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Review #1, by ImaRavenclawTransition: Transition

1st August 2017:
Hey there, Lily here with your requested review (finally, after a million years!) Just to let you know I'm reading as I review! Okay, let's get started.

First of all I have to say that I love the description your story has. I love love love it. It makes what you are saying so much more concise, and I can actually feel the wind on my skin as Mafalda rides her bicycle.

I was a little confused about the crash though. Did she not get hurt because of magic, or did she miss the boy? It's a little bit unclear.

I like how her dad's memories of childhood are detailed enough to be clear, but vague enough to keep us interested. In the summary you gave me it seemed like both of her parents were squibs, but I guess not.

Twelve definitely seems like a late age to be showing magical signs, so I would be as watchful as Mr. Prewett too.

I'm starting to think that this weird man in weird clothes is a wizard. Just a heads up, you said bought instead of brought in that sentence.

Oh so she is a squib too. Okay, I get it. But does her husband know? Because you make it seem like he doesn't in the beginning.

Oh so they didn't tell each other. It's funny how secrets like that can be shared in just a glance though.

When Draco says "let go of me" you said 'off' not 'of'. You also wrote 'Mubloof' instead of 'Mudblood' and 'wandered' instead of 'wondered' in another.

Besides that your writing is really phenomenal, and I really enjoyed reading this story. Especially Mafalda's Hogwarts years and all of her scheming ideas.

Thanks for asking me to review, and come back to request another story any time!

Yours sincerely,

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Review #2, by ImaRavenclawThe Properties of Mistletoe: Chapter One

14th February 2017:
Ooooh fake dating trope, Paula this bribery simply wonít do! Haha, just kidding. My love of fake dating tropes is my little secret (uh, I guess itís not super secret anymore).

More bribery? I laughed so hard when I read he had been angry when he wrote that he would, in fact, be home for Christmas and moreover, his mother should set a place for his plus one. He adamantly ignored the crumpled up parchment in the mesh bin where his mother not-so-subtly implied that perhaps he and his cousin, Rose, had some sort of weird sharing relationship with her boyfriend Scorpius and that she would understand if he never gave her grandkids. ISB. Implied Scorbus Bribery.

And of course classic Ginny ďdonít worry about not giving us any grandchildren.Ē

Since you know I review as I read Iím now commenting on my first view of Ellie. She seems interesting. I wonder what Albus is thinking about by how he says (well not HIM, but ominous narrator) her interruptions are more than welcomed.

Oh my God thatís so like Albus, briefly considering whether or not faking his death over the holidays would be too extreme and dramatic. I love it!

Honestly Paula if you were a witch thereís no way you wouldnít be a potioneer.

I was not expecting him to proposition that. Co-authors on his Elixir article? Really?

Thereís the catch.

She has the right to be mad, but this is totally sexual tension and I want a sequel Paula!

I really loved it, and if you win itís not just because youíre a good friend of mine.

Yours sincerely,

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Review #3, by ImaRavenclawThe Witching Hour: One

3rd February 2017:
Hello there! I'm Lily in case you haven't met me, and I'm here with BvB! Just so that you know I (usually, not always but usually) review as I go along.

First of all before I start I'm really excited to read this because I've never read any of you works!

I loved your use of the poem at the beginning of the chapter. I've always wanted to do that but I've never really been able to find one that matches my story AND that I actually like.

Urgh, totally understanding the need to get away from light pollution. My mother lives in a rather small town, but my father lives in a big city, so even though I love visiting him I always hate how busy the city is at night in terms of all the light.

Even though I have no idea who your character is yet (or even what her name is) I really like her. I know it's a bit of a trope, but I really like those girls in fan fic, and even OF, who don't really agree with their parents. And I think that the way she says they don't really care about personal characteristics and more about money, and which school they went to, and who their family is , will make for a really interesting rest of story.

Oh gosh they've even made excel spreadsheets. Though I have to admit that it is a bit funny.

