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Review #1, by purplepygmypuffWhat Say You?: A Fine Establishment

19th January 2007:
I normally don't read founders stuff because for the most part I'm just not interested in that era, however, because it was you, Jess, of course I clicked! And I'm so glad that I did. This was a great portrayal of the founders- much different than the ones that I have read. I loved how you brought them out of character for what we typicall think of when we think of characteristics of students of a particular house: Godric's drunkeness and sloth- because Gryffindors give everything they have to a cause, even if they have to find it in the bottle; Rowena's snobbery when it comes to those who aren't the smartest- to be honest, I've always felt Terry Boot and the rest of them were quite stuck up, but maybe that's just because JKR doesn't ever really tell us much about them; Helga's ability to take charge of the conversation- this was a wonderful touch, because you don't see Hufflepuffs doing it enough, but I always felt like they could, if needed; and Salazar's cunning- normally painted by goody two shoes Gryffindors as a bad thing, but here used like it should be to get exactly what he wants.

Wonderful! The whole thing!


Author's Response: Thank you so much, Erin! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I was very hesitant about it because I was trying to make it realistic and blah blah blah but... Thank you! I appreciate your comments so much!

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Review #2, by purplepygmypuffEleven O' Clock: Eleven O' Clock

26th December 2006:
Jess, you know I love your stories, but you have got to remind me only to read them when in an angsty mood- cause goodness knows they always get to me! Excellent job- you leave me wanting more, as usual.

I do have one bit of constructive criticism, and it's just for a typo. In the paragraph about her smile you wrote:I brushed a lock of ear out of her angelic face and tucked it behind her ear. Might want to change that...

Other than that, it was an awesome story. Comeback: go, set, launch!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad that I still have readers after being gone so long, it's really comforting. And I appreciate your criticism! I didn't even catch that one! Lol, I don't know where that came from... Anyways, thanks again, really, it means a lot. :]

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Review #3, by purplepygmypuffWeasley Drabblings on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters: one-shot

20th December 2006:
Drabbles are so much fun to write and to read. You have done an excellent job in capturing each of the Weasley kids: Bill's need to be brave, Percy's desire to be seen as an individual, and Ron's uncertainty of which family path to follow wer the best of the bunch. I also particularly liked this line in Ginny's:For her, Hogwarts was a well known place and at the same time a mystery. . It's so true. Well done on a difficult challenge.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reading! I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the drabbles! They were fun to write but was also a challenge to do - too many words - then not enough words.... and I'm glad you think I captured the Weasley children properly - that makes me happy to hear! Thanks again! ~Jenn

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Review #4, by purplepygmypuffAll We Want for Christmas....: All We Want for Christmas.....

20th December 2006:
That was very sweet! I particularly liked Percy's line that if there was a girl in the house, everyone would behave better. Thank you for that lovely Christmas present.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for reading - glad you enjoyed! So far - I think Percy has been the most commented on! Happy holidays! ~Jenn

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Review #5, by purplepygmypuffSecrets That Shouldn't Be Kept: Regrets

14th December 2006:
Poor Hermione. Jess, this was excellent. I particularly liked the part where you described the fact that the students could have let anything drop in casual conversation, information that Draco could have passed on to his higher ups. I thought that this line: She darted towards it, noting in the back of her head that it was a perfectly acceptable time to break the rules and enter, whether or not there was anyone inside. was an excellent way to describe Hermione.

I'm glad to see you posting again!

Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you so much. This isn't one of my best but, I've just started back up again and I just had to get something out there. I've actually written up a couple others now but they're taking forever to validate! Again, thank you so much, I'm glad I still have fans here :] *tear* Lol.

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Review #6, by purplepygmypuffConception In The Feminine: The Witch Charm

4th October 2006:
Marc, I have to say that I'm so glad that you took me up on my suggestion to post this here. ; ) You are a great writer and I love reading anything you write whether it be drabbles. I love how you have woven the Weasleys, Potters, and Grangers in together long before their children's Hogwarts days. Amazing.


Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews

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Review #7, by purplepygmypuffChanging Seasons: Autumn

14th September 2006:
This is off to a very sweet start. I love the thought of Hermione being a stay-at-home mom, because there will be plenty of things that she will be able to do at home while raising a child. She could write, or work from home, or do a zillion other things. Teaching at Hogwarts would be tough. Feminists hate me, but I really feel that while children are young, their mothers need to be at home if at all possible. Sorry. Personal opinion.

I love that Ron doesn't get it right away, but once he does all he wants to do is be with her. It's so Ron.

A couple of beta-notes, because I'm anal. Diagon Alley is spelled incorrectly, and 'irregardless' is not a word. Just use 'regardless'. (That's a pet peeve of mine.)

