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Review #1, by HasaneWhen Dahlias Bloom: THREE: Hell Hath No Fury

23rd September 2017:
Third chapter! I was so excited for this story to update; it made my day!

This chapter was a gem. The beginning of the chapter was so sweet, how the girls always get together so they always have a chance to see each other.

I'm glad to see that Cass is doing much better!

I don't really have much to say for the first half of the chapter, except that I laughed when Dahlia legitimately thought she had hurt the Boy Who Lived!

The second half of the chapter... Yikes.

(The family dynamic is so similar to mine; are we sisters or what?)

For some reason I just feel the tiniest bit sorry for Auntie Supriya? I'm probably not supposed to; she's the embodiment of everything I literally hate. Props to Dahlia for being forward enough to defend herself! I really need those guts of hers. And to be honest Auntie Supriya is free to believe whatever she wants and carry out her own life; after all, isn't that what half the idea of feminism is about? For a woman to be able to pursue her wants without receiving crap for it? (Her internal misogyny is a problem though, I'm not brushing that aside.) The problem comes in where Auntie Supriya forces her world views and ideals into her family, and makes them follow them. I think if expects the world to adhere to her own views and needs, she'll be sorely disappointed.

(I really did just call Auntie Supriya "Auntie Supriya" for the entirety of this review because I was too uncomfortable calling her "Supriya." Wow.)

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Review #2, by HasaneFallen: Memories

11th August 2017:
Hi! I'm so sorry it took me just about four days to finish the rest of this!

Youve really set this story up to have some real potential for plotlines here. Cass is already making steps into maturing a little bit, as she took the chance to apologize; that takes a lot of guts you know?

I never really did like Cass in Complicated but youve really made me sympathize with her, and understand to an extent why she would do what she did. Of course, your readers hating Cass (most of them anyways) also had something to do with a bit of denial; all of us would love to believe when push comes to shove we wouldnt run away, wouldnt we? Shes human, so weve got to give her some leeway for that.

I really like that Cass went to James to do something about their ruined relationship but having sex with him really wasnt the way to go. It would bring up old feelings, or some illusion of it, and theyre usually never good. I dont know what you plan on doing with the two of them, but by the end of the story Id really like to see them friends, as friends who have worked through their problems, you get what I mean?

So, about Scorpius. I really have to applaud him. Olivia suffered a lot with Cass disappearance in her sixth year, but Scorpius clearly went through some stuff too. He had to experience the anxiety of thinking his girlfriend had died or something, and all this while his feelings for her were at his strongest. He did say that he was going to confess that he loved her at the beginning of Complicated didnt he? And then, it turned out Cass was alive! But pregnant with a baby that wasnt his. Yikes. Seven years later, I would say he had properly moved on, but those feelings of frustration would have lingered, I think. He didnt punch Cass the moment she showed her face to him, even when he had every single right to. I give him props for that, honestly.

Olivia is such a sweetheart. Seven years, and she still kept sending letters to Cass. People better than her would have stopped after the first few years, but she never gave up. You have to love her.

And Albus! We finally saw a bit of a mean side to him! No one can ever be that nice. He really is a sweetheart; he could never hurt a fly. Well, except if it was Cass (kind of).

Also! Cass finally saw her child! Cadence! What a pretty name you chose for her, especially a pretty one alluding to music. Do you plan on doing anything with those two? I think it would be really nice if Cass ever finds the courage to talk to Cadence, and become friends with her? I dont think Cass is quite ready to step up to the plate of being a mother to her, but I think being friends with her is a nice compromise.

I really like what Cass has going on with Louis? Theyd be a really good brother-sister type relationship, and I think Cass is just really comfortable with Louis? Maybe its because theyve made the same mistakes and that puts them at the same level with each other? I dont know. Is that it?

So, uh, I hear youre on a bit of a roadblock with this story (I read your response to my last review!)? I dont know if I have any worthwhile ideas, but I suppose Ill still throw them at you.

In this very recent chapter, I caught a very tiny small detail that had me really interested?

I had a new friendship with Louis, and thought Id found a way to help make James feel better. Its this one. So, Cass found a way to help James? Is it prosthetics? I think its the most logical way to go about fixing James situation. So maybe in the next chapter Cass could drop by James and perhaps pitch this idea? Of course James can take this idea however he wants, since its coming from Cass, and her idea is maybe iffy?

