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Review #1, by victoria_anneIn This Darkness: Chapter Twenty: Edward Ballard

18th January 2018:
I don't even like the guy and he gets a whole chapter named after him, ugh.

Poor Edward having to deal with such a bad father :(
Although I loved the dialogue between him and Xander. I can smell the testosterone from here. I really loved the tension in their words and that Xander remains nonchalant. It's perfect and I really enjoyed it. Especially since it's filled with so much information. Things are clearer now, but also a lot more intense.

Wow wow wow, I knew I loved Xander but I didn't realise how much until this chapter. He is so real to me, I keep forgetting this is fanfiction and he's not a character from a published book on my shelf. I LOVE his little self-realisation moment, with the girls, and how it affected him so deeply that he's had this overwhelming sense of feeling lost. I hope this means we find out more about his past soon. But for now, it was extremely well done and I really enjoyed this chapter! I hope life slows down for you soon, both for your sanity and so I have another chapter to read soon :P ♥

Author's Response: Haha this chapter was definitely filled with testosterone.

And Xander needed to have some self-realization. He's always been a little too sure of himself and judgmental of others, so I think it was about time he realized he wasn't so perfect eithr.

I hope life slows down as well. It's been so crazy. I'll do my best on that new chapter :)

And please let me know if you ever publish anything new! You're honestly one of my favorites, and I cannot wait to get hooked on another wonderful fic from you.

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Review #2, by victoria_anneIn This Darkness: Chapter Nineteen: An Unexpected Visitor

18th January 2018:
Hello Quilly!!! Long time no talk! I've just finished transferring reviews over to HPFT so now it's time I catch up here!

Ooh things are really taking a dark turn in the wizarding world. As if I couldn't be sucked into this story any more than I already am, I'm fascinated by the Clarifiers and can't wait to see how this conflict plays out. The idea of Ballard saying Harry, Ron, and Hermione have been idolised for so long when things have changed is sad but interesting. I don't believe it of course but it definitely adds some realism to the story that there are always people out there ready to disagree and stir trouble for others.

“What is it with you and dragons anyways?” - Do you know how many times I get this a day?

CHRISTMAS IS COMING. THE MOST MAGICAL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! I swear if I don't get some beautiful mistletoe action between Lily and Xander in the next few chapters, Quilly, I'm coming after you.

"I make sure that the rest of my body is fit enough to support it." - HAHAHAHAHA I love him so much. But wait, there's more! - "Well then I commend you on such excellent manners.”

Lucy is hilarious, and so is her relationship with Xander! Let's see her more!

He says he'd give her the moon, and she'd just toss it to the side and demand for the sun instead. - Holy moley I love this so much?! Also I tried really hard not to write a review where I just quoted the whole chapter back to you but I'm failing :P

Oooh Ballard is here! And here I was just saying what a nasty piece of work he was and he's HERE! I've gotta read on - see you soon! ♥

Author's Response: B!

It's so good to see you!

I'm so glad you've enjoyed Lucy. She's one of those characters that have been fully developed in my head for so long. She was going to play a bigger role in the beginning but she kept
getting cut off the final published chapter, and I was happy she was finally able to make it - even if it was just for a bit.

I love knowing which lines are your favorite so no problems there! Hehe.

Thank you so much for review, my love!

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Review #3, by victoria_anneMiracle : { excitement is out, anxiety is in }

10th January 2018:
I'm back!

(By the time you read this it probably doesn't look like I took a break but I did so there you go and here I am, ready to read again :D)

Marissa is such a potty mouth hahaha.

Another reason I love her character: She's in this brand new world but jumps straight into as many classes as she can.

Ah. New year, same prejudice.

Ooh I'm practically applauding in my seat that she managed to levitate the feather and earn points for Slytherin!

Aw Charity Burbage is alive in your story ♥

The names you've picked are so so cool.

Ooh a party sounds interesting. I can imagine all sorts of things going down in the Room of Requirement. Can't wait to find out how it goes!

Author's Response: marissa is all of us, then lol

marissa does jump in pretty quick doesn't she? magic is very new and interesting for her, she wants to jump right in. we'll see how that goes for her.

and then, the prejudice thing, i think there will always be a small undercurrent of it in some people.

wait, charity burbage is dead? holy crap i totally forgot and accidentally added her into the story, wow. i need to change that.

i like the names too! they're my favorite too :^)

in a party a lot of things can happen, so we'll see how marissa deals, yeah?

