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Review #1, by SwedenEvolution: An Unexpected Partnership

25th February 2014:
I find this story to be very well written - so don't get discouraged that there are not that many reviews so far. I think it's simply because it hasn't been quite discovered yet. I really can't find much problems with Evolution. the pace is good, it doesn't get to lovely-dovely, nor is it too dark. Only minor detail is that I'm not a particular fan of characters being to focused on, altough that might just be me. Best one I've read in a long time. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and for taking the time to give feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!

Re: character focus, it's kind of my big balancing issue as a writer. To date I've mostly written original fiction (though nothing I've posted anywhere and certainly not novel length). Somehow I always tend to be very character-focused. I'm working at establishing a better balance by getting a more effective at writing descriptions and using scenes and objects to set things up or get an emotion or point across, but it's very much a work-in-progress.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy the story!

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Review #2, by SwedenOnce Again: And Then There Was One

5th December 2007:
I cried this time. the end with james really did it for me as well... when he saw the green light as if it were lily's eyes... i think I need to cry all over again , excuse me... one of your best chapters yet, but still a bit short. one word to describe it would be: amazing. my favourite chapter of yours and I just had to review it when I've been too lazy to review the other chapters and other stories. all my love to you - i've feel with you for having to "fulfill destiny" and kill of those beloved characters. 10/10 :D

Author's Response: I told myself that I would have to cry at one point in the story. And I guess when I was writing James' death...I got a bit teary eyed, which is pretty good for me.

This chapter, as sad as it may be, remains to be my second favorite, following the next and final chapter.

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Review #3, by SwedenThe Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): No Lies, Just Love.

20th August 2007:
*Shivers* omg, velvet updated! *tries to calm down* I can't believe it! It's excellent! *fails to calm down, and instead runs around the room screaming*
I love this chapter. Simply love it! I don't review as much as I used to before, but I just had to comment this: I can't find anything bad or wrong about this chaper. The sarcasm and the humour is great and now that we have some romance in to it - 10/10. I can't state it better than that. Your work amaze me, hun! Skriv mer lol

Author's Response: haha no need to shiver, dear. But you make me happy with your reviews, so it's all worth it. Thank you so much for the compliments, eeek, way too nice. I'm glad you liked it! And omg i've missed the 'skriv mer'! lol, thanks, love!!

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Review #4, by SwedenHogwarts Sanitarium: Father, Meet My Dogfather

12th January 2007:
Just wow. This chapter is amazing! I can't believe you write as good as you do. If this was a book in a bookstore, I would absolutely buy it. This story is so good, that it almost makes me cry because I have to wait even longer to read more of James reaction to the magical world and how is he going to do? this proves that Harry really is not insane, because now James can see Sirius too. YAY! :D But if they do get James back to their world, will he remember everything? Will Harry be able to live with his father again? OMG I can not wait to read what'll happen - even though I know I have to, I've waited for ages for this chapter, so I hope I don't need to wait all that long for the next ones.
I noticed one little mistake you did on this one: you switched to "I" person in the middle of the story:
“Do you have a wand?” I questioned. The dog nodded, but kept his head on his leg. I sighed, kicking my legs up to make the swing go higher.

and then back again:
“You can show him then, that’s how I’ll explain it,” Harry muttered, more to himself. Was it really a bad idea? Should he keep quiet and formulate another plan?
Still, you get 10/10 for this chapter too, because you are one of the most talented, genial, creative authors I've ever a story from!
Much love, skriv mer...!

:D :D :D :D :D

Author's Response: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I am so happy you pointed it out for me! (Or else I would have to go back and look for it! You saved me so much time! The reason I did that was because I have been writing a few first perspective peices that it just kind of stuck. You made my day! Thank you so much! You're review made me the happiest! Iheartyou!