Or the next chapter could be the aftermath of Olivias breakdown, and Cass is slowly helping Olivia come back from it? Breakdowns are very exhausting, not to mention they just kind of make you feel empty.

You could even throw Cass into a very uncomfortable situation with Olivias bridesmaids and make Cass feel horrible, or either somehow build her persona of a maturing person. You know?

Was my gibberish any help to you? Gosh. Im so sorry. Also, apologies for not being able review my thoughts on every chapter; so instead I just made into a whole giant review with all of my thoughts gathered.

See next time, hopefully with a new chapter!

Author's Response: THANK YOU! It's honestly so lovely to read such a thoughtful, detailed review. I'm so glad you're still enjoying it!

Cassie and James have a pretty complicated history and relationship, but I have a feeling you'll like where they end up (fingers crossed!).

And I'm really pleased you'er enjoying Scor and Olivia! They've both grown up quite a lot and I'm enjoying showing Cassie dropping into the lives they've both built. I would have loved to write a big confrontation scene between Scor and Cass but I think he's pretty pleased with where he's got to and wouldn't feel so angry any more, so it wouldn't have been fair to him.

And thank you for liking Louis! Loving writing him. He's the one who hasn't really grown up at all but he's lots of fun.

Thank you for your suggestions! I really appreciate it. I've planned the rest of this story (does actually include a little bit of your stuff!) but for some reason I'm not feeling that drawn to it when I sit down to write at the moment. The same thing happened every so often with 'Complicated' so I'm sure some time soon I'll sit down and finish it off!

Thanks again for all your kind words and thoughts.

Emma xx

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Review #3, by HasaneEmmeline : Emmeline

9th August 2017:
Hi! This is sunshine_locks from the HPFT forums, here with your review!

Im going to begin right away with this sentence: The place stood as a dancing school once upon a time, so the wooden floors went throughout the place.

This sentence could use a bit of rewording, as it was a little hard to follow. Maybe something like: The place was once a dancing school, and wooden floors still went throughout the place. Maybe you have better ideas because even my suggestion is a little off and chunky.

I think the word thrived is better replaced with thrummed? The sentence would then be thrummed with life.

for she went through her sixth pregnancy in eight years. That is a lot of pregnancies in just eight years, wow. Isnt the optimum wait time between pregnancies at least two years?

I really like how you bring life to such mundane things as grocery shopping, and I could see exactly what they were doing. I suppose this is what you meant by show, dont tell?

In some places, the dialogue was a bit off, and strange. I didnt know whether it was part of Emmelines thoughts or actually happening in the scene.

One such instance: This isn't about me. Jacqueline lay towards the open door. Shes still here. Is this just me?

The girl bent down and tied her red trainers and twirled in her white dress with red poppies on it. To which girl are you referring to? Emmeline? If so, I think you should add an adjective, or something unique to Emmeline that lets the reader know that it is her. Unless I missed a detail?

Oh, wow, that was sudden. I wasnt expecting that, it happened so fast.

She smelled blood, and gulped, horrified, when she saw her lying a short distance from her body. What do you mean by this sentence? It seems strange that Emmeline would see her own body because isnt her conscious in her body?

Everything had escalated so fast. I think a bit too fast. I think maybe you shouldve taken time to like describe to us her feelings? If she was knocked out by the fall, maybe you could write snippets of it, as if she was dazing in and out of consciousness?

Overall, I think you pull off the show dont tell very nicely, and I think you do very well with description. The only thing Id ask you to work on is pacing, or maybe even transitioning nicely into the next topic. I also caught some minor grammatical mistakes, and some spelling errors.

To counter that, I usually change the font of the whole chapter into something Im not used to (not too crazy, and still readable) and then look over the chapter. Changing things up a bit will bring your eye to mistakes you might not have previously caught.

That being said, did you want me to be nitpicky and point out all these grammatical and spelling mistakes out all to you? If so, I can do that on your next chapter.

Hopefully, I was of some help to you? I am not a veteran writer as you seem to be, and I might all be repeating stuff you already know

Anyways, this was really well done, and thisll be the end of the review, I think.

