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Review #1, by HaronioneDreams of Hope : Dreams of Hope

20th October 2014:
Hi Panda Weasley :) Here for the 'claw review battle.

This was a lovely little one-shot! I really liked the opening paragraphs with his memories of entering Hogwarts each year as a student :) The line He remembered the feeling of being welcomed made me abit sad for him, you can tell he has not had that feeling very often since the Marauders left him all those years ago :( Poor Remus, he's had so much to deal with in his life!

I felt for him again when he was surprised that Dumbledore wanted him to teach, but then Dumbledore tell's him he's the best one for the job and Remus's excitement at this made he really happy :)

I really loved the ending of this story, especially the very last line '...his old school and now, his new home' Perfect ending for the story!

An enjoyable read, great job!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Thanks for this really sweet review! I'm glad you liked the story. I'm sorry it made you sad, but it was supposed to. :) Mwa ha ha!
Thanks again,

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Review #2, by Haronione:

17th July 2014:
Well, that's certainly a different side to Remus! I know it was an act, but still who would have thought he had that side to him. Bet Tonks was shocked by her loving, reserved Remus being like that. It's sad to think of Remus living in an environment where he has to act like that :( it's just not Remus! (That is not a criticism of your characterisation by the way just an observation of the situation :)

I loved this line 'Things happen to me every day, Remus. The only difference is now youíre not around to help me through them.' I hope Remus takes note of it!!! I think I may have to give him a slap if he says too old, too poor and too dangerous again!! Silly Remus, I thought he was intelligent!

So, Savage wasn't at all bothered by Tonks's name mistake a few chapters ago, obviously!!

Urgh! Dawlish makes my skin crawl!! Just urgh! That was really mean of him to mention about the fenrir attacks in that way, Tonks handled it well though! I liked that you have this as the reason for her being at Hogwarts. - again you've integrated canon in wonderfully!

Ha, I loved that Tonks gave Snape a taste of his own medicine :) I just loved this line 'Surely you werenít expecting a second go after such an abysmal performance?' Haha! I love Snape's character ad he was essentially a good man (deep down) but he was also very cruel, so I loved that Tonks treated him that way :) (I'm so horrible, 2 wrongs don't make a right, but still!) and he was equally cruel back.

Aw, poor Tonks worrying about Remus (I'm not, purely because I know this is canon and that Remus is ok ;)) but at least Savage's plea for her matchmaking takes her mind off it for a bit ;)

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: I kind of liked writing that side of Remus. I do talk a bit about hos it's not in his nature in his version of this but I thought it was exciting. It is sad that he had to get down to that level though. :(

Remus is struggling with his own feelings towards love and duty. It's quite complicated for him (for some reason).

not really. I mean, he's not only understanding about name slip ups but is quite open to loving whoever. :D

Dawlish is the mayor of creepsville. I'm glad that you liked his comment being what drove her to Hogwarts. :D It was a good excuse to make Dawlish a bit creepier with Tonks too.

Tonks was quite the viper with Snape there. When I wrote this I didn't know if Snape was good or evil so I tried to keep him as on-the-fence as possible. He is quite a complicated person. I'd be afraid to write more of him. I felt quite vindicated with her treatment of Snape too. ^_^

Savage is a good friend to take her mind of her worries about Remus. but, yeah, she does go through a bit of doubt over his safety!

Thank you for a lovely review!

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Review #3, by Haronione:

17th July 2014:
Tonks is a very feisty character and I loved how she reacted to this man. I also loved how, even though this was a semi-serious situation and she was using her auror skills she still saw the humour at his name :) I was a bit disappointed that Remus hadn't sent him, but pleased that he was evidently missing her - and obviously been talking about her (which was also a bit silly of him considering his situation, he was putting her at risk a bit there, but I will overlook that and forgive him ;) haha) It made me smile when she told John to tell Remus he has no reason to lose hope :)

I liked the relationship between Charlie and Tonks :) It seems like one of those really easy, fun relationships that just carry on where they left off despite not seeing each other for years.

I've said it before but I'll say it again - I like Savage :) I think that's the start of a lovely friendship!

Ha, I liked Tonks's disguise - I thought maybe that's how she killed her lover - giving him a heart attack which her provocative clothing ;) I loved their interaction here, and especially Tonks's little speech. I don't think this will lead to the instant reconciliation I'd hope would happen though - I think they still have a little way to go.

Great chapter as always :) see you at the next one!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Tonks does have a lot of spunk!! I like to think that auror training became more of a reflex than anything else over the years. I ralized when I was writing HIMKL that it was rather irresponsible for Remus to have talked about Tonks. I go about trying to make it okay in his story but, yeah, it comes down to he wasn't as careful as he should have been.

Charlie and Tonks are certianly bffs. I didn't want to complicate them with too much active romance/physical stuff because I thought Tonks had enough fun up to this point. I'm still really excited that you like Savage!! :D

If Remus were to have a heart attack, that would have been when. This will keep them going for a bit though. At least they'll have a better footing come their next interaction.

Brilliant review! Thank you os much!!


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Review #4, by Haronione:

13th July 2014:
Ooh, a lot happened in this chapter! As much as I am rooting for Tonks and Remus to get back together, I am so glad she did not go home with him on new years eve! That would have been wrong for both of them! Tonks would end up hurt again and Remus would go into his self loathing mode for hurting her. Tonks doesn't need Remus for meaningless relations (as has been evidenced in the past few chapters ;)) she needs love from him! So I'm proud of her for not going with him!! I really hope Remus sees the light soon! I was quite cross with him in this chapter!! He needs to redeem himself ;)

I actually quite like Savage, he seems like a nice fella :) I just hope Tonks doesn't end up hurting him! But I think she may have already during their little tryst! He was so sweet with Tonks after her little slip of the tongue, so understanding and kind to her. Not a lot of men would have reacted the same way.

