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Review #1, by running_swiftAlgebra: X is not a number.

20th April 2007:
Hm. It was... interesting. And yes, it made me smile. AND... no, I didn't not like it. XD And yes, YOU ROX! ~ Swifty xx

Author's Response: hehehe...Swifty!!!!!!! :D Yay!! Thank you soooo much!!! You ROX!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #2, by running_swiftEleven Years: Were almost back at Hogwarts!

22nd February 2007:
Plungus... as good as this fic is... it's WAY too Americanised for my liking XD

So, it's good. :P Not perfect. (Is Avi still betaing for you??) But good. :D

Talk to you soon, my dearest plant friend :)

Swifty xx

Author's Response: I like being an American. :D

Sometimes...but Avy is always soooo busy now. :(

Thankies swifty!!!

You ROX!!~~Emma~~

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Review #3, by running_swiftBroken Faith: Broken Faith

23rd November 2006:
Do you realise that just sounds utterly and completely WRONG? Well... it's just not a very nice thing for Draco to do, is it? And I thought you liked Draco... XD XD XD (Yes, I am making fun of the XDs...XD) Lmao oh and Jess darling. learn how to spell! XD Love ya!! *huggels muchly* Swiftums xx

Author's Response: Yeah yeah yeah Swifty.. I love you too..

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Review #4, by running_swiftSweet Dreams and Scarlet Tears: - One-Shot -

23rd November 2006:
'Lo Zubzie :) Hehe long time no speak... anyway. I didn't know you were a D/H fan... XD General slash for me is a bit. blah, but I liked this one. You made it seem like a friendship rather than a love, although I'm not too sure that that's the portrayal that you wanted? It's how I took it, anyway... but then again I've not actually read fics for a long time, let alone write any. So, this review is rather... un-reviewy. Oh well XD I'll shut up now. Talk to ya soon! Swift xx

Author's Response: Aaw! Swifty left me a review, huh? Thanks!! :D
Yeah, you're right, it's not exactly the portrayal that I wanted but the fact that you actually read my fanfiction despite you thinking them to be "blah" is great!
I'm the same; I haven't read any fanfictions in a long time and as for writing them... I've had A LOT of ideas and a few first chapters but nothing serious... A few of my fics are being Beta'ed but my Beta seems to have disappeared :S
Oh well...
Thanks again!! *Huggle*

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Review #5, by running_swiftAlmost like I wasn't there: "Happy Birthday"

18th November 2006:
Meep. it's sad. But it didn't make me cry. XD Lmao aww. poor Hermione and Jilly. say hey to her for me, btw, lol. I liked it :D Lub ya xx

Author's Response: It was sad. *nods* Well...I really didn't think you would. Everyone who is a R/Hr (w000t!! I love you guys!) cried because it is very sad...but people who ship D/Hr and H/Hr I noticed didn't cry when they read it. (I made like all my friends read this one. XD) But thank you for the review...and I shall tell Jilly you said hi. XD Much love!! You ROXX!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #6, by running_swiftMy Share of Eternity: A New Friend

11th September 2006:
Intriguing. You don't happen to have watched Twins Effect, do you? XD Lol... anyway, I like. Like I said, intriguing. I'd like to know how it turns out... but I guess that's a long way yet. I'm Swift (well, real name's Lisa), btw.... was reading a D/Hr of yours, which was also good. Well, keep writing, you're good at it!

Author's Response: Yes, I love that movie and is why I picked him for the banner. I intended a European vampire but couldn't find one without their face contorted. Thanks and I am halfway done but not finished posting.

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Review #7, by running_swiftPuppet on A String: Formerly known as ASOUEVS: Voldielocks and Mrs Grawp

31st August 2006:

I AM GOING TO KILL YOU. Then, I shall force Etta onto a plane to Florida, where she shall be greeted by my love's 'daughter', and the rest shall be history.

You evil moos!!!! I feel ugly and disgusting and..... YOU ARE BOTH EVIL AND I HATE YOU.

(Well-written, btw :P)

Author's Response: I lobe u swifty. Your not Ugly .... Its all Mimi's fault. *nods head wiseely* and in my defence, YOU SHOULDnT TXT PPL CAUSING THEM TO GET CRACKED ON THE SKULL IN THEIR SLEEP!!!! thankies for reviewy. I lobe u lots and lots.