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Review #4, by victoria_anneMiracle : { never stop smiling }

10th January 2018:

I like how we learn a little more about Marissa's character in every chapter, it means you don't info dump!

And I'm sorry, Marissa, but I laughed so hard when she fell to the ground! Imagine running into a solid wall with success only to end up with a sore nose anyway, ha ha!

Ooh, OOH! She's in Slytherin! I should have seen that coming but I kind of forgot about the sorting ceremony haha. Slytherin is totally perfect for her though! And she's there with my precious baby Scorpius, yaaay!

There is no way I'd have Marissa's self-restraint during a dinner in the Great Hall :P I'd be eating until I passed out under the table.

I liked the description of the common room. You made it sound very eerie and I wonder if Marissa will eventually grow to love it and feel comfortable there. She needs house pride!

Aw I'm so happy for her and glad she's excited! Can't wait to see how her classes go!

Author's Response: really? i was actually worried that i was info dumping too much, that's a relief!

and thank you so much for thinking Marissa belongs in Slytherin, even I was doubting it for a second as i wrote her as a /complete/ ravenclaw in the first two chapters, but i totally didn't mean to.

haha, neither would i! food is my one and only love.

i hope marissa warms up too, slytherin is such a cool house, and i think the dynamic is perfect for her.

thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by victoria_anneMiracle : { a brave new world not unlike fiction }

10th January 2018:
Hello, hello! Glad to be back! And thank you so much for the reviews you left me - they were such a surprise! ♥

I like Marissa's friends, they're quirky and I think the three of them have a nice dynamic together. My mouth literally dropped open when I read that Chie knows! Marissa was right, it's always the quiet ones :P Ooh she's a Chang! And a Squib! I love it. At least it made breaking the news easier!

I love the talking mirror! It's totally plausible and it breaks up the familiarity of Diagon Alley, since we already know pretty much all there is to it. It was a really cool detail to add in!

And so nice to see the joke shop! I sometimes forget it's in Diagon Alley, and got really excited when I read it. And yay, George! ♥
It totally doesn't surprise me that Marissa would meet Albus in a Quidditch shop, ha ha!

I'm left feeling even more intrigued than before! It's always so cool to watch OC's (especially Muggles) be introduced to the characters we know so well! I really enjoyed it :)

Author's Response: hey, that's no problem! you were doing this for me, so i figured i could do something nice back. :)

I like Marissa's friends too! They were a little bit unexpected (for me) but they were completely a welcome!

i'm glad you liked the talking mirror detail!

I think that Marissa meeting George and Al was my favorite part to write too!

thank you so much for reading!

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Review #6, by victoria_anneMiracle : { it starts at the beginning }

8th January 2018:
Hello! Here from HPFT with your review! It's nice to meet you ♥

I'm a sucker for shiny things, so can I just start off by saying how much I love the chapter image?

I absolutely love the premise of this story. I think it's so unique and original, and I'm really excited about. I assume it was Dean Thomas who was the donor. It makes sense, since he's Muggleborn and grew up in the Muggle way of life. I think it's totally realistic for Marissa to start showing signs of magic. The fact she has enough to make her a witch worthy of an education at Hogwarts is really exciting!

Hehe, I love that the Golden Trio co-wrote a book on defensive magic. That takes me back to the Dumbledore's Army days... ♥

The only cc I have is that the tense and POV change throughout the chapter when they should be kept consistent. It varies from past to present tense, and third to omniscient POV, and also a bit of head-hopping. Try to change these so they're the same all the way through.

I really like Marissa as a character so far, and I'm excited to find out what happens to her at Hogwarts!

Author's Response: It's nice to meet you too, so hello!

The chapter image is a long fave of mine too!

My main problem with this story was if whether it would be realistic if Marissa started showing signs of magic, if at all, only because of a blood transfer. But. That's the whole premise of the story, so I went on with it.

That little tidbit is my favorite out of the one, I've always thought that the trio might do one.

Thank you! I've started working on editing these, so it's updated a little haphazardly, though there are no new chapters, haha,,,

I'm glad you like Marissa, she's my favorite OC that I've ever created. :)

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Review #7, by victoria_anneYours Truly: Chapter 1

19th December 2017:
This is such a great opening chapter. I love how you open with Draco waiting for his injured leg to be healed. The story already has me asking questions. And I really love that it was Harry's fault, and pretty humorous! It's awesome that he ad Harry are working together for a change.

A blossoming romance already! I like how Draco is so typically Draco when it comes to liking Hermione, and I'm curious to see how the beginning of this relationship goes.

Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I love the idea of Draco and Harry being Auror partners and I mean it is fanfiction (;

I appreciate your thoughts. I hope you keep enjoying! xoxo

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Review #8, by victoria_anneLong Live The Queen: XIII

9th September 2017:
Okay, after that tumultuous last chapter, I'm glad this one is starting on a happy note. I can feel myself relaxing now :P I'm glad Mei and Robin talked it out, and that Robin was able to speak to Is about Lyra, too.

Uh oh, the aconite again. And then you go and end the chapter with THAT! I don't know how to feel - so many emotions, ahh! Okay, okay - I better start with saying I'm so impressed with how you write Mei's grief, I find it's done realistically and well. I can't wait to see if Lily actually does end up spending time with Tristan on patrol. And hooray for the kiss! I wasn't expecting it but I'm totally shipping it!

And now I get to poke you for updates :P ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: I'm sorry! I need to stop vanishing for months at a time. And I feel especially guilty for doing it when you'd just left all these lovely reviews. But I've just updated Fallen so I think LLTQ will get an update soon!

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Review #9, by victoria_anneLong Live The Queen: XII

9th September 2017:
Yay, a Lucy chapter ♥ I love how hard she tries to keep everyone under control. "A good egg" is the perfect way to describe her.

Ooh, Robin. Is it really a healthy relationship if one is scared of the other? I mean, I totally understand where he's coming from though. Isidore would be terrifying if she found out.

The plot thickens with the aconite information. I wonder what Lily knows about it, if anything. Oh, God, I hope it wasn't in one of the potions, ahh! I'm on the edge of my seat here! And omg Lorcan is so cute. I know I say it all the time but I love him, and I love how different he is from Lysander.

Author's Response: Oo initially I didn't want Robin and Isidore to have a good relationship, but the more I write them the happier he gets so now I'm not sure anymore!

More on aconite soon...

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Review #10, by victoria_anneLong Live The Queen: XI

7th September 2017:
I stopped reading this morning because I had to go to work, but now I've finished work and it's straight back to this story :P ♥

I can't believe Lysander has both Slytherin boxers and a jacket XD Is he House proud or what.

Ouch. Paige can certainly hold her own at least. What a horrible situation. I'm so anxious reading this because I'm one of those people who is so terrible at confrontation and will avoid it at all costs. Both girls are extremely hurt right now. And oh my Merlin we have a contender for the throne! I'm so impressed by how you keep upping the tension!

It's hard to see Lily's world crumbling around her :( Oh and I think Tristan may have cottoned on that Lily was using him. That poor boy, he deserves so much good. *glares at E* He better have a happy ending. I want to wrap him up in a blanket and protect him at all costs.

This is amazing, E. It gets better with every chapter ♥

Author's Response: And again - thank you! You're a star x

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Review #11, by victoria_anneLong Live The Queen: X

6th September 2017:
Not gonna lie, I squealed like a fangirl a little bit when Abdi admitted his feelings for Hugo :D

Wow, I love that confession Mei makes to herself, about stepping out of her comfort zone now that Lyra's not around. I don't ever want to say that Lyra's death was a good thing, but it's interesting how much she affected Mei when she was alive.

*eep!* They kissing! Ahh! These chapters are short but so packed with everything, I love it! Makes it far too easy to click next chapter :P I'll be back to finish off the rest soon! No way can I stay away now!

Author's Response: Aw thank you for enjoying Abdi - I love writing him x

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Review #12, by victoria_anneLong Live The Queen: IX

6th September 2017:
Ooh Lysander is someone I just want to slap. I hate seeing Lily so manipulated. I think I was beginning to fall for her strong facade myself, and I'm angry that she can be walked all over.

Okay, never mind, I read on and now I'm proud of her for walking away :P Yay!

It's a great parallel between how Lysander and the stars make her feel. She feels small against both, but with the stars its something she likes. It has an opposite effect against Lysander. Not sure if that was intentional or not but it's something I noticed :)

Ah, Lily. She deals with her feelings in the most unhealthy ways possible. And I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for poor Tristan or to pat him on the back :P

And Lorcan ♥ Oh that poor sweet cinammon roll

Author's Response: B! I love your reviews. I've done the whole disappearing thing again for months but I logged back in to see this and thank you thank you for reading and enjoying! x

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Review #13, by victoria_anneLong Live The Queen: VIII

6th September 2017:
Hey E ♥

Gosh I'm so sorry I stayed away for so long!

Ah, Room of Requirement parties. I love the detail you included about leaving it alone at first out of respect.

