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Review #1, by OxymoronRag Doll: Rag Doll

20th May 2007:
Great! It's really the best D/G fic I've ever read. It's sort of "RomeoJuliet-esque". But more unrequited so. "RomeoRosaline-esque." Luvved it.

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Review #2, by OxymoronPlanet Gazing: Looking at Uranus: V-Day (Does Anyone Ever Notice How Much V-Day Sounds Like D-Day?)

14th April 2006:
I didn't really understand how he got on the floor until later when it said that she had kicked him. I MUST READ MORE OF THIS!!!!!!! Please submit more soon. By the way... Brilliant.

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Review #3, by OxymoronPlanet Gazing: Looking at Uranus: I Hate Your Hair!!

14th April 2006:
I loved it so much. I love you guys so much! Do you write 24 hours a day or somehting? I never have enough time to write as much as you two. If at all possible, what's your secret?
P.s. this story is genius.

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Review #4, by OxymoronPlanet Gazing: Looking at Uranus: CUTE! HUGE!!

26th March 2006:
You two are too good.

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Review #5, by OxymoronPlanet Gazing: Looking at Uranus: Hitler and the Swamp Monster

26th March 2006:
I love you guys.

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Review #6, by OxymoronSmudge: Potter is DEAD.

14th February 2006:
I return once again to your brilliant story to read it for the umpteenth time and love it even more. Keep writing and a sequal... I don't have words for. (In a good way)

Author's Response: Aw... keep reading and the sequel is COMING~

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Review #7, by OxymoronGetting Tighter From Wrist To Waist: The War of Flying People

2nd December 2005:
Yeah, I know reviewing your own stories is a little strange, but I'm just checking up on things.

Author's Response: Hi, Bye.

Author's Response: I'm not sure if I'll be continueing this story. I just never have the time. I have started several other stories not yet on the site but their not L/J stories. My partner in crime Seductive_Swan and I are trying to figure out how we will put a "together" name on the site. So far I've only gotten to begging my mom. uh... If she won't let us use her e-mail then I'll probably end up deleting Oxymoron off the site to replace it with Weasley_Wives. I wish I knew what the future held!!! -Sonja

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Review #8, by OxymoronLove Will Lead You Back: The Suprise

19th November 2005:
I have never read a slasher story before and honestly, it made my stomach turn. You have fantastic writing skills, it's just that it is a little hard to picture. Consider a couple more character details. Keep writing!!

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