Author's Response: The piece was written at a fast pace and can use editing. Dialogue is given in quotation marks as that is when a character would be directly speaking, but you are right that the wording can use cleaning up and further editing. I edited right before you read this and missed the mark, but that doesn't mean thiscouldn't use more work because it could. Thanks for the suggestions. The font suggestion after walking away is a good one.

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Review #4, by HasaneFallen: The Invitation

7th August 2017:
it's taken me a while to get to this story! i like it so far, and i like the twist you gave Cassie! it was never hinted to in 'Complicated' but i really didn't think she'd be bisexual!

so, if it isn't offensive to you, do you mind me asking as to why Cassie didn't get an abortion? it really confused me when she chose to keep the baby, when her character (i feel) screams she wouldn't?

(disregard that there wouldn't be a story if cassie had done this lol)

Author's Response: Hi! So glad you're enjoying it so far :)

Cass is pretty flexible about her sexuality and relationships, so it never really came up at school when she was with Scor but was also never a secret.

And for a long time I thought Cass would end up having an abortion, but I think she's a bit too stubborn for that. She likes to feel likes she's owned her mistakes, and she felt like an abortion would be admitting vulnerability. As the pregnancy progressed, she also started to think she might be good at having a child, and developed some feelings for James. I've hit a bit of a block with this story at the moment, but I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on Cass's point of view by the end!

Thanks so much for taking the time to review :) xx

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Review #5, by HasaneWhen Dahlias Bloom: ONE: A Seed In the Vegetable Patch

31st July 2017:
omg omg omg so i have been waiting for this fic, like, for-freaking-ever

and it's so worth the wait

i love it so much! when i was reading D2.6A, dahlia was not the character i related to the most, and i found her to be a teensy bit too brash, but i totally appreciated her presence.

of course, now that we have a fic literally in her pov, i understand her tons better, and honestly, she's compelling

shes working in a (possibly?) rundown cafe (of sorts) and she's dealing with customers and stuff (which honestly would be enough to turn into Voldemort and go all megalomaniac), so props to her for actually keeping her cool.

the thing with novus is that i totally knew what was gonna go down with those two (i may have scrolled thru the D2.6A tag on your tumblr but that aside) and im not too unhappy with it, considering that we all know the truth about novus (cue slightly maniacal laugh here). also, every relationship needs its rocky roads and rain (or however that goes). it makes a relationship stronger in the end you know? but poor nova, shes all broken up about it! she doesnt deserve that. (but i swear i blushed too much at the he did sh*t like sh*g Nova on school trips to Rome and i left the chap alone for a vv long time for it to be okay lol why am i like this)

i think by far my fav part of the story was her interactions with her family. it was so real and accurate (trust me im an indian and you too probably with the level accuracy, or perhaps youve experienced it firsthand idk), and has that little bit of culture mixed in, and i totally know what the heck kinda foods dahlias talking about! and thats so great for me omg

in other words, this is the fic for me basically. like, i literally cannot wait for what kind of sensitive topics you might explore in this fic, if you might at all. theres so much to explore within indian culture, like arranged marriages, how educations are designated, how sons are prioritized over daughters, how sons are raised more importantly, etc. (i have a lot of problems with indian culture, but i also love it simultaneously because it makes me unique)

also, did you not say once (idk where i forgot) that this fic would be exploring dahlias aromantic-ness (i mean it seems probable since she seems romantic relationships averse) or asexuality? im so glad that youre going to be doing that, mostly because i myself am going through such a phase of questioning my sexuality too, and im leaning towards being aromantic

and basically at this point i relate to dahlia on a personal level, its unreal. (i may have realized that i didnt like dahlia bc she was bit too much like me)

i too am trying to write a fic like this one, where an indian girl is grappling between western culture and traditional indian culture and her sexuality, but it doesnt come easy and i had too much going on within in the fic that i had to let go of it for a bit. i might come back to it one day.

i cannot wait for the next chapter! (also? congrats to you for pulling off julno, i do not have the amount of patience needed for that)

this was such a long review and probably got a little too personal i'm so sorry

Author's Response: Hey!

