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Review #1, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: Potter Party Planning

2nd November 2011:
...Awesome ;D
Ah! It had to be at least 20 characters! Told you so :P and n'awww thanks for the mention ;D I failed miserably!

Chapter was amazing as per usual! I shall grade it an N*! Heh, loved the bit with Peter "...Never mind." Lmao! :-D
Hugs and all that tihs ;D

Author's Response: Ahaha! Right! I never knew that!! Lmao, thank you!! xD I admit defeat =P Naw, you didn't fail! You were too smart that's all, looking too deep into it =P

Aw thank you Emma!! YEAH! Now I've nearly enough N*'s to graduate!! xD Lmao, thank you!! I don't feel sorry for him though xP

Plenty more hugs and a song of choice from me while we're waiting for Hobbsy to show up ;D I'll sing lovely to you xD

(Why can't I do those freaking hearts!?) =P xxx

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Review #2, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: And Then It Went Pop

23rd October 2011:
Hey Natalie =D it was awesome!!! Well done! =D

Oh my god,

"Shut it Black."

"You can’t make me Stone."

"No, but Albert can…"

"…I’ll be quiet."


And, um, Tracy, Remus, Lily, Beth? =D


Author's Response: Emma! Omg! Hi!!! =D Aw, thank you!! And I did say you really didn't have to read it y'know xD But thank you anyways!!! =D

Ahahaha! xD I'm glad you liked that bit xD She has a mahoosive hold over him now xP

Teehee, thank yooouh for your guess! I'll let you know =) But I've got to do half term homework first -_- =P Thank you for the review Emma, tis awesome to see your name here again xD xxx xxx xxx xxx (It won't let me do hearts for some reason =( )

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Review #3, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: A Siriusly Bright Idea

12th February 2010:
I loved it =)
James was so much nicer in this one, yay!
I feel like i haven't seen you in ages =/

Author's Response: Yaaay! Thank you! =)
Yeah, he waaas =)
I know, I went to dance rehearsals every dinner though didn't I? That's probably why =/ When we go back I'll sit with you =D
Thanks again Emma! =)

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Review #4, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: Catch That Rat!

11th December 2009:
Ooooh cliffie =P
That was awesome Nat!!
So funny, lol the 'rat'

Author's Response: Yeah another cliffe =)
Thanks Emma!!
Yeah! The 'rat' heehee =D
Thanks so muchly Emma, you rock =D

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Review #5, by Narcissa48The Cookie Monster : "I was tied to a chair by a group of mad, control-craving elves."

23rd November 2009:
=D another great chapter
keep it up

Author's Response: Thankyou :D

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Review #6, by Narcissa48The Cookie Monster : "I'm as light as a feather!"

23rd November 2009:
Lol that was great =)
I thought someone would end up eating the peanut =P

Author's Response: Of course :D Thankyou for your review!

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Review #7, by Narcissa48When Two Worlds Collide...: Super X-Ray Hearing

22nd November 2009:
yaaay!! It's up!! Mine is too =D
It's fab! I love the chapter title lol
Amazingness =) You must have a most wonderful editor =P

Author's Response: Yay! I shall go read yours momentarily.
Thank you muchly =D
Haha, i do =D

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Review #8, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: The stares, glares and Jealous whispers

22nd October 2009:
Footsie?? Lol i never knew sirius and remus were gay together O_o heeheee that was super good =) made me smile a lot =)
Lol: “Pay up.”

Author's Response: Lol I wouldn't say that Sirius was the most... straight acting persona on the planet =D But we love him =) Thanks lots Emma!!! Yeah lol, pay up! =D Thanks Emma!!! xx

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Review #9, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: Placing The Blame

15th October 2009:
Yay! That was so good! I love it!
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know i already told you but still =) i'll try to remember to bring your prezzie to school soon =) I can't promise anything though ^_^
Anways, back to the chapter.
So, yeah i liked it =D and it was really long too! I cant write longness lol i get bored =P
But go you!
fave bit:

“It’s a thong!”

lol shrek-line stealer! but i loves it

Author's Response: Thanks muchio Emma!!!
Yay thanks again!!! I like happy birthdays lol =D It's okay, bringsey when you cansey =D ^_^

Yay thanks sooo much Emma!!!
Oh yeah, it IS out of Shrek- lolz I didn't realise =D Thnaks muchly Emma!!!