Other than those two minor things, very well done. I'm interested in seeing how their lives are going to change!

Author's Response: Thanks for being understanding of the stay at home mom. I too think that being with your children is important. I almost think that kids need a parent at home even more as teenagers then they do as little children. Sorry about the lexical funkies. I wrote this story at work and had to post it in a hurry. Some day soon when it is slow at the office I will write the next installment. (And perhaps even edit the first chapter) Thanks!

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Review #8, by purplepygmypuffHead Count: One - Ron

7th September 2006:
*sniffles a bit and wipes away tears*

Okay, I'm so glad that you did allow them a few years together. And what's middle age to a wizard, anyway? They had a good many years together, I guess. Thank you for allowing Ron to die naturally of old age, and thank you for Amelia giving permission to go. I know a lot of people who have hung on because somewhere in their souls they haven't felt like they could leave.

I loved the funeral scene, as Ron and Mrs. Granger grieved together. I liked that you had Luna helping him get dressed for it, and how she picked out the dress robes that matched how he felt, particularly since neither his wife or his sister were able to be there to help him.

Hermione's still my favorite chapter, though. ; )

Author's Response: =))) Thanks, doll. I'm not sure what middle age is to a wizard, but I thought it was a bit older than for Muggles. So yeah, they did get some time together. =) Haha, I think it's so hilarious that you like the Hermione chapter the best when it's the one I like the least. =PPP Thanks for reading, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #9, by purplepygmypuffArthur Weasley and the Car Wash: Prologue

31st August 2006:
I'm already laughing at the thought of Arthur taking the car to get it washed. I imagine he'll love the vacuums and the conveyer belt that they move the car on. I am interested to see what's next, and Molly's reaction to his adventure!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks!!

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Review #10, by purplepygmypuffLaundry Day: Remembering

29th August 2006:
I think I read this long ago and loved it, and when I stumbled across it today I was reminded of how beautiful it is.

You have written Hermione and Ron's return to the Muggle world very well: the anxiety she felt at having to return to a world in which she knew nothing about, the love that they share and the result being several happy children, and the hope that they will one day be able to return to the magical world.

You captured my attention right from the beginning with the scene of Hermione going through everyone's pockets and comparing the things that she might find if they lived in each world, and you circled it back around very well to Hermione having to deal with the washing machine.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that review. I appreiciate your insightful comments. This story is dear to my heart for many reasons. Not only was it my first stab at a new genre (fanfiction) but the first time in a long time I 'picked up the pen'. It was wonderful to write again and know I can't stop! Once again I express my heartfelt thanks!

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Review #11, by purplepygmypuffHead Count: Two - Hermione

26th August 2006:

Here I was, knowing that she wasn't going to make it, but hoping against all hope that since everything was resolved between her and Ron they might be able to be happy for a little while, and then you throw that last paragraph in there. It was a wonderful, anti-climactic moment that broke my heart. Now I have to go to clinic with Ron. Because I'm assuming he'll be forced to go back? If he makes it that far.

In my humble opinion this was a much better chapter than the one about Harry. (Though I see your poor about Harry being stupid enough to follow Voldemort. Bless him.) It was melancholy, sure, but very Hermione in the way she held everything inside and moved in auto-pilot. I loved when she finally allows herself to think of their childhood how you have her not recalling a memory, but seeing how they would have played if they had all had the chance to really be children, and not caught up in the war. The hide and seek game made me want to cry.

Lovely. The whole thing.

Author's Response: Haha, yeah, I couldn't just leave the chapter off without throwing that last paragraph in there. =P And no, although it would be interesting to write about Ron in the clinic, I'm not going to have him go back. The first time Ginny and Harry had died within a month of each other and Ron didn't handle that very well - he was a bit loose in the head - but he's got a better grip on it this time. HAHA, you and I are opposites in opinion when it comes to part one and two. I like Harry's chapter much better. I'm just weird about this one. =P But we do agree on the little imaginary scene in the graveyard. I did like that part. =) Thanks so much for the great review, I appreciate it very much.

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Review #12, by purplepygmypuffThe Real Prince: The Pea.

18th August 2006:
Hey Andy! That was fun! I'm glad you put the spell in there to make sure that Harry wouldn't sleep, because after the Dursleys, I'm not sure Harry's too picky about where he sleeps.

Author's Response: Heya! Hehe! I reckon Harry's a bit like me - I can doze of anywhere! Plus, what's a HPFF without magic? Lol! Glad you liked it! ~ Andy xx

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Review #13, by purplepygmypuffHead Count: Three - Harry

16th August 2006:
I have to admit, I have put off reading this for several days because I knew it would be too angsty for me to handle. But I knew I couldn't put it off forever because I was too interested to see how you'd kill everyone off.