I can not believe Dawlish!! Well I can, I mean it's vile Dawlish, but still what a loathsome creep!! I'm so glad Savage was there to save the day! I hope they are going to report him, he needs his comeuppance!

Ooh, Remus is sending people to check up on Tonks! I hope this means he is changing his mind about the suitability of his relationship with Tonks :)

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: I feel a bit proud that you'd nto want them to hook up in that scene. I mean, I dunno, it makes me feel good about how wrong it was. Tonks can definitely get her fill of random relationships to not need Remus for that. I was mad at him too when I wrote this. Quite.

I'm so happy you like Savage!!! He's become my favorite practically OC who was just mentioned by name in canon. There's an entire short story about Savage. He's definitely quite special and understanding.

Um, yeah, Dawlish needs to get his head examined!! I like to think Tonks would have gotten out of that without Savage but there was a need for intervention.

He hasn't really changed his mind. :) not yet at least

Thank you so much for a wonderful review!!

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Review #5, by Haronione:

13th July 2014:
O.o So, I know I said Tonks needed something or someone to help her get over Remus, but I was not expecting this!!! Snape?! Snape, as in the man who likes to make life hell for all the marauders, including Remus? Snape!? Silly silly Tonks!! I fear Snape would not hesitate to wind Remus up about this - an i fear even more that there would be no coming back from this if Remus does find out! I know Remus was a naughty, silly boy with Farah but this is on another level!! In case you hadn't realised, I am shocked by this behaviour from Tonks! I am making her a referral to a head healer specialist! *calms self somewhat*

Sorry about that ^ I don't know what came over me! *has another sip of tea and settles back to the review* So, George really has a thing for Tonks? He's quite sweet actually :) but I'm glad Tonks didn't take it any further than a little kiss with him, that wouldn't have been fair on him, and he was so sweet to Tonks here :)

Ok, so despite my earlier outburst (seriously, first moody and then Snape?! *sips tea again to calm self*) I can kind of understand Tonks behaviour. I think most people do silly things when they are grieving, and as she is doubly grieving here and her life seems to have changed dramatically in a short space of time her level of silliness is much higher! I just hope this does not come back to bite her on the bottom!

I'm sorry for this review, I think I'm in a state of shock! I shall come back to review the next chapter once I've seen my therapist ;)

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: (this might be my favorite review you've left me on this story)

Sometimes when people are brokenhearted they make bad choices without really thinking through the consequences and... *hands more tea* you'll need that. But, I'll see if she has time to see a head healer specialist.

George really does have a thing for her! I like to think that Tonks was able to sort out that George's heart was into whereas other people... like Snape... are just there for consumption. and, going back to your point, I think Snape does rile Remus up about their encounter at one point in HIMKL.

Tonks' love life is certainly patchy at best!! I can promise you that she also calms herself a bit after this. Well, mostly. ;)

I can't fault your state of shock at this chapter. It shocked many, many people.


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Review #6, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
Ooh, we'll, Tonks certainly has a variety of admirers! Who'd have thought George would take a fancy to his brothers old flame ;) Personally, I think that would be a better pairing than her and moody - but of course I am routing for her and Remus to get back together! And I'm glad she's learnt her lesson from the moody episode ;)

Ha! I really hope she does use one of the snack boxes on Dawlish :) that would be very fun to read - as long as she discards the antidote part of the sweet!! How on earth is she going to deal with actually living in the same flat as Dawlish?! Surely that will be hell!! Poor Tonks!

Good old Dumbledore and his wise words :) I hope Remus does start listening to his heart again too! And oh dear, Tonks is in a bad way if she wondering whether to kiss Snape or flee from him! And then lusting after a chin? She certainly does need something or someone to help her get over Remus. Or Remus needs to sort himself out and help her out!! This would obviously be the preferable option! ;)

I'm glad I have got back to reading this :) I've been on a reading/reviewing dry spell, but thanks to the house cup review task I'm getting back in to it and of course I had to review this story :D yay for the house cup!!

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: As you've noticed, I started to give Tonks a lot of options for moving on. George was certainly a bit bold going after Charlie's old girlfriend. Though, I'm sure that Charlie told him they weren't the awkward exes people sometimes get. I'm still rooting for her and REmus too!! She did certainly learn a lot from Moody ;)

This is where i'm glad that Tonks can hold her own and is an auror. I'd be worried about anyone living with Dawlish though. :( I cheered in DH when they talked about him being under the Imperious curse.

I like to think of Dumbledore as Mister Love who tries to always make people who are into each other go for it. Um, yeah. About Snape. She's misplaces her urges on the wrong person there.

I've been so excited to see your reviews on this!! And I'm so honored you spent all thsi time on my story :D


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Review #7, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
Remus really is a very silly man!!! What was he thinking?! I really don't blame Tonks for being so angry at him, even if she does still love him. I think her little outbursts at him are totally believable and understandable. I would have thought it would be Tonks to have the redound 'date' not Remus - I am shocked by his behaviour and he is in my bad books right now! I would like to know what was going through his mind.

Gah, I really felt for Tonks when she went to Grimmauld place. I think she could have dealt with the break up so much better if she still had Sirius to talk to - he was always a big help where Remus was concerned (even if he did make lewd comments etc about them). I wish she had let Remus explain himself to her though partly because I'd like to know how he would explain himself, but in the circumstances I can't blame her for the way she acted there!

I liked how Tonks turned to Molly in the absence of Sirius. Ha, I also liked how Molly choked on her tea over the moody revelation! I think a lot of people have reacted like that. Poor moody, everyone seems to see him as such an unlovable character - including me ;) In the drama of Sirius dying and Remus's actions I totally overlooked Moody's declaration of love to Tonks in the last chapter! Poor moody!! He must feel a bit like Tonks does :( I wonder if Tonks will end up seeking solace with Moody?! Ew!!! :(

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Remus wasn't thinking. Or well, he was following his urges. I'm so glad her outbursts were reasonable with his actions. I dunno, when I wrote this I hadn't been through a big break up so I was guessing for most of what they did.

