't help but feel sorry for Draco. He so sure of himself and feels he's better than everyone else, and then he thinks that he's lost Ginny to Harry, which he's obviously sick about.

I wonder how Zabini feels about this display between Malfoy and Pansy, is he upset or angry about it? Really Pansy should just go with Zabini, he's much better for her than Draco is.

Sad about Ginny and how upset she feels. Is there going to be any Harry/Ginny ship in this. No doubt there is going to be a confrontation between Ginny and Malfoy when they meet. Ginny used to have such a crush on Harry, at what point did it just go, when she started dating Malfoy?

Anyway I'm sorry I couldn't write much, but I want to say that i enjoyed this chapter :)

Author's Response: If the interactions between Harry and Ginny in this story could be considered H/G shipping, it would only be mostly one sided on Harry's part. About Blaise and Pansy, I can only say that there is more to Blaise than you think and it may not necessarily be something good. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter, this is actually probably the longest review I've received for this chapter. =)

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Review #18, by SandraIn the Dark: All Tomorrow's Parties

30th January 2007:
I actually read this chapter yesterday, I just didn't get a chance to review it properly. I'm giving this a 10 out of 10 because I loved it. It was quite comical. I feel sorry for the Grangers, espcially their mother, but at the end of the day it will be protecting Hermione, and I think Mr Granger realizes that.

I found it hilarious that the night before the wedding Ron, Bill, Charlie and Fred and George decide to get drunk. No wonder Mrs Weasley was so upset. Fleur has no idea this had happened? I can just imagine Ginny been annoyed by Fleur's family and friends fussing over her so much. Fleur's Mum sounds abit like a snob *stuggles to fnd a word to suit it*.

I feel so sorry for Ginny. If Harry was turning up, he could at least be happy. And then for Ginny to get into a screaming match at him (at the cermony) and then get rejected is embarrasing and saddening. Very in character to have the Weasley boys angry at Harry by the way. They are protectie of her, Ron especially. And very sweet to have Hermione say that to Ron at the end.

Once again I feel I haven't given a good enough review for you, but i'll try on the next chapter. I also happen to feel that you a great writer, much better than me, it's a pleasure to read this ;)

Author's Response: Thanks for coming back, Sandra!

It seems an age old tradition to have the groom and his brothers get drunk before the wedding and yes, incredibly stupid. But man do I love the Weasley brothers and that they asked Ron to come with them and probably loaded him up on so much firewhiskey he threw up...because that's what older brothers are for: leading you astray. I haven't thought about Fleur finding out, I don't reckon much gets past her when it comes to Bill though, so maybe...

Harry is my sulky chops, I've probably exaggerated his attitude here, but I reckon this is how he might seem when he's in one of his 'moods'. I also think Ginny fails to realise she has all the power in their relationship, that because Harry wants her that all she would have to do is press the issue and he'd be lost. Heh, you reckon that Ginny might get a little bit sick of boys thinking she always needs protecting from the world?

Thanks so much for reviewing and really, really glad that you're enjoying In the Dark. Your reviews have been pushing back some of the affection I had for this fic and I may start adding to the last chapter again soon (it's about halfway done)

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Review #19, by SandraIn the Dark: A Lack of Conviction

29th January 2007:
Well I made a promise to myself that I would read your stories so here I am. It must be hard for Hermione living at home with her parents and struggling to them about the current events going on in the wizardding world. How very true though that Voldemort is like a magical version of hitler. I always like mentioning that (to whoever listens) how J.K has almost written Voldemort and his Death Eaters like Hitler.

Poor Mr and Mrs Granger, they msut have been so worried and confused when Mr Weasley and Mrs Weasley sat them down to talk. I wonder how they're going to react when they realize that Hermione will be going off with Harry and Ron. You've wrote Ron and Hermione very well and cannon. Especially Ron at is shock at Ginny and Harry dating, and how he wouldn't know how to speak to Ginny about it. I'm actually shocked he was ok with the whole thing in HBP.

If there's one thing I've never liked about Hermione in the books is that while she has a heart of gold, she does have a tendency to be quite mean to Ron. You've showed this with Ron comforting Hermione probably meaning that she doesn't have to go if she'd be worried about her parents, and she turns on him accusing him of saying that she's weak or that Ron only wants it to be him and Harry that go. I nkow that the two are gooid friends at heart.

It was a lovely way to ened the chapter with the two of them kissing. Now onto the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yes, even JKR has commented herself a few times about how she's written some obvious similarities to the Nazis and to Hitler's regime (and the obvious similarities with Hitler himself).

Er...I suppose it will have to be a case of what they don't know won't hurt them. I've read a fic once where the Grangers had to destroy any connection they might have had to Hermione so it was like she was never a part of their home. Wizard Protection Program. I think Ron was in the opinion that Harry was a good guy who would take care of his sister and also that he thought Harry wouldn't do anything untowards with her, being the honourable best mate that he is.

Ah, Hermione and Ron are often quite nasty to each other - I think both of them jump to conclusions far too quickly and they get so angry at each other that what they meant doesn't matter - there's a lot of emotion tied up between those too and while I hope they'll get better at communicating, they're always going to argue - I think to make them perfectly civilised towards each other would be totally OOC.