Love Etta

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Review #8, by running_swiftThrough the Sands of Time: Hampshire, 1878

26th August 2006:
But they shall prevail because... because... that's the way you write things.... XD Another fantastic chappy, Amy dear!! Keep up the good work - me is waiting!!! Lisa xx

Author's Response: Thanks Lisa! I *think* I'm almost done with the next chapter, so hopefully I'll get it posted soon. Glad you liked it :)

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Review #9, by running_swiftNever Forget: Never Forget

26th August 2006:
I never thought I'd see the day when Etta makes me cry. Just goes to show how wrong I was. That was... amazing. So much emotion... I don't think I'll say any more.... =) Lisa (I know you love me XD)

Author's Response: oh no, oh no no no, pwease no cry Lisa!!!! *huggles tightly* your not supposed to cry!!!! But im glad you read it .... me thinks you were searching for the Voldielocks fic new chappy, am i right? Thought as much! Thanks for the reviewy!!!!


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Review #10, by running_swiftStairs: Stairs were a huge part in my life...

18th August 2006:
Eurgh. To the spelling. Awww to the fic. :D 'Nuff said.

Heh. Nah, it's cute. A bit on the short side, but then your fics have always been rather... lmao. I like :)

Swifty xxxx

Author's Response: MY. SPELLING. SUCKS!!! Lolll...Ok...but everyone knows that. right? *watched everyone nod* There ya go!! Thank you for the review!!! You ROX!!!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #11, by running_swiftHome: He just wanted to go home and see her

2nd August 2006:
It was extremely fluffy until you ended the war XD Hey, were you in one of those moods when you wrote this? It's kinda sad. In a good way. But, yes'm, 'tis vair sweet!! It's one of those 'awww'ing things *nods* Heh me liked :) Keep writing, Eb ;) Swifty xxx

Author's Response: Yes...I was kinda in one of those moods...Kinda sorta anyways. Awwwww!!! Thank you sooo much swifty!!!! *Hugz* You ROX!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #12, by running_swiftMirrored Desires: Harry

2nd August 2006:
"...more determined to defeated once and for all...." Ca n'est pas faire de... sense. =P Do you mean 'defeat him'? Lol... However, ignore my knack for spotting things wrong, because that's just really quite awful of me. Because, quite basically, this is reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally goooood!!! 15/10!!!!! =D

Author's Response: Right...just pretend that mistake never existed *shifty eyes*. Thankies for the review though!

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Review #13, by running_swiftMirrored Desires: Stepping Into the Mirror

2nd August 2006:
Wow. How on earth you manage to stay on the site, work in Boots, stay on the site, write fics, stay on the site, make banners (for people who aren't OBVIOUSLY as addictoed to DT as I am *smirk*), write fics, and stay on the site... that is a mystery to moi! =D Lmao in normal language, WOW. I mean, really really wow. I shall zoom to the next chapter!! Lisa xx

Author's Response: Erm...I have a lot of free time? Anyway - thanks for the review :D

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Review #14, by running_swiftThe Island Escape: The Island Escape

27th July 2006:
Oh you moo! You should have left them there!!! Oh, you have a typo somewhere... 'Dursleys', I think it is... hehe. BUT... erm.... LMAO. :D Haha this was funny, as most of your fics are, and it has made me laugh, which is always a good thing lol. Me enjoyed it :P Well done on another well-written fic :) Lis xx

Author's Response: Hey Lisa! Well, leaving them there wouldn't have kept to canon now, would it? And you know how much I love canon :D Thanks for your review though, glad you liked the fic :)

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Review #15, by running_swiftSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Head Boy & Girl

27th July 2006:
GAH no no nooooo.... UPDATE.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D (Believe me, I don't normally leave reviews like this) This has go to be the most intense fic I've read. It seriously pulls you right in, although I guess that's coz of the narration. It's good narration!! I really like how you've written it, it's not the typical Draco-attitude, but Hermione is just slightly hysterical. Okay, ignore that, her parents just died. *whacks self* This is going in my favourites =) Update soooon.... =P swift xx

Author's Response: wow... so I have just being blessed unimaginably... THANKYOU! I really appreciate it... and don't worry I update really really really really quickly usually so you should see chapter 11 appearing soon! ... "typical Draco attitude.." in fanfictions or the book... because I tried to hold true to the book, but well his handkerchief habit and obsession with himself were added just for fun... and yeh... hermione is not in her usual frame of mind, let's say she'll take anything she can get. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you again! -- Carley

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Review #16, by running_swiftAccidentally In Love: What's the problem with you, Ron