Sirius would have definitely pulled them together a bit more. Or at least knocked some sense into Remus. Remus does eventually make an explanation - I promise!

That scene in HBP with Molly and Tonks having tea when Harry came by was part of what inspired me to make Mood/Tonks happen. I couldn't imagine why else she'd specify that Moody would be there as well as Remus if not to bolster both relationships. Harry had no way of knowing that Tonks had a thing with either of them so she didn't need to be coy and talk about both. Anyway, this was the scene I was building up for when I started to make Tonks and Molly friends. :D I like to think Molly was a good second choice for her to get relationship advice from.

I love this review - thank you ver much!


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Review #8, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
No!!! :'( so much bad stuff happens in this chapter! This chapter made me sad!! I knew it would! So, I was so engrossed in the relationship between Tonks and Remus that I did not note where it was in the time line, if I had I could have prepared myself for Sirius's death!! Why does he have to die?! :'( (I mean I know why, because this story is canon - which of course I love - but why :()

Poor poor Tonks!!! There she is thinking that Remus is going to propose (which I now see is the life changing thing Sirius was talking about) and then he breaks up with her instead!!! No wonder she cried her self to sleep :( She's mourning Sirius and the relationship breakdown too! I don't think I'd have gone into work if I was her!

And then she has to deal with the fact that vile Dawlish is going to be her new supervisor! Things couldn't get much worse for her. Oh but this is you, Rose, so of course things could get worse for her!! I have to go to the next chapter to find out exactly who Remus is with!! Bad Remus!

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: This is the chapter that is hard for everyone to read. :( :( :(

Part of me is glad you were engrossed enough in Remus/Tonks to forget what was happening in the books. I wanted to yell at JKR for this part of the series too. :(

I know! She was just super-devastated (which is why her hair went all brown). The double mourning has to be difficult. If it hadn't been such a hectic time at the Ministry, I think she would have stayed home.

Ick, yeah. Dawlish as her supervisor was not a nice thing for me to do. I laughed really hard at it not getting harder (but possibly because I'm writing it). That's pretty accurate though. :D um, Remus was being bad here. Id on't have any excuses for that behavior.

Despite the review on a sad chapter, you made me smile quite a bit!


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Review #9, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
Ok, so this chapter has left more intrigued as to what is coming up! What is Sirius talking about something big and life changing coming up? And why is Remus acting odd? I'm not sure i like this!!! I think it should all just stay the same, with Remus and Tonks in happy bliss ad Sirius safely tucked away at Grimmauld place (but maybe with an old love interest turning up to keep him company) and they all live happily ever after ;) Of course, I know that can't and won't be happening, and as I know you are so good at sad, tragic endings, I am preparing myself for that!!

Ha, so I found it very amusing that Dumbledore turned up just at the wrong moment and opened a whole can of worms :) and I loved the conversation about Tonks's past misdemeanours with boys while she was at Hogwarts, haha! Is it this that is causing Remus to be odd?

I loved Sirius's reaction to finding out that Moody was person B, it seems he felt the same as us readers did about it! ;) at least he's not going to tell Remus about it.

I really liked seeing Sirius and Remus's side of Harry seeing that memory. I've said it before but I'll say it again - I love these little additions to this story, bringing in the canon bits but in a different light :)

I'm a bit scared to read on as I'm feeling ominous about what's going to happen! But I shall read on because at the same time I need to know!

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: There are some heavy hints in this chapter. Though, as you've figured out, those hints don't come to fruition. I wish I made this all AU and that's what happened. But, you know, canon matters. :P

See, it amused me to write about Dumbledore showing up at the wrong moment and have the can of worms pop out there. I won't tell you (well, you've read on so you've figure it out).

haha, I think he took the news rather well. I mean, he didn't puke in his mouth like some people did.

The canon moments were my obsession while I wrote this. I kept the books next to me at all times to reference if I needed to.

Don't be scared! I mean, it gets kind of awful but... I don't have a second half to that.

I really loved this review! Thank you!


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Review #10, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
Aw, I found it really cute that Tonks was worrying about valentines day e cause she'd never been with a significant other on that day before :) I also loved her present to Remus, definitely sentimental and mushy but also very thoughtful and sweet! She may not have got that idea had it not been for the pictures from the ministry spying in them ;)

Haha, typical Tonks, forgetting about her own imperturbable charm and ending up on the floor!

Wah! The scene between Tonks and Sirius about Harry not getting in touch just made me sad and think that if only Harry had remembered the mirror Harry would never have gone to the ministry that day and Sirius would never have followed him there to save him and he would never have died :( boo hoo! And breathe!

Ha, so Remus's gift was quite a surprise! Good choice of song as he has taken the place of Elton John for Tonks. But... It was a little cheesy, but that just shows how much he loves Tonks as he was prepared to be sooo cheesy ;) haha!

That last paragraph is a bit ominous - I don't like the sound if that! I guess I'll have to read on to see just what it means!!

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: I imagine it was hard for Tonks to feel very romantic. Also a bit sad that it was her first romantic v-day. :P Though, not very surprising. She definitely did have a stroke of luck with the Ministry spying on them.

hehe, I'm glad that was amusing - I always chuckle at that part.

There are a lot of feels in the next few chapters around Sirius and "what happens at the MoM" which made this hard to write about. The whole mirror thing is frustrating. I dunno, there were so many points in this book where I waned to shake Harry for his behavior. That was one of them.

I thought it'd be interesting to have him branch out and do something dorky but cute. ^_^ Cheesiness just means he loves her.

The ominous portion is just there to remind people what's coming. :( which I partially did because I was forgetting at times what was coming up.

Thank you for a wonderful review!! I love reading your reviews.


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Review #11, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
Well, Tonks and Remus are certainly making up for lost time now aren't they?! Haha! Who can blame them though, they've waited long enough!!

