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Review #1, by Shii and NelHer Little Heart: Her Little Heart

23rd July 2007:
Aw[6 hours later]w. Poor Winky. I cried. Really. A bit embarrassing. What great characterization! Into my favorites it goes!

Author's Response: It's okay, there's been a lot of crying going round in the aftermath of Deathly Hallows. I'm glad you enjoyed this!

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Review #2, by Shii and NelFantastic Staff and Where to Find Them: The Grey Lady

8th April 2007:
Perfect, just perfect. A wonderful description of a character often overlooked.

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Review #3, by Shii and NelSomething Lost: Something Lost

31st March 2007:
I used to think that this ship was pretty unstable and just an excuse for an unlikely romance, but your realistic descriptions made the ship very believeable. I don't know if I'd just on board or remain neutral, but either way your fic was fantastic. I knew you were a great writer, hence why I read it despite its ship.

Your descriptions were amazing, most people don't ever portray Lily as an normal girl when she was a teenager, so when you mentioned that she was, indeed, once an awkward girl, well... The weirdest things can draw you into a fic, but that was it for me.

:) 10/10, most definitely!

Author's Response: Haha, I agree about this ship, since I'm an L/J er - only timeturner can make it work, and trying to copy her style worked for me, it seems. =P Thanks very much for the review, Amy. It's great that you enjoyed the story. Writing Lily is really hard for me, so making her "normal" usually ends up being the only way to make her believable. It's great that one little thing like that was able to pull you into this. =D

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Review #4, by Shii and NelI Missed You.: Just For The Night.

10th March 2007:
Awww... poor Ron... (waves R/Hr flag) I hope you update soon!

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Review #5, by Shii and NelOne thing in common: The first Day

9th March 2007:
Pretty good, though alot of parts need slowing down. But otherwise, the plot idea is original, for once Hermione and Ginny aren't the bestest friends in the whole wide world, which gets tiring after a while, so this was a bit of a relief.

I'm looking forward to the next update. :)

Author's Response: Thanks I was trying to make it original oh and thank you very much for the constructive critisism

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Review #6, by Shii and NelInfatuation: Life as a Superstar: The Last Day of Summer

9th March 2007:
You really have changed her character, and not for the better. She's very OC - why bother writing this particular character only to change it so much? I don't wish to single you out, you're certainly not the only author to have OOC characters.

Author's Response: Er, shut up. You've only read a chapter so what the hell would you know? It's explained later on - its what fame does to you. Why bother being horrible about it if you're not even going to read it properly?

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Review #7, by Shii and NelCity of Shiva: Prologue

9th March 2007:
I don't think I've enjoyed a story this much for a while. Much less sit there saying the characters' names over and over because they sound nice. Mukesh... Mukesh... Anyway.

I've admired India for quite a long while now and I was delighted to see you've snagged onto the Patil twins' heritage and have come up with a great beginning to what's probably a great story. I love your stories.

Author's Response: *squee* I'm so glad you read this!!!! And that you liked it too... especially the part about Mukesh, lol... I will always treasure this review, you are too funny! Thanks again!!!

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Review #8, by Shii and NelWhat's a Myspace?: What's a Myspace?

3rd February 2007:
Funny. I like the fact you considered that Harry might be a stranger to a computer as well. It's not like the Dursleys would buy him one. Lots of fics have him knowing everything about muggle items he probably wouldn't have access to.

I hope you continue this. :)

Author's Response: yes, i try to relate these characters to their true characters in the book as much as possible. and try not to get over the top with 'out of character'-ness.
and yes, i will continue this story. hopefully the next chappie will come out earlier than this one. lol
arigato!@!!!! :)

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Review #9, by Shii and NelToo Little Too Late: Too Little Too Late

21st December 2006:
I think the songfic took up too much space (though, I tend to not like songfics, so maybe its just me) But the story itself is good. Though you might want to work on Viktor's characterizing, it seems a bit biased, though I can't truely blame you :> . I hope you continue this.

Author's Response: Thanks. Okay, I will work on that. Thanks again for reading.

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Review #10, by Shii and NelThe Changes in Waiting: The new beginning

21st December 2006:
I love this story, but it doesn't seem to be quite concluded. I understand if you're tired of this story, but there just seem to be a few holes. Viktor, what life will be like, what teaching, specifically, will be like for Ron, etc.

But I still loved this story. I like your writing style. :D

Author's Response: Good point, I've started going through the story and fixing up all the holes that must be filled. Thank you for your help. I was hoping for one of those endings that I could pick it up later and write, but for now, I need a break.