Um, I absolutely love long reviews (even if it takes me an age to respond bc my laptop is rubbish and I avoid the internet on it for fear of it having a nervous breakdown) so don’t apologise! Feel free to be as rambly and personal as you want ;)

Also ah sjfngffpd; I’m so glad you like it so far!! Honestly, I’ve had this idea brewing in the back of my mind for, like, a solid five or six months, but I always figured it was never going to happen until I just decided to go for it during JulNo. But I’ve still been sooo nervous about putting it up anywhere because it’s different to Dormitory 2.6A since it’s focused on one girl instead of the plights of them all and Dahlia is such a difficult character lmao. As you said, she’s a bit *too* brash so I was like ‘will people want to read this fic???’

Also, I would never be able to handle her job omg

Haha, at least you were prepared for what happened to Novus! I’m sure many weren’t and wanted to know why I’d do this to a couple I’d spent 10 chapters building up, but like… I might be a weakling and may have given in and said they get back together eventually, but I need to be heartless sometimes, you know? Also, I genuinely think it’d be good for her to get a feel for herself outside of their relationship since he was her first love and they were only sixteen when they got together

I didn’t expect to love writing the Darzis as much as I do, but I shamelessly love them too :P I’ve based half of it off my own family (my parents are from Bangladesh, but from conversations with some Indian friends of mine, it seems that there’s not a great deal of difference culture-wise which helps a *lot* ngl) so I’m just chucking it all in now. Plus, culture is something that really defines you, especially in the case of Dahlia so I’m really looking forward to exploring that e.g. arranged marriages + marriage in general is a recurring factor in her life (cough Auntie Supriya’s role cough)

(Also you literally named half the problems I have with my own culture, are we twins??)

Yes, so this fic is essentially about Dahlia finding her identity whether that’s her realising that feminism isn’t misandry or the fact that she’s asexual and just accepting that there’s nothing wrong with any of that. Like D2.6A, it’s going to be just as whacky and borderline (read: completely) ridiculous at times, but that’s because I want to show that life isn’t always miserable and I kinda just want to normalise all this tbh

“I may have realised I didn’t like Dahlia bc she was bit too much like me” - I just choked :P

Thank you for the wonderful review (and sorry for bombarding you with such a long response haha)

Plums xo

(Also the apostrophes have gone really weird in this???)

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Review #6, by HasaneFluorescent Adolescent : something new

26th July 2017:
it's becoming frighteningly clear that effy doesn't know what the heck she's doing. her debilitating feelings are confusing but i /understand/. like on a level clear to me. this fic is the epitome of teenage adolescence, but it never applied to me, so i never understood what she was going through, even if there was that twinge of 'i get it.' like i totally get thinking 'where does the time go' and not knowing what to do with your future, and like generally being confused. of anything, i think it really struck me how out of the loop she is on her friends because she's being kinda self-absorbed right now. it happens to the best of us, but we snap out of it you know? i'm sure she will too.

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Review #7, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening that Happened When the Potter Parents Visit + Scorpius Drops a Truth Bomb

12th July 2017:

*cue velociraptor-like screeching*

anyways... what a good chapter!

i really love the way you wrote the potter parents--generally pretty chill, but driving down their fists when they need to! and of course, Harry would make the reference to his defeating dark lords like it was a habit back in the day!

i know that Albus' depression was mentioned a few chapters ago but i never got to address it. i never would have figured that he would have depression since he's such a happy boy. but that's where it hits you doesn't it? all those stories we've all heard--ones where it was too late, and people keep saying 'but they were so happy! so why?' people don't catch on until it's too late. i'm so glad that Albus' family was able to save him in time.

and as for Lily confronting Scorpius... wow. sister feuds are the worst, especially when it's over something petty like a boy. yikes.

can't wait for your next chapter!

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Review #8, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening that Happened When McCartney Made a Deal with the Devil + Rose Weasley Says Multiple Curse Words

9th July 2017:

Lennon's a lot of 12+ words. she should in fact get her comeuppance. that was so crappy if her and downright disgusting.

i feel like I should say don't stoop to her level but i'm already too invested in this.

Rose too grows a backbone but Maxima throws out some hurtful truths. yikes.

also? i love that you acknowledged that girls can be abusers and boys can be abused. like that is so glossed over in mainstream media it annoys the crap outta me. like seriously. it should be addressed in more serious terms you know?

that moment with McCartney and Dom was so sweet. sisterhood for the win.

also, how many more chapters do you suppose are left? i am so hooked, and i can't wait for the next chapter! the preview has me excited!