I can't believe the ministry have been spying on them and taking pictures!! Although that did Tonks a bit of a favour, now she has some nice photos of them ;) I have to say I was waiting for Remus to go all Remus like when he found out about her meeting at the ministry and finish things again - I'm so glad that didn't happen! Unless he's going to have another blip in the next few chapters?! I hope not!! I mean, he can't, he's told her he loves her now so he just can't! ;)

Ha, I love how Sirius has become a bit of a gossip and relays everything back to Tonks :) and it's really cute that Remus is so worried about Tonks when she's at work.

I look forward to reading about Tonks's attempts at being romantic ;)

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Making up for lost time is a great way to put it. :P I would have probably done the same thing.

The Ministry spying was something I thought about with Scrimegour's suspicion of Kingsley and Tonks. The pictures are a bonus. :D Um, I think it nearly caused a blip but he pulled out of it (for now).

Sirius is a total gossip. I think it kept him going a bit. Remus would totally be a worry-wart when it comes to Tonks out in a dangerous situation.

Both of them are taking a stab at romance! It'll be fun.

Thanks for a wonderful review!!


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Review #12, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
I love the little conversations and interactions between Tonks and Sirius :) even if Sirius has the tact of a 'one legged troll in a crystal shop' haha!! Again though, poor Sirius! I really like how you are building up his anger and frustration and bringing in the canon details :)

Awww, how romantic was Remus?! The perfect setting for their first time :) I'm sure Tonks felt it was worth the wait!! It did make me giggle when she thought to herself 'but Iíve never been the type of woman that needed to hear the L-word to get into bed' I think the whole Moody incident proved that haha!!

Awww and yay!! He finally told her he loved her :D just yay! This scene made me very happy :)

But, the end of this chapter made me sad again! Poor Sirius :( but as I said you've done a great job of bringing in the canon details and showing us Sirius's decline.

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked their conversation. Sirius is one of my favorite characters to write. He is a bit tactless though. I thought he came through as kind of rash and rude in parts of OotP and wanted to explain at least parts of his demeanor.

Their romantic first time was so cheesy for me when I first did it (I wasn't very sure of what romance looked like in RL). haha, yeah, Tonks has certainly shown she doesn't need the l-word :P

^_^ The I love you bit felt very overdue. I'm glad you liked that scene. I know they might have apparated back to London but I liked making them go through a romantic moment on the bus instead.

:( Sirius is definitely starting a rough patch after this chapter.

Thank you for another lovely review!!

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Review #13, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
Haha, 'relational constipation'?! Love it! That really had me giggling :) I agree with Sirius that Remus was on the verge of saying something monumental too! Maybe he'll get over the constipation ad say it soon ;)

Ok, so now I really don't get Remus's reluctance for a relationship with Tonks because he's too dangerous for her - he is quite happy for her to be there on the full moon!! Silly silly Remus, he needs talking to ;) It made me laugh when Tonks carried him up to bed, just the image in my head of petite Tonks walking up the stairs with a large werewolf slung over her shoulder :D haha!

Ha, Tonks's encounter with Snape was interesting! Karma sutra for wizards?! Haha! Trust Tonks to have that book!! It certainly helped her out here, just not for how it was meant to be used ;) I love the lengths she goes to for Remus! Why can't he see it the way we do?

I totally agree with Moody's muttered comment about Remus! Maybe moody should have a word with Remus? Ok, given Tonks and Moody's history maybe he shouldn't ;)

So they kissed again and spent Christmas together - is this progress or is Remus going to take two steps back again?! I guess I will find out as I read on :)

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Hi!!

I'm so sorry I've been forever responding!! *hug*

Remus was definitely on the verge of something important. He'll get there eventually though.

Um, yeah. He has a bit of a logical flaw there which he doesn't seem to get. I'll go give him a talking to. ;) She might have used some magic to aid her carrying abilities. :D

The encounter with Snape was highly entertaining for me to read. I thought they'd have their own interesting version of the Karma Sutra. why not?!! haha, you'd be surprised what books just jump into one's hands while shopping. I think he does but he's still wrestling with how to love.

hehe, Moody does have an interesting view into their relationship. Given his own past with Tonks.


Thank you so much for the lovely review!


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Review #14, by Haronione:

12th July 2014:
Hello again Rose :)

Poor Tonks! That yo-yo act would be hard to deal with, especially as she knows that Remus likes her and is just being a wally! And the fact that he thinks he is too dangerous to be with her - well, he's spent that the night with her as a werewolf before and not hurt her, she should remind him of that ;)

Remus should really start listening to Sirius, he talks sense! I liked the argument Tonks overheard between Sirius and Remus, but it made me a little sad when Sirius said 'Do you have any idea what I'd give to feel that type of passion again?' Poor Sirius :( I want to give him a hug!! ;)

I love that you have built on the relationship between Molly and Tonks. And I'm glad Tonks took Molly's advice and hasn't given up on Remus and is making sure she still sees him regularly, even if it isn't in the way she'd like! Remus really needs to let his heart rule his head instead of the other way round. I'm sure he will soon ;)

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Hello lovely!!!

I'm going to be forever responding to your lovely reviews but they've perked me up so much over the last week.

Tonks has a rough go with Remus' behavior in this period. I felt like they couldn't get too complacent or feel too coupley because otherwise it would have been obvious to Harry et al that they were together. Yeah, somehow he doesn't connect the werewolf time as danger.

You'll love the argument from Remus' POV. :P Sirius is all jealous of their ability to have a relaitonship and not doing it. He does need a hug but I'd be afraid to hug him when he's *that* lonely. ;)

I thought it'd be important to build up Tonks and Molly's relationship so that it wasn't so random for her to go to Molly at the start of HBP. While Tonks has a mum who she's kind of close to, she's always looking for more mentor-y relationships. If Remus let his heart rule instead of his head, there'd be a completely different story here.

Thank you for the wonderful review! I hope my response has done it justice!