My heart rose up in my throat when I saw the words 'smooth male voice'. Yes! This going to be a story about some kind of forbidden love, or how she meets this boy and her parents hate him, or something along those lines. I love those stories. Oh gosh is it a canon character? I must find out, reading on.

Yes muggle/wizard romance! I live for these.

OH MY GOD IT'S ALBUS YES! ... Sorry about that.

I feel like Albus would be a bit more educated on what to tell muggles and what not to tell muggles though, since his aunt's muggleborn and his father grew up in the muggle world and such.

All in all, I really liked your writing. I think that I will really enjoy this story, and I love how it started out.

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Hi Lily! Thank you for your review :)

Yeah, I guess Albus might have been a bit more careful about what he said (or I might have been a bit more careful about how I wrote this ;) ) but I also figured that the muggle world is so vast, he can't possibly know every similarity or difference between our lives and his. I'm going to say that both Albus and I have a lot to learn :P

Thank you for your thoughtful review :)

Brax X

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Review #4, by ImaRavenclawThird Time's a Charm: Two Stars, One Constellation

28th January 2017:
Bianca I cannot believe that I haven't read this story! This was extremely ridiculous and needed to be fixed, so I made sure to start reading it right away.

I'm going to try not to use too many capitals, but I can't promise anything because you know how much I adore your writing, and Scorbus.

I LOVE how descriptive Scorpius' feelings for Albus are in this story. For some reason I thought this was going to be dialogue only?

I love your comparisons to stars and constellations and astronomy in general. They make this story stand out. I MEAN ASTRONOMY? COME ON I LOVE ASTRONOMY!

AW the kisses. Squeeing like mad here.

Thought it's so short it is a wonderful story. I really enjoyed reading it.

Thanks so much for being a wonderful writer and friend, B!

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Aw Lily, thank you so much, I'm so happy you liked it :) xxx

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Review #5, by ImaRavenclawBest Christmas Ever: Best Christmas Ever

1st January 2017:
Aw this was so cute. I actually think that this is the first Lily/Female OC Iíve ever read. Itís so great, I absolutely loved it! Lily and Elia make such a wonderful couple, and even though I havenít read ĎForestí this makes me really want to. You write them so well!

I loved how Elia and Lily find this way to balance out their old Christmas traditions with new ones theyíve made. I can see Lily getting a bit annoyed with her loud and big family and seeking comfort in Eliaís reserved and quiet one, and Elia wanting more excitement and finding it in Lilyís boisterous family. I also loved how they have their own traditions, that theyíve made together in their new home.

And that proposal? Aw!!! Squees for life. That was just so cute, how they didnít know that the other was going to propose but they both ended up proposing. It seemed slightly clichť, but it was still fantastic.

All in all this was such a cute fic! I wish you luck with my challenge, and hope to read more of your works.

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: I'm glad to introduce you to a Lily/Female OC ship. =) I'm glad you liked it and appreciated the extreme fluff. Sometimes, it is hard to resist some of the romantic cliches but they seemed to fit here.

Thank you for the very sweet review. =)

- R

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Review #6, by ImaRavenclawWelcome Home: Welcome Home

30th December 2016:
Hey Pauls (sorry, trying to resist the urge. Note to self: Why do you have an urge to call Paula, Pauls?) Anyways I wasn't really doing anything so I figured that I would come by and leave you a little review, especially after all of your support for GTOLM.

Okay, to the review!

I love Roxanne, and I'm so glad you picked her to be one of your characters. Also, femslash... I know I seem very slashy but I have a giant secret love for it.

I love the relationship between Natalie and Roxanne, so cute! Squeeing all day. Don't mind the SQUE.

Silly Roxane. I wonder when she'll find it.

Your Roxanne reminds me so much of Lyra that it's unholy. Don't mind me just comparing your versions of canons and your OCs to my other versions of canons and OCs.