Thanks for reviewing Sandra! Glad you're enjoying it and I'm dead chuffed that I'm one of those authors that people make promises to read - I do that too!

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Review #20, by SandraI'll Follow the Sun: Harry Potter and the Shovel of Logic

26th January 2007:
This is your first trio romance? Well done, it's very good, I certainly wouldn't have been able to pull it off. I suspect that's exactly how Ginny felt after Harry left her at the end of HBP, annoyed and disgruntled. Like Tonk's I have no idea how Ginny's foot got into her pocket, but the two (to anyone watching), must have looked comical.

It's nice to see Lupin, I always like seeing his character in fannon and cannon. I think Tonk's is right when she said Dumbledore would have had a laugh, and I laughed when Tonk's explained to Ginny how men all have to be big hero's.

Tonks gave a thoughtful look and squeezed her face into a replica of Lupin’s. “Look wise enough?”

Again I laughed, because I just can't imagine the picture that come's into my head when I read the sentence.

This was a lovely fic and well done for your first attempt at trio romance.I hope my review was good, I normally find it quite hard to write how I felt about the fic onto the words :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Sandra! I guess I got to thinking how usually Ginny would be one of the first to pull Harry up on his nonsense and how it seemed so unlikely she would have taken it lying down, but also that she cares about him and well...I'd be frustrated if the guy I was seeing pulled on his big damn hero boots to 'protect' me.

I have enormous amounts of trouble with Lupin, I love him to pieces but he's such an insular guy. But writing him and Tonks together tickles me pink, they have such a fun dynamic.

Thank you so much for reviewing and no worries about the tongue-tiedness, I tend to speak in riddles for reviews so this was perfectly coherent :P

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Review #21, by SandraOnce Upon A Frog: Once Upon A Frog

21st January 2007:
Awww this was a cute story. I always liked Neville and always feel that he get's it too hard in the books.

He held Trevor by his webbed foot and made a lazy turn, imagining it was his true love and smiled as Trevor croaked with the music.

I could just imagine Malfoy or someone else who doesn't like Neville looking at him and going 'saddo', because really Neville must look like he's dancing with his toad. What makes me smile is that he bothered to take Trevor with him lol.

It's just like Neville to believe something Luna said. Her warning about the Nimfants made him instantly worry and lossen his tie lol I thought that was so sweet when Luna asked Neville if he thought she was mad (although looking at the sentence now it sounds quite funny), and he said he didn't.

How funny that must look, Neville and Luna dancing with Trevor in his sholder, I suppose thats why everyone was staring at them. And how funny that Tervor actually was moving his head to the beat.

I don't think I've ever read a dance fic where the characters of the story in question don't end the fic dancing but instead just watching and talking; I like it. And the stuff Luna herself come's up with. First Scrimgeour is a vampire, and now Fudge is a frog. What next? Snape is a bat? Lol.

I liked this fic. I didn't mind it was short at all, it held my attention in it. I hope my review was ok and too short ;)


Author's Response: Huggles Sue-- I'm glad you liked this. Trevor was my baby of this fic... and the thoughts on Fudge was jackie-- made a truly loverly story. Thanks for leaving such a lovely review. ~~juls

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Review #22, by SandraThe Journey Home: Prologue

14th January 2007:
I've been dying to read this story, so now I have a chance. I think this is a great prologue, it explains about the wedding, and explains what Harry did before he left. I liked reading how Ron and Hermione got together, and how sweet Molly and Arthur are. There's a sad sort of feeling when you wrote how Harry left a crumpled note on his pillow. However I found you instantly changed it to humorous when you mentioned that bit about Mundungus Fletcher. I'll get onto chapter 2 soon. Can I can just that I love the banner for the story? It's so simple but effective.

Author's Response: The banner is actually pretty reflective of the story on a deeper level once you read the story; very austere and slightly bleak. I'm glad someone finally noticed the bit about Dung. I'd been waiting for that! :) Only he would nip round the gardens to pee in the bushes....

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Review #23, by SandraLost in Another World: The Pure Heart and the Dark One

4th January 2007:
Yay you updated! I found the third part intresting: Soshlan opened his eyes, shrieked, and pushed Janryu away. "You were in my mind, you freak! You were strangling me while in that hideous demonic vampiric form you take! I couldn't even wake up! You were killing me in my dream!"

I'm certain that it's Damien, I alwasy knew that there is something strange about him. and the line where it says Dumbledore looked furious only strengthens what I think. I find Neville and Luna's growing relation ship so touching. The bit where Harry meets the Fairy Queen is really good and I was wondering who the one with the pure heart was. I was so happy when it turned out to be Neville, good for him.

The ending shocked me with Damien turned into that monster. Not surprising since I always suspected him to be evil lol

I can't wait for the next chapter espescially since you left it on such a cliff hanger. Look forward to it ;)


Author's Response: Hehe! It's funny I haven't updated when it's supposed to be 'easier' for me now. I must force myself to finish chapter 27. It's about halfway since a very long time ago, which is embarrassing. I'm glad you liked this chapter, especially sine it was a bit tough to write. I've become too slow, but I do hope to get my 'fast' groove`

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Review #24, by SandraRunaway: Tears and Rain

31st December 2006:
This was such a great chapter Scrib! The first scene with Harry ranting (would it be cruel to say whining too?) to Hermione was exactly how I expected it! And I was on Harry's side, because I felt Hermione has been quite unfair to Evie in this story.