(also my last review got cut off a bit. i was saying that Maxima deserved respect, for being a human in any case.)

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Review #9, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened Before Albus Came for a Charger and Left with a Broken Nose + Maximas Cat Gets Out of the Bag

9th July 2017:
okay but damn? Maxima is pretty cruel b*tch but she didn't deserve that video of her. it's like releasing nudes of a girl when so clearly doesn't want that. she might have made sex tapes and stuff and some might argue that she set herself up for it (god help those who do) but let a girl do what she freaking wants? a girl can be sexually active, and she certainly doesn't need crap for it.

Maxima is a victim here.

god, I hope she gets the respect she deserves (for being a him

but grudgingly, i do have to admit that this stemmed from a deeper animosity from enemies she's made, and i hope it'll bring to light what kinds of cruel things she has done. i hope she takes a chance and changes for the better.

i still stand by what i said and if she needed a catalyst for change, i just hope it wouldn't have been /that/.

look at me going all psychologist on you.

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Review #10, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened After Monster Bash + LP Destroys Important Metaphorical Things

9th July 2017:

ahem. but omg that scene right before they were about to have sex was so! cute! and amazing! i will always be a #advocate for consent within happy couples.

but damn, LP is really scared of telling her parents about her and Scorpius. i know and understand that but there comes a point where you have to own up you know? i felt really bad for Isadora in that moment because she lost someone she really likes because she was protecting her friend. hard decisions. you just gotta wonder if she made the right one.

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Review #11, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening that Happened at the Monster Bash with Two AC Woods + A First Year Gets Squished

9th July 2017:
ooh, drama. my favorite. (unsurprisingly.)

i had thought that Dom was being neglected a bit but i hadn't realized it was on purpose. i wonder how McCartney will handle this.

but we get to the autumn ball! things happen! people inevitably turn into drunken idiots grinding on each other on the dance floor!

if that was Lennon purposefully kissing James to get back at McCartney, then that's a low blow. like really low. how low can you go? i mean obviously you don't kiss your sister's boyfriend??

i'm really glad that McCartney didn't overreact and saw the situation for what it is and understood that it is a masquerade ball. people get people mixed up when they have masks on.

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Review #12, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened When the Queen Got Drunk + A Food Fight That Ends in War

9th July 2017:

and all i have to say is: sh*t. f*ck. damn.

Albus you ninny you don't sleep with your friends.

and through out the whole chapter i was thinking that Maxima had caught feelings for him? i mean obviously all those questions she was asking herself had to have meant something.

Maxima was surprisingly possessive of Albus; i certainly do have reason to think she has feelings for him.

also not to mention that in a state of drunkenness and sadness he was one of the people she wanted to be there? that's gotta mean something like come on.

i guess i'll have to see.

(also I feel the need to mention that i /love/ the chapters with Maxima's POV. McCartney's and LP's POV's are cool too but like, I have grown a strange fondness for Maxima even if she can be a petty and cruel b*tch sometimes [most of the time?])

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Review #13, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened After the Quidditch After Party + LP Takes a Trip to the Dungeons (Not Isadoras Sex Dungeon)

8th July 2017:
i've never been a fan of lily/scorpius but it's literally like scorily 4 lyfe rn

oh that scene with George and Lily was so close! knowing George i feel like he has an idea of what's going on.

that scene with Lily and Rex was so terrifying my god. like, i /know/ it's not real but it feels like it is because it happens more times than people would like to admit.

that interesting tidbit about how Victoire fusses over James was so cool? i wonder why victoire does that?

and i absolutely love the fourth paragraph before the last; it was written so perfectly? and Scorpius asking Lily whether he can kiss her was so nice too; why can't people romanticize consent before doing anything rather than unhealthy relationships ???

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Review #14, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened When McCartney Played Seeker (In a Real Live Quidditch Match) + James Meets the Lucks

8th July 2017:
you have a real knack for humor! i think my favorite line was this: "I was fifty shades of done with Quidditch. I dont normally athlete and this just proves to me that I shouldnt."

the dynamics of the Luck family is always so funny! i like them a lot, and i love how McCartney feels comfortable enough to poke fun at her family!

ooh. that game. like the previous one with LP, it was just as engaging! really glad that McCartney was able to win the game (even if it was at the cost of Aleksander).