Tristan sleeping with a Quaffle, omg hahaha. Bless.

Asexual Hugo! I love it. The diversity and inclusions of this story is one of the very top reasons that make it so amazing and enjoyable. I love how much vulnerability we saw in this chapter, between Paige and Hugo. Just about everyone in this story wears a mask, and it's amazing to find out what's revealed under them. I think this is what makes the characters so relatable, and it's a great reminder that you really don't know what's going on in someone else's life.

Amazing, as usual, and Abdi is so cute! ♥

Author's Response: B! I just logged in to six reviews from you and THANK YOU. They brought such a smile to my face and I always love hearing your thoughts.

I'm glad you liked Hugo. I loved writing this scene :)


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Review #14, by victoria_anneIn This Darkness: Chapter Eighteen: Hannah

14th August 2017:
Hello! ♥

Look, I don't care if you're tired of me praising those opening paragraphs, ...but here it comes again. I love this especially: had been pleased to find the woodfire in the head’s common room every bit as awake as him...

Omg I'm dying over the relationship between Hugo and Hannah. They are so adorable, and I love the little system they have to learn more about each other.

Hannah, however, was completely transparent, and that was, in Hugo’s opinion, an approach to life that required a great deal more of courage. WHY HAVE YOU MADE US WAIT SO LONG FOR THE BEAUTY THAT IS HUGO/HANNAH?! More please!

OH MY GOD and that child they're looking for is Xander, isn't it? It has to be.

I'm sorry if this review is just me quoting the entire chapter back to you, but: It was as if her heart was big enough to hold on to the problems of all seven continents while Hugo could only barely handle his own. LOVE IT ♥

I love the Snow White reference :D

I absolutely loved this Hugo-centric chapter. We seriously need more of them.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Lol I could never get tired of it! I'm so happy you enjoy them!

Haha Hugo/Hannah is always going on in my head, and I've so little chance to place them in the story. Lily/Xander sort of take over but I promise I'll try my best to add them more often.

Thank you so much for your review, B. You always make my day :)

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Review #15, by victoria_anneThe Great Tale of Me, Lyra Malfoy: IV.

8th August 2017:

I almost feel sorry of Scorpius hahaha!

(Also I used to belt that song out on SingStar)

"I don’t think Hufflepuffs are sarcastic, two faced grumps who hate their lives." Clearly you've never seen me on a Monday...

Lyra's disgust toward any sort of romance makes me laugh so much, it's so entertaining :D And I didn't realize how much action went on on the Hogwarts Express!

Ooh and I love that music is a subject at Hogwarts. I would definitely take that.

I love the flashbacks too, showing these previous snippets of Lyra's life, and I especially love the one of Draco telling them what house he was in.

Oh no, and sex education, haha! This year is going to be great. I think the program is a great idea, and not hectic. I love reading things like that!

Awesome chapter, Lily! ♥

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Review #16, by victoria_anneIn This Darkness: Chapter Seventeen: Heated Arguments with Slytherin Boys

28th July 2017:

No way was I staying away for so long again, haha!

I seriously just want to collect all your opening paragraphs and keep them bundled together for me to read over because I just love them so much. They're always so well written and I'm drawn in straight away (more than I already am, anyway!)

Aw, I love the reason Hannah and Lily grew so close ♥

Lily felt the fluttering in her ribcage start again as his eyes momentarily met hers. CAN YOU HEAR ME FANGIRLING?! *flails*

...annoyingly handsome in his Slytherin robes... And here we have a description of my perfect man.

I also really love when you mention the media. It makes it all so realistic and some of the things that the journalists come up with are ridiculous, but it really does happen, and I find I'm really empathetic towards Lily.

I HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW I CAN ONLY EXPRESS IN CAPSLOCK!!! Usually, I review as I read but from Edward and Lily's conversation, I could tear my eyes away. I was glued to my screen. And then Xander and Lily yelling at each other actually felt so good because they have so much pent up emotion AND THEY KISSED AND I GOT BUTTERFLIES but ughhh we're back to normal again.

*takes deep breath*

Man, that was intense. I love this story so freaking much.

Also, to answer your last review response, yasss I'm a Hufflepuff! And OH MY GOD you have no idea how perfect that idea is - a dragon party with Finn and Xander. I just *dies* That's the dream :D

(I had withdrawals too, so it's funny you should mention because I have just posted a little something! I hope you like it! I also have something in Brindley's POV so I can link you to that if you want, but right now I feel terrible talking about myself on a review for your story!)