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Review #5, by SwedenLonely: OK, So I Care

11th January 2007:
Heeey! I got your review and of course I had to give you feedback! ;D
I think you have improved since you wrote the last chapter. There are a little more emotion going on and it's good written!!! the only thing is that you maybe should be a hundred prosent sure that everyone can understand the situation you are describing, at sometimes it could be little blurry, so you will only get 9/10 on this chapter. Please don't take it the bad way, because I'm only trying to find something to find something negative (trying to be a good reviewer and give both positive and negative cretique, I've decided that a story can always be improved, and I'm trying to find out exactly what) I hope you'll find inspiration to write next chapter soon! I'm really looking foreward to read it! :D :D :D
Much love, and skriv mer! ;)

Author's Response: yay!!! review from sweden!!! thnx soooooooo much!! its nice to see Skriv mer!! haha!!

im glad u liked it...wut do u want me to explain better...sorry i m confused!!! im so glad u think the writing improved!! and i'll write soon!!

thnx sooo much for hanging in there!!

lyl lyl

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Review #6, by SwedenThe Green: Can't Fight the Moonlight

30th December 2006:
This is very good! I'm impressed. :)
It does kind of remind me of an other story I've read, "The greatest emotion" did you perhaps get inspiration from bellamybabe?
Keep on writing, this is superb!

Author's Response: Actually, I did read that story (well, the part of it that's finished anyway), and I'll admit that it gave me the urge to write something that causes James Potter pain... Is that morbid of me? Anyways... Well, I guess you could call that inspiration... I really wish she'd finish that story, though...

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Review #7, by SwedenAnd Then There Were Two: Chapter 1: Ahoy there Hogwarts

13th October 2006:
Wow - WHAT HAPPENED?! All your wonderful chapters are gone!

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Review #8, by SwedenHollow Bones and a Shallow Grave: I Am One

12th October 2006:
That was beutiful. I think that was the most fantastic chapter you've ever made - and that is saying something, because you have always written very good chapters before this one!
I actually sat and cried my heart out while reading this. You must deffiantly continue. :D
A small thing is, that I didn't get how James survived? It was not clear to me what really happened, so I would appreciated if you explained it more properly?
Excellent job and skriv mer...!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you for reviewing, I'm so glad you think that this is my best!

James' survival was supposed to be a bit confusing, I'll explain it better in other chapters (Dumbledore is great for exposition) but the gist of it was that he's supposed to have cast a non-verbal deflection spell, he was so desperate to make it, but so scared so kind of like Harry does accidental magic when he's strongly feeling an emotion like fear or anger - that's what James did.

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Review #9, by SwedenThe Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): He's not stupid, this Potter.

28th August 2006:
Yaay! It was SO good to see that the new chapter arrived!
This chapter was just as humorous, touching and utterly impressing as the last one. :) I can not say I'm suprised. I guess you have this special talent to deliver avery single time! I enjoyed this very much.
I can't write so much right now, I have a LOT of homework to do, but I just have to say that I love this new side of Lily and James with the converation and all... Am very happy about it!
So, many congratulations from me with the new chapter, and I hope you get a lot of positive reviews whitch is exactly what you deserve!
Till next time...! ;)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the chapter, I had a good time writing James and Lily in this one. And...phew...i'm glad you thought it was funny. I was worried about that little fact when I was posting this. So yes, thank you for the review and the comlpiments, you really are always too nice to me. Hugs!

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Review #10, by SwedenOnly Time Will Tell: Rubber Ducky

30th July 2006:
Fabulous! One comment, though. at first, you started with the "happy new year" thing, and started to describe everything that was going on. But the rest of the new year moment - where did it go??? It was just them all yelling then kissing then stop. Just like that.
But it was very funny with Harry and all and it was truly Dumbledore to tell Lily and James about how James started to do magic when he was a baby too. Highly amusing!
Very pleased with the way everything turned out. 9/10!!!
Skriv mer!

Author's Response: I started it out like that and started to show how miserable Remus and it will progress.

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Review #11, by SwedenThe Truth We Find in Lies: The Truth We Find in Lies

25th July 2006:
that was really beutiful. Not to mention deep. you can almost sence the feelings of a certain Sirius Black in the air wihle reading this story. I Can't find anything to put my finger on , because this story was truly PERFECT.
This Elise, who you gave this fic to, most be a very lucky girl!
very well done! You get a 10/10 without dubt.
Thanks for writing this story, it was wonderful to read!

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Review #12, by SwedenA change, does it really do you good?: Moving On

17th July 2006:
You are wondering if you have readers left?! I'm a new one, aren't I?
First of all the chapters has been great and there's no complains about them. A really like your story! But I think you should begin to let us know about this summer James has been going through or else it can tend to be some frustrations here. I really want to know whoms dead and why James has been busy and what's so special about James birthday???? Skriv mer! I really truly enjoyed this chapter, and good luck with the next ones!