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Review #15, by HaronioneThestrals: Hugo

9th July 2014:
Hello, me again :)

Another great chapter! Poor thestrals, they really do get a rough deal, being either feared or unseen and ignored by people. They rarely get to show people their true nature because the fear of what they represent prevents people from wanting too, which is totally understandable - who want to be reminded that they have seen death?! Once again, a great choice for the prompt :)

You really made me feel for Hugo at the start of this chapter, you put a lot of emotion into such a small amount of words which was great! You could really see why he would think they were 'vile creatures', but I'm glad Hugo got over that fear!

I really liked how you wrote each chapter of this story from a different view point/person while keeping the style of each chapter the same, it was very effective :) All 3 chapters were really well written! I think it is hard to get so much information and character building within such few words and to keep the flow of the story, but you managed it perfectly here :)

This was a fab story that I really enjoyed reading! I will be perusing your author page for some more stories to read :)

Haronione ♥

House Cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Hi, again!

Thestrals really do get a rough deal! I think it is because they remind people that they've experienced death in such a first-hand sort of way. It can be quite unsettling and uncomfortable, I imagine.

Hugo was my favourite to write out of these three stories because I felt as if his story was the most "normal". Loss and grief are such a big part of everyday life, and I loved writing Hugo trying to come to terms with that by projecting his feelings onto the thestrals.

I'm very happy that you liked all the stories! It was lovely hearing from you :)

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Review #16, by HaronioneThestrals: Neville

9th July 2014:
Hello again :)

This chapter was just as good as the first :) I think Neville is my favourite character from his era, but I don't often read fanfic about him, but I may have to check out if you have more Neville stories ;)

Poor Neville, he faced so much fear and adversity through the years, and he always came back fighting. You have portrayed him really well here, how he always felt like a failure, a nothing, when he was far from that! I absolutely love how you ended this chapter with his ultimate act of bravery, and how he finally saw himself for what he is - in his/your words 'brave and strong', in my words 'a hero' :)

Great chapter! Again, a great choice of character ad plot for the prompt! I'm off to read the final chapter now :)

Haronione ♥

House Cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Heya!

Neville is a great character, isn't he? I don't read much about him either, and this is my first shot at writing Neville. I have another idea for a Neville story floating around, so maybe sometime in the near future...

I love Neville simply because he's such a great guy despite going through so much stuff. He bounces back from everything, even if he doesn't realise that's what he's doing. I loved writing him being the person he thought he wasn't and him finally coming to accept that.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #17, by HaronioneThestrals: Sirius

9th July 2014:
Hey 800 words of heaven!

I really liked this chapter :) Sirius is my favourite character and I love stories that have him well written - like this one!! I really enjoyed reading your interpretation/tale of why Sirius eventually decided to leave his parents house for good after years of having a polar opposite view on blood status. I think that seeing something like that would definitely have pushed him into leaving - it's one thing to hear his parents twisted views on Muggles and muggle borns but it's another to actually see something like that! Poor Sirius :(

I loved how unsure Sirius was about asking to stay with the Potter's, not expecting them to accept him into his family - behind that confident boy is a lot of insecurities :( What I loved more was that the Potter's accepted him in like he was family, no questions asked about what had happened and why he'd left. Just as I have always pictured him turning up at James's house :)

This was a great story for prompt 3! It really showed the fraternal bond, and Sirius and James were the first people I thought of when I saw that prompt (of course, that could be because I love Marauder stories and James and Sirius in particular :))

Haronione ♥

House Cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Heya!

Sirius is my favourite character too, and I'm super flattered that you think that this is a well-written story about him :D I've wanted to write a story about him leaving Grimmauld Place for some time, and this was a good opportunity to do so.

I loved writing Sirius this way! I imagine to be this super cool, super suave guy all the time, except for the moments when it counts the most. In terms of family, he just doesn't know at this point. He hopes, of course, but it's different from knowing that you're loved and wanted somewhere no matter what happens.

Sirius and James have too epic a bromance for me not to write about them in prompt 3. They're friendship is great that way!

Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #18, by HaronioneEvent Three: One Promise: One Promise

8th July 2014:
Hi Charlotte!

This was a really sweet little one-shot :) I really liked the relationship you depicted here. Everyone should have a friend like that - one that you can go months or years without seeing or hearing from but be like you'd never lost touch when you do meet up! I have a couple of friends like that. I think it's a sign of a true friendship :) It was a very realistic depiction of childhood friendships because no matter how strong a friendship, people grow and life can take them in very different paths - but like this friendship, the bonds of friendship stay the same.

I loved how Lucy was nervous about meeting Raisa again, and how she worried that she may not turn up and not knowing how she'd feel if she didn't turn up. It was really cute that Raisa turned up just as Lucy was thinking about that, and that her worries disappeared once she saw her! When Lucy smiled at seeing Raisa, it made me smile :)

Lovely, well written little one-shot that was perfect for this prompt :)

Haronione ♥

House Cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Hi Haronione,

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked the relationship, and I really wish all friendships were like that. I myself have experienced some friendships that have just completely fallen apart due to not seeing each other in years and others that have remained strong as well, so I do think it's a sign of true friendship if a bond is just as strong after so many years. I'm glad to hear that moment made you smile. Thank you so much for reading and for leaving me such a lovely review. I really appreciate it and it really made me smile as well! :)

- Charlotte

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Review #19, by HaronioneThe New Pride of Portree: A Sabotaged Sorceress

24th April 2014:
Sorry it's taken me a while to review your updates! I was pleased to see there were 3 chapters to catch up on when I did check in though :)

Ha, of course McCormack escorted them there, she would have been foolish to think they would all have attended if she hadn't. But what a way to annoy the team even further!

