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Review #1, by PLUMThe Bro Code: Article Ninety

20th January 2018:
I don't know what about this story caught my eye - only that I know that it did and boy am I so glad I started reading.

First of all, you are a fantastic writer. I absolutely love that you've written this in third person and from James' perspective. I've never seen how I met your mother so this is all fresh and new and creative to me so i am so excited for the next chapter.

I did feel the end part was just a BIT rushed - the suspense could've been drawn out a bit more but honestly, this was seriously amazing. Your characterisations of each character was so realistic and so neatly done I'm in awe! Skye and Gemma's friendship is freaking real I am jealous of your ability to write it!! I - apparently - cannot do a female friendship justice and that's my new goal.

I can't wait to see where this story goes and what happens - it's all so thrilling and I'm already in love with James and Skye!! I ship it!!!

Author's Response: First of all, you're making me blush and I'm so happy this caught your attention lol.

You definitely do not have to watch the show to get any references as they will be subtle but I do recommend the show just because it is fantastic and it's on netflix and is therefore an easy binge.

Oh dang it I was hoping it didn't sound too rushed! Thank you for the critique though I will have to see if there is a way i can edit that to try to draw it out a bit!
I completely based their glances and protectiveness while out in the club off of my friend and I not going to lie. I was hoping me pointing it out wouldn't be too awkward or 'out there' with it being from James' POV so I'm glad it didn't come across that way!

Those two are definitely interesting I will give you that! Thank you so much for the Review Plum you are the sweetest

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Review #2, by PLUMWrong number: Fifth call

20th January 2018:
Oh wow you know how much I love this story and this was such a beautiful end! And POV switch to show them afar - PERFECTION. I seriously love this story to death and your writing is so so wonderful!! Humour was amazing, once again, the characterisations are so lovely and yeah - just amazing. Brill - although the spacing sometimes throws me off, is there a way to shorten that to a line gap? ANYWAYS, that's not even a thing - I can't wait for the sequel and the prequel - literally so excited! THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL FLUFFY STORY.

Author's Response: HEY YOU
Gosh I feel so guilty I disappeared for MONTHS but uni and rl called and well sometimes one just doesn't feel like writing, BUT! I'm so so glad the end didn't disappoint!
The spacing. IT IS A THING: it's driving me crazy, I tried to delete everything and repost it, I tried manually sentence by sentence - nothing. I swear I wanted to pull my hair out of my head. SO thank you for being patient about that, I'll try to fix it again after a yoga class.
The prequel and sequel are up!
Thank you for you lovely review and KNOW that one day in the near future you're going to find a few reviews on Accidentally on purpose - I have to start from the beginning cause I don't remember a few things, so I'm waiting to have like a full free day to enjoy it.
until then, much love for you!!!
Elena xx

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Review #3, by PLUMuncharted.: eighteen.

28th November 2017:
AH okay being the lazy s**t that I am I saw your bloomin wonderful reviews (so freaking happy you're back!) and instead of replying, I read your new chapter.

I need to just say, your writing is incredible. You've improved so much - the description of Diurn Alley and the insane wizarding society thing at the end like ... wow. It took my breath away. Also your imagination is incredible. And I know I've said incredible twice LOL. But you really are.

Cass is just the most heart wrenchingly relatable character I've ever stumbled across. Her conscious inability to think about James as someone she knows she likes (BECAUSE SHE KNOWS SHE DOES) and her acquiescence to Pia's presence - of course every normal human girl would act like Cass and be friendly and polite and even like the girl that her crush is dating, that's the horrifically cruel part of love - it's just so freaking relatable.

I love your characters, I love your story, and I love that James is this elusive, intangible person which is so so perfect because that's exactly what he is Cass. Like, does she really know him? She's hardly his friend but when you have a crush, it's a magnetic pull that wildly asserts that you do - you know this person to bone.

I'm so sorry that your personal life is so hectic :( I hope things settle down soon. You really are so loved on HPFF! I can't wait for the next update! Also I will respond to all your lovely reviews once schools stops handed me my a**.

Love always, P xxx

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Review #4, by PLUMFluorescent Adolescent : something new

20th July 2017:
Oh my honest to god. You were right, my Meffy feels have been upended, rotated upon the axis which my centre is located, and utterly thrown up in the air.