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Review #13, by SwedenOne dozen Pink and Purple ping pong balls: The 3rd ending

30th June 2006:
Well, that was funny, odd, funny, odd, funny and absolutely odd, to say the least. But it was a cute little chappie, though not with my favorite ending, that would be ending number two, but really entertaining anyways. A little weird ending at the end though. Wonder what happened to James?? And, did they all suddenly have the philosofer's stone? I mean, James were 110! I know he's a wizard, but come on! He is a normal, I repeat: a NORMAL wizard!!!!!
Now, ower to the rating part. You get three points just for updating, four for the "pure" humour and, like two points for the cuteness!

Author's Response: thank you i hope you enjoied it.

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Review #14, by SwedenRemember?: Define "Hated"

30th June 2006:
That was amazing! I totaly LOVED that chapter! How romantic! How funny! How incredible many emotions going around! What a brilliant plot! Everything I like in a story - in one little chapter. Wow! Just... W. O. W. !.

You get 10 out of 10 in rating, there is nothing wrong or negative or anything in the chapter that I hated or didn't like! Everything was very well written and I must say that I am very positively suprised and impressed by your chapter! It's like, the other chapters were candidates for a pretty little price, but this last one was the winner of an enormeus, beutiful trophy!
Ok, maybe that's a little overdoing it, but the truth aren't that far away!!!! I hope you'll write some more really soon? ok?
I LOVE this story, so keep writing!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Awww, I love your review! Thanks soooo much! And I will be writing again soon: )

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Review #15, by SwedenSwitching with Sirius: The Words of Lily and Sirius, (With The Occasional Marauder Here and There)

28th June 2006:
Once again, great chapter!
Wow, it's really getting harder and harder and harder to review those chapters of yours! I was just done with the chapter just now, and I just can't find any words of complaints or compliments, as all of them are well used - you have read them all! So what am I to do? I like this chapter just as much as every other chapters. This is just as good as it is usually. Again, I love your humour your writingstyle your "litle extra" that makes all as excited readers keep on reading your stories (so it's really not THAT strange that you got so many reviews the first day - half of them were probably just as happy about it as it would make them if it was their birthdayparty when they discovered your update!) Wow. there I go again. If THIS is what I'm writing now, what the h*** am I going to write next time?. Do you see my problem?
I almost even got jealus of the other reviewing readers as they came up with good reviews so fast! Amazing really how good someone is to review chapter after chapter!

i liked that little cliffy with Lily at the end. It gives out so many questions and so much eagerness to find out whats going to happen next. You are in your own class when it comes to keep the chapters worth reading, and this is no exception. I have read a lot of stories where some chapters really are borring and others funny and some exciting, once it became so borring I couldn't read the chapther through! Even though the author was one of my favorits! You know what I mean?

But you don't have to worry about that; if you keep writing as good chapters as you are doing now, no-one will be able to call any of your chapters doll.
I know, I know. I'll stop. I promise. I didn't get time to get much into the situation in this review, but that will get better next review. again, I promise!
Skriv mer, and lots of hugs!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Lol, i just adored how you compared my new chapters to a birthday party. Cute. I don't care how good a review is, or how long it is, or how...anything it is. It's really the thought that someone took a second out of there day to encourage me in doing something that I love to do; write. So don't worry if you don't know what to say, and don't feel jealous at all, because your reviews are always very lovely and thoughtful and I always appreciate them muchly! And yes, thanks for the compliment about 'my chapters not being boring' because I try to keep each one interesting...i know what its like to read a boring chapter and it kind of throws you off of the story for a while. So thanks! Thanks for reading and thanks for reviewing! Hugs!

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Review #16, by SwedenOnly Time Will Tell: Happy Christmas Harry

27th June 2006:
I am SO SORRY for not being abe to review your chapter earlier, but I have been on vacation and I didn't have connecton to internet where I was. So, agian, sorry!

This was a very cozy chapter, and I smiled almost althrough the whole thing. The way you used the words and sometimes looked things over from Harry's piont of view made everything so much more realistic and som much easier to get in to with.

I also liked the peter and remus part where peter tries to convince remus.. it is a very good thought and something that is most likely for peter to do, also in rowlings world, and I must say I was pleased with the conversation they had. There weren't any thing that I thought were stupid or anything. You made the characters, as good as possible, tru to themselves and that is something that never will fail, as a writer. :) I also still enjoy those little funny things going on between sirius and james, marking they're spectacular friendship as some of us only can dream about having. In this chapter it was the custum part, and I liked it!!!