26th July 2006:
LOL.... you randomer. Fluff galore... your kinda fluff is good though. It's...fight fluff. Emma fluff then. XD lmao I like... another good job, my darling :) Swiftyyyy xxxxxx

Author's Response: Randomer eh? Lollll....Fluff galore...I love that!!!! Fight fluff...there is no better kind if you ask me. XD Thank you sooooo much swifty!!!! You ROXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~Emma~~

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Review #17, by running_swiftLoving the Dragon: Tricks of the Dragon

22nd July 2006:
GAH nooo.... why do cliffies exist?? i love the suspense in this story. All the tension... It's GREAT! You're doing a really good job, keep going!!! swift

Author's Response: Awe, thank you! I'm really glad that you find it suspensful, that's what I've been trying to do. Thanks so much for the review! =)

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Review #18, by running_swiftI always knew that...: I, Ronald B. Weasley...

14th July 2006:
*sigh* I'd laugh if I was awake enough XD LOL. But it was, Ebby, another very good piece of yours. You remind me of the need to update my stories... *sigh* Ah well. YOU ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX........................... :D Haha swift xx

Author's Response: LOLLLL!!!! *Hugz swifty* hey!! You beat me to it! Saying "You ROXXX"--LOLL!!! Meh...anyways...thank you sooooo much!!!! I love getting reviews from you!!! *Hugz again* Please update soon...lollll...My lovely mother wants to keep on reading your Dramione fic!!! Thank you soooo much for your awesome review! You ROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!~~Ebby~~

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Review #19, by running_swiftIf Walls Could Talk: If Walls Could Talk

3rd July 2006:
Meep. I say LOL. Again. It is a bit off from your normal style, but you've done it well :) I like!! (Sorry for the short review, my head still hurts... :P)

Author's Response: Thankies! Glad you liked it and your poor head! *huggles*

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Review #20, by running_swiftListen to your heart: It was over Viktor Krum

22nd June 2006:
One of the less important things... but methinks you should get a beta. Not like a super-professional one... just... a beta. Lol. I'd be happy to do it, you know. I said before you keep switching tenses and in writing, that's not good! Even if it's good with confusing all your friends lmao. Anyhoos, part from that, it's good!!!! Bit said - not as sad as your report - but sad all the same. Lub you!! (And no, it's not not good!) Hehe swifty xx

Author's Response: *blinks and shrugs* English isn't really my thing. *smiles* But one of these days...I'll have a really well written fic. *sighs* Maybe being in AP English next year will help. *smiles* But if you could be my beta...I'd love that!! Thank you swifty!! *Hugz* Thank you for CC review!!! You ROXXXX!!!!!~~Emma~~ ((PS-Nothing could ever be as sad as my report))

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Review #21, by running_swiftThrough the Sands of Time: Corsets and Conversations

14th June 2006:
21st May!!!!!! And why do I get the feeling that... 1879, Scotland. Ring any bells for you? ::smirks:: ;) Lmao when's the next chapter up??!?! I want to know what happens!!!!!!!!!! Hehe! Lis xx

Author's Response: NOW that I finally get what you were referring to, I can say that it is purely coincidental. I'd had this chapter planned waaaaay before "Tooth & Claw" was on.

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Review #22, by running_swiftThrough the Sands of Time: Passing the Hours

14th June 2006:
'Bemused'. What a word. I am in such a weird mood. Oh well. *carries on to next chapter* And it better not be a cliffie, otherwise I shall kill you more than I did when you made Elly that banner. :P

Author's Response: What? I made you a DT banner too :P Thanks for the review :D

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Review #23, by running_swiftThrough the Sands of Time: The Pools of Time

14th June 2006:
Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *zooms again*

Author's Response: hehe like the cliffie? Thanks for the review :)

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Review #24, by running_swiftThrough the Sands of Time: Godric's Hollow

14th June 2006:
I have a copy of this on my hard drive for some odd reason. But hey. Hi again! It's still well good!!!!!! Must zoom to the next chapter... *zooms*

Author's Response: Thankies! Random that you have it saved haha

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Review #25, by running_swiftThrough the Sands of Time: Prologue

14th June 2006:
I think I was possibly the first one to read this. Was I? :P But here I am reviewing it, so HI!!! Lol as good as it was the first time I read it, which, if you don't remember, was brilliant, so... you go!!! Hehe off to the next one... lis xx

Author's Response: Thanks! I think you may have been among the first to read it :D

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