SNUGGLES, as a title for a box? Paula that is SO stupid... I have to stop using sarcasm in writing, one of these days someone is going to get the wrong idea. You obviously know that what I said is Lily speak for: Paula you're a GENIUS THAT IS SO PERFECT!!! I LOVE IT SQUE!!! If I ever move again I'm putting 'snuggles' on my blanket/pillow box too. Maybe I'll even put my dog in a box and mark it 'snuggles. Just kidding about the dog thing, that would be cruel (unless he had airholes).

Oh those silly muggles!

Hahaha, Natalie reminds me so much of me. Totally guessing that she was a Ravenclaw. Sometimes someone in my house leaves a pillow messed up, and if I had a really good day sometimes I can tolerate not fixing it, but on bad days I grumble and make sure it's perfect then yell at everyone in the house to fix the pillows when they get up.

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Paula this was such a wonderful story, and good luck in The New Home challenge (I'm in it too, so may the best story win)! This was just a great end to my day.

Keep writing because you're amazing/good luck on your thesis.

Your buddy,

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Review #7, by ImaRavenclawIcarus: Prologue

24th December 2016:
Hey Kristin! Lily here with December Review Swap. I'll probably try to leave a review on all of your chapters.

First of all I love the log entry. It provides some insight to what will happen later on in the story.

I love how Lily is talking about how she hates being famous, and she doesn't want to use her fame to get things like a job or friends. I know that if I was famous because of my dad I wouldn't let it dictate my life, and I certainly wouldn't want to be seen as different.

Ha ha, that's funny how she thinks about her name like that. I never noticed how incesty it sounds when you think about it.

I love Lily so much. She's so sarcastic and funny. So hilarious. I love reading her internal monologue.

Wow, *when it starts to get deep*. Lily is actually thinking about Remembrance Day now. I find it funny how there's is on May 2nd. But I guess it's because there are two different worlds.

A plug collection? That's great. I'm laughing so hard.

Ooooh I'm really excited for the next chapter! This is your first attempt at next gen? Wow, you can't tell. This is a really good story so far, Kristin.

Oh I'm attached to my canon ships, but I won't run.

This was amazing!

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: It took me ages to respond to this as well but hey I got here. Anyway, Hi Lily! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm glad you like the log entry! A lot of the beginning of this story was kind of an experiment - I'd never done a prologue or this kind of start before so it's good to hear that the log entry was effective :)

Yeah, I think given Harry's attitude about fame (after all - a lot of his fame has to do with his own parents as well) his kids would be raised to not be super arrogant about their fame either.

YES the names in the DH epilogue are still weird to me, even after all this time. Lily's snark is definitely prompted by my own opinions of the names at this point :P

Ah thank you! I'm so glad you enjoy Lily as a character! That's so wonderful to hear.

It seemed natural for the wizarding world to have a memorial day type of thing like a lot of countries in the muggle world have, and the end of the war with Voldemort would definitely be a day that's celebrated, imo.

Arthur Weasley would be so proud of his grandson.

I'm glad you're excited about this story! And thanks, I'm glad it doesn't feel like an awkward first attempt at next gen :P I think by this point, like 2 years later I've finally figured out my next gen headcanon so that's good that I finally have a clue what I'm writing about now. :P

Thank you! Your review was amazing too! ♥

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Review #8, by ImaRavenclawCinnamon Bun Day: Cinnamon Bun Day

9th November 2016:
Hello there, Lily here with BvB!

Okay, first off... Cinnamon Bun Day? Who wouldn't want to read a story called Cinnamon Bun Day? I love it!

Your story is very descriptive, I can just smell what Bill is smelling, and can just imagine him getting out of bed with a spring in his step, due to the fact that he's excited for Cinnamon Bun Day.

Oh Fleur, I just love her. From the way Bill thinks about her I can tell he does too!

Hmmm, I still have no idea what Cinnamon Bun Day is, but before I read on I shall take a guess that Fleur and Bill have a picnic where they eat cinnamon buns on Cinnamon Day.

'dimpled her skin on her neck' maybe try, 'dimpled the skin on her neck'.

'onto the ground onto the cloak', maybe try adding an 'and' in the middle of onto the ground and onto the cloak.