I liked the detail about Harry sitting somewhere where he wouldn't fall asleep, even if he's physically and mentally exhausted. I also like how you have Voldemort continue to taunt Harry. It's never simple with him is it? But why did Harry follow Voldemort to the potion? If he was going to kill him simply by hiding behind a chair then he could have done it before. I know that kind of ruins having Harry die, but it seemed a bit inconsistant to me.

That's really my only criticism of the story though, the rest of it is lovely, and so sad. I love that Harry kills him without a lot of force- after all, it's not how loudly you can cast an unforgivable, it's how much you mean it.

I can't wait to see why Hermione and Ron aren't there with him and how they are going to die.

Author's Response: Harry followed Voldemort to the potion because Harry is really stupid that way, to say it bluntly. He lets his curiosity get him into trouble a lot and I wanted to emphasize that. And I know what you mean about the chair deal - I really just wanted a way to get rid of one of the Voldemorts because I couldn't imagine poor Harry having to duel two of them at once, right? It was just too much. Anyway, thank you for the criticism and the great review. =)

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Review #14, by purplepygmypuffHarry Potter and The Lost War: Suprises (Part 2)

9th August 2006:
Gee, I love McGonagall. She's one of my favourite characters simply because she's always full of surprises (Ginger Newt?), and you've written this very well. I like the idea of Hagrid being with them when they go to Godric's Hollow, and I think I want him with them where ever they go- he can be a menace with that pink umbrella!

I'm glad Harry's not so scared of dancing that he won't dance with Gabrielle- or Ginny. I just hope he manages not to spill to her the secrets of the Order? But maybe you'll touch on that too- I can't wait to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: Agreed McGonnogal's ace, also a hell of a lot more like the teachers I had, rather than Dumbledore or Lupin for instance. No messin!

The relationship between Harry and Ginny is a key part of the story and in time it is going to get a lot more difficult for the two of them. And not just keeping Order secrets! Also I think its only right that Hagrid goes to GH as he was the first on the scene after Vol had done the deed and Harry had been left alone. I'd imagine its prob as important a place to Hagrid as it is to Harry.
Thanks again ppp and the next chapter has been started, but I think you might update before I do!

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Review #15, by purplepygmypuffShattered Reality: Information and Realization

1st August 2006:
That's such an interesting idea. I hate it for Hermione to be pregnant at 18, but you have told such a great story that I'll forgive you that!

This whole story was very well done. You should feel proud that you accomplished so much. I do want to go back and read some of your other work, but right now, sleep is winning out! I hope that you continue to write, for you certainly have a talent for it.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I really appreciate all the feedback you've given me. Honestly, this story would have been down the tubes if you hadn't reviewed and encouraged me. I am working on a sequel to it called "The Long Road Ahead" ... I think I have 7 or 8 chapters done already. Thanks again!

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Review #16, by purplepygmypuffShattered Reality: Futures or Finality

1st August 2006:
Oh, well just throw that twist in there why don't you? Put some more pressure on Hermione....

I love that Fred and George seem to be standing up for Ron and Hermione. They need people in their corner right now.

Author's Response: Haha. Our girl can never rest. Always thought Fred and George would be on their side anyway.

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Review #17, by purplepygmypuffShattered Reality: Friends and Findings

1st August 2006:
Want to go on to next chapter to find out everyone's reaction, must leave review.... Agh! Embarrassment to the extreme! I have to say that I'm glad they were found, just because I always want OBHWF to solve every problem together. There needs to be some reconciliation between Hermione and Bill, but I have faith that you'll come to that! Great job!

Author's Response: Bill will get better as time goes on. He needs an adjustment period. LOL

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Review #18, by purplepygmypuffShattered Reality: Pleadings or Demands

1st August 2006:
Hi! I haven't read on here in forever, but went back to check up on some old stories and was reminded at how great a story this is. I have to say that I like this abstinence magic... I wish I could talk some people I know into it. The only thing that I'm iffy on with that in your story is that if they are old enough to be married and have sex then they are old enough to admit it, and they don't want the Weasleys to know. Only complaint I really have... and sorry for that, but I really have a heart for youth and young adults.

I do love this line though...'That blessing would act as sort of a deterrent ... like you - erm, he - couldn't do anything beyond kissing or holding hands.' Open mouth, insert foot, Ginny!

I also really enjoy Ron and Hermione trying not to do magic, and how their relationship forms around that. Great job all around.

