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Review #1, by lunarlumosSquad Goals: Love Lost

5th December 2015:
On the third day of Christmas-well, I'm late, but this is for the 3rd day of the Advent Calendar and the spirit of the holidays.
Liam is extremely well-organized, and that's the only kind thing I can say about him. I'd say Rose should be the one planning on running for Minister for Magic since he orchestrated the best retrieval squad. I loved the boys' excitement and the way they tortured Liam. I could also sense their generosity, so it wasn't just a blaze of glory sort of mission. Madeline and Albus' relationship starts off so natural and just a tiny bit awkward, and it's nice to see that in fanfiction. This is an adorable fic.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I've always imagined Rose as being the kind of person to bring people together for the greater good! Aren't all relationships just a little bit awkward at first? :) Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #2, by lunarlumosHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty-one.

28th November 2015:
As your NaNo mum, I insist you release a cookbook featuring the wondrous recipes from Lys, Dave, and Essie. Bless their hearts.
Your Luna is as Luna as Evanna Lynch is Luna. (That's a mouthful, but I'm pretty sure that's a grammatically correct sentence.)
Essie's card to McGeez is so precious. That has to be the best Christmas gift he'll ever receive.
This is just a chapter of happiness.

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Review #3, by lunarlumosHaversham Westley's School for Boys: two.

18th November 2015:
Hey, your NaNo Parent is here. Your OF sounded brilliant as well, but there's no point in writing what you're not passionate about at the moment. Besides, you get to focus on Haversham(I love the idea of a co-ed school being known as a 'school for boys.')
You have a knack for making fanfiction so original. Hipster wizarding schools should be canon. If it's not going to be revealed later on, I must ask how any wizarding school was able to be under the radar of the Department of Education for about a couple of centuries.
Non-binary representation in fics hits close to home for me, and I completely adore Lys. I also adore Lorcan, Dave the Muggle, Essie...Okay, I love almost everyone.
Your characterization of Luna so far is spot-on and she hasn't even officially appeared in the fic yet(I'm assuming she will appear, at least.)

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Review #4, by lunarlumosIf Only in His Dreams: Winter's Solstice

15th November 2015:
As much as I dislike Snape/Lily, I love how you portrayed them in this one-shot. I also like your characterization of Lily.

Author's Response: Hey there Spencer,

I totally understand why some readers don't like Severus/Lily, so I'm happy that you found this one-shot to your liking. It kind of surprised me how vividly my muse painted the image of Severus standing alone in the snow with a rose in hand.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by to read and review!


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Review #5, by lunarlumosDancing Away With My Heart: Dancing Away With My Heart

4th November 2015:
Hello, LJ! Your NaNoWriMo mummy is popping by!

I love the way you characterized young love in this one-shot. Cho is a nice fusion of the ideal person people want to be when dealing with a crush and the person most people actually are(awkward and blushing constantly).

I also like the dynamic between Cho and Cedric. They are realistically portrayed as kids just getting to know each other while crushing on each other. Some fics have a tendency to form unusually swift strangers-to-lovers relationships, so I appreciate you not making that leap in this one-shot.

Good luck on achieving your NaNoWriMo goal! (By the way you are no more than 23,633 words away. I'm sure you have less words than that to tackle, though.)

Author's Response: Spencer! Thanks so much for the review (and sorry for the horrible delay in responding!).

I'm glad you enjoyed the story and I'm glad that you found the characterization and their relationship realistic!

Thank you again!

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Review #6, by lunarlumosA Visitor in the Night: Automatic

3rd October 2015:
First of all, the generated pieces go so well together!
I like the way you characterized Lorcan since many fics have him and Lysander as male Luna clones(although I love Luna, it doesn't seem right for her sons to be just like her; she's so one of a kind).
I got the impression they had discussed going to France together at one point, since it seems a bold move for Lysander to request his mistress to move to France with him only a month after her husband died. Victoire's grief and guilt seem so accurate, and her way of coping with Teddy's illness is understandable(not that it makes her actions right, of course).
Although I am not a Victoire/Teddy shipper, I like them in this fic. They didn't seem to be some blinded by love couple, but they weren't in a loveless relationship; they seem to have been in the average middle.

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Review #7, by lunarlumosI Specialise in Murders: Elvish Wine and Ghosts

3rd October 2015:
I read the entire fic last night. I am normally unable to focus long enough to read that much, but I Specialise in Murders intrigued me so much. I had no desire to give up reading this until I finished it.
I really love the details about all of the antiques and the runes Lucy set up in her shop. I'm into history, so I really appreciated all of the thought into the history of the antiques and the people that collected them. Seeing such specific detail is difficult to find in stories.
The fic Starving Artists got me into Scorpius/Lucy. I love your characterization of Lucy and Scorpius in I Specialise in Murders. You developed them so well. Scorpius is especially unlike any other fic I've read with him in it. You bridged his own unique personality and his family's personality in a realistic way.
Anyway, I wanted to pop by and let you know how I Specialise in Murders wowed me!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed it!
This is the fanfic I have had the most fun writing. I studied archaeology and cultural heritage at university and work in museums now and I really wanted to blend some of my love of historical artefacts, mix it up with magic and put it in the world of Harry Potter. Scorpius' character was actually the most fun to develop, I already had Lucy kind of hashed out because I've been writing a story with her sister Molly (which will be put up some time in the future). I wanted to explore how his family and his fathers past affected him.
I don't think I've read Starving Artists, will have to have a look at it. Hope you have a chance to enjoy some of my other stories!

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