Your kissing scenes are so wonderfully descriptive, they're amazing to read.

All in all, this was a wonderful little one-shot that I really enjoyed.

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Ohh, thanks especially for the suggestions, I tend to get repetitive and not notice it. I'm glad you enjoyed this and thanks for the review. It was for a scent challenge, so I'm glad that came through..

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Review #9, by ImaRavenclawThe Art of Small Talk: Valentine's Day

26th October 2016:
(HPFT Team Werewolf Review)

Hello there, Iím Lily here to review this lovely story (duh).

This was a nice story with a sweet message about fighting for those you love, and it was a nice break from all of the INCREDIBLY fluffy things Iíve been reading. I like those fics with just enough reality that theyíre credible and still give you some hope/are good. Your story definitely delivered.

Scorpiusís confidence in Lysander getting better is so great. I know that a lot of people have trouble supporting their partners or friends in recovering from eating disorders. Theyíre a tough thing in life. The way Scorpius sticks with him, and (even better) notices all of his progress, is definitely an indicator that they have a strong relationship.

This is an interesting pairing too, one that I donít see around much. I liked it, it was refreshing.

Of course we know what the issue that theyíre not discussing is, but I feel like there could be more hinting at it. It doesnít matter, because the story is great anyway.

Oh no, I guess I better go read Your Life, Your Love *leaves quickly to go to that*

This was wonderful, and I loved how it discussed a sensitive issue that is hard to talk about, but that we should be more informed about.

Yours sincerely,


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Review #10, by ImaRavenclawStuck in the Middle: Explanations and Fan-Girl Moments

26th October 2016:
(HPFT Werewolf Team Review)

Haiii, itís me again. Iím probably getting annoying by now. I literally just realized how old this is, so youíre probably like Ďwhy couldnít you have picked a newer story?í Well, letís forget about that so that I can congratulate you on another amazing chapter. Shall we get on with it?

First off, Oliver is turning out to be the male version of me (so far, except for the fact that I assume heís Gryffindor). Iím interested in photography, and sometimes Iím up and at it super early, and other times I have to be dragged out of bed whilst I yell obscenities (itís never that extreme, Iím just exaggerating). Itís only been three chapters and let me tell you, Iím craving more Oliver.

I enjoy reading Jamesís interactions with his other friends. If I just picked a random chapter to start reading from, Iíd probably automatically assume that James and Oliver were boyfriends because of the contrast between how he talks with the people heís really good friends with, and how he talks with Oliver. Something about how he talks with him is more natural, and less of an actÖ Or maybe thatís just me.

Less important a little random, but COMPLETELY NECESSARY: Tucker is amazing. Heís so banter-y and like ďoh my Godrick, I said that, itís copy righted now!Ē especially with the whole ďIím pretty sure Iím the one who said that.Ē

HAHAHAHAHAH, Al. Okay Iím done.

Oliver is such a lovesick puppy and it is very adorable. Iím starting to think the Jamesí ex-girlfriend is a bit of a psychopath. Oh well, weíll have to find out.

This was another amazing chapter!

Yours sincerely,

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Review #11, by ImaRavenclawStuck in the Middle: Need That Picture of You

26th October 2016:
(HPFT Werewolf Review Team)

Hello Sam, it is I, Lily again! Oh my God this last chapter was better than the first one, youíre a very talented writer.

Now, letís get on with the story.

I love how you started the chapter, with James hiding under his hood with his glasses, itís something I can totally picture. For some reason Iím imagining Ron as Ned from 17 Again when Mark goes back to being seventeen (if you havenít seen it then it is basically a gawk, with a ďitís freaking me outĒ just to add to the gawk). Oh and of course now the important members of the Wotter clan are introduced. I adore how Lily shows absolutely no remorse. I was thinking about last chapter too though. If James is 17, that would make Al 15 and Lily 13, so I suppose she must have been really well educated or since Next Gen era is set a little further from now then itís more commonly discussed, because I had no idea what being gay was at eleven (it was a bit longer ago, but still not in a time where it was something thatís totally not spoken about).