Can I just note, your writing is absolutely wonderful? As you know I was re-reading like a madwoman lol and just the subtle shifts and changes between your earlier writing and this chapter today is remarkable and brilliant. It's not even anything specific I can point about because it's everything. From Effy's delightful (as usual) inner monologues, the descriptions of the grounds, the subtle, almost imperceptible hints at her fizzling relationship with Mikey ... wow wow wow. I am blown away.

AND lets just talk about Meffy's fizzling relationship for a second. WOW that was handled so well! You're not forcing anything on the reader, just impressing on us how different it is to Jeffy, and not in a noticeably better way. And juxtaposing that with Effy's initial desire for Mikey is just so so good. I can't even articulate lol.

Other things you've been impressing that I am WILDLY excited to read about: her slow burning distance from Aspen, from even her fellow peers as she starts to kind of lag behind their ambitions, Al and Poppy's relationship moving forward while she feels somehow unmoving and immobile, deep-rooted, almost instinctual differences between Mikey and Effy's personalities and of course, the sticking realisation that James had never told enough to make it real, but yet it was definitely realer than anything she could have with anyone else.

GOD I LOVED THIS CHAPTER. You are brilliant, your writing is as nuanced, humorous (lol at the tryouts, at Louis' choice of party password, Effy's bewilderment with time passing, as it does), and ANGSTY AF!!!

Can't wait for the next update!!! I literally read this in 0.3 seconds xx

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Review #5, by PLUMuncharted.: seventeen.

17th July 2017:
Sorry in advance for the short and crap review! I'm in the car and my LTE is spotty! Just had to say what a wonderful chapter! Can't wait for the update!

(Again, wow, annoyingly short review—feels twice as crap because of all your long in-depth ones!! Promise the next one will be longer!!) xx

Author's Response: Hi friend! Your story is literally my next stop!!! Thank you for reviewing - sorry it has literally taken me MONTHS to respond lol.

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Review #6, by PLUMWrong number: Fourth call

10th July 2017:
Oh Elizabeth!!! What's holding you back?!

Loved this chapter! Can't wait to see how it ends!

Best part:

He smiled, keeping his eyes shut and settling down better “Old or new?”

“Well, it’s an old habit but every ice cream is new.” She answered, puzzled.

“I meant the couch.”

Author's Response: Don't worry, all will end well but every story needs a bit of DRAMA yay ahah i'll post the next one by the end of the week, i've almost finished it. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for the reviews!! it means the world ;))
and thank god she buys new ice cream everytime

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Review #7, by PLUMWrong number: Third call

10th July 2017:
Another fantastically sweet chapter! I honestly can't believe English is your second language—the humour is just so light and witty and charming. I did notice a few grammar errors, such as putting a period after dialogue, like "Hi." She said, should be "Hi," she said. But honestly, I don't even notice it? I'm too engrossed and obsessed.

My fav bits:

“Are you still breathing?” He asked, tentatively.

Another few seconds of silence “No, I’m just tying a rope on the ceiling.” The voice answered, almost scared of itself.


She cried out in delight “Wait. How do you accidentally drink an aphrodisiac potion?”

“When your girlfriend wants to try to spice up the relationship but she’s messy.”

Author's Response: Yep, I'm italian so I'm doing my best, but thanks a LOT for the feedback, I'll be sure to check the last chapter for that kind of errors and when you read the last, let me know if you find other errors! After all, I'm mostly writing for myself but putting it on the internet to get better ;)
I've got to admit, I love the aphrodisiac part too! lol

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Review #8, by PLUMWrong number: Second call

10th July 2017:
Again! I can't!! Arghhh!! They're way too cute and I just had a big FAT smile on my face the whole time?! I'm sorry I'm reviewing every chapter after I read them (reading it ALL now) but I can't help it! I'm totally in love with this story and I WANT JAMES AND HER TO MEET! WHAT IS HER NAME?!

There were FAR too many funny quips in this, but this definitely had me grinning:

“Hello to you too, darling. What got your knickers in a twist?”

“You did, dolt! Guess what I found when I got back home?”

“A devilishly good looking man naked in your bed?”

“If only! YOU FLOODED THE FLAT, IDIOT!” she roared, making him jump.

“I only cried a little while watching Fast and Furious, darling. Can’t blame a bloke.”

How do you come up with this stuff??? Please tell me. I need you to come and inject humour in my writing.

On to the next!