Second the part with Evie, I feel so sad and sorry for her. I don't think this is what she expected at all. I think the ways she feels for Harry is so sweet. The bit with Malfoy made me smile, he was done so well! I wondered what he wanted when he wouldn't let her go, but then knew when he told Evie he was going to discover what she was hiding.

Pansy was good as well. May I add though that alot of stories feature her simpering over Draco, while he ignores her or treats her with disdain. Maybe you shoudl have the two interact or be friendlier with each other. Classic example is OOTP when the two were shaking with laughter together at Hagrid and Professor Umbridge. it's just my suggestion, but I think the two are great even as they are.

Poor Hermione. She was responsable for the breakup with Evie and Harry, and know unknowingly, she's responsable for Evie's secret coming out. You really don't like Hermione in this story do you Scrib? Lol

Pansy is so nasty, to just shout it out in front of the whole students in the Great hall, and all for Draco? Thats not only nasty but pathetic. And the funny thing is she still didn't get what she wanted after doing it! Draco was still hell bent on the subject of Evie as ever afterwards.

I think the scene with Harry and Evie was beautiful. And I loved that he shouted out to her that he loved her! And the last sentence of the paragraph: 'They’d found each other once more'. Stays in my mind, it's so lovely.

Lastly Draco setting off to write a letter to his Dad about Evie, spells big trouble for me. Maybe Alecto will personally got to Voldemort and tell him that she's dating Harry Potter, or he'll just lose whatever sanity he had (did he evrr have any?) and try and storm Hogwarts for Evie. Either way this is going to be exciting, and the only phrase that comes to my head when reading this chapter is 'A storm is coming' lol

Speaking of Draco, he is obviously unaware of what Alecto wants to do to Evie. Is Lucius too? If something truly terrible was to happen to Evie, or Draco was to find out beforehand what Alecto had planned for Evie, would he feel any guilt?

Great chapter Scrib *huggles*

Author's Response: YAY! Sumy!!! lol. *dances* SOOOOO glad you liked the chapter! I'm still a little unsure about it. I dont know if it came out quite the way I wanted it to. But again, I am glad you were happy with it. :)

Haha. Yeah, I guess Harry was ranting a bit. But I think he deserved a little venting of his anger. lol. I figured he'd be pretty upset about what Hermione did.

I know, poor Evie. I am so mean to her. lol. And Malfoy is really fun to write. As was Pansy. And I agree with your points you made about her. I did have them laughing together in Hagrid's class. It's not like Draco despises her or anything. I just see him as holding other things more important than flirting with her (like Evie's secret for example). Draco is a high and mighty kind of guy, even around his friends. He's....well....Draco. lol.

Haha!! I do so like Hermione, I swear! lol. I know, I've been mean to her too, havent I? Gosh, I really need to stop being so evil to my Except Pansy. I can be evil to her. Haha. I agree, she was rather pathetic in this chapter. Stupid Pansy....*shakes head*. lol

I love that you loved the makeup scene! That's actually the part I was unsure about. It seemed a little too cheesy to me. But I AM a hopeless romantic, so I really shouldnt be surprised that that's what came out of me. lol.

Yes, letters from Draco are bad, very bad. Haha. Alecto at this point is very insane. I can tell you that much. But my lips are otherwise sealed. hehe. A storm is most definitely coming! You hit the nail on the head....*grins evilly*

Draco is unaware sort of. He knows that the Carrows want to find her. He's basically just concerned with earning his father's respect by giving him this information. He doesnt really care about anything else. As for feeling guilty, I dont think Draco (my Draco at least) is capable of feeling guilt about that. Neither is Lucius. They are both evil, evil people basically. But you'll

Sum, thank you so much for this astounding review! You always make me smile like crazy. You are so wonderful. Thanks again hun! Talk to you soon hopefully! *hugs* :)

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Review #25, by Sandra:

23rd December 2006:
Susie is rising up in my favorite OC's, and she's hilarious. I burst into laughter at the start of the chapter when she's complaining about Professor Snape, especially when she's tipping Oliver Wood and Madeline Johnson's caludron. And then her going on about Madeline been a slut, was very funny.

I honestly don't understand how the girl got into Snape's class after fifth year. You needed an 'O' to continue... I bet she slept with him, the dirty bitch. Mind you, old Snape's so stiff and grumpy he could use a good shagging to lighten up, but's a matter of principle. You're supposed to get in advanced classes on merit...

I just couldn't stop laughing at this paragraph, it was comical.

And lastly her Defence agasint the Dark Arts lesson was funny too. Great chapter!

Author's Response: I love writing about Snape in a comical way. He's just so incredibly stiff and uptight. And of course, with humor comes pervertedness...because...well, that's how I write. :P Thanks for your reviews!

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