Anyways, back to the important stuff. I love how Harryís just trying to play it off as if thereís no article ďnothingĒ, but Hermioneís super sympathetic and all like ďitíll be okay, we didnít want to hurt your feelings, we didnít want to know how youíd react, blah blah blah.Ē It certainly had effect.

YAY more Oliver depth!!! Thatís really cool, how you chose to make him interested in photography. Do you happen to have any interest in photography? My father was a photographer for the longest time, and Iím actually starting to think an arts degree of this type might suit me, so I can relate.

I found the joking banter a little confusing, maybe itís because of how itís written, but Iím 99.9% sure itís because Iím exhausted and my eyelids are drooping (not because I donít like it, I ADORE IT, I just had a long day), ha ha.

Oh my God, I totally DID NOT SEE THAT COMINGÖ Just kidding, I had a feeling. The hunches were telling me. I KNEW IT!

All in all this was a wonderful chapter (again), and Iím very excited to continue reading more (wonderful) chaptersÖ So, Iím gonna go do that.

Yours sincerely,


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Review #12, by ImaRavenclawStuck in the Middle: Who are You and What are You Doing in my Brother's Bedroom?

25th October 2016:
(HPFT Team Werewolf review)

Hey there Sam, Iím Lily! Iím not sure if youíre on HPFanficTalk yet, but if you do decide to come then Iím infecting you with a werewolf bite.

Anyways, on to your story.

I absolutely loved this first chapter, Iíve been eyeing this story for a while and it has been on my to-read since April maybe. So I read it, and I loved it.

I enjoyed how Lilyís been sure that James is gay for 2 years (I mean of course he isnít, but weíll see *smirks*). It kind of reminds me of a situation in my own life, but it didnít start a giant rumour ha ha.

Oliver seems like a real sweetheart, Iím excited to see you develop his character more. And of course James adores quidditch, as usual *rolls eyes*.

I liked how you went into the family not letting people who arenít close friends or extended family into the house, on account of not wanting to be in gossip magazines or The Prophet.

The line ďso there isnít a topless boy in your bedroom?Ē is priceless, I laughed so hard.

This story is absolutely hilarious, and Iím excited to read more.

Yours sincerely,


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Review #13, by ImaRavenclawautumn leaves.: autumn leaves

22nd October 2016:
Hey Maia, Lily here on the HPFT team werewolf reviewing squad!

This is so descriptive and perfect, all ready the first line draws me in. It's funny, because I've only read gender queer/gender fluid/transgender Scorpius. This is intriguing me. I can just picture Al taking a skirt from Lily's closet out of a few dozen and there's just one little gap in on the hanger bar thing (I don't know what I'm talking about, ha ha!)

I feel so bad for Al. I'm only at the beginning, but if she (I'm not positive if this is the pronoun you'll be using) hasn't told anyone I can't imagine how lonely she must feel.

I love how you use the seasons to draw comparisons into the work. It's really cool, and definitely adds to the story.

Oh my Godrick I hate James so much but I love him at the same time. His reaction could have been worse. But just the way he was like "don't bother cutting your hair then." makes me want to punch him, urgh!

Oh my Godrick Harry, really? Just let who you know as your son (but is really your daughter), speak! However that did make me laugh, 'I always thought that'd be James'.

See, that wasn't so bad. The love the Potters have for their daughter is just so happy and wonderful, that was such a great moment!

I love how she goes through a few names, trying them out. And with Mary as the first name she tries, how she's thinking that she'd like to be exactly like her mother, with the beautiful red hair and loving heart.

Oooh, a crush on Scorpius Malfoy. Maia, why do you do this to me?!

Again through with the names. I don't even have words for how much I love this.

Ooooh Scorpius and exploding snap, get in line Al!

I love that ending, it's absolutely fabulous. And I'm glad that she ended up going with Allison, that really works for her.

Maia this was absolutely wonderful, I loved it so much!