Author's Response: Ahaha i love the genuine reaction! When think about James, one can only cry out inarticulately and hope for the best!
The fast and furious bit comes from my ex boyfriend, who cried like a baby when we watched the 7th - apparently, he and all of his big, manly friends.
And trust me, your story has way too humorous as it is - I don't want to hurt my face from too much laughing AGAIN

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Review #9, by PLUMWrong number: First call

10th July 2017:
Okay, so I noticed you left a review on my story and I do this thing where I just impulse click on the reviewer's page to see if they've written anything and boy am I SO, SO, SO glad I did?!

This story is not only funny and charming, but I am completely in love with both James and the mysterious caller on the phone? That you've managed to accomplish that feat in just a few thousand words blows my mind. Here I am writing chapters to fill an encyclopaedia and you've done what I can't in such a short but sweet chapter!

This is just a brilliant and funny idea—to have James pick up a random call and have it be this wonderful, scatterbrained, hilarious young woman that knows his family! I just can't get over how good this is!

Gonna plow through the rest now!

My favourite part:

“I profusely apologize.”

“Who even use profusely? Are you ok?”

“Sorry, I was skimming through the dictionary to keep myself awake.”


Author's Response: Wow Plum, how nice of you! unfortunately I had a lot of stuff to do today but I'm going to review yours tomorrow or the day after at the latest - I'm actually so proud of myself for postponing reading your story or I would have never gotten out of the house today!
But back to your review: I'm so so so happy you liked it and kind of relieved that the story doesn't appear TOO short - I had been worrying about that, but it seems to be working!
I've been writing for a while a novel story which resembles your length of chapter, so I know how much work and dedication it requires - which is why I won't post it until I've finished it. so, by the next ice age, probably.
The idea comes from something that actually happened to my cousin - she thought she was talking to me but instead had called a random girl that let her believe it was me, and it was hilarious when she told me. Then, i thought - let's put some JSP, shall we? and the rest is this!
Anyway, I'm really glad you liked it!!

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Review #10, by PLUMuncharted.: nine.

9th July 2017:
It's been a day and I've whizzed past eight chapters! (Still can't believe I didn't IMMEDIATELY check your page out on the look out for stories after all your lovely reviews!)

I'm really enjoying your characterisation of Cas, who is a bit of an underdog (who doesn't love an underdog) who needs a little bit of work to come out of her shell, but Ama and Josh seem like the perfect foils to her character! Though it does make you wonder what attracted the two of them to be friends with Cassie! Intrigue!

Your writing is very pared down and not overly chocked full of unnecessary description, which I love! I think that truly allows the reader to fill in the gaps and immerse themselves in the world. All in all, a great couple of chapters!

Can't wait to read on see what happens next!

P.S. My last, erratic review had so many mistakes? Lol, I definitely know Cassie isn't a Weasley, but a Delacour, but I'm still not sure if James and Cas are related or not?? (also have no idea what glitch happened to have "Whatever!" appear at the very bottom ...)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! You have no idea how much this means to me! Like you've put me in such a good mood for hours, days!! I, unfortunately, have to work on a Sunday but now I'm definitely going to do it with a smile on my face.

I'm glad you're enjoying Cass! And yes, I'm definitely working on revealing more about the Josh, Ama, Cass dynamic in new chapters. I felt like Cass would be so consumed with all the shoes dropping around her to not fully appreciate her friends so that's definitely a theme I'm writing more, exploring.

This is so funny! My cousin, a creative writing major, hits me over the head all the time with critiques about how I should describe things more. And I work at a job that requires me to kind of write directly and bluntly, not descriptively at all. So it's nice to actually be complimented for my writing style :).

haha and dear Merlin, I hope they aren't related! LOL, if they are, I think it would be like third cousins twice removed or something funky like that with no blood relation whatsoever. actually! one of deleted scenes is James freaking out a little when Cassie calls herself Louis's cousin cause he thinks she's saying she's a Weasley and Cassie totally misinterpreting that because... of course I like to torture my main characters.

Anyways, seriously, thank you for reviewing. Ah, your story rings so clearly in my memory!! My first CD I ever bought was Mya so this is like Mya taking the time to listen to my CD and giving me compliments on it even though I cannot sing for sh*t. [Here's hoping you know who Mya is and actually like her music cause otherwise I've unintentionally insulted you. Yikes.]

Much love,

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Review #11, by PLUMuncharted.: sixteen.