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Review #10, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: Have the cake and eat it

4th October 2009:
Yay you used the awesome word!
That was sooo good nat! Really awesomely good! Heehee Slughorn lol
...my hamster just fell off her wheel =/

Author's Response: Aw!!! Bless her! Hi hamster.
Yay!!! Epiphany!!!
Thanks Emma!!! =D

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Review #11, by Narcissa48What happens in the Hospital Wing, should stay in the Hospital Wing: The date from heaven and possibly also from hell.

3rd October 2009:
Yay! It was so good!! And a CLIFFIE!!! I like cliffies! =D ooh, whats gonna happen? I don't want them to give malfoy the potion =( i like him like this! *waa*
So, yeah, i loved it! =D

Author's Response: he he thanks Emma =) Don't cry! It's okay =)
Thanks Emma muchly =)

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Review #12, by Narcissa48The Body Swap: And So We Meet-Sort Of.

29th September 2009:
heeheee! It was awesome nat! Be careful though cause sometimes it gets confusing when you use 'he' and 'I' at the same time.
Apart from that, yay!!!
fave bit:

Stupid Myrtle. She’s so- wait looking at my what!?

“She was WHAT!?” Malfoy cried, horror struck.

:L lol

Author's Response: Thank you Emma! =D
Yeah it can be :S Sorry =(
He he ^___^
Thanks muchly Emma =D

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Review #13, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: Sirius' stomach

20th September 2009:
Ooh, that was awesome Nat!!
fave bit:
"I believe that prince charming deserves a prize...” he grinned.

“Yes, he does.” I smiled back.

James looked pleasantly shocked, and then a smile broke out on his face.

“Really?” He asked, hope easily detectable in his voice.

“Yeah and when I see him, I’ll give it to him.”

You need to update your first fan fic! You havent in ages =(
great work Nat =D

Author's Response: Lol thanks Emma =)

I don't like my first fic =( It's boring. To me anyways. Maybe if I get anymore reviews I will.

Thanks Emma =D xox

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Review #14, by Narcissa48A Game of Truth or Dare: And The Game Begins

26th August 2009:
Heehee!! Nat i loved it!
Sooo funny =D
LOL Sirius and Prof. McGonagal :D

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks Emma! =)
Yay Sirius is awsome! Lol "MY Sirius"- you is funny =)

You rock!
Nat xoxox

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Review #15, by Narcissa48The Cookie Monster : “It’s professor McGonagall’s birthday!”

22nd August 2009:
heehee =)
That so funny, especially the last bit =D
well done!

Author's Response: Thankyou :)

I hope you review the next chapter,

Jess Xx

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Review #16, by Narcissa48The Body Swap: The wrong clothes?

18th August 2009:
“I LOOK LIKE DRACO MALFOY!” she shouted in Malfoy’s manly voice.
Omg! Rofl, that was awsome Nat! And i love the banner =) its so prettyful =D
I have returned mwwaaahaahaa!
Update soon! =)

Author's Response: Ya a a a a a y! Emma you is back! Omg! Hello!
Hope you had fun ya?

I will try and update but iv'e kinda been on computer ban sh! Lol =)

Oh and Emma? I'm also writting another story *^_^*

I just wanted a fan fic with Sirius in it =)

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Review #17, by Narcissa48My Marauders: Choco-syrup pancakes

18th August 2009:
Wo for choco-syrup pancakes!! YAAY!! WoOoO! And for Sirius! Cause he's mine! =D Yaaay!
Uh, yeah, you may have noticed that i have returned to England =D But i swear that has nothing to do with the sudden increase of noise in this country =)
Yes, Emma has returned and has very much enjoyed re-reading your chapter cause its just plain awesomeness and nothing less (and probably a lot more, i just couldn't think of a word) And she can't wait to see you again and give you a prezzie from Ibiza. Oh crap. Third Person again. Hope you're having fun in Wales =D and liking your pretty dresses =DD

Author's Response: hehe yaay!!
i didnt get to wear the dresses cozit rained so much we didnt go to any restaurants =(
thanks for reviewing

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Review #18, by Narcissa48The Body Swap: Snape's Big Mistake

28th July 2009:
Omg that was awesomelycooliofantastical! (punch)
And so funny =)
You sure like Dramiones huh?
Update soon!