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: B! It's good to see you back soon soon, love!

I'm so happy you are enjoying the opening paragraphs. They're usually the part I struggle writing the most, but I can't do that thing most people do where they write from the middle and then go back to set up the scene. I always have to have an opening I'm comfortable with or else I can't get into the flow of things.

Ridiculous journalist are very much a part of our world, and I thought the wizarding one wouldn't be quite so different. After all, there are Rita Skeeters everywhere.

Xander and Lily are both a little too good at holding grudges and placing blame but neither humble enough to accept their own faults. I rarely ever agree with the way they go about things, but that's what makes them both so much fun to write hehe

(I just saw the new Finn one-shot on the recently added page, and it was seriously the best news I could have gotten all morning. I'm super excited, and I can't wait to read it! And yes, yes, yes to anything Brindley. Please do link! And don't feel terrible. You know I'm a huge fan of yours.)

XO Quilly

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Review #17, by victoria_anneIn This Darkness: Chapter: A Letter from Scorpius

25th July 2017:
Phew, you are updating like crazy, my friend! But it's so nice to come back to this story and see I have plenty left to read :)

(Also, did you remove it from the other archive? No biggie, just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy! :P)

Cantankerous really is an excellent word.

Ooh a new purist group. I don't think I like where this is going. Scary stuff.

My little cinnamon bun Xander is so worried that Lily is sick! Argh, he melts my heart! But he just isn't dealing with his feelings in a very healthy way *shakes head*

Yay Maya's a Hufflepuff! House pride!

It's the little descriptions, Quilly, that make this story so freaking enjoyable. I just love that the librarian is busy reading a romance novel.

"Lily says it’s because you’re so ugly, you’d melt whatever camera tried photographing you" OMG THAT IS HILARIOUS! XD

Maya is seriously the cutest. AND I LOVE DRAGONS TOO! I need to be besties with this tiny girl.

Aw and Scorpius and Rose got engaged!!! ♥

Oh gosh this chapter was so adorable. I LOVE that we saw such a softer side of Xander. I always knew it was there, but to see it come out with a young girl who also doesn't have a mother is really wonderful to read. I loved it.

I hope you're well, my dear, wherever you are in the world! ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: I did delete it! It was an accident, and I still can't believe myself :( I'm debating posting it again there... I'll probably get around to it sooner or later, tbh.

Xander never deals with things in a healthy way hehe

Are you a Huffie?? That would make so much sense! You're definitely all kindness! And yeah, the moment I thought up Maya, she was always going to be a Huffie.

Oh and I adore Dragons as well! If I lived in the HP universe, I would be Hagrid, making all sorts of bad decisions with dragon eggs. We should have a dragon theme party. (and we can bring Finn and Xander and have gorgeous Slytherin boys there while we're at it ;P)

Thank you so much for your review! You're actually almost all caught up so that's exciting! I feel like I take forever to update, so I'm always to hear that it's the opposite, and I can't thank you enough for always taking the time to leave such wonderful reviews.

(By the way, I honestly have THTF withdrawals. I miss those guys so much. Let me know if you ever post something new!)

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Review #18, by victoria_anneAccidentally On Purpose : Pity The Houses Are White

18th July 2017:

Firstly, that chapter image is GORGEOUS. I'm such a sucker for chapter graphics.


I'm so impressed and intrigued by this straight away. You write really well, this perfect combination of thoughts, descriptions, and dialogue. First person is my least favourite POV to read unless it's done well, and it's done well, so I know I'm going to enjoy this. Plus, you open the story with the characters in this completely unique situation. And what really happened between Jenelle and James?

OMG the ASBO Five XD

I really like Janelle, and I love the dynamic between everyone in their friendship group. Right now I think she's really relatable, coming out of a relationship where the other person has immediately moved on and wondering why she isn't good enough.

And I love this line: Besides, magic always seemed more real at night; under a cloak of darkness, unknowable, powerful. It made me feel important.

Ooh intrigue, intrigue. I'm dying to know what's going on in James' head!

Thank you for requesting, I'm absolutely loving this so far, you've done such an amazing job here! I hope you're having a wonderful day wherever you are in the world!

Author's Response: HII!!! Firstly, thank you so much for taking a look at my story! I just couldn't resist requesting on HPFT haha.

And omg, I KNOW RIGHT? Milominderbinder at TDA is literally one of the most talented artists. I'm obsessed with her work, honestly!