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Review #11, by Shii and NelAfter we've said goodbye: Chapter 4

21st December 2006:
*flicks away tears and insists she is not crying*

I really loved that, very emotional, exactly what a story should be. *flicks away more tears* Not that I cried or anything. I'm not a baby like that *blows nose with tissue* 10/10. =;D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Aww sorry :P

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Review #12, by Shii and NelTwo Faced: The Revealing

12th December 2006:
Hmmm... I like it, this is a good story. Can I give some CC?

Maybe it's just me, but don't put (Draco) behind every time you mention Ron's name when Draco's in disguise. If someone doesn't understand it's Draco in disguise, well, they should learn to understand what they read, because you made the idea clear enough.

I hope to see an update soon.

Author's Response: Okay thank you, I will change it. Thanks for your input!!
Update is coming soon!

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Review #13, by Shii and NelSix Things I Hate About You: Every Little Bit Hurts

10th December 2006:
I love this story, it's very unique, despite the fact the 'things I hate about you' has been done many times before, you pulled this story off brilliantly. I can't wait for more. :D

Author's Response: hihi! thanks, i like this kind of review. :D

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Review #14, by Shii and NelAfter we've said goodbye: Chapter 3

7th December 2006:
Bah, curses! Your story seems to have left me in tears. Curse your great descriptions of emotion and realistic reactions! And curse your ability to make the characters IC! And also, curse your story that deserves a 9/10 rating, if not higher!

And curse me for being a weepy teenage girl.

Author's Response: Haha! Thank you so much. Such a brilliant review! Thank you so much, your awesum :)

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Review #15, by Shii and NelDown With the Rain: Unexpected Episodes

22nd November 2006:
Interesting. I'm favorite-ing this to keep up with updates. :) 9/10

Author's Response: :Big Creepy Smile: More soon, I promise!!!

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Review #16, by Shii and NelAlone in the Dark: Saying Goodbye

22nd November 2006:
It was great, brought tears to my eyes. A few bits of CC, though, would be that it was short, but not because of lack of story or plot or emotion, just something that sometimes is overlooked; format.

It doesn't decrease the quality of your words at all, it just makes it easier for readers to, well, read if you were to split up a few of those heavy paragraphs. Formatting can even bring in good timing and things of that nature.

But without the formatting it is a great story. I think you've painted the feelings of both roles quite nicely.

Author's Response: thanks for your review! to be honest i never even thought of formatting before! ill have to take it into account for the next chapter. thanks again! :)

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Review #17, by Shii and NelA Princess at Hogwarts: The Sorting Hat

20th October 2006:
Pretty good. It's amusing and yet realistic. It must be fun to write such a spoiled brat. xD

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! Yes, it is fun to write about Ruthie. I didn't even plan most of what I wrote because I just thought of random stuff like, "Oh, she would probably want to be the first one to get Sorted..." and stuff like that. Thank you so much for taking the time to review!! XD

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Review #18, by Shii and NelSad memories on sunny days: Sad Memories on Sunny days

20th October 2006:
That was beautiful. You did it magnificently. This story deserves more reviews.

Neville's feelings towards her as a best friend were finely composed. You expect this to be a Neville/Luna romance but it turns out that though they are just friends, they're still two peas in a pod. This captured my attention more and it stands out a bit.

You put Bellatrix to good use. She's my favorite character and perfect for a villan, don't you think? You were able to correctly portay her, I get so tired of people sometimes making her just a killer and without her wit or mocking. I know it's a strange pet peeve. I loved her mocking Neville in a baby voice.

Great one-shot. I wish I could think of more CC. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, i really hate the Neville/Luna ship it just doesn't seem right (and Jk has already trashed it ;)) They looked like they would make great friends, though.

I love using Bellatrix in stories too, you can practically get her to do anything and you hardly have to give her complex lines as she simply refuses to say any!

Thanks again for the beautiful review

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Review #19, by Shii and NelWhat He Doesn't Know: What He Doesn't Know

17th September 2006:
Very angst-y, made me sad, which is good since it was obviously the point. You have a way of explaining flashbacks, it wasn't awkard or cheesy. You let it explain itself. I just wish there was a way for R/Hr to talk to eahc other and all that romancy stuff, but that would have to include dialogue. Very good story. 9/10 :D

Author's Response: Yes, I agree the talking would be great - maybe it would have made the fic better. But it was a no-dialouge ficcy, so ... Thanks for the lovely review.