Author's Response: He he thanks Emma =)
awesomelycoolfantastical! =) Dramiones are cool coz they aren't what really happened and you can do so much with them... and i like draco =D I will try my hardest! =D

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Review #19, by Narcissa48The Price Of Freedom: Murder

26th July 2009:
Wow, that was so good. Really well written and intriguing - cant wait to see where this goes! =)
And a Cliffhanger =O I love cliffies =D
Gurd work

Author's Response: Thanks so much! ^_^

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Review #20, by Narcissa48My Marauders: Moony's got a furry little problem

6th June 2009:
Hehehe i love it ALL!!! well... maybe not the bit with Chris and Sirius together because gr hands off he's mine! =D
Yaaay! You mentioned ME!!!
um.. how do i fix it...? I'll try if you send me the picture and the wordart separately =)
10/10 you rock!

Author's Response: yaay! lol
thanks i'll do it now :D

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Review #21, by Narcissa48Say When.: Where's the Rum?

1st June 2009:
Yay update =)
Pirate talk = me laughing non stop for three minutes =D
fantastical, i love it XD
and btw, i didnt notice anything wrong with the tenses, but since i am most definately not the most observant person in the universe that propbably doesnt mean much. But oh well =)
update soonly


Author's Response: haha! thankyou so much. im glad you liked it. especially the pirate talk coz that took forever!! :D
Im also happy that you didnt notice the crappy editing lol. but i have a beta now so hopefully the next chapter will be better.

Thanks for reveiwing and reading :D

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Review #22, by Narcissa48What happens in the Hospital Wing, should stay in the Hospital Wing: Ginny the super sleuth

29th May 2009:
hehe i love it =) o i wanna know what happens =)
fave bit:

‘’Well, now that you mention it-‘’

‘’Great!’’ Ron interrupted. ‘’Now, canyoudosomethingforus?’’ he rushed.


‘’That’s good! Thanks Ginny!’’

‘’Wait! I never-‘’

‘’Now we all know how much you like to gossip.’’

‘’Hey! That’s not-‘’

Lol that is totally Ron.
You rock nat! And now you can put up your other story =)
hehe Hermione could fall in the lake =)

Author's Response: Aw thats mean! Why would I want her to do that!? =D You rock too! On with the other story! You rock Emma!
Nat xoxox

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Review #23, by Narcissa48My Marauders: Steve the Flea

26th May 2009:
Hey! They passed it at last! Yippee!
Woop woop for Steve! He totally makes school worth going to (ish)
Hehe thats my fave chapter by far, no need to say why ^_^ lol Zoe you rock!
You are so not giving up on this now.
All hail Steve!

Author's Response: woo! finally! :D
thanks for sending that message i was fuming lol
go steve!! :D

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Review #24, by Narcissa48The Gift : Of Cats and Cults

25th May 2009:
Loved it =) hilarious and well written,
good job!

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Review #25, by Narcissa48The Cookie Monster : "James' chicken bum hair"

22nd May 2009:
Lol that was hilarious! I loved it! Much longer than the others so yay! Anyway, i think its going along fine without a proper plot, well for now anyway =)
Just watch how you use your tenses (or whatever the plural for tense is, i dont know lol) because a couple of times i noticed you using the past tense, then switching to the present. Dont worry though, i do it all the time =).
fave quote:

“What in the name of Merlin’s pineapple are you doing?”

lol, update soon!

Author's Response: I shall change the tenses now :)

I'm glad you thought it was longer, next chapter will be even longer (as soon as I get a sort of plot going on)

Thanks for the review!

Jess Xx

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