Ahhh!! Yay! I'm so glad. Oh wow--I'm so happy you were able to enjoy this?! First POV is notoriously tricky to manoeuvre especially with a lot of other characters in the mix, so thank you so much! "I know I'm going to enjoy this" BIG FAT GRIN.

And yeah, I thought it might be a fun idea to take a story that's obviously set during school but strip them completely away from it. I think it's going to be really fun writing the Hogwarts dynamic if the story goes there.

Oh my god, that's the best thing I've heard. I think for me my main worry was relatability because the story hinges on readers being able to understand Jenny's actions, maybe not implicitly or even as something THEY would do in the situation, but in general as staying true to Jenny's personality.

EEK. That's one of my favourite lines as well. I just had to make my girl love magic as much as I do.

Hahaha, so much intrigue!!! And it all comes to a head, I think, in the next two chapters ;).

I'm so glad I requested! This has been such a delight to read! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I hope you're having a wonderful day too! Thank you xxx

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Review #19, by victoria_anneIn This Darkness: Chapter Fifteen: Potions with Slughorn

30th June 2017:

*eep* I'd almost forgotten about Xander's extracurricular activities! Interesting, interesting...

Okay oh my gosh I absolutely adore the whole conversation between Xander and Hugo, but I especially love this: "If Lily had fallen into the lake, you'd probably go jump right in after her. Merlin knows you're invested enough."
And I LOVE that Hugo gave him an excuse to find Lily! :D

The way you write about the comparison of Lily to a china doll and then a dragon is just SO BEAUTIFUL! Also so true.

Dude, I just... I just really love Xander. When this story is done, and you're finished with him, may I take him home, please? He's all I want for Christmas :P

Hehe trust Slughorn to want to collect Harry and Hermione's kids!

"My mum says that I have my father's lack of tact," suggested Hugo helpfully, "so there is that." HAHAHA oh bless him!

Quilly, this chapter was just so utterly brilliant. Definitely my new favourite. Xander was amazing, I love his naughty attitude (snake jokes, anyone?) and calling out Lily on her being uncomfortable and almost scared around him. ♥

Author's Response: B! It's always good to see you, love!

Thank you for being so amazing and kind! You can definitely have Xander for Christmas. I'll make sure to wrap him up and send him to you hehe

I'm so happy you enjoyed the chapter! Your feedback is always appreciated!

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Review #20, by victoria_anneLiar: Epilogue: the truth about Jimmy Portman

20th June 2017:
CHIARA ♥ ♥ ♥

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on finishing this amazing story! It's one of my top favourites on this site, and I've enjoyed being a part of the journey every step of the way.

I love how you've tied it in to Jimmy, and if I hadn't already starting reading Jimmy I would definitely be right over there to see what happens next. So I think you've done a really good job in merging the two stories, and it's really impressive how close to canon you kept it.

I love (well, it made me very sad too) how you swapped James and Lily's demise for Frank and Alice's - you've warped canon and I think it works really well.

The scene with Peter and baby Harry is actually so cute. And Lily is pregnant again, ahhh!

I love the scene between Silvia and Mary, even though it breaks my heart. I love that we get to see more reactions over Peter from different viewpoints, especially from someone so close to him.

I'm so glad Remus and Sirius made up. But poor Remus still having feelings for Peter :( I must say though, I do prefer this reality where James is still alive :P

And I just LOVE the last line. I think it actually sounds quite ominous, and I can't wait to see what happens if they really do meet again.

Congratulations again, Chi. I'm so proud of you and so grateful that you wrote this story that I love so much! And I'm so happy to have been a part in it.

All my love

B ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Aww, B... *hug* *wub*
Thank you so much for all your help and support and for following me till here! I'vecchi already told again and again, but I wouldn't have got to the end without you!!!

I'm so glad you liked the link to Jimmy! I wanted it to be canon until Peter chooses a different path, that's what Jimmy was all about, after all. :)

I'm glad the switch to Frank and Alice worked. Yes, I know, sad... but it had to happen... :(

I'm glad you found Peter with Harry cute! He will become a good father for him. :) And yes, Lily is pregnant again...

I think Mary and Silvia's scene was my favourite in this chapter. Poor Mary, it must be so hard for a mother to learn that her child is not a good person... :( I'm glad that you liked to see all different reactions about Peter, though.

Yes, they made up. Maybe not completely yet, but they'll get there. Yes, Remus still has feelings for Peter. He has lost so much... but I see why this universe is better, with Lily and James alive, Sirius not in Azkaban and Remus not completely alone. :)

They will meet again... can't tell you how it will go, though... (yes, I need to get back to Jimmy...)