Yours sincerely,

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Review #14, by ImaRavenclawThe Red Dress: The Red Dress

22nd October 2016:
Heyo, it's Lily back with BvB!

Ahhh I absolutely love this! Luna is amazing. I was just scrolling through your author page when I saw this one at the very bottom.

Without further ado, let's get into the review!

Oh my God, this is so Luna. It's a new side of her too. I've never seen her thinking about boys and how they look at the other girls and not her. It's interesting. I always thought she was the kind of girl who really didn't care about what other people thought of her.

However it is definitely Luna as she talks about the Blibbering Humdingers and the hinkypunks. This totally made me laugh, even if you weren't trying to be funny.

I adore that line. 'The only reason I'm so odd is because the people around me are so normal'.

This almost reminds me how I felt as a (younger, since I'm not quite an adult), teenager. But after a while I really stopped worrying about boys and focused on myself.

I love how you describe the dress. Even without the drawing I can definitely picture it!

Again, what a Luna thing to say!

I love how the shopkeeper notices that it looks amazing on Luna as opposed to other girls that came in and tried the dress on.

Ha ha, of course that's Luna's conclusion. But yes of course they find you attractive dear!

I really liked this story, it's really good. I hope you have a lovely day!

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Hey hey, Lily!

I just saw your BvB posting on the boards xDD And I can *totally* understand; math was never my favorite subject either.

Thank you for this glowing review! For something I wrote so long ago, it's still one of the favorite one-shots I've done. I've been wanting to write another Luna-centric fic, but the right plunny has yet to wander by. It wasn't very hard to keep Luna in canon to the original story as my mind tends to wander like hers.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by! Lots of hugs :D


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Review #15, by ImaRavenclawA Simple Love: A Simple Love

17th October 2016:
Hey there, Lily here with BVB!

Wow, I think this is the first time that I've read one of your stories, how exciting! Just so that you know my style of reviewing I tend to review whilst reading because I have horrible short term memory.

I clicked on this story because I absolutely adored the banner for it. Your art is so great! I really love it.

Anyways, moving onto the story...

Just a CC before I start with the good stuff.

During the story I noticed you changed from past to present tense a lot. That's all!

I love your figurative language, it goes with the story so perfectly!

I'm really curious to find out who Lexi's mystery man is. I'm a little confused as to why it was bad. I'm assuming (because I read the summary) that it's because she has a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Oh my God, I love Ginny's reaction to be waken/getting a call when she just woke up. Reminds me of me, ha ha.

OH MY GOD IT WAS DRACO!!! *takes deep breath* Oh my Godrick I'm not even going to comment on that. I'm just so surprised.

Oh Ginny is such a wonderful friend, ha ha. I adore how Harry forces them to go to the market for him. I'd do the same thing if someone stole my day from me.

Awww that ending was really sweet.

This was such a cute story, I really liked it. Hopefully I'll find the time to read more of your works.

Yours sincerely,


Author's Response: Hello there, Lily! Thanks for leaving your BvB review.

*blushes out of embarrassment* I'm glad you chose this one-shot as your gateway story to my other horribly written stuff xDD; And no worries on your review style; I like it just fine.

*groans* I really need to go back and fix all these things I've posted. Don't think my brain was in the right when I wrote this (I think it was around 2am when the plunny wandered in...). Really appreciate you pointing that out and will quickly fix it once I get a chance to.

Ginny is our inner grumpy waker-upper and I've personally dealt with those one too many times than I'd like to during my college years.

Once again, thank you for reviewing this disastrous one-shot lol. I hope to read your reviews in the near future should you decide to stop by ^_^


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Review #16, by ImaRavenclawL'optimisme: Silence

3rd October 2016:
Hello Laura, finally here with your first prize review! (Sorry that it took so long).

First of all I'd like to say, that I've been eyeing this story since my first month on HPFF, but as my fear for reading this era and my business, I never got to it and ended up forgetting about it.


I swear I will tell you in every single review how much I adore your description. Your words are so powerful. Bone chilling, swoon inducing, or intricate and well thought out. I simply adore reading the words you write, for they make me see into the characters/narrators souls.