So, they all seem to be loving the retreat with its early wake up calls, weak tea and fun activities, heehee! It seems to be working though, they are certainly closer already and it's only been one day. McCormack obviously knew what she was doing - get them to unite against a common enemy! I enjoyed seeing them rebel with the 'anonymous positive feedback' exercise - I think that is just the start of their rebellion :)

I was disappointed to see Fitz getting out of the first exercise but was glad to see he didn't get out of all of them - after all he needs to bond with the team as much as any one else! Of course, there's one person I want to see him bond with more ;) He seems to be finding it harder to deny his feelings about Molly now, I'm sure they'll both see sense soon and let the romance blossom ;) Who knows what will happen once they are 'liquored up'!

Another great chapter! I'm looking forward to see what other fun things they all get up to at the retreat :)

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Hi again, nice to see you in the review box! Yep, I've posted a few more. I'm trying to get this story finished in a reasonable time frame.

Of course they'd run off if she didn't drag them there! haha. Ah the retreat, it's just such quality time, isn't it? ;) McCormack's no dummy.

He tried to escape the exercises, but total escape is impossible. And of course he'll use it as an excuse to get close to Molly.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #20, by Haronione:

24th March 2014:
*fanfare and confetti* You are the recipient of of my 100th review :D it may have taken a while but I've been saving it for you! So, without further ado, here goes.

I loved this chapter with all the Tonks and Remus squee inducing moments right from the start of the chapter when Remus slips his arm around Tonks's waist :) and it just got better from there!

Gah, Remus saying he accepts Tonks wholly for who she is, her past included, made me a bit cross (just a little, I could never be mad at Remus) as he can never accept that someone else could feel that way about him! Silly Remus! Still, it was a cute moment and induced a bit of squee :) I wonder if he'd still say that if he knew about Moody though! Heehee

Urgh, I really really dislike Dawlish! I'm glad Tonks punched him and I loved the fact that she did it being defensive over Remus rather than herself. I also loved that Remus put a protective arm around Tonks in front of Dawlish, this is big progress for Remus - well the whole evening is really!

Haha, I loved Sirius's teasing, both the evening before and the morning after. I could just see him doing that. Aw, I also loved the romantic side of Remus coming out here, so cute :) how can he deny his feelings after that?! I do hope they remember the silencing charm next time though ;)

Again I love how you've woven the canon parts into this story, with Molly getting worried about the kids starting Dumbledore's Army and asking Sirius to tell them not to do it.

The scene at the end with Molly and Tonks was a great addition to the chapter, again bringing in canon facts as in the books it is clear that Tonks confides in Molly and talks to her about Remus. As I'm a bit of a stickler for canon (not obsessively so though) I love seeing scenes like this that bring out missing moments from the books :)

Another great chapter *more confetti* see you at the next one

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: *fanfare* (I don't get confetti all over the floor, one of us would have to clean it up) I'm so thankful I got your 100th review!! Whoo!!

Remus and Tonks made good progress this chapter in their relationship. :D

haha, I didn't think of his saying that from the perspective of him never accpeting her feelings. You have really good insight. :D I'm glad it was still cute and squee-worthy though. haha, I don't know how he'd react at this point to learning about Moody. Uh. relationship test, I guess.

No one likes Dawlish. (I'd say poor him except I don't like him either). I'm glad you caught that she got defensive of Remus before herself. I think Remus would have done the defensive arm no matter what his feelings on love and relationship-y stuff. I do agree that the evening was a huge step forward for them!!

I couldn't not have Sirius tease them - especially Tonks. Remus' romantic side is blooming here! oh, he's the captain of the denial team. :D They'll hopefully remember to be quiet or use a charm. those old buildings just don't have nice thick insolation though.

There are a lot of little canon touch points in this story. The books were my basis for justifying their relationship and trying to legitimize it some.

I thought i'd have to establish their relationship early on for Tonks to end up having tea with her past midnight in HBP. I'm always especially happy to have a stickler for canon in this story because you'll appreciate where I've made a point to do that. :D

Thank you so much for a lovely review and for giving me #100!


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Review #21, by Haronione:

17th January 2014:
Hello m'dear, I'm back!!! Sorry it's been a while!

So, whilst reading this I kept the scene you mentioned in mind. now I've read this chapter you can tell me all about it!!! Er. Please? :)

Poor Tonks worrying about hurting Moody! I'm glad you made her worry about that though, because although she did wrong by leading him on, the fact that she realises she has done wrong and feels bad about it redeems her a bit in my eyes! But still, Moody, ewww (and in response to your authors note, it wasn't the age thing, it was the Moody thing - he's not exactly described as an attractive character [in looks or personality] but each to there own. I still have trouble picturing Moody as a passionate man (not in a characteristic sense, just a eww gross sense ;)) I'm intrigued as to how their relationship will be after this though, as previously they had quite a close and respected relationship.

I liked the little chat between Sirius and Tonks :) That was very sound advice he gave her! I was also glad that Tonks was able to cheer Sirius up a little, I hate to think of him being so miserable and lonely :( And, I liked the little bit of backstory you have about Sirius's love life, what a silly Hufflepuff girl, how could she have resisted Sirius (but then I say that 'cause I'm slightly obsessed with him ;) hence why I comment on that particular part of the scene)

Well, Remus and Tonks are certainly getting more comfortable with each other!! I really liked that Tonks felt comfortable enough with him to just chat away to him and be quite open with him (well, obviously not about recent events) I think Tonks should have told him that his kiss could not be added to the list because he pulled away - it might have spurred him into action (although not whilst in wolf form, that would not have been good!)

I loved the morning scene :) Remus's little speech was sweet and he asked her out on a date!!! Yay!! He may pretend that it is a friend date, but we know he doesn't really want it to be a friend date! So, the bit just before Tonks gets out of bed - is that where the levitation charm would have come in? Or just after she gets out of bed? That scene was a bit sexually charged! But Remus seems to be getting more comfortable with that (not completely, but more so than he was - yay, progress!!)

Another great chapter :) I look forward to seeing how their 'friend' date goes!!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Hello!!! Lovely to see you back!