8th July 2017:
Crappy art?!?!!? Are you joking!!! I'm in pure shock that I did not know this story existed or that YOU wrote it!!

I just read the first chapter (about to fly through the rest when I get a chance) and I'm so so interested! You know I love a good James/OC fic and Cassie just sounds so interesting. Her love for her father, who's obviously not an obviously redeemable person, a Nott in Gryffindor, half a Weasley ... Does that kind of make James and Cassie related? lol I don't know.

Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and say WOW! I'm so excited to read the rest of this story, so I'm sorry about this short and scattered review! I know they'll be a lot more specific and detailed when I get reading!

Plum xxx


Author's Response: HA! You're absolutely lovely and kind but believe me when I say I wish I wrote like you! You definitely drop me into your world in a way that I cannot even IMAGINE writing. lolol, the reason why I saw "crappy art" is because I remember reading a think piece from the Times about making time for your "art even if crappy" because you'll me happier/less stressed. And that's sooo true for me. I see "uncharted." as a way for me to just be free and relax, ya know? It's just a really fun, creative outlet that some people appear to enjoy which is nice :).

And thankfully, Cassie is half Delacour, half Nott so we are okay on the James/Cassie front! Not blood related, fortunately! But yes, I totally checked that out before posting this story! I had to think about it/look it up a couple of times cause I didn't want this to be gross hahah.

And thanks for giving this a read!! Again, I respect your writing/style so much so I'm happy/honored that you gave this a go.

You really were single-handedly responsible for dropping me back into the Potter World! I so distinctly remember sitting in my boyfriend's bed and reading your story late at night and by boyfriend being a little annoyed with me hahaha. And I remember committing the ultimate sin of not reviewing as a reader! So I'm glad I get a chance to fangirl and give you the reviews you deserve as you repost/rewrite!

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Review #12, by PLUMWhat We Did Last Summer: Want to Dance?

5th July 2017:
Wow wow wow, I am so excited to see where this story goes!! Can't believe I hadn't noticed before now that you'd posted a new story!

This is so wildly different to FA and I think that was just such a brilliant move. The new voices, the mature, fully fleshed out characters, on the brink of adulthood and new careers is just such a great place for a story to start, I am buzzing to read the next chapter!

The snippet of what's to come at the beginning was just ingenious honestly. Reading the tumultuous relationship between Maggie and Al in contrast to the I LOVE YOU just ups the ante even more and I'm DYING to find out how they get there!

Despite the fact that it's short, I feel like you've established exactly who these people are -- from Rose, Scor, Dylan, Leo to, of course Al and Maggie -- and I can't wait to read the next chapter!!

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Review #13, by PLUMFluorescent Adolescent : whiny male protagonist

26th June 2017:
Like I am really actually going on a binge here and I have never had more Meffy feels in my entire life? Also RIP Aspen and Louis two chapters ago ... don't know why I thought they were still together ...

Also, I am OBSESSED with your dialogue. How is it so witty, sharp and incisive?! Like you're such a naturally gifted writer because everything moves so fluidly and ugh, I'm getting writer's jealousy!! I loooved it.

Author's Response: hahaha i LOVE that you're feeling mikey & effy! you're going to have a lot of fun with ch.25 ;)

and no it is NOT! i think the same about YOUR dialogue! stop it. you're wrong and i'm blushing. xoxoxox

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Review #14, by PLUMFluorescent Adolescent : the owlery

25th June 2017:
Right, so I'm re-reading FA just as a normal person does and I had to leave a review on this chapter because just WOW. I cannot get over how your write your characters so flawlessly fleshed out and REAL. And, as always, the humour just kills me. I dream about writing the way you do honestly.

I don't know how I managed not to drop a review for this chapter but I knew I had to. There are so many things here I want to talk about but I just can't! There isn't enough space!

But Aspen and Louis -- perfect. Al and Poppy -- makes my heart sing. Oscar -- my muse, my love, my life. And Jeffy ... okay, from the very beginning one of the things I've admired so so much about your writing and your ability to capture the zeitgeist of teenage conversations so honestly is how you translate them in Jeffy's relationship. Two hot-headed, opinionated, bordering on arrogant people who strongly believe in their values and yet manage to shove the things they disagree on aside because they make each other happy in some blistering way is just so incredibly real and god i just want to steal your words.