Keep on writing , ME REALLY LIKES STORRY!!! Skriv mer, and good luck writing next chapter :)

Author's Response: Well honestly I just updated this chapter like two days ago, so you aren't that far behind. j/k. I needed a really happy and friendly chapter because I am sad to say that it will really start to get dark and we are very close to the end now and I know really none of you guys really want to hear that. I have shown how much James and Lily love Harry, but now I really want to show how Harry sees things too and how much he truly does love his parents. There are lots to still happen and I hope you tune back in.

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Review #17, by SwedenSwitching with Sirius: Seriously, just tell me.

27th June 2006:
Hey, I've also started on my vacation, so I havn't reviewed before now and I really hope that's okay...

I am very happy you'r on to updating chapters again, and good luck with that!!! It has been a miss for me not to be able for reading your stories for this long so you can say I was suprised when I discovered the update. .. :)

God. I juat don't know what to say. You've done it again! I have once again the trouble with finding something wrong about the chapter (it says somewhere that you sholuld always bring up both something positive AND something negative in a review,)
Maybe the only thing I can say is that the chapter isn't going anywhere. It's just a random day after the partynight and Lily is worrying sick of guilt and confusion. But thats really no problem for me because I happen to really LIKE chapters thats not going anywhere so it can't really be any negative about that now, can it? I don't know. Your making it SO hard for me, you know that? Because I LOVE this story! (as I may have written like a hundred times already but who cares?)

Do you know what? I just thought about something. When lily began to think that James had changed, I first didn't understand it because I havn't noticed any changes him at all. But when I thought back to the first cahpters of the switch between Lily and Sirius, I could deffinately see a change!
It 's really amazing how you can do those small little changes that doesn't get much noticed and it still is there anyway. Amazing and brilliant.

Now, your probably already tired of reading all my "blabbing" so I think I'll just try to finish it. as soon as possible... hmm..

There is a lot of question in my head, for once; I wonder how remus or james will react when one of them realises what kind of feelings Lily has for the other? and will lily explain everything to sirius and how will he, in that case, react to that? I'm waiting in excitement for next chapter.
Lots of hugs, girl, for an amazing job with the newest chapter!!!!
:) Skriv mer! (had write it, sorry...) ;)

Author's Response: Well, I just posted this chapter like yesterday, so you're really not late at reviewing. lol. Basically your review has done it again. It has made me smile. Like I don't even know what to say. Thank you very much! Alright, so I know this chapter didn't really go anywhere, but that was because I was just trying to ease us all back into the story. I hope it worked ok. As for the whole 'James changing' thing. Yes. He changed. Subtly I might add. But he changed. If you'll notice now, Lily shows a completly different attitude towards him, (in this chapter and the next). So the next chapter is posted. As of a couple minutes ago actually. I hope you enjoy it. Maybe one of your questions will be answered. *wink*. So basically, thank you VERY much for the review. It is over and beyond the call of duty and I'm always speechless when I get long reviews like this. Infinate hugs! -velvet

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Review #18, by SwedenNot Your Son: And so it Begins

19th June 2006:
I HAVE TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENES NEXT! HAVE TO! This is unbelievable. I can't imagine something taking me away and in to the excitement in so short time, your incredible. I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!

Author's Response: wow. I have to say this may be the most flattering comment I have ever recieved. I'm so glad that you got caught up in it! That really should be the main goal of an author. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #19, by SwedenJust... moved out: Just... moved out

18th June 2006:
Very good job you've done here, though it is a little to much "my fault" thinking here, I mean everyone seems to think that they have done wrong, when the guilt really is only for Sirius, and probably Remus and maybe maybe James. I don't think that James parents should begin to think in those lines, you know?

There is a lot of emotion here, and you have taken your time to make this chapter, and story, as good as possible. The result is very good! :)

Author's Response: Thank you a lot! About the guilt lines... well, I guess that`s just how I imagine James` parents - at least his mother. Kind and caring and as she really likes Sirius, she realizes that she didn`t do anything helpful yet, althozgh she possibly always wanted to. But thanks for the constructive criticism! :OD

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Review #20, by SwedenFallen For You: A Midsummer's Night Fall

17th June 2006:
This was good! you could have streched the chapter a little but further to make it longer, the match bacame a little too short. But the rest was very good. I hope you'll continue this and write more chapters soon. This is very VERY good!!!!! :)
Skriv mer!