I did message you about the scene! Don't blame me about it - you asked. :P

Tonks is a bit thoughtless but not completely. I like to chalk it up to her being inexperienced and not used to having someone's heart involved when, uh, adult things happen. Well, if it makes you feel better, there's hardly any reference to that after this chapter. I mean, in terms of talking about their hours of passion. Moody does take it like a grown up and is pretty decent after this.

My theory is that Sirius, after spending years in prison, got some perspective on life's problems. I mean, he's by no means completely mature or anything but he sees how people are with each other and the imacts that can make. My backstory with Sirius is the three sentence summary of the cliche Sirius/OC story I've always wanted to write. :D but, that will probably never get written.

They do slip into a good deal of comfort from here on out. Tonks just keeps talking so that Remus has something to focus his mind on (and because she's quite comfortable opening up to him). haha, while she's comfortable spilling her guts, I think she's still a bit shy about tell him that. :P I'm not sure how he'd react to it either. He never really finds out.

They're both still walking on eggshells around each other. He wants it to be a real date but then thinks she's not into it being a real date. Umm... just use your imagination regarding hte levitating spell. :D It was a bit sexually charged. They both want the same thing but don't know that it's mutual. Hooray for progress!!

I think you'll like their friend-date. A lot of progress is made there.

Thank you for such a wonderful review!

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Review #22, by HaronioneThe New Pride of Portree: A Pack of Wild Dogs

17th January 2014:
Hello again :) here for the last of the (belated) SS reviews!

Ah, the morning after the night before. Fitz's thoughts about the kiss were great, I loved how he was hoping his memories were real and how he could picture the kiss so vividly :) Gah, why do they have to both be so sensible about it though, trying to keep it professional for the sake of the team? They'll come to their senses eventually I'm sure - their feelings for each other are evidently becoming stronger and soon they won't be able to hold them back (I'm hoping anyway ;) *hinthint*

So that game went slightly better than the last one, but I'm glad you didn't make them suddenly win - that would have been quite unbelievable! So yay! Poor Molly getting injured, but staying on despite the pain seemed like something Molly would do. I liked how Fitz was concerned about her after she was hit, and that look made it obvious he wasn't just worried about the game!

Okay, so I was very wrong when I thought that the team would be better together after the heat had died down for the argument - it made them worse! But, I guess it has to get worse before it gets better, right? I'm sure a week at the Silver Skies Sorcerer's retreat will do them a world of good. And it will be a great place for a bit more flirting between Molly and Fitz ;)

I did notice one typo in this chapter, the team immediately stated grumbling under their breath should be 'started' - I only mention it because it stood out to me (and also, it's been 7 chapters and all I've done is gush ♥ with no hint of being constructive or helpful!)

Once again this was a great chapter and I'm now a bit sad that I have reached the last of the posted chapters :( I have really enjoyed reading this, and I am so glad that I got you as my SS giftee - as I got to discover this story, which is now going in to my favourites list :D It is written brilliantly with vivid, well balanced descriptions and wonderful character interactions. You have really brought life to your characters and I now feel quite invested in them, wanting to read more about them (and of course see a happy ending for them both ;)). Thank you for such an enjoyable read, I will most definitely be looking out for more updates!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Ack I'm so embarrassed I took so long to respond to this.

They are both way too sensible! They need to jump each other. Think how much happier they'd be. Until they got caught out by McCormack, that is.

There was no way they were going to win, short of playing the Cannons (and wouldn't that have been embarrassing, if they'd lost to the Cannons?). With no reserve Keeper, Molly would never leave the team - she'd play through any injury. Way too dedicated! Fitz understands better than most about injuries, and he was definitely worried about more than just the game ;)

Things will start looking up eventually. And it does open up new possibilities for Molly and Fitz to be inescapably near each other.

Thanks for pointing that out! I hate when I mistype. I've been writing this part on my laptop and part on my iPad, and my iPad sometimes autocorrects (even with correctly spelled words!) to words it thinks I meant, which is very annoying. I keep finding them and going "What the heck?"

Well, I hope you've continued with the story now since I've posted a few more chapters. I'm working on the next one now. I'm so glad you were my Secret Santa-claws! Thanks for all the wonderful reviews, I really appreciated them and loved hearing your thoughts on the story.

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Review #23, by HaronioneThe New Pride of Portree: Magpies and Mistakes

17th January 2014:
Sorry, this review will be a bit shorter than usual, mainly because I don't have much to say other than I loved it!!

Usually I remark on things in the order they came in the fic, but I am far too happy that they finally kissed that I just have to mention that first! Yay, just yay :D You wrote that scene superbly and I could see it in my mind perfectly! But why did Molly have to go all 'professional' and pull away?! Gah! It wasn't just the kiss that made me happy, it was the whole of that scene with Fitz opening up to Molly and being honest about his feelings, and the interaction between them during the whole scene was fantastic.

I also really enjoyed the scene at the party. I really enjoyed Fitz's little inner monologues and thoughts, they were great. And the line about the underwear cracked me up :) Molly must have known what she was doing when she said that to him, the little tease! I look forward to more flirting between them :)

I felt you wrote the game really well. I am not a big fan of reading in depth Quidditch games and was worried that this chapter was going to be focused mainly on the actual game. Personally I thought you spent just the right amount of time on the game, giving enough information for readers to see how the game went but without going into a pass by pass commentary of it (which can sometimes be a bit dull, I think). And yay for Molly's purple and gold hair :D it was about time she got in the spirit of the team! Back to the game - obviously it did not go well, but that was to be expected. Although they argued after the game and the team spirit and morale was rather low, I think this loss will do the team good and once the heat has died down will bring them all closer together - after all, the game managed to bring Molly and Fitz closer together (in a different way) I am excited to see the fall out of the game, the argument/team divide and, obviously, that kiss!!

Great chapter, as always. See you at the next one!

Haronione ♥

P.s - guess I had slightly more to say than I thought ;)

Author's Response: lol - yay, I'm glad you liked the kiss! I loved writing that. It makes me happy to hear people shipping it :D Oh but it couldn't be that easy! Of course alcohol-fueled actions lead to hangover-fueled regrets.