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Review #15, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened When the Queen Was Vulnerable + A Don Meeting & The Trojan War

8th July 2017:
a very sad chapter. it's too bad that Maxima's grandma died, that's so devastating to lose someone that close to you.

more Albus and Maxima! should i throw confetti in the air or be very wary? who knows! i'm surprised that Maxima wanted Albus when she was crying over her granny. i wonder if it was Albus defending her that made her think he could be there for her? regardless, it was a very sweet moment for those two.

now on to JT: why was he so mad at Maxima? was it because of her personality in general, or was it the fact that Maxima publicly humiliated Arya?

i wasn't expecting Maxima and Troy to be an actual couple! i know that Troy said he had asked Maxima out a few chapters ago but i thought it was just him bragging or something. i recalled that before the chapter Troy told McCartney this, Maxima told us that she very rudely said no to him. oh gosh that was so confusing to say and to read.

on to the next chapter!

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Review #16, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening that Happened Before Professor Longbottom Found Out About Isadoras...Well Never Mind + the New Seeker Struggles

8th July 2017:
Ooh, I never thought McCartney to be seeker.

loved the tidbit with LP's ringtone--made me laugh out loud!!

apologies for the short reviews, I'm on my phone!

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Review #17, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening that Happened with the Handle of Firewhisky + McCartney, Troy, and Some Secret Seeking

8th July 2017:
oh Merlin James and McCartney would make such a cute couple!

also troy's not a jerk. who knew. Certainly not maxima!

I'm interested to see what McCartney'll do with Lennon's planner. I'm really interested to see how this subplot goes but there hasn't been much about it until now.

Hopefully, there's more to come!

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Review #18, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened in the Common Room + the Queen and Her Fool Go Shopping

8th July 2017:
damn, Albus sure grew a backbone, and for Maxima no less! even i have to agree with Maxima, it was kind of sexy; at least in my head it was. we get to see more of his character, and i like him so far! but he's way misguided; i don't think Albus has a chance with Maxima, and i'm kind of glad he doesn't.

i kind of actually Albus and Maxima (as friends, i should stress), but it's really a pity that Maxima doesn't mean it. for the first few scenes with them, it sounded like she genuinely wanted to be friends with him and hang out with him and stuff.

as for Maxima, i'm going to go ahead and say it: i like her. she's not as bad as i seemed to have thought. of course, she still did some pretty horrible things because she was threatened, and i'm not going to let that slide--she'll be held fully accountable. she /does/ in fact have a heart, and she could be a good person. i have a feeling that it's all about to change though, considering what everybody else is saying in the reviews in the later chapters. (damn, i really gotta stop doing that.)

(i think this review may have been a little contradictory on its opinions of Albus and Maxima.)


Author's Response: oooh yay i'm glad you liked albus + backbone! i have to agree with you and maxima, because i think it's super sexy!

and i'm trying hard not to spoil anything for you, so that's why this response will be kinda short in relation to your review!

because, yes in the later chapters, everything gets turned upside down! so just hang in there and keep reading! ;) and get ready for a lot of albus and maxima!

it's okay, my opinions change all the time especially about my characters! ha ha ha! :)


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Review #19, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened When Gryffindors JV Played Ravenclaws JV + More Bones Are Snapped

7th July 2017:
the quidditch game was so engaging! i love how you still manage to keep LP's character intact even when her character adds little to what's going on, you know? it's the actions, the scarce lines she's give, etc.

i'm now a big fan of lily/scorpius. they're such a cute couple, and i think scorpius is genuinely so sweet. love him ! at this point i'm repeating myself in my reviews but i will not stop lol

Author's Response: okay yay! i'm so glad that you liked the quidditch chapter, because writing quidditch matches are so tough! i'm always afraid i'm getting them wrong, so thank you so so much!

yes another person to join me on the Scorpius/Lily ship! :) welcome aboard!!

and ugh no please don't ever stop because i love your reviews and they make my heart so happy!!

thank you so so much for each and every review you've given they mean the world to me!


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Review #20, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Other Happening That Happened at the Back 2 Skool' Party + the Answer to a Melancholy Miserable McCartney

7th July 2017:
finally! McCartney has finally started to plot against her sister! but it wasn't a prominent part of the chapter. boo.

i love James and McCartney though? they're so cute! i wonder if they're going to be a potential couple in this story?

and as for James as individual, he's so sweet? and nice? he genuinely cares for people? who is this mythical creature and where can i get one for myself?