Honestly though, rereading this makes me wonder what DO James and Effy actually have in common with each other besides their traits? They have chemistry and are attracted to each other, obviously, but at this point I just can't see how they could fall in love (but I wonder if this is because I'm just so Team Mikey ...)

Okay, thought-rant done! I loved this chapter and, as always, the humour had me in tears.

Can't wait for the update! P xx

Author's Response: urgghhh you don't know how much it means to me to hear you're re-reading FA! like on one hand it fills me with total dread- i HATE the early chapters- but i can't believe you like it enough to return!

(and i am truly sorry about the year 11 writing of the early chapters!)

aspen & louis... spoiler alert, they're not quite over yet! and regarding james & effy- haha, their relationship at this point is SO problematic it almost hurts me to read it. like they're too alike and too united in their stubbornness to even give their relationship a half-hearted go and it's just so seventeen year old its almost funny. writing the new chapter and comparing their new dynamic to their old is definitely weird, so weird, they've changed SO much. but you put it better than me, tbh! talk about stealing words- i'd say the same thing about AOP any day (and i am SO excited to read the next chapter!)

definitely love that you're questioning their relationship, definitely love that you're team mikey- hun, you got a bIG storm COMING- and i can't wait to hear what you think of the next chapter!

you're the best. beyond words. all my love xx

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Review #15, by PLUMFluorescent Adolescent : crisp white shirt

18th June 2017:
All right, I just sat down for the first time in AGES and read a proper chapter all the way through, which I feel slightly terrible about admitting, but I am such a notorious skimmer and that's not got anything to do with your absolutely STUNNING writing (I'm just the worst, and lazy). Anyway, this chapter totally and utterly enraptured me. I cannot believe how much I missed reading about Effy and James (even through short letters) and MIKEY, oh god, Mikey, my HEART. I don't even know what to say other than I'm re-obsessed? I've always been obsessed but now I'm like, yeah, I'm obsessed.

I cannot wait for the next chapter. Literally, cannot.

Also, my absolute favorite part: “What’s wrong with martinis?” Mikey wanted to know, sipping his with such understated sophistication I was wondering if my attraction to Mikey was an long harboured attraction to old Mikey or a newfound attraction to new Mikey, and when did Mikey become Mikey, and should I start calling him Michael."

I was screaming. This is such understated humour, oh my god. But okay, this has been the longest review I think I've ever written in my life but it was worth it. Have I mentioned I really love your writing? I feel like I am Effy? Ugh, I just loved this.

As always, lots of love, P xxx

Author's Response: ahhh omg omg omg ! your reviews are always so lovely and insightful, thank you so much for leaving another one!

ahaha- i'm so glad you enjoyed that line, firstly, its a personal favourite, and i know this has been a rlly angsty chapter but i do think it's featured some of effy's best one-liners! so super chuffed you enjoyed it ;)

super glad you enjoyed it, SUPER glad you're still on hpff, i've missed you & hopefully the next chapter'll be up soon! you know how much i think you rock, but i'm jjust reminding you nevertheless. ♥

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Review #16, by PLUMFluorescent Adolescent : eng-ger-land!

11th February 2017:
HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS UNTIL NOW! I must've blacked out. This was an incredible chapter and I just can't get over how horrible James is being to Effy. I just want Effy to scream at him to shut up and tell him exactly how it is tbh. Anyways, loved this chapter I read it in like two minutes. Can't wait for the next one! And congratulations on your well deserved Dobby nom!! I'm so happy for you!!


Author's Response: gosshhh thank you so so so much! haha james is being ridiculously awful & if i was effy i would DEFINITELY be crying more than she is trying not to but yess- so agreed on that part.

i'm so so glad you liked this chapter and ahhh! thanks so much for your congratulations! means the absolute world- all my love xoxox

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Review #17, by PLUMFluorescent Adolescent : literally, jewish god bless

21st August 2016:
Yay you're back! Another beautifully written chapter and I can't wait for the rest! I hope you find a way to write through your writers block ... I've missed this story so much lol. Love it!

PLUM (fka scattered) xx

Author's Response: ahhh !! what happened to your old account ?! i LOVED your james/oc story- jenelle was always such inspiration for effy's character! please tell me you haven't abandoned it, ill cry!

and ive missed this story too!! super super glad exams and year 13 in general is over. what an intense and yet amazing year?! so many ideas for upcoming FA plots ... thanks for leaving a review !! and thanks especially for staying tuned despite my massive leave xxx

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