I loved how you opened, talking about words as weapons and how powerful they are.

I can tell that this is from Albus's point of view, and I really enjoy that. The way he talks about Gellert is pure adoration.

As usual you've left me with no words. Your transition from sweet light morning romance to action and suspense was fast but very well written.

The ending of this chapter was so powerful!

I'm excited to read the next chapter, and hope to get to it soon. You know how RL gets sometimes :(

Overall I really enjoyed it, and it was very good.

Yours sincerely,

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Review #17, by ImaRavenclawHogwarts and Hormones: Back to Hogwarts

9th September 2016:
Ahhh, I love this so far! This is all wonderful, I'm excited to get to the next chapter!

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Review #18, by ImaRavenclawIf You are In, I am In: Chapter 1

9th September 2016:
Hello darling, I'm Lily and I'm here to be the first reviewer of this really cool story!

Before I jump into this I just have one little CC. When you put thoughts in italic, you don't need to have these: ' '. Ex. ĎHa, it worked,í

Okay, let's get to the good stuff.

You've written a wonderful first chapter, that really sets the stage for your characters. Your dialogue is like normal teenaged girls talking, which I really love, and I can really see what's going on.

Ooooh Rose likes Scorpius. I love how you portray that, it is super believable.

Anyways, I'm off to read the next chapter. It might be a bit longer for a review though. I want to support this story! So I promise I'll be back to leave reviews.

I hope you have a fantastic day and continue writing this fabulous story.

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Thank you so much for leaving me my first review! I can't tell you how excited I am to get some feedback. I hope you are still reading and still enjoying it - and always, always let me know if you see something that doesn't seem like it's fitting correctly!

Thank you,

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Review #19, by ImaRavenclawJulian: Julian

31st August 2016:
Hey Laura! First off, Iíd like to thank you for entering my challenge, and tell you how much I loved your story.

I love how vivid your stories always are, they pull me in and refuse to let me go, they are always interesting and full of shadows. Sometimes I have to read them a few times before I even get it. Fewf, they make me feel like an actual intellectual. I actually love how lost I get in your worlds.

I can never write long review for your stories, because they leave me bone-chilled and wordless, searching the answers. Julieís (Banshee), Jillís (Dreamgazer202), and yours, three stories that are so intricately crafted and written with immense care. To be as good as you three are, you have to really love it. Your passion pours through the words you write.

The way you write Remusís thoughts is so insightful, even in third person. I can really see whatís going on in his head. I love how interesting the bits that deal with his being a werewolf are.

I also really liked the little moments that talked about James and Peter. It was almost fun, like meeting up with old friends.

Oooh some Regulus I seeÖ

ďSnape him danger, for putting him in dangerĒ Iím pretty sure thatís a typo, but Iím not sure how to describe it so Iíll leave that up to you.

The advice (well, I wouldnít call it advice *chuckles*, anyway the things that Regulus tells Remus), is quite accurate/good. God thatís hard to describe. But really this was a moment that intrigued me.

The end is very powerful, and you had a very strong finish. It was as if youíd just finished an incredibly hard marathon and then in five minutes you were ready for another.

I congratulate you, and wish you the best of luck (not that you need it) in future stories, and in this challenge. This was brilliant! You hit the angst spot on.

Yours sincerely,

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Review #20, by ImaRavenclawFirst Date: Chapter 1

29th August 2016:
Hello hello Kaitlin! I'm back on your AP for a review.

Hmm, Seamus and Harry. I never really thought about that, but you did a really great job writing it. Of course this was for a challenge, but it still seemed like you really enjoyed writing it.

I'm assuming Harry and Ginny are divorced and Dean and Seamus were married but Dean passed. Is that right?

This was short, so there isn't much to comment on. But it was really sweet and I really enjoyed it.

Just one CC though, your chapter is called "Chapter 1", but since it isn't a multi-chaptered fic sometimes that kind of thing can be confusing.