Author's Response: yesss, the part against lennon is tricky and something i'm still working through! i promise it becomes more prevalent later!

aw i'm so glad you like james and mccartney, because i think they're so sweet! and you'll just have to keep reading! ;)

i know right! james is an absolute gem ugh love him! i'm so glad i've found someone who loves him as much as i do! :)

thank you so much for this review!


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Review #21, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened with the Back 2 Skool Party + A Queen Gets Kissed

7th July 2017:
ooh. yikes. Maxima can be so genuinely nice when she wants to be, but she would prefer to be mean and vicious.

i think my favorite part of all of this is how you made a physical manifestation of an ever present social hierarchy. even better--the weasley fam isn't on the top of that. that was my favorite detail of the whole chapter!

Author's Response: maxima is maxima! she kinda just does what is best for her and nice isn't usually an option. ha ha!

i'm actually really happy that you enjoyed the dons, because it was something i knew i wanted to do, but wasn't sure if iw as doing it right! so thank you!!

thank you so so much for reviewing!


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Review #22, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened at Quidditch Practice + Some Scandalous Scandals Involving a Potter & a Malfoy

7th July 2017:
this chapter was just a tad bit confusing for me. i thought it was McCartney narrating at first but then everybody kept calling her LP and i was so confused. lucky i figured it out!

i love the relationship between Lily and Scorpius. it's so sweet and nice, unlike the unfortunately explosive relationships with teenagers.

Author's Response: oh i'm sorry you were confused! i thought about labelling the chapters, but i never got around to it! i'm glad you figured it out though! :)

and yes, lily and scorpius are my absolute favorite relationship in this story simply because they're so pure and so sweet!

thank you so much for this review!


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Review #23, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened with the Sorting Ceremony + a Vengeful McCartney: Part II

6th July 2017:

no seriously, it's because i feel like that this story is going have a 'you may have won the battle, but i'm going to win the war' kinda vibe. i absolutely /love/ that!!

i don't like Lennon. there are a lot of 12+ words i could use for her.

also, those anecdotes with McCartney and Africa were really great! put a big smile to my face.

Author's Response: ahhh i'm so glad you liked it!

yes! that is pretty much exactly the vibe i'm going for, but you put it in words so thank you! ha ha! :)

yeah, no one likes lennon... well except scorpius, but that sweet boy likes everyone! and i agree so many 12+ words fit her!

aw, i'm glad you liked them! i just wanted readers to know that mccartney isn't a complete spoiled brat and she does think about others! ha ha!

thank you so much for this review!


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Review #24, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Happening That Happened at the Sorting Ceremony + A Retrospective McCartney: Part I

6th July 2017:
CALLED IT. I knew Lennon was going to be one of the transfers the moment Daphne Burke announced.

I can't wait to see how Lennon will change things up at Hogwarts!

Author's Response: i know i was hoping it was a little surprising, but lennon had to show up! something had to make this year different for mccartney and drive the plot forward! ;)

thank you so much for the review!


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Review #25, by HasaneSocial Darwinism: The Other Happening That Happened on the Hogwarts Express + The Woes of a Queen

6th July 2017:
The very first line of the chapter was telling of Maxima. And if I still hadn't gotten it, the second line sure told me.

Maxima comes off exactly how want her to be: a Queen Bee.

It's all in the way she thinks, and her opinions of Persephone and Arya. Regina George indeed.

By far, I think my favorite part of Maxima was how you made her human. It was her relationship with JT that had me realize 'wait she's human.' Because it's easy to think that the world is in black and white, and the villain is cruel just because they can be, and they have the power to.

Author's Response: hello again! and eek i'm glad you made it to maxima! she's one of my favorite characters, so i wanted to get your opinion!

and yes, she is a queen bee and that's what i wanted the readers to see right now. because later, we are going to see a lot of different sides of her!

i love jt, so i'm incredibly biased because all the scenes with jt are my favorites! and he does do a really good job of humanizing maxima! i'm so glad you realized that early on, because a lot of people just outright hated maxima! so i'm glad that you were able to see through her stone-cold exterior!

thank you so much for this review it was so sweet and thoughtful!


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