I'm so glad you've been a part of this as well! Thank you so much again for everything, little B! Love you so much!

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Review #21, by victoria_anneIn This Darkness: Chapter Fourteen: Maya Creevey

13th June 2017:
Hiya Quilly!

Dreaming about Xander, are we, Lily? Interesting. (Me too, kid, me too.)

I'm a lot more fun to get under HE IS SASS AND CHEEK. I love it!

I am only sorry I didn’t run into you harder SPEAKING OF SASS AND CHEEK. Merlin, I love these two so much.

Ooh I'm wondering now if Lily got herself in a little too deep with Edward. The whole thing sounds quite ominous now, and I hope when/if she lets him down, it doesn't have any repercussions. I worry about my little Lily.

OH MY GOSH DENNIS!!! What an amazing scene, I was completely enraptured. Fourteen chapters in and I'm still surprised by this story and loving it more and more. How sweet that Maya got to meet her idol (who just wandered into her room, of all things) and that Lily can see a little bit of herself in Maya. In fact, Lily convincing Maya to go to Hogwarts is very much like Dumbledore taking Harry to see Slughorn and I absolutely love it. I'm wondering if that's why Neville brought her along in the first place. Hm, very interesting that Xander will become her tutor. I'm actually a bit nervous to find out where all that goes.

This chapter was so wonderful, Quilly! I can't wait to see what you have planned for us poor readers! ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Erm, Lily does have a habit of getting herself in too deep, doesn't she? But there will more development on Edward in chapters to come, so I'm curious to see what you think of him then.

Neville definitely seems to know what he's doing, doesn't he? I always picture him as the sort of teacher who plays up his student strengths and inspires them to be better people.

Thank you so much for your review, B!

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Review #22, by victoria_anneIn This Darkness: Chapter Thirteen: Professor Reagan's Offer

4th June 2017:
Hello, Quilly!

Once again I'm amazing by your descriptions. Teach me your chapter-opening ways!!!

I love the description of difference in appearance between Edward and Lily. Trust Xander to notice!

Aw, Hugo, my adorable little cinnamon bun. My sweet summer child. I love how happy he is to talk to Hannah. Haha aaand this is why Xander can't keep a girlfriend!

"Both good at playing games." I love that because it's so true. Lily and Xander are both so deep behind the masks they wear that I think they've forgotten how to take them off.

"And how that laugh had been so unintended and fun that he had almost smacked himself a third time just to hear it again." OMG MY HEART THIS IS KILLING ME.

Okay where did Lily get the dragon magazine because I want one.

"At least it's nowhere near as creepy as Harry's parselmouth ability." HAHA! I'm sorry to practically be quoting the whole story back to you but there's just so many great things in this chapter!

Ooh and we're finally back to Xander's powerful abilities. I can't wait to see where this goes and what he's capable of (but scared at the same time!)

Professor Reagan is such a Slytherin.

"An era in which a young and charming student with exceptional talent, much like yourself, nearly destroyed the world we live in..." Amazing.

Gah what a great way to end this already incredible chapter! ♥

Author's Response: B! I am so glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thank you so much for taking the time to review! You are seriously the best!

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Review #23, by victoria_anneLiar: Traitors

2nd June 2017:

The second to last chapter... I can't believe it. What an emotional journey this has been!

KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I said it would be Yaxley who ambushed Peter, didn't I? :P
Poor, poor Peter :( It's just awful, the torture he went through.

It also cracked my heart to have Sirius mistrust Remus! I mean, I can understand where he's coming from - unless you know what Remus is up to, it does look a bit suspicious, but it still made me very sad to see one friend mistrust another :( But that's just how it went during the first war, wasn't it?

I love Dorcas, and I love that she loves the wolf in Remus. I love the idea that he's a bit rougher in the bedroom around the full moon, and that she's happy with that. I think that scene was very well written. (This whole story is, really, let's be honest :P ♥)

BUT THEN SHE DIES!!! I mean, I knew it would happen BUT STILL SO SAD TO READ! Especially when it was Peter who led her there :(

You can really see Peter's selfishness here, and how blinded he is by his love for Remus. Remus came to him, grief-stricken, and Peter opened his arms, even though he's responsible! Peter is trying as hard as he can but I think he's just in too deep now with Voldemort and how he thinks his friends view him.

Oh no... It happened... Peter sold out Lily and James :(

I can't wait for the next chapter, Chi, but I'm a little scared at the same time! I don't want this story to end and I have a feeling your beautiful writing is going to break my heart!