I really loved it, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Yours sincerely,

P.S. I love Deamus too!

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Review #21, by ImaRavenclawThe Harder They Fall: A New Day

26th August 2016:
Hello Bianca, Iím back. Just to tell you, Iím not going to continue reviewing this story if you re-requestÖ Because I want to read Hero!!! Iíll try to leave a review on EVERY chapter of Hero. I really want to understand this amazing universe youíre writing, and that starts by finishing the first book. After that I will definitely continue on with The Harder They Fall if you want me too (I probably will on my own anywayÖ) I just wanted to let you know that, but now we can jump into that review I was talking about.

Again so vivid, I can see everything happening and I love it! Youíre descriptive with this whole thing. Even though itís in third person, I love the insight you get into Finnís mind and what heís thinking.

I loved how you started the chapter, but of course I was a little tiny bit confused as to who everyone was because I havenít read Hero (which Iím gonna do when I find time in my busy life of procrastination, and soon to be homework and cello when my school year starts *groans*.)

I definitely know that Iím not a morning person, and I feel like Finn really isnít either.

However, the summer kind of just went by. It would have been interesting, as in the last chapter you said that Finn didnít really want to return. So, I donít know.

Ahhh that was a mean joke, but it was still clever. Finn is definitely without a doubt, one hundred percent Slytherin.

ďItís the pretty things that are dangerous.Ē Did you come up with that yourself dear? Itís brilliant, I have no doubt you did!

Oooh, Iím terrified off spiders too, so I can most definitely relate to Finn. When Iím thinking about this COMC class, Iím definitely saying that Hagrid was probably the best teacher for the subject. Thestrals and Hippogriffs are much more interesting then bugs around Hogwarts.

The end of the chapter was very detailed and interesting. But Iím going to read Hero now. This was all very good, dear!

Yours sincerely,

Author's Response: Liiily!

I'm so sorry! I'll stop requesting, I promise :P

The boys aren't actually in Hero (mentioned only briefly) so I'm sorry if you were confused by their introductions!

(Omg you play the cello?! That's awesome!)

I didn't actually write about the summer, it's only really skipped a week since the first chapter :)

I did write that, I'm glad you liked it!

Ha ha you sound like you'd really get along with Finn - you have a lot in common! ;)

Sorry again for being annoying, my dear :P I hope you enjoy Hero! Thank you so so much for your review!

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #22, by ImaRavenclawHaversham Westley's School for Boys: seventeen.

26th August 2016:
Lucy, yay! She handled that in such a gangster way, I loved it, all of it. This was so good and Iím going to leave it there because I really want to read chapter eighteen.

Yours sincerely,

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Review #23, by ImaRavenclawHaversham Westley's School for Boys: sixteen.

26th August 2016:
I see Lysander has started getting into some trouble. Itís a good thing Lucy found him when she did, as that kind of thing happens more often then most people think, and Lys was almost blind drunk. But the descriptions/story in this chapter were/was great, and Iím hurrying over to the next one. Another great chapter!

Yours sincerely,

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Review #24, by ImaRavenclawHaversham Westley's School for Boys: fifteen.

26th August 2016:
Another review for you, the fifteenth one I believe (Öin this story). I really liked this chapter, how Leopold admitted to not pursuing his dreams, and the staff of HWS convinced him to sit his DADA NEWT. So many acronyms in one sentenceÖ Also Harry Potter. Anyways this was a fabulous chapter (again).

Yours sincerely,

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Review #25, by ImaRavenclawHaversham Westley's School for Boys: fourteen.

26th August 2016:
Ahhh, another fabulous Essie chapter. That girl is awesome, even when sheís struggling. I know sheíll get through, sheís strong and she has great friends to help her get through.

Itís great that theyíll all be spending Christmas together! And I think itís really cool how you made Scorpius and Essie cousins. Does that boyfriend happen to be Albus Potter *winks*? You probably didnít even care about who it was though.

Thanks for another fabulous chapter, and Iím telling you: Your story is addicting.

Yours sincerely,

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