She absolutely knew what she was doing. Punishing him for snooping around her room, that's what. ;)

Oof, Quidditch scenes kill me. I'm sort of glad Molly is Keeper, because it's an easier position for me to understand and write. I make myself do Quidditch and action scenes cause they're hard to write. Anyway. Yes, she's got Prides colors in her hair now: she deliberately waited until the first game to do it. Shame about the game, but they were never going to win with a brand-new lineup of not-star players, you know? Net benefit though of having Molly and Fitz drowning their sorrows together at the bar though!

Thanks so much for reviewing! I love hearing your thoughts on the story as it progresses. √ʬô¬•

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Review #24, by HaronioneThe New Pride of Portree: Drills and Defense

16th January 2014:
Hello, me again :)

I think this may be my favourite chapter so far! I really enjoyed the interaction between Fitz and Max, it was like the male version of the relationship/interaction between Molly and Lucy. It made me really happy that Fitz admitted he was attracted to Molly!! Yay! More progress in the romance department! Even if he tried to deny it at first! How could he deny it though when Molly had made him nearly forget the troublesome ex-wife? I loved how he went into such detail when thinking about Molly, he has obviously been paying her a lot of attention!

Ha, obviously Fitz wouldn't take Molly's interference with training well! His reaction and the argument between him and Molly was great - they needed to clear the air and get rid of some the tension.

Gah, for a split second I thought Fitz was going in to see McCormack to resign, but then breathed a sigh of relief when he said 'you wanted to see me' but then I started worrying she was going to sack him! But neither happened, and for tht I am glad :) I'm also glad that his little chat with McCormack made him see reason about Molly and her attempts to help with training!

Gah!! I really thought they were going to kiss then! I love their interactions away from work :) you really build up the tension between them well and believably! I have a feeling there may be a few more of these little incidents before they actually kiss (for I am sure they will, and I'm looking forward to that)

Another great chapter and I can't wait to see how the match with the Magpies goes! I'm guessing it won't go too well!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Hi again!

I'm pretty fond of Max, so I'm glad to hear you liked him. And of course Fitz is paying very close attention ;) he just hates to admit it, even to his good buddy.

Oh no, he was definitely not going to take that well. Completely losing his head is more like it. He's touchy and has a temper. But, fortunately Molly's not the type to put up with that.

McCormack's got more faith in him than he has in himself at this point. And, of course there's the fact that experienced Quidditch coaches aren't exactly thick on the ground, so replacing him wouldn't be easy to do. At least McCormack can knock some sense into him!

Yay sexual tension! Good, I'm glad it's coming out well - it's fun to write, and it's nice to hear it's translating out of my head ;)

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #25, by HaronioneThe New Pride of Portree: Flight and Family

16th January 2014:
Hello again, momotwins, it's you (not so) Secret Santa finally back with another review :) I apologise I did not get all the reviews to you sooner, but life became a bit manic! I will get all the reviews you were promised done and I plan to follow this story as more is posted :D

Anyway, on with the review! As always, this was brilliantly written and a thoroughly good read :) Ha, I loved that his Healer was Hugo Weasley! And the line 'Good God. Every time he turned around, there was a Weasley. There must be hundreds of them.' cracked me up! His thoughts about there being hundreds of them probably wasn't too far off the truth :P heehee. I can understand why he would be dubious about letting Molly's cousin treat him, even if, as a Healer, Hugo would be bound to confidentially, I would probably be the same. I am interested to see where Hugo's research into Fitz's injury leads! Fitz really is touchy about his injury isn't he (which is understandable considering it is a life changing one), does he learn to deal with this eventually?

Ah, I knew as soon as Fitz was heading to the pitch with his broom that Molly would be there - well, I actually thought she would turn up while he was flying, which wasn't far off the mark as she did spy on him flying! His reaction to her being there was great and I loved that when he was so angry he was cursing his shoulder, the team, his ex-wife and then eventually Molly, with the added detail of her tight trousers :) it was a great touch! Already I want them to just recognise and admit that they like each other! As I said in the last review, they need to see each other away from work and quidditch and just learn to accept that mutual attraction :D

I really loved the scene between Molly and Lucy, it was really lovely, they were just so relaxed and comfortable together. And I loved that Molly admitted to Lucy that she was attracted to Fitz, that's a step forward ;) and also that she defended him when Lucy infers that he is stupid :)

Actually I loved the whole scene at Percy's house. I really liked your portrayal of Percy. He was still the slightly pompous character we saw in the books but he was also loving and caring and family orientated. I don't usually have much time for Percy as he is often portrayed much as he is in the books when he is younger, but I actually like your Percy :)

I look forward to seeing whether Molly does start ignoring Fitz's drills and just doing her own and seeing how Fitz reacts to that! I think that will be rather interesting :)

Great chapter! See you at the next one!

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: Hi there! That's totally okay, because it turned out to take me months to respond to them (I'm sorry!).

Hugo finished his Healer licensure! He was a trainee Healer in the Rose stories, so now he's fully qualified and working in sports medicine ;) When he was a training, he was studying spell damage and injuries, which is pretty good crossover for Quidditch, I thought. There are a lot of Weasleys around, aren't there? ;) Fitz is very touchy about it. We'll see where that goes - I hate to give away plot points.

Poor Fitz, he's got a lot of bottled-up rage over his injury and very few opportunities to vent it. He needs a friend. I enjoyed writing his cursing everyone and everything under the sun there, especially Molly's tight trousers, so I'm glad you liked that ;)

I like writing the sister scenes. I've got more Lucy/Hilarion appearances planned. Percy I think will always be pompous, but as an adult I think he's a well-meaning guy. His heart is in the right place - I think he learned his lesson in the war days. And he does love his family. Molly is sort of the apple of his eye.

Thanks so much for reviewing! It really means a lot to me :)

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