All my love ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Hi again, B! *wub*

Yes, it was Yaxley, you guessed right! ;) Poor Peter, indeed...

I guess it was... it's so sad, when you think about how things went in canon, to think that if they had just trusted each other it might not have ended the way it did... And yes, it's just sad to see their friendship ruined... :(

I love Dorcas, too! She's wonderful! And I'm so glad you liked that particular scene because I was a tiny bit worried about it... *blushing*

Yes, I know... so heartbreaking... Poor Dorcas... :(

Yes, Peter is selfish. I love your analysis of him, really spot on.

Yes, he did... :(

Aww... I hope I didn't break your heart too much...? Thank you so so so much again for being the most wonderful beta and for accompanying me in this journey! I wouldn't have got here without you!

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Review #24, by victoria_anneHat's Dilemma: Hat's Dilemma

1st June 2017:
Hello hello gorgeous lady!
I remember now that I read over this for you before you posted it, but I never left a review. I'm here to fix that :D
So I already know this is amazing, but I just love love love how much attention to detail and canon you include. You've done so much research but still managed to include it all flawlessly and naturally. We may know these characters but they're not quite the characters we know because they're so much younger. You've still made them seem like real, flesh and blood people with histories :D

I love the way Minerva notices everything. And her being friends early on with Professor Sprout! Her love and respect for her parents is so beautiful, and I love how she just wants to make them proud. I absolutely love the reason for the Hat putting her in Gryffindor in the end - how her wit that would put her in Ravenclaw isn't what defines her the most.

So many questions for Peter. I love it. It's perfect. The insecurity, the nervousness, the what ifs... the little faith his father has in him that makes him feel like a failure before he's even tried. All the little details and actions of his nervousness are fantastic. Hahaha I love how the Hat called him rude when Peter compared it to a fly. I always believed it was the loyalty that put Peter in Gryffindor, even though eventually it was never to his friends, so it's wonderful to read that.

And Hermione! I love her restlessness, and the way she's sizing up everyone and everything around her so she can be prepared. It's a different kind of keen eye from Minerva. I love how she runs through the names she knows in her head, trying to determine when her turn will be. I can just imagine her running through all the compartments on the Express and learning everyone's names! Aw, and Neville, trying to remember all the warnings his Gran had given him. I love how he thinks of his family and what they would think of him. I love how Neville thinks he knows himself and would be content with Hufflepuff, and panicking over being put in Gryffindor. I love how he thinks of his father, being so brave. And of course the Hat isn't wrong about Neville :D

I can't gush about you or your writing or this story enough. I'm such a big fan of your work, Ysh. But I think you know that :P Loved this, well done! ♥

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Review #25, by victoria_anneLiar: Fighters

24th May 2017:
CHIARAAA! I hope you're having a wonderful afternoon, little one *snuggles*

I already gushed over this chapter but here's some more ;) just less emojis (unfortunately)

Okay okay okay, so I'm loooving all of the Order of the Phoenix things, even though it makes me sad because I know we're kind of reaching the end, and it's not a happy one :(

Moody is so amazing, you've written him so well, and the line about him making grocery shopping sound dangerous is hilarious and so true! Also I love the mention of Frank Longbottom!

So having Alice and Lily announce their pregnancies is gorgeous and adorable, and mentioning the photo that Sirius shows Harry later is just beautiful. It was a tiny detail to remember to include but it makes all the difference, especially when you've written the context.

But now we turn sad because of Remus :( it's awful how difficult his life is, but I'm glad he has Dorcas to lean on. And making that such a stark contrast to Peter's lonliness is really powerful. Again, I feel so sorry for Peter but it's amazing to watch his downfall because you write it so incredibly and it's so realistic. AND WHO IS AT THE END?! I still think maybe Yaxley? A Death Eater, at any rate. Gah!

Wonderful work, little Chi! Love you!

Author's Response: BIANCA! Thank you for stopping by, my love! *hug*

I'm so glad you loved the Order bits, it was the hardest part with this chapter. Yes, almost the end... :( But it wasn't THAT unhappy after all, was it?

So glad you liked Moody and found that line hilarious! And so happy you liked Frank as well!

I must admit that I love the scene of the pregnancies announcement too... And so glad you liked the bit about the picture!

Poor Remus, he has so much to deal with... And yes, poor Peter too... I'm so glad you find his downfall realistic, even if it's sad.

Thank you so much for the lovely review and for all your support with this story! Thou art the best!

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