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Review #20, by Shii and NelHermione Granger, a Princess?: I'm Happy...

8th September 2006:
I'm normally someone who is dead against H/Hr, simply because their relationship is so... sibling-like, and I have a brother, so it's a bit creepy to me. But rather than let this throw your interest off of this review, finish reading and hopefully the fact I'm a hardcore R/Hr shipper makes this review more.... meaningful, as cheesy as that sounds.

First of all, never let your reviewers manipulate your story. I looked over a few of those reviews, and some of them were irritating in the least. This is your story, you are the author. You are the god (or goddess) in that realm, no one else can tell you what you should or shouldn't write. Just remember that, seeing as you seem to be a mighty strong magnet towards those reviewers who forget that it is a hard enough job to be a writer, and you don't need someone telling you what to write.

Second of all, the only problem with this story is that its too short (I know, that's like saying that your only weakness is that you work too hard in a job interview). You have an original idea (Hermione dreaming of being a princess and facing reality).

Now, do you have...1. A Beta and 2. Microsoft word or some other nifty word processer. If not, you should, as both deal with grammer and flowing problems so you can focus on the story more and build onto it.

This story is good, it's just choppy. You just need to build onto your ideas.

And, er, sorry for the long review.

Author's Response: H/Hr is really sibling-like, but I like some stories about them. I'm really a biiig R/Hr fan, but that's definitely not why I wrote the ending I did. And I don't care too much about what a couple of reviewers think; some of them are actually amusing. I know, it's too short (I hate that I agree to most of the things smart reviewers say, but it's true that I know!). If I was going to write this story again (a new, stronger version that I WON'T write), I would start with an even younger Hermione who dreamed about being a princess, and instead of the flasback in chapter two, I would have another chapter where what happened in sixth year would happen. And probably have at least one more chapter with... something. lol. I have Microsoft Word, but not a beta. I've tried, but I just didn't... like it. Er - well. There was nothing wrong with the beta, but it just felt wrong. Okay, that sounds ridiculous, but never mind. I do have Word. And never apologize for long reviews! :) I just wish that I could give a just as long answer...

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Review #21, by Shii and NelThose Girls: Those Girls

29th August 2006:
That story was great, very emotional. Though, I think it could have done without the HP-ness. What I mean is, instead of using Cho, Fleur, etc, make up some characters to fill them in. Post it on fictioncentral or something. It's fine as it is, I just think you could expand and detail it more without the burdan of HP canon and IC rules. ;) 9/10, 10 being best.

Author's Response: Uhhhmmm... yeah, i guess that it might have been better without HP. I dont know. I'll see.

Thanks a lot.


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Review #22, by Shii and NelTwo Can Play This Game: Harry's Mission

11th August 2006:
Nooo he can't forgive her that easily! :p She was being a real snob to him! At least have her suffer first? Okay, just a bit of suffering? A teaspoon of suffering? Please?

I'm kidding, enertaining story.

Author's Response: haha know, i could do some suffering...but i'm a very forgiving my characters (or JK's..whatever you wanna say..) are going to be very Actually i never gave much thought to it...thanks for the review! -Ashley

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Review #23, by Shii and NelNobody's Home: Part 2

16th July 2006:
Very nice, I loved the conversations between Narcissa and Andromeda. Very nicely done. :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! I loved writing the conversations between Narcissa and Andromeda, so I'm glad you enjoyed them! Thanks so much for reviewing! love, glPiItTtAer

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Review #24, by Shii and NelFinally!: The one and only chapteer

10th June 2006:
Pretty good, one of the most In Character R/Hrs I've read here.. It was really a great story. It just needs to be longer, but hey, so do all great storys, hmm? I hope you continue writing. As for the dialogue bit, I love stories like that! It gives the author a chance to make sure the character sounds just like the character, and you have to guess and stuff. It also makes the story very flexible. Over all, I'd give it a 8 or 9/10, 10 being best. =D

Author's Response: Thanks for one of the most thorough reviews I've had on this story! *hugs* I'm so glad you could give me constructive criticism. And I'm also happy that you understood the dialogue! That was a really big problem before, and I really enjoyed the freedom that gave me. Thanks for the awesome review! ~Luna

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Review #25, by Shii and NelHome Ec.: A Project's End

23rd April 2006:
Just as a note- my last review was for the last chapter, chapter 19. Anyway, the only problem I see is remember to start a new paragraph everytime there's a new speaker. Good story =)

Author's Response: And I believe chappie 21 will be better in that department! lol thankies for the review!=) Kait

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