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Review #1, by Jen25Smitten: Christmas Present

21st March 2016:
Holy crap the fluff
Won Won. I always love reading Lavender saying that…Anyway,this is really cute and I love that Lavender has picture of her and Ron with hearts and initials ahhh my heart

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Review #2, by Jen25Someday Friends: Someday Friends

21st March 2016:
Aaaahhh I love the way this was written and the plot and everything. Anyway,I love this,and I'd like to see a post-war follow up. That would be nice.

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Review #3, by Jen25Behavioral Analysis: One

4th March 2016:
This is glorious. I love how you write Garcia.
I have been wanting to read/write a Criminal Minds/HP crossover and then you did and I'm just so happy right now oh my goodness.
I can't wait to read more.

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Review #4, by Jen25Our Ridiculous Lives: The Malfoys/Blacks: Epilogue

8th February 2016:
And that's how you end a story.
I love this and the one before it. The plot,the characters,everything. I will definitely be reading this again.

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Review #5, by Jen25Oil and Water: oil and water don't mix

22nd January 2016:
This is awesome,so awesome in fact,that it was first place in my 'I Don't Love You' challenge. Okay,the wording is..I should have seen that coming. Logophile challenge,that sounds interesting… Anyway,the content itself is awesome. I love the inner monologue-y bits,and how you display that Rose is clearly in some state of 'oh crap,what have I gotten into??'. (At least,that's how I interpreted it). All in all,this is just beautiful and glorious and I love this!

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Review #6, by Jen25Dormitory 2.6A: TWO: I Dare You

20th January 2016:
This was just as awesome as the last! I like the" And you can't just break Girl Code" line. I'm thinking of adding you to my 'Favorite Author' list. You know what,consider it done! :)

Author's Response: Hey,

Oh my God, 'Favourite Author'? Really? I'm so honoured! That's made my day :D Glad you liked the chapter!

Plums xo

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Review #7, by Jen25I Don't Love You: I Don't Love You

18th January 2016:
This is great! I like the 'scary' line at the end. Was that intentional? Anyway,this made me laugh a little and it is a very enjoyable read,indeed.

Author's Response: Aha it was intentional, because for me (a commitophobe who wasn't always one but has now managed to stay in one relationship for 6 months), I can't imagine anything scarier than committing the rest of your life to just one person! But James and Lily always make me feel better about it, like it's doable and not really that scary at all :)

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Review #8, by Jen25The Gifts: Harry: The Gifts: Harry

18th January 2016:
Awwh! I love how sweet,adorable,and fluffy this is! Thank you,Caity,for this wonderful contribution to the world of fluff fanfiction.

Author's Response: Thank you Jen for reading it!

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Review #9, by Jen25Leaving You There was the Most Honest Thing I’ve Ever Done: The Bathroom

18th January 2016:
This was very well-written,and it really kind of makes me feel sad. I loved the wording,and the just raw vibe it all gives,I don't think I can say anymore. I had a really hard time with the challenge,it was just really difficult. Yours and Plums's entries are amazing in their respects,but it was mostly just all in the wording,and how much they effected me. These left a slight bruise,so to speak.Caity,I love this,I really do.

Author's Response: *cries*
Thank you so much! I'm still slightly in shock that I could write so well that this piece placed 2nd in a forums wide challenge!
It does feel quite raw to me, even when I re-read it for formatting/spelling/grammar checks.
I don't feel hurt that she came first, she deserves it!
Glad to hear I can 'bruise' someone without even touching them!

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Review #10, by Jen25Dormitory 2.6A: ONE: Melting Ice Queens

17th January 2016:
Woah,Plums! This is awesome! I love how it shows that Puffs aren't all hugs,niceness,potatoes,and sweet things. I really like this Daliha character,and would love a little exploration deeper into who she is down on the inside.

Author's Response: Hey,

Thank you :) I'm glad you like the story! Yeah, I have to admit that I love writing Hufflepuffs that aren't 'all hugs,niceness,potatoes,and sweet things', though I have to admit I've never read about Potato 'Puffs XD

Dahlia's a common favourite, it seems. We do explore her character further, but she has a pretty solid grip on her life so she doesn't face a major problem in this story.

Plums xo

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Review #11, by Jen25Anniversary Presents: Christening the Library

10th January 2016:
Woah,I love this and I don't normally read dramione. This was very well-written,kudos to you,Angie! Anyway,this was a joy to read,and I would hands-down read it again or recommend it!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing.

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Review #12, by Jen25Fallen: Goodbye

5th January 2016:
Ooh,this was good! I loved all of this,but my favorite bit had to be the twist,I was really caught off guard. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #13, by Jen25breaking character.: breaking character.

5th December 2015:
Okay,I know I'm not exactly supposed to give any praises until after the deadline (if this beauty ends up in the top three entries),but….WOW.

Author's Response: Thank you :)


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