Author's Response: Thanks for the great review. I know it's odd for the sex and stuff ... but with the stuff I've seen, I've noticed that 17 and 18 is getting to be "old" for kids these days. I don't know what it's like in England or anything ... but I'm really glad you liked this. I worked hard on it and I'm working on the sequel ... hoping to get it done sometime soon. LOL. Thanks for the great reviews!

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Review #19, by purplepygmypuffUncle Ron: Uncle Ron

31st July 2006:
That was a very realistic deathbed scene for Ron. You did a great job putting that in Hermione's point of view. I didn't cry, but I did tear up a bit. And I love Harry and Ginny's kid's names. ; )

Author's Response: Thank you. It took me hours ( least 10 minutes) to think of those names! I didn't want them to be strange or odd sounding, but I didn't want them too corny (kind of like the names JKR gave to the trio's, I wonder how her naming skill failed her in a most crucial time?).

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Review #20, by purplepygmypuffIgniting A Spark: Igniting A Spark

27th July 2006:
I'm so glad Ron caught the Granger Grippe, though! I love the last line. I like how you don't come straight out and say whether or not they've gotten together, you just let us draw our own conclusions!

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Review #21, by purplepygmypuffThree Simple Words: Three Simple Words

19th July 2006:
That was heart wrenching. Remus breaks my heart every time he breaks Tonks'. I think my favourite line was this, though. --> “I was not raised as a Black or as a Malfoy,” she protested. “My mother inherited none of her family’s wealth, and my father was never rich. I don’t mind.” I really think it shows that Tonks knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and that Remus has, like a Harry, a 'saving people thing.'

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Review #22, by purplepygmypuffCareer Consultation: Career Consultation

19th July 2006:
I really enjoyed this! I loved the slight competition between the eldest Weasley brothers, including the nod to Percy and his determination to his studies. I particularly liked your mention of Oliver! My favourite line though, was this --> 'Even little Ginny had plans, although I wasn’t quite sure that marrying Harry Potter counted as a career option. Still, I imagined she’d have to do a fair bit of work to win the heart of such a celebrity.' Cracked me up! I can see Charlie being very amused by her, um, sentiment, and you've captured it well.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the lovely long review! I'm glad you liked this story. That line you mentioned was one of my favorites too. =)

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Review #23, by purplepygmypuffRemember: Remember

18th July 2006:
I have never imagined that for one split second Sirius might have considered Harry to be James when they were coming to save him. He very well might have, though, you've made a convincing case for it. The line that I liked though, was this -> 'That first day at school was probably the only time Lily spoke to me without an insult buried in her conversation.' It shows how hopefully innocent everyone is on that first day of school. Even though they were from two different worlds, and even though they kept each other at a distance every day after that, they had that one uniting experience on the train. Loved it! Well done.

Author's Response: Sheeesh, what a review! And finally, someone shares my favourite line in the whole story! It was a situation that I can use to fuel my secret passion for the S/L ship.When you say you would never have imagined that ending, don't worry I never thought I would either. It was one of those endings that sort of just wrote itself and you can't really give yourself credit for thinking it up. My beta reader didn't realise this story was about dementor when he read it and thought this fic was a S/J slash fic, which is a theory I completely love. So really - I didn't imagine the ending either! :) Thanks so much for the loverly review.

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Review #24, by purplepygmypuffExit Music: Exit Music

18th July 2006:
Three cheers for Remus! In a kill or be killed situation, I am glad that Remus chose to defend and protect himself and those he loved. It is not always an easy choice.

You have set up some really wonderful scenes here... the back of the twins shop, the hospital, Tonk's flat... all speak of the quiet desparation of the time. Well done.

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Review #25, by purplepygmypuffRiding the Storm: Riding the Storm

17th July 2006:
Excellently done. I'm not usually a Draco fan. Or is it that I don't ship Draco and anyone but Pansy? I'm not sure. Either way, this caught my eye; the idea of Draco as a responsible adult, a husband and a father, no longer running from the sins of his father, yet acknowledging them and moving past them was excellent.

This was a line that I really enjoyed: '“Rena, you’re a big girl, aren’t you? Big girls are disciplined. Now, hurry up and go back to sleep. It’s past your bedtime,” Draco said.' Big girls are supposed to be disciplined? That's a little bit of Malfoy in there for you. Love the word choice. It allows that he's changed, but keeps him in character.

Author's Response: Wow, I certainly didn't expect a review like this! You've made my day! This fic...(shh...) was really not one of my best work so I was unsure of what the feedback would be like, but I'm so so happy and surprised with comments such as this! I'm so glad you gave this a try and liked it, even though you're not usually a Draco fan. Thanks soo much for the wonderful review!

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