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Review #21, by SwedenI am...: The Assignment

17th June 2006:
Wow, PaPF (uses this for short) this was a really good idea!!! And I really like it too. This seems smart and it's something you can get, like, 6 other chapters out of, even though the story probably isn't going to last more than that moment where harry read these paperworks.
I can't tell you have excited I am to read the next chapters! I know you probably have a lot of work ahead of you now, considering this is about the deep feelings of themselves, but I am positive you'll do a good job with it! :)

I like that you use that Flashback to excplain to Harry, and us readers, the situaiton and the chapter looks very well thought out and I see that you must have put a lot of work in it, with clearly success, or that's what I think anyways.

This is very good, and by all means; skriv mer! I absolutely love this idea and how you are writing it! :) I give you top rating!!!!!!!!!!
Much love from me!

Author's Response: hey sweden!!
how its been a while since i talked to u!!! lol yup this is one of my stoyr dat i actually kind of no the middle to, not jsut the end!!!! there will b a chappie after harry reads them, but it'll prob b the last one!!!

i liked flashback.....i like them execpt when ive to rite about them in eng class!!! lol and i put a lot of tiem into it so i appreciate u finding it dat way!!! and u really think its successful!!? i've had the least reviews on this story!! lol!!

but i'll def rite more soon!!!!
thnx for top rating i give u top rating as a reviewer!!!!!
love ya

lyl lyl

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Review #22, by SwedenThe Way You Kiss Me: Repercussions

13th June 2006:
Wow! What a great come-back!!! :) I'm as good as feeling the tension going on in that room right now! Your chapter is absolutely very good written, there are nothing that I can read that distracts me from the story. It's seems like you have thought the chapter through, and not just written and taking the events as they pop in to your head. This is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next chapter, you really got my attention in this chapter! Actually it's the best chapter yet!! :) It was worth waiting for and you can be proud of your work! Skriv mer! :)

Author's Response: Yay! Merci! (I dont know what thanks is in Swedish, so French will have to do lol!) Your reviews are the best! I absolutely adore them! Anyway, since I'm blabbing I'll just say: More soon! :D

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Review #23, by SwedenBreaking Up The Marauders: The Potter House

9th June 2006:
This is very good!

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #24, by SwedenThe Gathering Dark: Author\'s Notes

5th June 2006:
This story has been awesome to read. I nearly cried my head of while I read the last chapter. It was so terrible and yet beutiful both in the same time and it was very emotional reading. And I asolutely LOVE it. I'll be sure to read this other fic and if it's half as good as this one it's fabulous!
It moved me, the last part of James life, when he begged that the person outside was Sirius and when he accepted that he was going to die, that Peter was the traitor and that he was never going to see any of his friends again. (i know that last part wasn't written but still...) and you have a huge talent making people cry, even when they know EXACTLY what's going to happen, and that's really impressive! I give you an 10 out of ten possible. Good luck with other fics in the future! Keep'em coming, skriv mer!

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Review #25, by SwedenForget Me Not: The fall that fixed it all

3rd June 2006:
This is really cool and I like your idea. there is one thing though. Should Remus and Sirius LAUGH when James just lost his memory, when he is confused and probably, in pain as the bludger hit the head? I don't think true friends would LAUGH at his questions. I would have think they'd be a little more shocked and understanding then that, you know what I mean?
Other then that, the story is very funny and it's a good writingstyle and plot. I hope you'll be updating sooooooooooon!
Skriv mer!

Author's Response: Ah you make a very good point there. I really never thought of that before. ^-^ I do agree that I am sure normally you wouldn't think of them laughing and they probably wouldn't. But I think what I was thinking when I wrote this was that they were all so relieved that he wasn't too badly hurt that they were sort of happy. Plus I think the fact that my fic is more on the humour side I am naturally lightening the mood by making them laugh. Thanks for pointing that out though, I don't want it to seem to unrealistic so I'll try and watch out for stuff like that in the future. ^--^ Well I'm happy you enjoyed the story so far, I'm hoping to update sometime soon. But as the school year is ending I am currenly suffering from a major homework load. Thanks for reviewing! ^o^

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