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Review #1, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Slavic Scrolls: Starting Over

19th July 2010:
No complaints here. Great start!

Author's Response: thanks! Its too bad you have to do it one chapter at a time and it takes so long to have each reviewed...

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Review #2, by iwpotterHarry Potter and The Plane of Shadows: Splitting of Pathways

28th November 2008:
You have by far one of the most compelling stories on this site. Keep writing!

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Review #3, by iwpotterAnd the Greatest of These...: Christmas Day

6th January 2008:
Pansy and Neville? Worst. Pairing. Ever.

Great chapter though! This is easily one of my favorite fics on the site. Keep it up

Author's Response: really? the worst? Certainly unexpected though, right? thanks. happy reading.

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Review #4, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin: 32: Truth and Consequences

18th July 2007:
My favorite fan fic. Damn, if Harry didn't go Ike Turner, they'd be happily snogging that like to...snog a lot.

Author's Response: No doubt! But, alas, it had to be, this fic needs to take some dark turns.

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Review #5, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Heirs of Slytherin: 28: The Pitch

1st July 2007:
YAY! an update! great story though you're probably used to hearing that. *sing song voice* Harry likes Tura! Harry likes Tura!

Author's Response: Yeah, I think he does. She kinda grows on ya...

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Review #6, by iwpotterInfinite Anguish: An Earnest Set-Up

14th June 2007:
Glad to have you back but did you have to murder the trio completely?

Author's Response: Technically the trio isn't completely dead...Harry's still alive. I figured that might catch a few people off guard. Hope it didn't ruin the story for you! Thanks for reviewing =)

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Review #7, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Final Journey: Harry Potter and the Final Journey

26th May 2007:
Its pretty good. Though you should separate the dialouges to make it easier to read and work a bit more on vocabulary

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the suggestion iwpotter. will try to make it better.

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Review #8, by iwpotterThe Final Adventure: Chapter 11 Edgar's Wife

15th May 2007:
pretty good story. Her being R.A.B. doesn't make sense, but other than that the story is good

Author's Response: Well we all know who RAB truley is but why stick to what you know.

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Review #9, by iwpotterThe Door to Chaos: Chapter 12 Questions Asked and Answers Questioned

7th November 2006:
truly a great story. I hope you continue to update, this was a great idea.

Author's Response: The next chapter is already waiting for approval from the mods here ;)
and thank you for that nice review :)

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Review #10, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Oroborus Light: Christmas Tradition

3rd October 2006:
Wow...This story is amazing. The attention to detail you've put into it is phenominal. I could really think this was the seventh book except for the H/Hr shipping. Despite that you did it well. Many would just have Harry wake up one day in love with Hermione and then be kissing her the next chapter. You were very patient and believable. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I see you've been at writing for a while, and have a few stories online, so your comments mean alot.

I am trying to get a good amount of detail in here, to make it believable. There are some things I haven't touched on yet, but those will come up later in the story (I had one reviewer ask about Fawkes ['cause I haven't addressed him yet]. He'll be explained later).

I know I divert from Canon a little (and by a little, I mean alot) with the H/Hr, but I like that pairing. I see the characters, and they fit perfectly to me. But I'm glad you like how I get them together. It's not a sudden waking up process. It's someone falling in love with someone they've known for years. I am happy to hear you think it's believable. That's what I'm going for (so that people who don't even read H/Hr can say "I don't read H/Hr normally, but you made it believable, and I liked it").

Thanks again for the great review! Next chapter's almost done, so keep an eye out!

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Review #11, by iwpotterHarry Potter & the Four Elements: Potions Gone Bad

8th September 2006:
great chapter. i loved that little twist. This should be very interesting

Author's Response: I hope that you continue to enjoy the twists. Thank you so much for your reivew. Keep checking back for updates.

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Review #12, by iwpotterA Serpent's Sacrifice: Today You Will Meet Your Maker

22nd August 2006:
WOO! Go Harry! Now how is he going to get out of there? Great chapter! I can't wait for the next

Author's Response: How will he get out, and what about the horcrux? Both answered next chapter, to be posted soon. G.

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Review #13, by iwpotterA Serpent's Sacrifice: I'm Done Worrying

18th August 2006:
Another amazing chapter! I'm on the edge of my seat!

Author's Response: I like that "edge of my seat" stuff. It's hard for the author to know since I already have an idea of what's coming up. Definitely I wanted to create some suspense. Thanks for your reviews. G.

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Review #14, by iwpotterThe Day the Music Died: revealed Crushes

17th January 2006:
Wow. This will be interesting. I'm shocked Ron didn't have a heart attack over a statement like that. Keep it up.

Author's Response: wow thanks lol...Sequel will be up soon

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Review #15, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Forgotten Solution: Despair and Hope

3rd January 2006:
Great STory! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, I will. S.

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Review #16, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Devil's Shadow: Dreams

31st December 2005:
Great Start. Keeping Writing!

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Review #17, by iwpotterHarry Potter: Secrets Revealed: Questions Asked-- and Unasked

15th August 2005:
Great story so far. That dream shifter thing is very interesting and cool. Though how come Owl results weren't given? Also Lee Jordan graduated. Great story though!

Author's Response: Thanks.. dream shifting was just an idea I came up with that I thought would be awesome to actually be able to do :-p Owl results werent given simply because I'm lazy (I'm sorry.. I've failed you!) and thanks for helping me out on the Lee Jordan thing.. it occurred to me that he had graduated-- about two days ago :-p lol.. but I wasn't sure if I'd put him in any of my stories er not :-p

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Review #18, by iwpotterMiscilies: Chapter One

27th June 2005:
Very refreshing! Thinking of the original and reading it was fun. I really miss that shoutbox. It was so much fun. Well I'm down going down memory lane. Keep updating!

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Review #19, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Curse of Betrayal: Surprise and Retreat back to Base

25th June 2005:
I enjoyed this. Nice start. I look forward to reading more

Author's Response: sweet! my first review ever! thanks so much for reading, and, yes, there will be more!

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Review #20, by iwpotterLEGACIES: The Grim: Pureblood Secrets

15th June 2005:
ITS DAMN GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!! The site seemed to be missing something without your great stories.

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Review #21, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Crest of the Ancients: Evil has a New Face

15th June 2005:
Thank you, and I will depending on reviews so I no whether or not i'm wasting my time. Don't want to be writing a story that sucks.

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Review #22, by iwpotterThe Girl Who Lived: Prologue One -- 7 years before

23rd August 2004:
This is your first fic?! Wow I wish I wrote like that on the first chapter of my first fic on this site. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for my first review. Now i know why other authors are always pleading for people to review their stories. It's because besides the fact that they are fun to read and everyone loves to be praised, it lets me know that people actually CARE. Keep reviewing.

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Review #23, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Curse of the Snake: Learning the Patronus Charm

20th August 2004:
I believe you. I know from experience that some people will get bored if there isn't enough action to start off. But I like your pace. I'm sure it'll be great! Can you check out my new story?

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Review #24, by iwpotterHarry Potter and the Final Prophecy: The Battle Begins

20th August 2004:
NO!!!!!!!! CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a great chapter!!! Please update!!

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Review #25, by iwpotterLetters to Laura: Marvelous Meeting

19th August 2004:
Hey Lily long time no chat!! Great little lupin fic so far!! You also have all the characters perfectly. Its just so funny how Lily shuts down James. It's like Urkel and Laura

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